​"I Want To Spread A Virus And I Need Your Help!"


Something Happened In Lagos, Nigeria on Saturday, December 8th, 2018.

It was an event in which some secrets were handed over to a room full of about 30 people.

The event ended, and everyone went their ways. But in the next 48 hours, my phone was banging with calls from some of these people about how the things I showed them has made them money...

Just by implementing ONE of the many things they learnt...

Daniel Elisha made his first plane flight from Kaduna to attend the event.

Promise came from Abuja to attend...

​Dr Nne came from Owerri...

​As you can see, it is one thing to post screenshot of your income as an expert, it is a whole different game to be able to help others to actually get results in the millions -easily.


Some traveled by road from as far as Kebbi State.

One thing they all had in common was a brain-shift.

A Mental Orgasm -If You Will.

First, If you don't yet know me, I am Waju Abraham. The guy behind a number of successful campaigns in Nigeria.

My latest client (whose name I am not allowed to mention) is a presidential aspirant.

Why do people listen to me?

Why should ANYBODY listen to me???

I don't know if I am the only one, but these days it seems to me that all the world's marketers, speakers, leaders, and communicators have left the fundamental truths of selling.

They have fallen for the sexiness of suits and technology.

And it is telling on their sales, the income -and even their sex lives.

All communication is marketing.

Without it, communication fails, fights start, people suffer.

It doesn't matter if all you're trying to do is get a job.

I once taught a young graduate a single principle, and he got invited for an interview in 24 hours. He even rejected the offer because he felt he could get a better job with this new "thing" he had learned from me.

Like I said, communication has been bastardized to being strictly about looking good, having a MacBook, and speaking fake Queen's English.

"It is no wonder then why many are broke, and many have returned to their 9-5 jobs."

​Indeed..."He that breaketh the hedge, the serpent shall bite."

Don't get me wrong. A job is good if it is absolutely your choice...

And if it helps you care for yourself and your loved ones, by all means do it well. You deserve some accolades.

But when you're equipped with the right skills to confidently and persuasively express yourself in life...you suddenly begin to demand more than "just a paycheck" from life.

Like the pet lion who suddenly tastes blood.

As my maternal grandma always says "If you never ask, the answer is always NO"

And so today, we have people suffering right now as we read...

They're in bad jobs, bad relationships, attending to bad clients...

All Because They Lack This Great Skill

Worse still, they have been misled by "bad coaches wearing suits and flaunting MacBooks", who watched a few YouTube videos from older fake coaches online, and are now spewing this crap out everywhere you go.

Some are so deep in this mental BS that they can't come out.

But I assure you, if you're still reading this right now, then there's hope for you.

Because I Want To Gift You The (Audio And Video) Recordings Of This Epic Event.

Now don't kid yourself for a minute you don't need these recordings because...if you secretly wish for any of the following

  • ​More time for people and the things you love in this brief Nigerian life.

  • Mature and affluent clients and customers (The kind that happily pay big and well for your work, without all the "posting", and “let me pray about it” or to "Let me pay you from the profits")

  • To build an authoritative, powerful, and highly respected social media presence.

  • Make a real difference and create massive RESULTS for yourself, your clients, and your customers.

  • To be able to ignite a raving response, and massive buyer frenzy that intimidates the competition each and every time you launch something.

  • Forever destroy that "impostor syndrome" that makes you feel like a fake, and sends you back into hiding for FEAR you will be shamed one day.

  • To be able to charge what you FEEL you truly deserve, which of course means fewer clients and waaay less stress, but more money. (TIP: You'll always look younger than your age like me, because you're no longer working yourself to death daily, just to get by)

  • To ultimately have an email list that loves you, and wants to buy from you again and again.

If In Your Heart Right Now, You Know You Deserve At Least One Of These Things, Then You Owe Yourself To Keep Reading.

​And you know the funny thing about all these goals listed above?

Unlike what "gurus" like to teach you, they have little to do with technology, or even copywriting as even the most popular names out there like you to believe.

Why??? How???

