Angry Nigerian YouTuber Finally Exposes the Secrets About YouTube Monetization That Other Top YouTubers Desperately Hide:

“How to Grow A Viral YouTube Channel and Turn It into A Money-Generating Machine in 90 Days (or Less)

…Even If You Are Terribly Camera-shy, Have Zero-knowledge, And All You Have Is A Cheap Smartphone!” [Guaranteed!]


Hello friend,

If you want to easily and quickly create a popular YouTube channel with thousands of loyal subscribers, make simple videos that magically generate millions of views, and make extra, consistent income daily…3

Then, this will be the most important guide you will ever read!

You are going to learn my exact strategy on:

How to grow a viral YouTube channel and turn it into a brand-building, money-generating machine in 90 days (or less)

…Even if you are terribly camera-shy

…Even if you have never done videos before

…Even if you don’t know how YouTube works (zero-knowledge, zero-experience) …

…Even if you think YouTube is overcrowded & it’s too late to start…

…And, even, if you all you have is a cheap, ordinary “china” smartphone!

But First, Read This Disclaimer:

We don't believe in get-rich-quick programs.

The sales figures & financial numbers in this presentation are simply my personal results.

Please understand I’m not guaranteeing you’ll have same results.

I have worked hard on this.

Your results will vary & depend on many factors including your background, experience, & work ethics.

All TRUE businesses involve offering massive value & consistent action.

If you're not willing to accept that, please LEAVE THIS PAGE NOW.

This Is Completely Different

By the time you are done reading this, you’d have discovered how regular people like you are generating solid, sustainable, and consistent income

From one of the most untapped, under-utilized, yet amazing sources of income online

(Especially in Nigeria)

And no, I am not talking about MMM or any of the Ponzi schemes, or “investments”, or any of the get-rich-quick,

Not any of the do-nothing-and-make money, or put-1k-and-get-100k schemes you see around.

And, please, don’t get me wrong:

 I am NOT saying any of those are exactly wrong…

 Just saying that:

 This is completely different, and...

 And, this will completely change your life

 (As it did mine and my friends’).

I know you may be wondering: “Who be dis one?”

 So, who am I?

Why Should You Listen To Me?

And why am I saying such weird, “hard-to-believe” things?

 Well, I am no special being.

I am a regular person like you, but I have discovered a secret and gotten some results:

Successfully Grown Several Monetized, 100k+ Subs, Viral YouTube Channels

Make EXTRA  6-Figures Monthly From My YouTube Activities

Currently Have OVER 100 YouTube Students and Clients (Across The Globe)

I Have Received Recognition From YouTube and Google.

Invited To Teach & Train By International NGOs Like WHO, UNESCO, UNFPA & IPPF

I was named one of UNESCO’S 7 International “Powerful Influencers” (2020)

Featured By Brands Like First Bank, Diamond Bank, DUFIL PLC (Indomie), The LaCasera Company, etc.

And, all of these from ONLY making simple, “amateurish” videos with my smartphone!

(I will teach you how in a minute)

Now, I am not saying all of these to brag or impress you, but just to inspire you & show you why you should invest your time to listen to me!

Hi, I am Dr. Malik

I am a YouTuber, Digital Marketing Consultant, Influencer, and Founder (VidPride) and A Medical Doctor.

But, please, don’t be impressed by the word “medical doctor” because, these days, financially, it doesn’t mean that much being a “doctor” any longer.


There are many broke doctors these days (especially in these parts of the World)!


I say this, boldly, because, I have been there

I Was A Broke Doctor!

Oh The Shock!

After spending about 7 years in the university...

You know, I thought I had finally “arrived”, & “made it” for life after graduation!

Nothing was farther from the truth.

Trust me: Salary is a good, but it is a kinda “scam”!

It is so deceptive & hypnotic, & gives you some false sense of satisfaction & security

But it is false, fake security!

Having a single source of income is the riskiest way to live.

Doctors were described as being financially “comfortable”, but not any longer in such an economy as ours.

My monthly pay was grossly inadequate for me.

Many mouths to feed.

Many eyes were on my money (well, because of the way people see doctors!)

And few days after pay day, I was already broke & already waiting for the next salary!

It was very difficult to save or invest money

Mehn… that was not the kind of life I bargained for!

Back then, as a single, unmarried man, I knew I couldn’t continue that way.

I can’t marry & bring someone’s daughter into such a restrictive life!

I can’t bring kids into a world where I was living from paycheck to paycheck.

I was tired of “managing” life.

I needed that financial freedom – to be able to get what I wanted, go wherever I wanted, be who I wanted to be, and with whom I wanted.

