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Let our network of high performing affiliates help you connect with millions of paying customers.


Expertnaire is a digital marketplace where we help creators of digital products get more sales and connect with more customers via our platform and network of high performing affiliates.

20,000+ Products Sold

16,000+ Affiliates

40+ Product Creators

Are You a Product Creator? Let's Help You Sell More Of Your Digital Products

Getting affiliates to promote your digital products is the absolute fastest way to get more paying customers.

Our high performing affiliates have sold over 20,000 digital knowledge products and they can help you reach more customers. 

Get Paid For Recommending High Value Digital Products From Top Experts

You can earn money by recommending any of the high value digital products on Expertnaire to your subscribers and followers.

All you have to do is use the unique link of each product that our system provides

Our highly effective tracking system ensures that you are compensated for the sales you refer.

Some Of Our Products

Pattern Making With Ease

This is a comprehensive video course that teaches - How to use flat pattern making techniques to draft fashion patterns that fit.

Price: N50,000 - See full details

The Foreign Copywriting Initiative

How to earn between $36,000-$120,000+ a Year writing letters for multi-million dollar publishing giants.

Price: N40,000 - See full details

Profitable Facebook Ads System

This simple step by step training provides a blueprint for running Facebook adverts successfully for any business or budget.

Price: N25,000 - See full details

The Study In Canada Masterclass Training

This program walks you through how you can successfully become a student in Canada and become a permanent resident as well after your education.

Price: N25,000 - See full details

Mafia Offers

This program shows you how To Make People Fight, Scratch, and Beg to Buy Whatever You Have For Sale, At Any Price.

Price: N8,500 - See full details

YouTube Profits Blueprint

This is comprehensive video course teaches how to launch, grow and monetize a profitable Youtube channel In 90 days (or Less)

Price: N30,000 - See full details

WhatsApp Marketing Success

This is a comprehensive online course that teaches how you can market any type of business effectively using WhatsApp.

Price: N20,000 - See full details

PPC Traffic Workshop

This is an online course that walks you through how to drive quality traffic to your website using YouTube and the entire Google Ads network.

Price: N30,000 - See full details

28-Day Body Transformation Program

This unique program by Nigeria's top fitness coach helps you to transform your body in as little as 28 days.

Price: N12,500 - See full details

WhatsApp to Ecom

This training show you how to convert your WhatsApp to a busy eCommerce store that makes sales every single day.

Price: N7,500 - See full details

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Expertnaire All About?

Expertnaire is an online marketplace for the sale of high value digital products. On Expertnaire, there are 3 parties - The vendor, the affiliate and the customer.

The vendor refers to the person who owns the product that is been sold.

Affiliates are marketers who recommend the products on the platform to people and when any of the person they refer buys, they get a commission.

Customers are simply those who purchase the products been sold on Expertnaire

How do I Become An Affiliate on Expertnaire?

To sign up as an affiliate on Expertnaire, you will have to pay a yearly renewable affiliate fee of N10,000 only. Click here to sign up

Does Expertnaire Teach Affiliates How to Sell Products?

No we don't. Expertnaire only manages the platform to make it very useful to all the 3 parties interested.

However, there are various online trainings from different vendors that interested affiliates can use to learn how to sell. We also have a telegram group where affiliates learn from one another.


Can I List Physical Knowledge Products?

No. The Expertnaire platform is strictly for the sales and distribution of digital products only.


How am I Sure That The Products on Expertnaire Will Deliver?

All the products listed on the platform goes through thorough check by our quality control department before it is listed, we are always sure to confirm authenticity of every product before having it listed on our platform.

What Happens If I am Not Satisfied With a Product I Purchased on Expertnaire?

Majority of the products on Expertnaire (except otherwise stated) are backed by our 30-day money back guarantee.

What this means is that if you are not satisfied with the product you purchased from Expertnaire, you can ask for a full refund within 30 days of purchase and we will send you the refund.

However, we also take note of serial "refunders" and such people are banned from the platform.

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