The Hidden Secrets Writers Used to Generate an Average of ($2,000) N1.5 Million Naira per Month is now Exposed.

Industry Expert, Taiwo Sotikare, confirms this secret works for both Complete Beginners and Existing Writing Veterans.

He, however, warns that the secret is only available for a limited time, claims other Experts don’t totally agree with him revealing the Secret of their Wealth.

This secret has been confirmed to do magic in the following industries: Freelance writing, Blogging, Amazon KDP, Affiliate marketing, Digital Entrepreneur and other forms of online money-making venture
Are you tired of mediocre content writing jobs that pay peanuts?
Do you want to have the expertise charge a minimum of
$700 (N525,000) per article as a freelance writer?
Do you want to be making at least $10,000 annually as a blogger?
Do you want your articles
published on authority websites like, Forbes, TechCabal, Hackernoon,, Punch, Nairametrics, and others?
Do you want to be able to create
quality eBooks that fetch you up to $5,000 per month on Amazon KDP?
Do you want to be able to create a quality digital course that gets listed on a big, famous, and powerful Affiliate Marketplace like
If you answer yes to any of the above questions, then drop what you are doing
and give your undivided attention.
Trust me, you don’t want to miss anything.
Because in the next few minutes, I will be showing the secret industry expert and veterans like David Hundeyin, Chima Mmeje, and others used to become famous, have loads of money and are perhaps too busy to walk you through the A.B.C
And this is not just for those in the freelance writing business. 

We are in the 21st century; writing has evolved far beyond freelancing. 

The secrets I am about to share are for anyone doing anything pertaining to writing and seeking means to elevate themselves to the point where you can earn an average of $2,000 a month (N1.5 million Naira)

This secret is for you if you are;

  • A Freelance writer who wants to move from charging $50 per article to charging $700 per post
  • A Blogger aspiring to dominate Google's front page, boost your traffics to up to 50,000 monthly visitors, and earn up to $5,000 per month.
  • A journalist that is tired of writing mediocre news articles seeking to learn how to write powerful investigative news reports that go viral like David Hundeyin.
  • Affiliate marketers striving to achieve the same level of success as Caleb, Kenny Nwokoye, Tami, and others,  by mastering the arts of creating a super compelling sales copy that drives sales.
  • Amazon KDP publisher looking to break free from the cliché of low-quality books and start creating valuable, bestselling works as an accomplished author on Amazon.
  • Course and Product creator yearning to develop high-end, premium products worth charging N25,000 per unit and selling up to 100 units per month (equivalent to N2,500,000).
  • Life transformational coach seeking to create impactful newsletters akin to those by John Obidi, Tricial Biz, Naijachick, and other influential figures.

The list has no limit

You see, there is something predominantly important in everything we do; Quality.

Quality is a distinguishing factor that differentiates you from most average writers and enables you to generate extraordinary results.

My experience as a freelance writer taught me this unforgettable lesson.

Just imagine the satisfaction of transitioning from a circle of writers charging only $5 per post to one where you confidently charge a minimum of $200 (N150,000), $400 (N300,000),
even $700 (N525,000) per piece, and still have your name and bio under the piece.

Feels like a superpower right?

Well, it was really a damn dream come true for me.
And this kind of extraordinary result is not limited to freelance writing.
I have been able to replicate similar results with my blog, where I write extraordinary, high-quality SEO articles that bring in an average of 50,000 monthly visitors via organic traffic. 
The blog has now become so big that companies are now reaching out to advertise their businesses, and I charge $100 to $300, respectively.

And not just that, 

the same writing skills have prompted me to be able to create 3 best-selling books, two of which are listed in the all-mighty Expertnaire, cashing out daily, weekly, and monthly. 

This secret is for you if you are a:

A friend of mine in the Amazon KDP business cashes out an average of $3,000 per month from Amazon just because he knows how to write the perfect pieces people actually want to read. While you lament that Amazon is rejecting your eBook because you are in Nigeria.