Simply put:

I DESPERATELY Needed Additional Sources Of Income – Beyond My Salary!

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die!” -- Warren Buffet

You see, when I’m not in the hospital attending to patients, I’m online helping people live healthy by giving them tips & solutions.

One day, after much praying and searching, while taking my bath, a simple strange statement imprinted strongly on my mind!

“Malik, Create Digital Assets!”

This is it!

This is the ONE THING I needed for financial freedom and emotional fulfillment.

And, then, all of a sudden, I discovered 2 things:

Firstly, the concept of creating digital assets as the ONE THING you need for running a sustainable online business is nothing new!

But, why didn’t anybody tell me!

Check all the successful online businesses and personalities, they did this ONE THING:

They created digital assets…they built digital “real estate” that continues to pay them repeatedly, increasingly, predictably, continuously…on auto-pilot!

It is like a constantly-dispensing “ATM machine” or a never-ending money-printing machine.

Secondly, I noticed that, on the internet, one of the most powerful things is: VIDEOS!

It can make you known quickly, globally; & people prefer short videos to reading long, long posts, & articles, and…

I saw how people like Emmanuella (of Mark Angel Comedy) & several others are generating a lot of income & influence from simple YouTube videos.

So, I created a YouTube channel & started posting videos.

Guess what?

I started getting plenty of subscribers, video views, and money…



After some months, I could still count the number of views & subscribers with the fingers of a hand!

And made 0 Naira!

I Struggled With YouTube… And Almost Gave Up!

In fact, a lady friend of mine, took her phone to call me and said: “Malik, forget it, this YouTube thing is not your thing!”

Even though I know that like super-successful people, I should be creating Digital Assets

And, that videos are the one of the most powerful assets you could create…

And, that YouTube is the best platform to easily achieve all of these…

I was struggling.

No Time!

I was too busy to be making videos, regularly and consistently

No knowledge!

I had zero-knowledge & zero-skills in creating an attractive channel or making simple videos that people love…and go viral!

No Gadgets!

All I had was my old smartphone & laptop.

No professional camera or video crew or fancy video background or expensive editing software.

No results!

Few views. Few subscribers. Zero YouTube money.

I was struggling.

I almost gave up…

But, thank God I didn’t!

Instead, I Invested A Lot Of Time & Money

I started searching for ways to easily & quickly make professional videos (with low or no budget), & have a YouTube channel that grows & pays.

I invested over N500,000 on online courses & membership programs from the World’s top YouTube experts to learn everything I could.

And, since my mentors & teachers are foreign, I customized all I learned & created a FORMULA that will work in my country (& with my low budget)

I developed a system & workflow that allows me to easily create simple videos, post them on YouTube, & make plenty of money every single day.

The Secret FORMULA I Created Worked Like Magic!

My subscribers, video views, likes, comments, shares were increasing like wild fire!

After a few months, I got over 90, 000 organic, real YouTube subscribers (& raving fans & dedicated, loyal community)!

And it is increasing every day!

And over 12 million of video views!

And it is increasing every day!

And viral videos with millions of views, thousands of likes, & hundreds of comments!

And it is increasing every day!

Simply by making simple videos with my old Techno phone & 3-year old HP laptop, from my bedroom, in a tiny village in Bauchi (with a very weak 2G network)!

(If you watch the videos, you will cover your eyes & be ashamed on my behalf!

Very low-budget and amateurish!

But, that’s not the main thing

(Views and subscribers don’t pay the bills!)

I Literally Turned My Smartphone Into A Cash-Generating Machine!

I started CONSISTENTLY raking in $500 - $1000 every month from YouTube advertisers alone.

(Aside from the other 4 Monetization Models – I will share with you soon)

Consistentlyevery month…

Multiplied that by promoting other people’s products through affiliate marketing

Brands & businesses, both local & global, were asking, and some literally begging, to pay me to mention their products & services (through sponsorship opportunities)

And, also, I created my own products (eBooks, physical books, online courses, plus coaching and consulting programs) & started driving YouTube traffic to my offers - ABSOLUTELY FREE.

My 5 Monetization Methods Will Simply Generate Extra, Multiple Sources Of Passive Income For You…On Autopilot!

Did you say "passive income" of multiple sources?


 This is because I am doing the ONE THING:

 Creating Digital Assets ONCE– That Goes On To Pay Me OVER & OVER …

 (Even While I Sleep!)

 I do the hard work ONCE, and set the ball rolling…

 Your job can only give you ONE source of income.

