At the end of this letter, you will discover how to have control over your business and make as much money as possible without fear of losing your business to mark zuckerberg and the big social media masters through...

A simple 40-year-old strategy that is proven to make you 10x more money while being in 100 percent control

Before I go on,

Picture this!


You wake up and immediately head to your email inbox


With trembling hands,


You click open the message



And it is the same message you opened one week ago


At least for most of its parts


Only that this time…


They add a new word…

Your account has been ‘permanently’ restricted for violating our safety rules

You stand there shocked, totally fazed!


Of course, you know this means you’re never getting it back


All your business list gone in just a few words


You mutter to yourself


But I have sent several appeals


Well, they obviously did not heed them


Because they don’t care about you


And just like that…


 It’s over

And you have to start all over again


Creating a new account


Trying to get back your old customers


Putting out content again


 Building relationships with new audience all over again


Does this sound familiar?

Even if it has not happened to you,I’m sure it has happened to someone you know,


And It’s only a matter of time before it happens to you too


Especially if you still rely only on WhatsApp and social media accounts to run your business


Instead of having a dedicated list of loyal and hungry customers with money


Always waiting in line to buy your products 


I’ll tell you more about this in a bit…

But first


Let’s talk about the dangers of relying only on whatsapp, twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms to build your business


And how these platforms can FUCK you up any moment from now

Of course


We’re in the social media age


And every Tom, Nick and Harry want to get their business visible online



So they go on ahead 


And start building a following online


Hoping to convert these people to loyal customers and steady buyers


Which is actually a good plan for a start


But then you make the grave mistake of totally relying on these platforms 


Then one day, the owners come knocking and serve you a quit notice



And then you’re back to square one


Sometimes, they don’t even have a genuine reason


It could be an algorithm or Ai issue on their end


Or a mix up somewhere


But whichever it is…


You’re at the receiving end


And 99 percent of the time


There’s nothing you really can do about it


And the only way you can win is to have a solid backup option



Now I’m not talking about having multiple whatsapp accounts or having multiple twitter pages

(Those can still get banned)


I’m talking about a backup option that is 100 percent yours 24 hours a day






A backup plan that is out-of-bound to our billionaire masters


That is exactly what I have prepared for you


You might be wondering what this is


But first,


Let me tell you what it is not


This is not some ‘new’ discovery that I’m trying to push


Actually, it has been in existence for over 40 years


Way before the social media age


And till today, it is proven to beat whatsapp and social media marketing hands down!


That gives you an idea of how powerful this is


So I’ll cut the chase and get to it


I’m talking about…


Email Marketing


Of course you have heard about it a couple of times


And maybe you even tried to use it at some point


But you just didn’t get a hang of it


Or you believe it’s ‘’saturated’’ 


Well, that’s the biggest lie you’re told


Because email marketing has been for 40 years 


And it is still nowhere near saturation 


But the problem is a lot of people don’t just know how to do it


And in this part of the world,


The few people who do it don’t actually do it right


And they either don’t make any money at all


Or they don’t make enough to keep their business running


So they are broke and struggling


And because of this


They run back to whatsapp marketing


Make a little money there


And soon discover they can’t scale it


Also, automation is difficult 


Worst still, they are one mistake away from getting banned permanently



Same with other social media platforms too



Well, that’s why I have put together the best guide to help you with your email marketing game



A guide that will help you to make 10x more from your business



While saving you a lot of time and effort in the process

I named it…


I chose this name because of two reasons…





As at the time, I’m writing this, 


It is the first course dedicated to email marketing in Nigeria

 or one of the first because I am yet to see any,



Other courses either have it as a bonus section


Or just one module


But this is a full-blown email marketing course

that will be constantly updated to the latest tune of things for years to come.


And it is all you need to start and scale your email marketing game





As you can see from the name



This course covers for all devices



So whether you own an android phone or Iphone



You’ll learn how to do proper email marketing on your phone



So if you don’t currently own a laptop 

I’ve got you covered



But then,

Who am I and why should you trust me?

My name is paschal mbaka
And no, i am not related to the popular Nigerian priest.

In the past 4 years,




I have made a lot of money in the internet marketing space




And I have trained thousands of my students to do the same and have continued to grow in various aspects of my life.



I have broken records like this one

(This is me with Toyin Omotosho, multimillionaire internet marketer and

founder of expertnaire)



I became the first affiliate marketer on expertnaire to make 7 figures in a week, worldwide.