So let me break the Kola Nut to you

The secret is the ability to write damn well.
The ability to connect words together, as if you are a native English writer, without overwhelming your piece with fluff.
Ability to write beautiful pieces that read so well that your readers will want to memorize each line in your pieces.
And these are the secrets I am going to reveal to you in my new course, Advance Content Writing Masterclass - Fame & Money.

In this course, you will be getting

  • Practical videos and guidance on how to venture and excel in 8 different types of online writing including, SEO blog posts, press Releases, Social media content, news articles and reports, speech writing, and technical writing. Each module comes with factual examples, sample reviews, and tasks to help you hone your skills.
  • Undiluted feedback from the course curators (My Partner, Halimat Chisom Atanda, and I)  that ensure you have a smooth learning experience
  • Full disclosure of the different online money-making ventures you can explore as a writer including freelancing writing, blogging, Amazon KDP, affiliate marketing, and several others. 
  • A solid and presentable portfolio/work sample as long as you put in the work and work as a team with the course facilitator.
  • Forever access to all provided resources and a personalized experience throughout the course
  • Certificate of completion from This certificate will give you an edge and stand you out when applying for jobs and open doors of opportunities for you ( you can’t put a price on this)
  • Common and profitable industry niches that you can venture into; and if none of them tickles your fancy, you’ll have facilitators ready to help you find that industry that works for you
  • Access to a mentorship group where you can connect with other learners like you and get an accountability partner if you want
Remember the course title is “Advance Content Writing Masterclass- Writing for Fame and Money.”

In the monetization aspect of the course, my team and I walk you through the nitty gritty of converting the knowledge you will get in this course into  actual cash.

We make it so convenient for you that we explore 10 exceptional ways to make money as a writer.

Each of these 10 ways of making money is so detailed, elaborative, and interesting, making it easy for anyone - whether you're a beginner or an expert - to leap and start cashing out without any limitations.

We cover

  • How to kick start your blogging business, get a domain name, and hosting, and have it set up for profitisation.
  • How to start a Freelance writing business on Freelance Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, and start getting orders almost immediately
  • How to pitch US companies to publish articles on their website, and command them to pay you up to $1,000 per article
  • How to apply for writing competitions worth $500 and boost your chances of winning
  • How to get a senior-level editor’s role in big companies like Punch, Investopedia, and others
  • How to become a paid writer for companies like Zikoko and TechCabal

Now, put all these values together 

and tell me how you won’t be able to make a minimum of $2,000 (N1.5 million Naira) per month.

Now, close your eyes and tell me the best figure a course like this should cost.

I mean a course that does not only promise to give you the best skills in the world but at the same time swears to teach you how you can earn a minimum of $2,000 (1.5 million Naira) per month.

 I suppose N850,000.

But that seems too much.

Pretty much more than the monthly salary of your university lecturers.

And we are all Nigerians, I know how challenging the current economy is, especially for those who are yet or just venturing into online business. 

I won’t charge you N500,000, either. I probably wouldn’t have been able to afford that much 5 years ago.

I won’t charge up to N250,000 either.

Most average Nigerians can’t afford that much, and I really want the course to be accessible to as many people that want to change their life drastically for the best.

So this course, with all the extra resources I will unveil to you shortly will go for


I know it still seems very costly, but that is due to 2 reasons.
  1. We want to attract only serious people - people who are committed to doing what it takes to take their writing skills from average/beginner level to advanced level, like the likes of Wole Soyinka, David Hundeyin, and me.
  2. It legitimately took my colleague, Halimat, and I, (3 months each) to complete this course so you can have everything you need to be successful in your writing ventures.  Add individual 3 months together, it will give you 6 months. 6 solid months.
That is why we are so confident that this is the best writing course you will ever lay your hands on. 

Quote me anywhere!