 Your business may only be giving you ONE source of income and...

 With the PANDEMIC, profit is already reduced.

 But with my methods, you get 5 sources of income by doing the work just once.

 I call it...

 The SET AND FORGET YouTube Profits Model

 To prove to you that my methods really work...

Here Are Some Big Breaks And “High Points”!

I got recognition from YouTube.

I got featured by giant international organizations.

I got invited to train and speak on international platforms: Dubai, Canada, and Turkey

And all I have done is produce digital assets (videos), consistently, with ONLY my smartphone and laptop using the unique FORMULA I developed.

And I will share everything with you now as you keep reading...

In fact, I Am Not Alone.

There are other regular people who have achieved same or more results:







These people live here, started from zero subscribers, have no special advantage…and they don’t have two heads!

Are you inspired and “gingered”?

Now, let me stop the story here, because…

It is not about me – it’s all about you (and how I can help you achieve the same without wasting time, money, or energy)

In fact, nobody in Nigeria is teaching this stuff or revealing their deep secrets...


Yes, I Want To Help You Achieve Same –And Even MORE!

So, I am boldly giving you all my systems, blueprint, strategy, & workflow.

 I am not afraid of “competition”.

Two reasons:

First, it still requires some level of work to apply these & many people are too lazy & procrastinate too much to implement them!

(But I know you are different.)

Secondly, the market & audience is super-large (with billions of people); & we all are different & unique. I can’t be you; you can’t be me.

So, the ocean is wide enough to accommodate both of us – & as many people as possible.

So, I am super-willing & super-excited to help you!

Now, Let Me Share The Top 3 Secrets Of My FORMULA With You!

Secret #1: MAGNETIZE:

Set Up A Magnetic Channel That Grows!

Tip #1: Brainstorm and Generate Channel Idea and Niche With Great Growth Potentials


>> What is already working? What is popular & trending?

>> What are the gifts, talents, skills, passion, & experience I have?

>> What career or business am I in?

>> What keeps people awake? What are some “hot” needs, concerns, problems, & que

Then, Validate The Idea…


>> Check YouTube: Channels, Subscribers, Likes & Comments

>> Check Nairaland: Categories >Sort posts by views

>> Check other social media: Facebook (especially groups), Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, etc.


Stick With The Big-Three


>> Wealth (and Business): Finance, Money, Investing, Real Estate. Marketing, Advertising, Sales, etc.

>> Health (And Beauty): Food, Diet, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Wellness, Fitness, Strength Training, Productivity, Mental Health, etc.

>> Relationships (and Sex): Love, Dating, Marriage, Divorce, Parenting, etc.


Tip #2: Plan To Achieve A Well-Branded, SEO-Optimized, Fully-Customized Channel.


>> Branding: Descriptive name, 2-3 channel colors, & detailed value-based channel description (+keywords)

>> Make YouTube algorithm constantly promote you by:

>> Using stuff that draws people to your channel and videos, and keep them on YouTube:

>> Channel Assets: Banner, Icon, About, Bumper, Trailer, etc.



Setting up a YouTube channel is one of the simplest things you can do online. YouTube will guide you step by step. You will be done in a few minutes.


I reveal exactly how to do all of the above in a step-by-step manner, so easily


If This 7-year Old Can Do It, YOU CAN TOO!

Secret #2: MESMERIZE:

Learn How To Quickly & Easily Create Simple But Amazing, Value-packed Videos - With High Virality Potentials (HVP)

…Even If You Are Terribly Camera-shy, Naturally Boring, & The Only Gadget You Have Is Your Smartphone!

Create Simple, Valuable Videos That Keep People on YouTube!

Tip #1: Generate Many Interesting Video Topics, & Get Content & Keywords.


>> Check Google & YouTube for interesting topics in your niche – and write out at least 52 topics!

>> Use the Skyscraper Technique to research videos that are already working and make them better!

>> Get keywords: exact words and phrases people use when searching online (Google & YouTube suggestions)

>> Use these words and phrases in your video, thumbnail, title, description, tags, and comments.


Tip #2: Create Simple Videos That Are Keep People Watching!


>> Batch production: Produce a whole month content in one day. (Write a list of 5 videos and shoot them)

>> With good lighting, your smartphone is perfect! If don’t want to show face, record screen (works like magic!)

>> Follow structure of great videos: Hook-Branding-Intro-CTA-Body-CTA (Audience Retention)

>> Use video assets (Reset Attention): Bumper, Like/Subscribe button, Lower thirds, B-rolls, End Screen, etc.




>> Your videos MUST be STRONGLY educating, informing or entertaining. STRONGLY!