Because effective, persuasive and influential communication (the selling of ideas aka copywriting) doesn't run on tech or hacks.

It runs on the human behavioral psychology that has existed since creation.

In other words, if you were to suddenly find yourself in Ancient Rome, without these principles I teach, all your "copywriting badassery" would fail you.

And you will be summarily thrown to the lions

​In this case however, the lion is...

- Your client

- Your boss

- Your potential employer

- Your hearthrob

-Your *gasps* WIFE...

Anybody from whom you desire a specific action or decision.

The thing many fail to understand here is that while humanity has improved and developed, humans are still the same.

We still have the same instincts, desires, and we all respond to the same stimuli.

​Fact: You Are Either At The Table Or ON The Me​nu...

​If you are not diligently using these forgotten truths, chances are the other people are using them against you...to manipulate you.

In the workplace, In business, in relationships, and social circles...

They work so powerfully and are amoral -meaning they don't care who uses them. They work for anybody.

This is how politicians control people.

This is how scammers con people.

This is how magicians captivate audiences.

And we are all helpless to resist.

Heck! Its not even about resisting anything...its about using it -to your own social and financial advantage.

Hate it or love it, this is how mankind is influenced.

And it is what I taught my members for 8 straight hours on December 8th, 2018.


The Immersion Tapes


​The RAW recording of the entire training I held on that Saturday, 8th, December 2018..

Available in Video and MP3 for easy listening and digestion.

Essentially, these videos capture the exact lowdown on the mind of an influential communicator -whether you're selling products, services -or ideas.

It will work for you whether you're applying for a job, asking for a date...or bidding for a contract.

And it will turn your life around by first giving you the one thing that's more crucial than getting paid or laid.


This Is The "VIRUS" I Want You To Help M​e Spread All Over The World.

​The consciousness of a better way to communicate for best results.

Beyond selling, I've used this skill-set to talk myself out of bad situations, and into good ones.

I've talked myself out of many awkward "police-situations.

And I've also talked myself out of a potential squabble when I came home late one night.

If I knew these skills early in life, I would not have had over 10 years of miserable date stories that I had from 1998-2014.

You see, my new friend...

Essentially, I am enlisting you into a movement.

One that will line your pocket with "income-at-will", and even better...

The kind that attempts to rid the world of beggars, losers and fraudsters.

Because I believe if people had these skills, they wouldn't ever be begging people to buy their stuff on social media.

And far less people will "accept their fate" as losers in life -or end up fraudsters.

(Well, as Warri people say..."Who go lost, go still lost". Meaning some people are just not destined for the greatness that this set of skills give anybody")

Think Thanos "Infinity Stones" -But For Doing Good On Earth.

The ticket for this event was N75,000 per head. The plan was to sell the recordings for N27,500.

But after the event, and seeing the results from attendees in under 48 hours, I no longer care about selling it for profit.

I want this message out there, to help make the world a better place -at least for serious people like you (hopefully).

​This Is Why I Am Willing To Bribe You With Value Worth Over N200,000 In Actual Market Value -No Hype, Or Bogus Figures.


This is the same Ebook that helped my star student, Trium Suvwe Up his email game, allowing him earn N70K-110K from a single email. 99% of marketers are miserable at email marketing.

This book shows you how I am able to write money-making emails that don't sound hypey or scammy. It promises you immediate results just putting it to work.

Actual Price: N9,999
You Get It FREE!

​44-Module Social King Kong Course
for Social Media Managers

​Most Nigerian Social Media Managers get paid N20,000-N40,000 per month for posting shit. In this 44 module course transcript, I show you how to (first) master the 4 major social media platforms, and then HOW to position yourself such that business owners are throwing N300k at you -MONTHLY.

This is 100% practical, and based on what I have done, and what I have helped many students achieve this year working for brands like Jumia and MallForAfrica. This course is the equivalent of a university degree in value. You learn to be taken seriously, not treated like trash like all the others.

Actual Price: N29,999
You Get It FREE!