It took me just 4 days to make that




And this record was not broken until over 8 months later




Since then,


I have co-founded three successful startups and retired from Affiliate marketing to focus on my startups.





The first is Affimarts

(An affiliate marketing platform with thousands of users nationwide




Tranzwise which is one of the best escrow service platforms in Nigeria,


And most recently is Affisend

(The first Dedicated Email Marketing Platform in Nigeria)



You can go check them out..



I can go on and on


But we’re not here to talk about me



If you want to learn more about me, You can do a simple google check



As you can already see, 


I have been in the game for a long time 



And I know what works and what doesn’t



So even though whatsapp and social media marketing are in the trends right now



I can boldly tell you that Email marketing is the next big thing

(it has always been)



And a lot of big boys in the internet marketing space are already secretly pivoting back to it



Because they know something you don’t know


But don’t get scared yet

That is exactly why I am here


To show you what works now and provide you with the blueprint you need to succeed


But why should you choose to do email marketing?


There are a lot of reasons why email marketing is 10x better than other forms of marketing

But I’ll leave you with just 3 stats




  • Automation: Email marketing is the best way to run automation. You can schedule sales emails to send whenever you want it and make your money-

The real make money while you sleep

  • ROI: Email marketing has the highest ROI. It is proven to give back $36 for every $1 spent. No other forms of marketing gives you this much return on investment

  • Control: Unlike social media accounts that can get banned anytime, your email list is yours forever. And you can make as much money as you like with it

  • And just one more, you can foster millions of people in your funnel without fear of your phone freezing, unlike whatsapp that can’t withstand more than 10,000 contacts.


As you can see, Having an email list is a great advantage


Little wonder the big dons of marketing prefer it


But also, it can be quite frustrating if you don’t know how to do it right



But that’s why I am here…



I have broken down everything you need to know in order to build a profitable business with email marketing




and I am ready to hand it over to you



It took me years of hard work and trying so many things and buying tons of courses to get this profitable method




And I have put it together in the simplest form that anyone can learn and put to use immediately




So it doesn’t matter if you are a newbie marketer or someone who already have some experience




What you’ll learn from this course will make your journey easier and help you get results faster



Let’s take a sneak peek into some of the stuff I have for you:




  • What is email marketing and why it is important for your business

Don’t start email marketing if you don’t know this. And it’s not what you think it is

  • Use cases for Email Marketing: This one is a bit direct, but can still cause a lot of struggle if you don’t know it

  • What is an ESP:

ESPs are what makes email marketing possible, I’ll show you what exactly it means and how to get started

  • Definition of terms

~email list


~lead magnet and types

~Private label rights ebooks

~auto responders /sequence


~ broadcasts / regular email

~ Deliverability,

~bounce rate

~ open rate

~spamming and email scrapping

~ delivery folders

~domain name

~custom email address

~spam filters

~email client



  • Getting started with email marketing:

Here, I cover what exactly you need to know to get started with email marketing at this time. 

  • How to buy a domain name and hosting

  • How to Install WordPress (the quick method)

  • Creating a custom email in 60 seconds

  • My mail integration (quick method)

  •  How to create your first lead magnet

  • How to create a landing page and a thank you page.

  •  How to sign up with an ESP


Here, you’ll learn…


Introduction to the interface

Creating and customizing your first email list

Creating form fields for segments.

Creating a welcome autoresponder/sequence

How to create a broadcast/regular email

How to set up and link your opt-in form to your page in number 8.

Importing your subscribers (if necessary )

How to export subscribers

And that’s not all, I will also show you…

  • The best email practices, do’s and don’ts: This is very Important

  • How to test your funnel for profitability: Ignore this and you might lose a lot of money

  • How to get people to actually read your emails,


    And lots more…



    As you can already see



    This course is very detailed



    I poured my heart and soul into it 

    And I made it very simple so you can implement as you learn

    But I didn’t stop there…


    I also included some powerful bonuses for you

    Bonus 1


    • How to make more affiliate sales using email marketing, just like the top affiliates:


    As I told you earlier, the top affiliates and big boys in the internet marketing space already use email marketing because they know something you don’t know…

    Well, here, I’ll show you exactly what they do right to make a lot of money with email marketing 

    And how you can follow the same process and make tons of money for yourself


    Bonus 2


    How to create web pages without using a website (For mobile devices) 


    This singular hack will save you a lot of time and energy and make your email marketing journey super effective


    Bonus 3


    Compiled list of words that will land emails in promotions and spam


    Because I really want you to win at this, I have compiled a list of words you should avoid so your emails never land in spam. 


