If you sell anything on WhatsApp (Digital Products, Ecommerce or Affiliate Products)

This is the Complete Program and Community Support to Mastering Sales, Organic Lead Generation and the Right Way You Can Market Your Products and Make Crazy Sales Endlessly On WhatsApp.

Tell me I can make my three years’ salary under 9 months in 2020, and I’ll call you a liar...

My journey online as a WhatsApp Marketing Consultant started when I got tired of my salary job and was looking for a good business to venture into.

The only thing that will give you the freedom you ever desire is when you get angry with your current situation. Be it financial freedom, location freedom or time freedom – You only need to get angry.

I got angry!!!

My salary in a month was nothing compare to my bills, I really needed a way out.

Now the story is different. I make more money than I was ever paid a month in a day, and my students are doing well. Thank God for anger.

Anger is what happens when you are hungry for a change. It forces you to take crazy actions.

If you lock me in a room with just my smartphone, WhatsApp and Internet now, I will generate hundreds of thousands, millions in a short period of time all by myself without needing to leave the room.

I only have to create a product or affiliate one, then sell the hell out of that product, make mad sales, bag a lot of money from it and smile to the bank...

This is all I need to make consistent 6 – 7 figures monthly on WhatsApp effortlessly from the comfort of my room...

1. Traffic Source

2. A Perfect WhatsApp Sales Funnel

3. A Product (Digital, e-Commerce or Physical) OR a Skill

4. My Smartphone. WhatsApp and Internet Connection

5. A Payment Gateway to Collect Money from Customers

Nothing less, nothing more...

From: Joshua Kuton

Location: Lagos State

I am a full time Internet Marketer.

I make all my money from the internet. A WhatsApp Marketing Consultant, Elite Affiliate Marketer and a Digital Creator. 

I am also an Author of over 5 life changing books and a Business Coach.

Making money online is something I love doing, and I am happy to tell you that it evolves around selling something that will solve people’s problem.

Once you can do that, money comes into your pocket. The more you sell, the more money you make. 

And the truth is, you don’t need a website to get started before you can make money online, I started without a website.

In short, as at when I recorded my first 2.6 million naira made in few months, it was purely done without using any website whatsoever. I only used my WhatsApp!

Yes, the WhatsApp you and I use to chat with friends and family. It has generated for me multiple 6 figures. 

It all evolves around creating a product, or picking someone else’s product, put that product on WhatsApp and drive crazy traffic to it, sell the product the right way on WhatsApp and get paid for it.

This is something you can do over and over again...

And the sweet thing is, you can still sell many other products to that same audience you got from the traffic you pulled to your WhatsApp.

And you can also still drive more traffic to your WhatsApp so you can make more money.

Massive Traffic = Massive Sales

This is something that works like fire. Like I do say...

All you need to get started is to learn how to generate traffic (build a hot buyer’s list), give them value and sell to them. That’s all...

This is something I have done countless times, my students follow suit...

And we hit our financial goals every month because there is a working system that I have perfected over the past few months that we follow.

Thinking I use more of paid traffic?

I leverage more on Organic; I barely use paid ads. 

I have made 6 - 7 figures on my WhatsApp without having to pay for any advert – organically.

I know this thing well.

I have been marketing on WhatsApp since May/June 2020.

I didn’t just wake suddenly to daily rains of alerts, I have passed through the process of learning and unlearning many things.


I started completely broke...

I struggled so well so I can perfect marketing and selling of my products and that of other people’s products on WhatsApp.

I had my own share of sleepless nights, rejections, ignorance and failures in a big way.

I didn’t even know so much about business, sales or marketing. I was at that time an office administrator behind closed doors.

So I know less. Imagine the whole struggle.

I tried all I could do, eat up all the information I could see, take classes, try many things out, but still was not doing much, I was not selling enough until August, 2020 where I made N70,000 in that month. It was such a big fat figure for me...

Those moment was when I met Nosa Nick (eCom Agba), one of the top Ecommerce expert in Nigeria I met online whose contents has really helped me grow faster than I could ever imagine.

I got his book that talked about WhatsApp, read it, and it was helpful...

I learnt some more few tips from his book that I used and I tweaked some few things I was doing and my income increased...


I just knew I can sell more on WhatsApp. I can hit that million on the green app.

The next month, my sales drop. I couldn’t figure what I was doing wrongly...

Income was fluctuating until I stumbled on a perfect strategy that scaled my earnings from 5 figures to 6 figures, over 100,000 naira monthly...