​The Business of Copywriting
For Copywriters

​In this 8-Module video course, I Am Going To Show You... How YOU Can Get Into One Of The Highest Paid Writing Professions In The World... ... And Start Earning Premium Fees Well Into The Multiple Six (or Seven) -Figures!

Most courses talk about how to write copy... I show you how to MAKE MONEY writing copy. And once you've been on the "other side," the side where creating wealth on demand becomes a reality for you... ... There's no reason for you to want to look back again. It's just like being born. Once it happens, you can't go back.

I currently sell this here (http://cabalfood.com/mdc/) for N50,000

Actual Price: N49,999
You Get It FREE!

​The Muhaha Papers: My No-List, NO-Website Guide to $50 Daily With Affiliate Marketing

​This brings me deep feelings. The name "Muhaha" comes from the way I laughed in the middle of the night, when I finally figured out how to make money with affiliate marketing -without having an email list, or even a website.

You probably know how those top affiliate marketers can be. All pompous and sh!t. One even blocked me for asking him to mentor me in 2015. Anyway, I figured it out and till date, I assure you I don't have a list. I earn affiliate commissions in a very, lazy, easy, muhaha-ic way.

I even made leaderboard this year on a mega launch. This guide shows exactly how I do it. Its so short and simple, you'd be tempted to despise it.

Actual Price: N9,999
You Get It FREE!

​FREE ACCESS Into The Cult of Salescraft!

​​You already know about the Cult of Salescraft. It is THE undergound community where badass marketers are raised here in Nigeria.

Anybody can have a website, or have something to sell online. It takes a coach holding your hand to be able to hit 7 figures in 90 days.

This is what I do for members by providing them access through our underground group to learn from me, and have me critique their work. NOBODY...NO marketer in Nigeria does that -wither because they're scared, or they don't know what to do.

In addition to my coaching, I also have tonnes of videos by myself and my star students you can consult anytime, addressing topics ranging from product creation, to running successful Facebook Ads.

In addition, my members also get:

-A free website
-25+ ready made products you can sell as your own.
- Ready made sales pages you can use to sell all the products.

Drag-n-Drop pagebuilder for setting up your website.

You now begin to see why there's no other place like this, don't you?

​New Members typically get 10X ROI on their Facebook Ads expenses as shown below.

Actual Price: N49,999
You Get In FREE! 

​Here's What Members Are Saying -While Dancing To The Bank Daily...

​In Addition, As A Member, You Also Qualify For A Special Pass To Attend Our Next Annual Salescraft Live Event In 2019...

Actual Price: N75,000
You Get In FREE! 

​That's over N200,000+ of real-world "paid by many happy entrepreneurial customers" value

​Customized and refined, in ways that fast track your success in as efficient a way as possible. Awesome!

If you were to go out and purchase all of these items from me separately, it would cost you just over N200,000.

Not this Christmas.

In fact, today - I don't even want half of that - and i already told you why, didn't I?

But I know what you're thinking...

​Isn't this another load of cow poo, by a so-called guru who's getting rich by teaching people how to get rich?

​Smart question.

My guess is you've encountered them online before.

All their claim to marketing is being part of the circle-jerk where they keep teaching people how to get rich by teaching other unlucky bastards how to get rich by teaching other losers how to get rich.

Its the perfect online MMM ripoff.

But my claim to fame is different.

And to share just a bit of it, I have...

  • ​Sold everything from fish to real estate online.

  • Launched a successful business for my wife in the overcrowded beauty care niche.

  • Made a whopping N1,500,000 from a single cold email in 2017

  • Been invited to breakfast with the chairman of a Nigerian bank so they could "pick my brain"

  • Being invited to work on the team of a presidential aspirant.

  • Gone from being a millionaire dropping 20k church offering in 2007 to being broke and living with my parents BQ by 2011...to getting back on my feet and writing N1 million cheques for my favorite church (fvck Daddy Freeze) in 2017

​I've Failed Hard, But I've Learned Faster.

​I attract loyal customers who buy everything I sell.

I repel shitty customers before they even think of buying from me.