    Bonus 4


    The Best way to move your emails out of spam folders to your primary inbox


    And finally,




    If your emails ever land in the spam folder for whatever reason ( it happens sometimes),



    Here I show you what you need to do to get them out of the spam folder into your primary inbox




    Take this from someone who has used email marketing for years and much more, now a co- founder of an email marketing platform





    I feel like I’m giving out too much in this course






    But then, I am known to always overdeliver, you can ask around,



    And I really want you to win at this 




    Imagine a world where you only need to send a few(automated) emails




    And get multiple bank alerts on your phone 



    From people on your list taking up your offer


    How would that be?



    Or better still,



    A world where you can be in 100 percent control of your business




    Knowing that you have your list to yourself forever



    And can do whatever you want with it


    Without fear of getting banned or losing access



    If you ask me


    This is what true freedom is




    And it can definitely change your life



    As it did mine 


    But only if you take action today



    I’ll tell you how to get in soon



    But before that, I have an exclusive special bonus for you




    EXTRA Special Bonus


    Two secret ways to make an extra 500k – 700k monthly with affisend [GUARANTEED]


    (email course to be sent via email after 5 days in the program, just to make sure you have gone through the 3 day course and know how to apply this information )




    This thing works even if you are totally clueless on how exactly to take advantage of email marketing,



    even if you have failed in the past, even if you have never sold a single thing in your life,




    even if you hate confronting and convincing people to buy things,




    This strategy also works even if all you have is just your mobile phone.




    And once you learn it, and implement it, you will never have to stress twice over it,




    I call it the infinite money glitch,




    But i must warn you,



    don’t expect the 700k to fall in place immediately,




    you will first pass through 50k, 100k, 300k 500k/month first and so on,



    but once you cross anyone, you can never fall below that





    Hint: Automated Recurring revenue stream. (google it)




    If you need extra cash fast, in this special bonus, I’ll show you how to get it




    It’s a secret that has helped me make lots of money over and over again





    I can guarantee you that no one knows about it, Just myself and 8 other people as at the time of writing this,




    and you will be the 9th

    (Remember, you are not the only one reading this page right now.



    And it is an exclusive system



    I have never publicly shared them with anyone before


    But you’ll get it for free when you get the dedicated email marketing course today.



    That’s how much I want you to win



    Okay, Paschal I really want this course so how much am I paying?


    Well, I knew you’d ask that




    And to be honest, I had a hard time putting a price to this



    Because of how valuable it is




    Most email marketing courses abroad sell for $1000 (N750k) or more



    And considering the fact that it’s the first of it kind in Nigeria



    I could easily charge a 100k for it



    And it would still be a steal price 

    But then, 



    I won’t charge anywhere near that



    And the reason is simple



    Firstly,I don’t want you to have any excuse as to why you can’t get it right now





    I want you to get this very cheap 



    Then use the strategies inside it to win big



    So I can brag about your results on twitter.



    And then increase the price 5 times more



    Yes, that simple




    The course is 22,000 naira,



    But for the fact that, this information is as new as anything, with unsaturated strategies,




    I have decided to place it at an




    So to get this course and the fast action bonuses I have included plus all future updates,

    You’ll only need to pay #10,999



    Shocked right?

    I knew you’d be
    But like I said


    I don’t want you to have any excuse
    And to make it more interesting,


    You are 100% covered by Expertnaire’s solid 30 days Refund policy,


    Expertnaire is known to be the most trusted, customer-friendly platform for digital knowledge products like this in Africa, 

    What this Expertnaire’s 30 days refund policy means is that, 

    You have 30 days, from the day you ordered this product, to check it out.

    If this product does not contain everything promised on this page,

    Then you are entitled to a refund, 

    and all you have to do is to reach out to Expertnaire  customer support to get your money back.

