How To Start A Profitable WhatsApp Status Television


For a long time, many people have been using the social media messaging network WhatsApp to make massive money on a daily and monthly basis just by owning and running a WhatsApp status channel (what we popularly know as WhatsApp TV). What exactly is a WhatsApp TV, you may be wondering.

'WhatsApp TV, also known as WhatsApp Television, is a branded account that aims to entertain, enlighten, and educate WhatsApp users. Using the status feature'

It will amaze you to realize that the total number of active WhatsApp users MONTHLY worldwide as of 2021 was over TWO BILLION.

In Nigeria, stats has it that the total active WhatsApp active users as at 2022 is about 32.9 MILLION

The WhatsApp TV industry is one of Nigeria's most successful ventures. It has assisted hundreds of Nigerians (mainly youths)

Would you be interested if I showed you all you need to know about WhatsApp TV? If your mind answers YES!!, this may be the only knowledge you require to transform your life and earn decent money online.

For aspiring WhatsApp TV owners, I know you've always wanted to build a WhatsApp TV in Nigeria that can provide passive revenue for you. You're struggling right now because you don't know how to manage your TV.

With a successful WhatsApp TV can make you at least #150,000 per month, or #5,000 each day, just by developing an engaged audience community on WhatsApp.

My WhatsApp TV Success Story : how I started making good money from it

I started my first WhatsApp TV in the year 2020 and as at then I taught I was doing everything the right way, little did I know that I was doing things the wrong way. I didn't notice because I had no one to help e out. For months I was stuck with just 50 status views and it was not fun for me because it seemed like I wasn't doing anything.

I made a lot of mistakes which I'm sure most WhatsApp TV owners are making now that's making them give up, BUT not to worry I'm here with a solution that will you own and run a profitable WhatsApp TV.

After so many mistake's, I decided to stop and quit the WhatsApp TV business for good, while I was away I kept seeing new WhatsApp TV been created everyday, that gave me the push to start all over again. In 2021 (early that year) I got a WhatsApp marketing course online and I took out my time to study it, while doing that I agreed that I will apply it to my new WhatsApp TV.

As a student I started the process of starting my WhatsApp TV again and I documented all the process which I will introduce to you shortly. Cutting the long story short I was able to set up my WhatsApp TV the right way and I started making good progress. With my new WhatsApp TV I was able to make up to #5,000 daily and monthly I was making up to #30K - #40K.

VERY IMPORTANT: Before making good amount of money form your WhatsApp TV you need to implement all what you will be learning from this video course

Just as I've said, while I was setting up my WhatsApp TV I made sure I documented (in video format) all the process in order to make it available for those who have a WhatsApp TV that's not doing well or those who wish to start their own WhatsApp TV. 

Here it is: WhatsApp Status TV Blueprint

I've taken out my time to put this video course in a very simple and well organized manner that will make it easy for you to understand and implement.

So of the things you will gain from this course include the following:

  1. 1
    What You Need To Help To Start And Own A Profitable WhatsApp TV: With a well explained video you will find in this course, there's no way you set up your WhatsApp TV the right way.
  2. 2
    What is a WhatsApp TV without good number of audience (views). I've explained the valid and proven ways to grow your WhatsApp views.
  3. 3
    Automating Your WhatsApp TV: Some aspect of owning a WhatsApp TV can be tiring, like in terms of saving new contacts and sending welcome WhatsApp messages, in this course you will get to find out how to do them with ease.
whatsapp status tv blueprint
whatsapp status tv blueprint

What You Also Stand To Gain When You Get This Course.

I Will Be Teaching You On How To Get More Views Without Running Advert

The higher the number of views you have, the higher your chances of making good amount of money from your WhatsApp TV; In this course you will get to see how to increase your views without running ads. You will start getting messages like the ones below; 

All this messages were sent by different people who wanted to join my WhatsApp TV, the same day, and I didn't run ads of any sort. In less than 3 months I was already getting good number of views;

How To Design Your WhatsApp TV Template

A lot of WhatsApp TV owners make use of this method to make their WhatsApp TV fun, interesting and attractive. You may be asking your self what is WhatsApp TV Template. Well I will be showing you some examples below, and we will learn how to design them in the course and how to insert your content in it; 


When you get this course you will gain access to the following for FREE

1. Basic Graphic Design Skill

2. Access To Canva PRO

3. Access To WhatsApp TV Owners Community (where we get to share new ideas)


I've saved a copy for you, all you have to do is click on the 'BUY IT NOW' button to claim yours now. 

whatsapp status tv blueprint
whatsapp status tv blueprint

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Here Is What People Have To Say Concerning The Course

Franklin Etinosa Ighile

Creator of SGDB & WSTB

About the Author

For over the years I've been able to set up different successful WhatsApp TV and I've been able to make good amount of money while doing that.

I've also helped other people build their own WhatsApp TV from the scratch and today they are doing well for themselves.

I'm more than willing to also help you too, only if you're ready to be one of my students. GET THE COURSE TODAY!

Any One Regardless of Age, Educational Background, Religion, Wisdom, Creativity Can Become A WhatsApp TV Owner

We are all the results of our decisions. You may ignore the potentially life-changing offer you have been made and carry on with your day.

Leave this page and claim you were unaware of this chance. You won't pass away. Truthfully, you won't.

However, you might pass up a chance. You won't accomplish anything.

Additionally, this package will now cost N12,000 when you change your mind.

Not only will I impart knowledge upon you, but also useful information (result-oriented).

Everything you will learn from this training course is applicable and based on my personal experience.

Additionally, the training modules and materials are well-organized and simple to comprehend.

You will receive all the assistance (Q&A sessions), follow-ups, and an accountability system that you require.


Here's "What You Will Get" When You Get This Blueprint

  • Meaning Of WhatsApp TV
  • Basic Requirements Of Owning A WhatsApp TV
  • Setting Up Your WhatsApp TV Account
  • How To Create Your WhatsApp TV Invite Link
  • How To Set Up Your WhatsApp Welcome Message And Invite Write Up
  • How To Make Money With Your WhatsApp TV
  • Do's & Dont's Of WhatsApp TV
  • How To Grow Your WhatsApp TV Views (Audience)
  • How To Design Your WhatsApp Template
  • How To Verify Your WhatsApp TV
  • How To Automate Your WhatsApp

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need A Laptop Before I Can Own A WhatsApp TV?

No you don't need to own a laptop, all you need is a good smartphone

Can I Make Money With This Course?

Yes! You can, all you just have to do is make sure you implement all that you will be learning from this course

I'm A Very Shy Person Can I Run A WhatsApp TV?

Alright I get the fact that you are shy, that's fine, you don't have to bother yourself at all. You can own a very profitable WhatsApp TV

Am A Student, Can I Own A WhatsApp TV?

YES you can, there is no limit at all. You can start your own TV today, by getting this course.


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