Expertnaire Refund Policy

As a buyer, your purchases are backed by Expertnaire 30-Day money back guarantee, also known as a refund guarantee.

This refund guarantee means Expertnaire is willing to refund an unsatisfied buyer the exact amount he paid to purchase a product if that buyer requests for a refund within 30 days of purchase.

However, in some cases this refund guarantee could depend on the product vendor's refund policy for that particular product.

In the case where a particular product is not covered by a Money back guarantee, Expertnaire will notify the potential buyer by putting a message on the sales/order page of the product.

Expertnaire reserves the right to refuse service to any person who, in Expertnaire’s sole judgment, seeks refunds without justification or with a high frequency (“serial refunders”).

Buyers who repeatedly or consistently seek refunds on many products purchased, particularly where those products have been reviewed and received good ratings may be deemed a serial refunder and refused further service.

Any refunds outstanding will be provided and thereafter service will be refused to the account holder.

In addition, Expertnaire provides a simple means of requesting refunds within the allowed money-back window for the purchased product.

If a buyer refuses to follow Expertnaire’s approved procedures and the agreed-upon refund period for refunds, Expertnaire reserves the right to ban the buyer for life from future use of Expertnaire or the Expertnaire marketplace as a buyer and such none compliance shall be treated as waiver.