What is Expertnaire?

What is Expertnaire

Expertnaire is an online digital marketplace dealing mostly with knowledge based digital products.

And according to majority, it is gradually becoming Nigeria’s biggest marketplace for digital products (books, tutorials, courses etc.). It is also an affiliate marketing platform.

In fact, for people conversant with affiliate marketing in Nigeria, they say it is the Clickbank of Nigeria.

Who is it for?

Expertnaire is for 3 groups of people.

(1) It is for people who have valuable digital products (e-books, videos, courses, tutorials etc) that they want to sell. These are known as vendors on Expertnaire.

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(2) The second group are people who want to generate some income by helping the Vendors to market their digital products. These are known as affiliates.

An affiliate on Expertnaire gets paid a commission on each product sale they refer. The commission for each product depends on the percentage set by the product vendor.

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(3) And the third group are the buyers of these digital products who buy them to learn something and improve their lives.

How Does It Work?

For affiliates, they are given access to promote products listed on the platform through unique affiliate links for each products.

This link is used to track individual affiliate sales and for payment of commissions through the Expertnaire system.

Once there is a purchase by a customer, both the vendor and the affiliate get notified via mail with their percentage proportions from the sale.

Products are then delivered to buyers via mail. This email contains an access link that redirects them to the products.

Depending on the vendor, products are in pdf or video formats, and some in access only membership areas where the product creator delivers their product offering. A coaching program that requires a hands-on experience will most likely be done in a membership area with the product creator as the coach.

What Sets Expertnaire Apart?

Biggest commissions: No affiliate marketing platform in Nigeria, whether selling digital or physical products pays as much commissions as Expertnaire.

Percentage for affiliates on each products vary, but Expertnaire offers up to 80% commission.

Although the varying commissions depend on the individual vendors, Expertnaire encourages vendors to offer incentivized commissions that are very attractive to affiliates in order to boost sales. Hence, Expertnaire does not fix commissions, vendors do.

Payments And Commissions: Expertnaire affiliates are paid every Friday based on the payout available. Vendors are paid twice a month (also on Fridays).

Expertnaire referral commissions are paid every last Friday of the month.

Expertnaire referral commissions are the commissions an Expertnaire affiliate earns when they refer someone and they register to become an affiliate on Expertnaire. Affiliate referral commission is 3,000 naira – 30% of Affiliate registration.

Affiliate registration is 10,000 naira annually. Vendor registration is N25,000 annually.

Flexibility: Operating a vendor account or an affiliate account is also super flexible.

An affiliate account can be upgraded to a vendor account. You can also have an affiliate account and a vendor account. It all depends on your level of ambition.

Lowest Charges & Product Guarantee: Expertnaire takes just 10% percent on sales of any product. Listed products are also backed by a 30 day no-questions-asked-money-back guarantee.

Ease Of Payments: Customers can make payment via Paystack, USSD and Bank deposit/transfer.

Vendors and affiliates also receive their payments directly into the accounts they provide on payday.


Although Expertnaire is a very inclusive marketplace, we place a high standard and strong emphasis on quality product/services.