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With over 2.4 billion users, and over 5 billion views every day, with an average session lasting over 40 minutes. In this training, you will learn how you can generate 300 – 500 ready-to-buy quality leads every day at the lowest cost using YouTube Ads.

Youtube Is The Biggest Platform For Video Advertising (not only video but also Banner ads) BUT Many Marketers Are Not Taking Advantage Of This Platform Yet. It Is A Great Way To Reach Out To Your Potential Customers, As Well As Build Brand Awareness.

YouTube Ads Enable Marketers And Business Owners To Advertise To People Who Are Already Searching For Their Products And Services. Yes!! You Can Target ONLY The People Who Are Interested In Your Products And Are ALREADY Searching For It.

It’s Simple, Easy To Use, And Can Be Tailored To Meet Your Exact Needs.

YouTube advertising platform has lots of benefits and some of them are; 

  1. It is not as strict as Facebook and Instagram advertising platform, and
  2. On YouTube Advertising platform, you don’t get ad rejection and page restriction like Facebook, Instagram advertising platform.

In fact, some people lost up to N100,000 on Facebook for no reason, which was banned alongside their Facebook Ads Account.

Before I go ahead to show you why you need to put your business on YouTube today, take a good look at how people are complaining bitterly about this nightmare. 

What Many Marketers Don’t Know Is That There’s A Huge Audience Waiting For Them On YouTube, And These People Are Ready To Make A Purchase.

With YouTube ads, you can target specific time of the day when people are likely to be watching YouTube videos, so you can make sure your ads reach the right people at the right time.

This course was created to show marketers and business owner how to target the right people the right way on YouTube. You will learn how to structure your YouTube ad campaigns and scale them to increase conversion.

You will find out what kind of video ads actually work – based on years of testing and experience, and also get step-by-step guidelines for creating your own YouTube Ads – and learn tactics you’ve likely never considered before.

Everything you will discover in this course has been tested and proven and it actually works.

YouTube Ads is Cost-effective.

Anyone can create an ad with a budget of $3 / N1200 and it will be seen by millions of people. There are no limits on how many times you can run a particular ad, so there’s no need to worry about running out of money or having to constantly change ads. 

YouTube Currently Has Over 2.4 Billion Monthly Traffic Visitors Which Is Still Currently Untapped In Several Niches.

In this training, you will learn how to create, structure, optimize and scale a profitable YouTube ads campaign to increase conversion effortlessly. Also, you will discover practically what kind of video ads objective will actually work for your business and products.

YouTube Ads Made Easy is a complete Basic To Advanced course created for all business owners to discover how to target hot market the right way using a 10x proven YouTube Ads method No Guru will ever show you.


Get in front of your ideal customers at exactly the right moment.​



The success of your business depends on the Quality Of Leads you are able to generate daily. More Quality Leads = More Money. This course is for;

This is The ONLY Youtube Ads Course You Will Ever Need To Start Generating Consistent Quality Leads To Your Business Daily.


Free Landing Page Template - One Click (Value ₦50,000)

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Access To My YouTube Ads Checklist (Value ₦30,000)

Many marketers jump on an advertising platform without knowing what to do or how they will do it, this means, no plans. With my YouTube Ads Checklist, it will help you to plan ahead and know the right people to target and how to target them, so you can cut the cost.

24/7 Telegram & Facebook Support Group (Value ₦50,000)

Time is precious and time is money, you will be added to our support group where you will receive 24/7 support and guidance from me at no cost.

Free Landing Page Builder (Value $97)

Landing page builders are costly, we all know that, but as a marketer or business owner wanting to generate Quality Leads and make more Sales, you need to have one. No worries!! You will have access to a Free landing page builder that you can use to generate quality leads daily.

Google Ads Workbook (Value $17)

Watch step-by-step videos that show you how to use Google Ads effectively.

Best VIRTUAL CARD That Work For YouTube Ads & Other Platforms. You can Spend up to $25,000 Monthly

If you're in Nigeria or any country where you can't spend more than $20 or $100 /mon, in this training, I will be revealing to you a Virtual Dollar Card you can use to shop online and also use to pay bills etc.

Total Bonus Value: N187,000

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