I tried it out for like two months, and my income on WhatsApp was massive. Like never before, my audience was topped and my selling skills was awesome.

I then started enjoying my marketing on WhatsApp, it was always dripping sales for me...

December 2020, I packed all the strategies that I have perfected and seen to be working and put them all in a book. And I titled the book...

“WhatsApp Income Blueprint...”

I was already making sweet money at this point and so I packed them all and put it in a book and started selling the book.

There is also a community for the Blueprint to track people’s records. Over 100 people are currently in the community.

WhatsApp Income Blueprint is a book where I share all my strategies to making money on WhatsApp. The testimonials and results printed from the book alone is explosive...

This works for anyone, be it you sell digital, e-com or affiliate products...

The Blueprint was prepared in a way that even if you have nothing to sell, no product, no skill, you can get the blueprint, learn, get started and make massive sales...

I didn’t promise heaven on earth in the Blueprint, but here are what those who got it are saying:

I sincerely DO NOT want to bore you with other people’s results. Let’s talk about yours instead...

How you can get started right away with or without having any product, leveraging on WhatsApp just like I and my students do to make money on WhatsApp.

If you sell anything on WhatsApp, be it you're selling Info/Digital, eCommerce or Affiliate products...

And you want to take your sales to the next level where you will be making crazy sales endlessly...

Or you don’t have anything to sell, no product, or service BUT you want to change the situation right now.

Here is what I did for you...

I have invested my time, resources and energy to create a record breaking, full blown underground program just for you.

This is not just a course but a complete master program that will take you by hand from scratch to where you’ll be making jaw-dropping figures that’ll put smile on your face daily without you having a single scratch.

This is more than the strategies I have shared in the past on making money on WhatsApp.

Those strategies are evergreen but those who have them (over 100) are coming back for the complete master program that I'll be sharing with you shortly.


For this program is the Best you will ever see that will teach you liberation on Marketing, Sales, Traffic Generation, Closing, Automation Processes and More...

The WhatsApp Marketing Elite Program teaches you how to attract interested buyers, people who are ever ready to listen to you that you can sell any kind of product or service to effortlessly.

To achieve this, here is exactly what’s inside the master program...

WA Marketing FULL Program:


Basics & Optimization

In this section, you’ll be learning the basic principles that governs marketing profitably and how to optimize your WhatsApp for business.


Audience Building

This is the section where I will show you how to properly attract interested buyers into your WhatsApp contact list like a pro and not those who want free stuffs from you.


Audience Nurturing

This section discloses how to take your audience into a new realm where you want them to be so comfortable paying you their hard earned money for helping them.


Offer Crafting & Creation

This is a section where I recorded some powerful videos on how to craft out insane offers for your products in turn making your audience feel stupid for not buying your product.


Offer Demo/Presentation

This is a well dissected section where I disclose many secrets on how you can best table your products and services to your audience that will not make them skip but crave for the products right away. 


Product Launch Strategies

Here is where I disclosed various ways to use in launching your products on WhatsApp without having to crack you head on when, how, where and to whom to show your products to. 


Marketing & Sales

If you have this section of the program, you are sitting on gold. I shared crazy mind blowing stuffs here. Marketing and Sales, you won’t find these in any master class. 


The Perfect Discharge

You don’t want to sell for once and stop. Here in this section, I reveal how to best apply the upsell, down-sell and cross sell tactics in marketing your products & services for business profitability.


Live WA Sales Funnel Review

In this session, I’ll take a look at your WhatsApp Sales Funnels that are not performing well and make corrections to it. Experts in different specs  like copywriting, traffic hacker, funnel hacker, marketer etc. will also contribute in the Live sessions.


Access to Previous Live Webinars

I stacked up all our previous 10x webinars that will help you in sales & marketing, all will lead to master sales and revenue for you. You are not missing any!

If this is ALL What the Program is about, then I have Failed you...

You know what?

In the WhatsApp Community alone, the Elite WA Marketers Club is fire. 

You and your business won’t remain the same after getting into the club.

Non-members pay $20 to have access to every live session we have in the club.

But if you take this Program today...

You will escape all the reoccurring payments and gain access to the Club right away and to its monthly webinars for Free.

This Elite WA Marketers Club (Group) – Worth is Priceless

Here is the BONUES involved if you grab this program today...