We are not selling you spins.
I have over 7 years of experience, writing for international publications like, Hackernoon,, Dodonut, and others. My articles have equally been featured in many African leading publications including Punch, TheGuardian, TechCabal, TechPoint, Zikoko, Nairametris, IncAfrica, and several others.
So yeah, I am damn confident this is the best writing course you will ever see when it comes to honing your writing skills and making tons of money for it.

50% Exclusive Discount


 Bonuses worth up to 1 million Naira

You see, I forgot to tell you I am a NICE person who is willing and happy to do anything for serious and committed people like you to turn their lives around for the best. 

So this 50% DISCOUNT is for you if you are really serious and ready to commit to the course today.

What does that mean?
You stand a chance to pay just half of the original price.

So instead of N100,000,

 you will pay a one-time fee of N35,400

And not just that, I will be giving you access to learn directly from some of the Nigerian writing veterans like David Hundeyin, Emmanuel Akpe, Adeife Adeoye, and tons of others. 

These notable people have been generous enough to speak at our Insightpreneur webinar and share their unique insights and experience across different forms of online business.

So my 50% discount and bonus bundles

come with loads of opportunities to watch pre-recorded videos and learn directly from them;
David Hundeyin, Nigerian most celebrated journalist writer. In this video, you will get access to David Hundeyin’s exclusive, as I love to put it, where he shares unique insights on “Building a Successful Career as a Journalist” - Worth N500,000.
Adeife Adeoye, a fellow super successful freelance writer, discussed “How to Position Yourself for Global Opportunities as a Freelance Writer.” In the one-and-a-half hour video, Adeife generously revealed all the secrets many freelance writers have been using to cash $1,000 per blog post with us. This alone is worth N250,000.
Another beautiful friend of mine who is currently doing her Masters in the UK, Esther Omonigho Airemionkhale, founder of EdTech Simplified, explained the “ABC of Digital Course Creation”. Worth N250,000
A banger by Fiyin Ebemidayo, popularly known as Bremen, a Top Rated Plus Freelance writer who has earned over $80,000 on Upwork. He shares his journey and  “Secrets of Making Constant Millions of Naira Every Month as a Freelance Writer.” Worth N120,000
Pro-tip for becoming a professional Blogger in Nigeria  - Mimiejay - Worth N50,000
A one-hour video from famous Prof. Emmanuel Akpe, where he discussed Marketing and Promotion Strategy - How to Market Your Business to Fetch Million Naira Every Month - Worth N200,000

Perhaps you are interested in starting your own blog or offering it as a survivor. You will get a free eBook, Step-by-Step Guide to Building a WordPress Website by Faturoti Kayode, popularly known as FattKay  - Worth N100,000
How to Publish Your eBook on Amazon KDP + Top 10 Best Selling Niches by Emmanuel Odebiyi and Ihsan Dantata - Worth - N50,0000

Risk-Free Investment

100% Money-back guarantee - no questions asked
You see, everyone has once been at the brutal end of online scammers, and fake course creators that package beautiful rubbish and start marketing it as a course.
I have had several encounters with these people and I know how crazy it is to have your hard-earned money wasted on a course that is of ZERO value.
And since I am so confident of the qualities and values embedded in this Advanced Writing Course - Writing for Fame & Money), I am committing to refund all your money if the promises I made to you about this course turn out to be lie.
What does that mean?
If after you purchase the course, you look through all the videos and PDF files, nod your head, and conclude this course is complete nonsense, I promise to refund your money and, at the same time, ask you to keep the course.

SO Either Way,


You get the course, you love it, and you start building your career to earn up to $2,000 per month
(N1.5 Million Naira)
You get the course, it feels like complete nonsense, you call me bluff, spilt on my face, 
and request your money back immediately.

Take advantage of the 50% discount to order now.

Remember my 50% discount offer and all the bonuses attached to this course are for a limited time.
Pay now to get access to the course for just N35,400 + up to 1 million naira bonus.
The price climbs back to N100,000 very soon.