Isn't this what you want?

​Now, Imagine Having 12 Months Access To My Advice, 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A week?

​How fast do you think your would life improve?

How much more closer to your dream life?

How viral would your business grow?

How many millions do you think you could make?

How much more confident would you be in your industry?

​That's Why I'm Inviting You To Begin This Journey With Me...

​For a one-time fee of N20,000 (for 25 people ONLY)

- You get every training I've done in 2018.

- You also get membership to my Cult of Salescraft (which gives you 12 months access to my coaching)

- You get 25+ killer products you can sell right away with ready made sales pages.

- You get your own website for 1 year.

- You also get the full recordings of The Immersion Tapes (in audio and video)

​By Special Request:
New Killer Bonus Course Added
(19th December)

I've decided to add my latest secret course to the bundle.

This is the revolutionary Waju Abraham's FXMeth: Hot to make consistent 30 pips daily without complex robots and expensive software.

Its a 2 week masterclass where I walk members through my sneaky, grandma-friendly method.

It is 100% online, and members get 21 days of free signals after the class.

This course goes for N50,000. But you get it FREE!

Here's a training sneak-peek below:

​Are You Mindblown Yet???

​Well, clear your head and grab your wallet, because...there are only 25 slots, and they're reducing by the hour. Don't Wait Another Second. Grab Yours NOW.


​NOTE: (Price goes up by N1,500 every 24 hours until the offer is closed)

​Once you click this button, you will be taken to the secure payment page.

If your payment is successful, you will be redirected to a form. Fill it and hit ENTER to access your purchase.

If you have a problem paying online, send your payment to GTBank, 0036171450, Ogunleye O. When done, send proof to Nafisat on 07030700332. (Whatsapp. NO CALLS PLEASE).

See you on the inside.

​Some Commonly Asked Questions:

What is the Immersion Tape about?

A collection of forgotten, yet extremely powerful principles of non-verbal influence and persuasion that anybody can employ to get their way in life?

What is the Cult of Salescraft?

The Cult of Salescraft is a group coaching platform where I help marketers and entrepreneurs get rid of the obstacles that keep them from making their dream income online.

Does it cost anything after all my payments are complete?

Depends. Most likely, you will require running Facebook ads. In unique cases, you may not. Like Dr Nne who simply made $15,630 from a simple 5 minute offline video presentation.

How fast will I recover my investment?

Recovering your investment is actually too small to be a goal.

If you're aiming higher, then we can tell you some people will make 8 figures from this in the next 12 months. Others will do 7 figures. Most will do 6 figures. It's all dependent on how geared up you are to get your results.

Is there any other hidden cost here?

We've made this so simple that you only need focus on one thing. Traffic. We've also inserted a report of the biggest traffic sources available online to choose from.

Do you offer refunds if I am NOT happy with the Cult of Salescraft


Since the Immersion Tapes is basically "information" ... not an "opportunity" ... nowhere in any of our sales material do we offer any kind of Money-Back option.

Why? ? -- Because...

(1) This is not a pubic library. -- If you want to borrow a book, we recommend a visit to your local public library. We do not lend our publications.

(2) We cannot erase your memory. -- Once you have read and made mental note of the information provided in our trainings, there is no way you can return it to us.

Even if you return any printed material; or delete the PDF files from your hard drive, you still have the information in your memory for your ultimate use.

By not including a Money-Back option after the 21 days trial or any payment in full outlined in our agreement; of any kind, in our sales material, we intentionally discourage people who are seeking a "guaranteed" existence from buying our publications.

Over the past 11 years, I have had students who have succeeded "doing" the things we have written about - and - other people have made millions, upon millions, of Naira doing what I teach in my materials.

May I suggest that you "use" the information in the materials you plan to purchased to achieve the success you have been seeking ... and ... I am always here to assist you in your efforts anytime you run into a situation you don't understand. --

REMEMBER, others have done it ... so I can steer you in the right direction.

If we were to give you a refund, we would only allow you an excuse to quit ... delaying your success, again.


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