1.  I will teach you how to properly set up a profitable WhatsApp Sales Funnel, the game of getting leads, converting them into buyers and reoccurring customers. – Worth is N10,000

2.  I will teach you marketing, how you can sell any kind of product and will share a lot of experiences that will take your business to the next level – Worth is N5,000

3.  I will give you my WhatsApp Training Prototype as a guide to successful trainings on WhatsApp. This will help you win your audience over to buy into whatever you are selling to them. – Worth is N10,000

4.  I will hand over my WhatsApp Content Calendar to you. You will never lose content ideas of what to post if you have this status content calendar. – Worth is N5,000

5.  I will show you how to use your WhatsApp Status to sell 5 – 6 figures anytime you want to sell like I do with Just one crazy offer. – Worth is N15,000

6.  I will hand over my sales script (Handle Sales Objections Like a Boss) to you. This will help you master sales closing like a professional. – Worth is N8,000

7.  I will teach you how to build high converting sales pages even if you have no website that you can put your products on for sale and drive massive traffic to it. – Worth N5,000

8.  I will give you my short report on how to quickly make money on WhatsApp even as a newbie. The 4 basic streams of Income on WhatsApp. – Worth N3,000

9.  You have lifetime access to the Elite WA Marketers Club for support, connection, Q&A Sessions etc. – Worth is Priceless

10.  You have access to the WA Sales & Marketing Updates, Strategies, Tactics and hacks that I share to members which will skyrocket your sales. – Worth is priceless


11.  Access to the WA Funnel Troubleshooting that happens in the Club. – Worth N10,000

12.  I will grant you FULL Access to the Monthly Live Webinars I hold for the Elite Marketers every month. – Worth N30,000

13.  I will give you my top hidden secret to continuous sales on WhatsApp and how to implement it. – Worth N10,000

That’s NOT all: I’m giving you ALL my Toolkits as well...

I’ll be giving you all the premium tools I use for my Marketing on WhatsApp. So you don’t have to struggle with anything whatsoever...

1.  Premium Auto Responder App: You literally can’t handle the tons of traffic you’ll be getting daily from now on. So you have this to help you reply your messages automatically without getting banned on WhatsApp. – worth N10,000


2.  Creation & Automation Tools: I will hand over all my tools on Creating contents and Automating your Campaigns on WhatsApp. E.g. Camtasia Software, WhatsTool, Audio Recording tools etc. – Worth N20,000

3.  You have the Magnetic Lead Generation Technique Program: This is my complete organic marketing program that will teach you the game of driving traffic to your WhatsApp. – Worth N8,000

4.  My Complete Personal Swipe File for short copies – Lead generation, DM sales, Group Training copies etc. – Worth N70,000

I will also be showing you...

  • How to Advertise on WhatsApp with WhatsApp TVs to Profit.
  • You will be getting lists of 5 – 10+ profitable WhatsApp TVs you can work with that won’t blow your money when running ads
  • I will teach you a strategic way of getting leads and sales using Influencer Marketing
  • I will be teaching you how you can leverage on lifestyle and transformational based marketing to increase leads and sales

This will be the greatest investment you will ever make this year.

You only have to make a decision. Be it a YES or No.

But guess what, I won’t in any way force you to get this program. And to be blunt with you, this program is not for everyone.

Fortunately, you can get this program today, if you want...

But I’m not sure if you qualify for such knowledge.

I say this because...

If You Are NOT Ready To Take Your Time And Learn, Pick A Product, Craft Out An Insane Offer Out Of It, Market It And Sell The Hell Out Of That Product, Making A Lot Of Sales, Then You Should Stay Away From This Program.

Before I go further, here are what people are saying about me:

I believe if you have a need for constant sales of your products, you wouldn’t need anybody to convince you to learn.

You are not a baby. You know what’s good for you...

However, I hope you know that when you get this program, some persons who sell the same kind of product as yours will go out of business?

Especially if you are in the big Ecommerce industry...

What a pity; your competitors don’t know what’s about to hit them...

Cause you are going to be learning how to better drive massive traffic on your WhatsApp organically, integrate crazy marketing campaigns and how to sell like crazy on WhatsApp

But do you know what’s funny?

What if your competitors get this program and you don’t?

Ahhhh 😭 if that happens, you then have to say goodbye to your business... 

They will eventually get all the customers

They will get all the sales and take all the profit.

You are going to become thin 😎

And it won’t in any way be their fault...

It will be mine...

And that's is because In the WhatsApp Marketing Elite Program, I didn’t hide anything from you. I didn’t hold anything back.