See what our first Batch Student are saying about this course. You too can have this kind of testimonies 
Ruth Faithful


The advanced content writing masterclass exceeded my expectations.

This course is a comprehensive resource for improving writing skills and expanding knowledge of various content writing types.

The instructors are engaging, providing clear explanations and guidance throughout the course, with practical exercises enabling me to develop my writing skills and become a successful content writer.

The course materials are well-organized, allowing for easy navigation and progress tracking.

Overall, the advanced content writing masterclass exceeded my expectations, offering value-packed material and a practical focus to help me take a seamless leap into the world of online writing.

I heartfetly recommend it for anyone seeking to launch a writing career like myself.

Ruth Faithful Batch A Student


Thanks to this course, I now have a solid knowledge of SEO

The instructors of this course were exceptional in every way. They expertly delivered the course content in an easy-to-understand manner, using simple language that helped me learn quickly.

Their engaging tone kept me hooked and eager to learn more, making the course an enjoyable experience overall. The use of examples and valuable key terms during the explanations was especially helpful.

I am grateful for the opportunity to take this course, as it has significantly improved my writing skills and equipped me to stand out in my niche.

Thanks to the course, I now have a solid understanding of SEO and how to effectively apply it to my writing. Additionally, I have learned valuable research techniques using different SEO software.

All in all, this course has been a game-changer for me, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade their writing skills.

Omeke Maryann Batch A Student


The monetization focus in this course was a highlight for me

Most writing courses often neglect teaching people how to make money with their writing skills, leaving skilled writers like myself struggle with turning our talents into profits. Fortunately, this course provided me with valuable insights and different high-paying monetization strategies.

I found the course particularly useful for those looking to create a successful writing career as a freelance writer, journalist, blogger, or course creator.

The course is well-structured and easy to follow, making it accessible for writers of all levels of experience.

Overall, I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in earning money through writing. Whether you're just starting out or an experienced writer, the course offers useful tips and techniques to help you reach your writing aspirations.

Olawale Moses Batch A Student

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the course about?

This course is designed for individuals interested in online business ventures such as freelance writing, blogging, Amazon KDP, affiliate marketing, and digital entrepreneurship. It focuses on improving writing skills to create high-quality content that can generate significant income.

Can I apply the skills learned in this course to other forms of online business?

Yes, the writing skills covered in this course can be applied to various forms of online business, such as blogging, affiliate marketing, Amazon KDP, and course creation, to create high-quality content and generate income.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone planning to venture/ already into freelance writers, bloggers, journalists, affiliate marketers, Amazon KDP publishers, course and product creators, life transformational coaches, and anyone else involved in online writing seeking to improve their writing skills and generate higher income.

What will I learn in this course?

This course covers various forms of online writing, including SEO blog posts, press releases, social media content, news articles, reports, speech writing, and technical writing. It provides practical videos, examples, sample reviews, and tasks to help improve writing skills and create high-quality content.

How long does the course take to complete?

The course is self-paced, meaning you can review the video and PDF materials at your convenience.

Is this a video course or an eBook?

The course is available in both video and PDF format. You are free to choose whichever means is most convenient for you. Meanwhile, we strongly recommend you go through the video resources while using the PDFs as a brief.

Can I earn money from my writing after taking this course?

 The course aims to improve your writing skills and provide strategies for generating income from online writing. In the course, we cover 10 different ways you can convert your writing skills into money. 

Is this course suitable for beginners?

Yes, this course is suitable for beginners as it provides practical guidance and examples to improve writing skills for online business ventures. However, some prior knowledge of writing may be helpful.

What distinguishes this course from other writing courses?

 This course focuses on online business ventures and provides practical guidance on various forms of online writing, including SEO blog posts, press releases, social media content, news articles, reports, speech writing, and technical writing. It also includes feedback from course curators and emphasizes creating high-quality content for generating income.


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