    But there’s one tiny problem



    As much as I want a lot of people to get their hands on this course,



    I can’t promise that it’ll remain at this price for long



    This is just the EARLY BIRD launch price



    And as a matter of fact



    I can increase the price faster than I already planned to



    Because it’s honestly worth way more



    So if you really want to get in…


    Because by the next time you’re seeing this page

    You might be getting it for 2x , 3x and or even 5x more

    So it’s totally up to you to decide

    You can either get it now while it’s cheap

    Or wait till I update this web page and get it for way more

    Either way is fine by me

    But then,

    Why wait till the price increases when you can get it right now?

    Like I said, it’s your choice not mine

    I’ll draw the curtains here and let you decide what’s best for you

    If you skimmed to this point and you’re wondering what this is

    I’m sorry but I’m not giving a recap

    Think about it,

    If you can’t read this short sales letter

    How am I even sure you’ll finish the course

    Not to talk of getting results

    So go back up and read

    But if you already understood everything I’m offering and you’re ready to jump in,

    Follow the link below this page and take action


    It’ll take you to a page where you can fill in your details and place your order

    Choose your preferred payment option and make the payment

    And you’ll get access to the course and the exclusive bonuses immediately sent straight to your email address

    And, one last thing

    Actually, it’s a warning

    Please don’t buy this course if you’re not going to be taking action on the things I’ll show you

    Because I have put in a lot into this course,

    I’m not willing to let it get into the hands of just anyone who will abandon it in their email

    And add it up to the pile of courses they already have

    So I don’t care if you have the money or not

    Don’t buy it

    But if you know you’ll take the course seriously

    And implement everything I explained,

    Then click the “YES I WANT IT” button below


    Q: Paschal, I read through this page and I really want to take your offer. But I’m skeptical, do people read their emails?


    Ans: Well, according to the 2020 email statistics report,

    email is used by over 4 billion people and over 58 percent of people open their emails first thing in the morning


    And this number is only going up. So your customers already actively use emails, why are you not reaching them with it?




    Q: OK, who is this really for, i am an affiliate marketer, freelancer etc, can this work for me.



    Ans: Yes, it will work for anyone.


    This course was crafted for

    Bloggers, affiliate marketers, freelancers, sales coaches, course creators, and even anyone that has no clue what to do with this skill,


    Because i will show you what to do with it and you can still rake in money.


    Q: Okay Paschal, the Bonus part caught my attention the most. Can I really make 500k to 700k monthly with affisend like you promised?


    Ans: First, I don’t promise what I haven’t proven or can’t deliver on,


    so yes, you can make up to that amount and even more. But it’s totally up to you.


    I’ll show you the secrets but it’s left to you to implement them and get results.


    Q: Paschal, email marketing seems like a lot of stress, I don’t think I can cope with it.


    Ans: Well, that’s totally up to you. And I won’t even try to convince you otherwise.


    If you have really experienced how stressfulWhatsAppp and social media marketing is,


    you won’t even claim email marketing is ‘stressful’


    Q: Can I make more money with emails?


    Ans: Yes you can. If you do everything I teach you in the course.


    Email marketing has the highest return on investment compared to other forms of marketing



    Q: Does this course have a community or do I have exclusive access to you?


    Ans: of course not. You don’t have exclusive access to me.


    You can’t get that with a 10k course, but you will have access to my email address and possibly my WhatsApp contact for updates.



    But about the community, YES,


    You will be added to our Whatsapp and telegram community where you will be assisted in any way possible.

    I really want you to get results fast.




    I have provided everything you need in the course and while i believe that’s enough,




    i will still add you to a community so you can be carried along.



    After you purchase the course, your email will be sent to me,



    and within a few days, a link will be sent to you to join us.



    The reason why it will take a few days is to give you time to actually go through the course and actually learn it,



    so when you eventually join the group, you can relate to the discussions.




    You will not miss anything.




    Q: One last thing, Paschal, I noticed there are no testimonials about this course. Why is that so?


    Ans: Well, that’s simply because it’s a new course.




    And even though hundreds of people have pre-ordered,



    I haven’t given anyone access yet.


    I will be doing that tomorrow evening

    (Depends on when you are seeing this).



    This is exactly why the price is so low (EARLY BIRD PRICE)





    So keep calm, the testimonials will come soon.



    And when they do, I’ll update this page and increase the price like I promised.




    Q: Okay, Paschal I’m completely sold

    Give me access right away!



    Well, click on the blue button below

    Ps: We will not wait for you, there are conversations going on, extra email training, and zoom calls going on for every single day you miss.
    We will be scraping off the early bird promo and ramping up the price any moment from now.
    See you on the inside.

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