In the program:

I dissected one of my offers that made over N40,000 in less down 3 hours on my status and close to 6 figures in less than 24 hours few months back and how you can use that same strategy to bank 6 figures now...

I shared crucial elements that you can inject in your offers that can help you bank millions in just few weeks if you sell high ticket products

I explained how you can get offer ideas. Map them out and craft them to suit your audience desires without having to run at a loss

I broke down my best principle on offer options. This will help you secure many interested buyers by pinning them down with different product pricing if price seems to be their issue

I have also given provision to how you can create attached offers to your products

And a lot that I can’t divulge here...

Your audience will actually feel very stupid for not buying your products...

Even when they don’t have money, they’d go borrow money to continue buying from you...

But Joshua, don’t you think the last sentence above is a bit heartless?

You want to know the truth? I don’t give a damn...

You are actually helping and not selling to your audience if you are sure of your products and if it’s the last thing they need and not your competitor’s.

Like I said before...

If you are not ready to pick up a product, dissect it and craft out an irresistible offer from it, market it and sell the hell out of it, then stay away...

If these makes you feel uncomfortable, then feel free to close this page and leave happily.

BUT, if you decide to keep reading, I won’t hold you back.

At this point, I know you have enough sense to know what’s good for you and your business...

Even if you are a complete newbie, and you’ve gotten to this point, you are wise to stay. For this will change your life forever.

My guess is that; you have seen enough to make your own decision. And just in case you want to get this program now, please wait...

Don’t be in a haste...

I also want to hand over this program to you, since you have shown seriousness...

But first imagine this in your mind, for a second:

[I am teaching hundreds of online entrepreneurs and individuals in the Elite WA Marketers Club...

Every member having the master program which is the WhatsApp Marketing Elite Program...

And you are holding your last N100,000 in your hands...

My question is: Which is more valuable to you?

If you were to advise your son, which option will you tell him to go for?]

Even your competitors won’t think twice if they get on this page first...

Because this program is actually priceless, hard to find and its life changing.

It makes people filthy rich.

Imagine when you can market to millions any product or service on WhatsApp...

Close many sales and make a lot of money...

N500,000 – N1,000,000 sitting in your bank monthly from WhatsApp Sales is not a sin

Once you can have this program and learn all that is in it, so many good things will start happening...

These guys have something to say...

Seun Went From Zero to Selling over 70.4 million Real Estate Properties on WhatsApp under 3 months after taking the WhatsApp Marketing Program

Abdulwadud Oluwa JPrince an 18 year old boy explaining what he has learnt so far and giving you reasons why you should get this program right Now..

So right now, you won’t have to pay the N100,000 for this program, you can save N70,000 and get this program for only N30,000 today.

Time SENSITIVE offer

And if you decide to be Among the first 50 to grab this offer, I will give you my two trainings that is more important than everything I have mentioned here...

  1. 1
    Brand SEO: How to create and set up your own Online Presence on Google 

When people search for your name or business name on Google, it will bring out your exact details. This alone is worth N40,000

  1. 2
    No-Hosting Website: A Full Blown No-Hosting Website

You don’t need a website to get started like I said in the beginning of this page, but you will need one later on. If the cost of getting a domain and hosting is too heavy...

I will teach you how to create and set up a no-hosting full functional website that you can use to sell your products online. worth N5,000

But if you choose not to be part of the first 50 persons...

So sad; You won’t be having any of these...

The total value of this program is N100,000

Selling Price is N50,000. But you can Get It for N50,000 N30,000 today...

(Save N70,000 and get this program for N30,000 today)


You missed out!

Time SENSITIVE offer

You are asking if there is a money back guarantee...

YES! There IS...

money back


30 day guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee for 30-Days

If within 30 days from the day of purchase, you access this program, but didn't find all the items mentioned in the "WhatsApp Marketing Elite Program" and its “Additional Resources” and you brought it to our attention and within seven working days, we were unable to provide you with the listed items, then you are entitled to a refund.

The total value of this program is N100,000

Selling Price is N50,000. But you can Get It for N50,000 N30,000 today...

(Save N70,000 and get this program for N30,000 today)


You missed out!

Time SENSITIVE offer

Elite WA Marketers Club

The Elite WA Marketers Club is a community housing hundreds of online entrepreneurs and individuals who are willing to take their products and services which could be digital, e-Commerce or affiliate products to the next level of sales and maximum profit by leveraging on the power of WhatsApp to do their marketing.


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