>> If you can’t make at least 1 video EVERY week (WITHOUT FAIL), leave YouTube.

>> If your Title and Thumbnails are not EXTREMELY MAGNETIC, forget it!

>> After uploading, FILL UP & FILL IN EVERYTHING!

>> After uploading, PROMOTE VIDEO LIKE HELL!!!


You can have a profitable channel WITHOUT professional gadgets and WITHOUT showing your face!


I reveal exactly how to do all of the above in a step-by-step manner, so easily.


If CGP Grey Can Have 4.36M Subs Without EVER Showing His Face, YOU CAN TOO!

Secret #3: MONETIZE:

Learn How To Quickly & Easily Turn Your “Ordinary” YouTube Channel Into A Brand-building, Money-vomiting “ATM” Machine (Using The 5 Ultimate Monetization Models)


…Even If You Have A Brand-New Channel With Less Than 100 Subscribers!


Tip#1: Always Remember The Truths About YouTube Monetization!


>> Give, give, and give…, before asking.

>> Focus on giving and building first, not money.

>> Build a list (collect emails and phone numbers). This is very important: “The money is in the list!”

>> Apart from making money, you can use YouTube for Branding and Traffic

>> Start Here: Affiliate Marketing: Promote & Sell other people’s products/services and get commissions!


Tip #2: Use The 5 Basic Monetization Models!


>> YouTube AdSense

>> Create and Sell Products/Services

>> Affiliate Marketing

>> Brand deals and sponsorships

>> Fan funding and support


Do You Want To Join The Millions For People Making Sustainable Income From YouTube?

So, I Used 4 Simple But Powerful Steps:

Step 1I used my phone and laptop to create simple but professional videos on “Hot Topics”

Step 2I optimized my channel and videos in a way that the videos will achieve popularity and virality.

Step 3: I monetized my channel and videos using 5 different monetization models.

Step 4: Well, I wake up each morning to see alerts!

Now, I Know What You Are Thinking…

These things & steps are too many

I don't even understand some of these steps

These things are too technical & I don't know all these computer things

I don't have the time to do all of these

Where do I start from?”

How do I do these things? I need more details and steps

Don't Worry! I am still here…

I Am Still Willing To Help You!

I am willing to give you all the details of how to do each & every step we just listed above…

In fact, with step-by-step, take-me-by-the-hands video tutorials,

I’ll not only tell you, but also SHOW you – you will watch me do them, & be able to follow me step-by-step.

Before you know it, you have set up a channel that is growing fast & bringing in LOTS of cash!

So, if you enjoyed this overview so far, & need my help in putting it into practice, you will LOVE my comprehensive "all-revealing" Video Course…

Introducing... YouTube Profits Blueprint

It is a detailed, step-by-step guide giving you EVERYTHING you need to go from zero-knowledge & zero-skills TO building a popular & profitable YouTube channel...




It is an online masterclass consisting of:






>>Downloadable materials


>>Animations/video clips


And, most importantly, my ONE-ON-ONE SUPPORT & a dedicated community of fellow YouTubers (& alumni of this program)

Who Is This Course For?

>>Anyone with a message/talent/skill to share

>>Creatives and visionaries

>>Digital Marketers & SM Influencers

>>Experts, Trainers, speakers, Course owners, Authors, Coaches, and Consultants

>>Musicians, Spoken word artistes, poets…

>>Entrepreneurs, SMEs, & start ups

>>Business owners, big companies & Government agencies

>>Churches, pastors, ministers, and NGOs

>>And Anyone who wants to build Passive Income streams which is NOT affected by any pandemic, lockdown, curfews, inflations, public holidays or strikes. 

In fact, getting your copy of this “YouTube 5-Income Machine Training” will be one of the BEST decisions you would be making for yourself and your family FOR LIFE!

Guided by the solid secret blueprint I created...

This Is What You Will Be Learning…


  • How to Generate Channel Ideas and Niches with Great Growth Potentials
  • Top 25 YouTube Niches with Highest CPM And Growth Potentials
  • How to Achieve an Attractive, Effective, And Well-Branded Channel.
  • DEMO: How to Achieve an Attractive, Effective, And Well-Branded Channel
  • All the Moving Parts and Must-Have Components for The Perfect YouTube Channel
  • All the Moving Parts and Must-Have Components for The Perfect YouTube Channel
  • How to Design Thumb-Stopping, High-CTR YouTube Thumbnails with Canva!
  • DEMO: Step-By-Step Beginner-Friendly Guide to Setting A Fully Optimized Well-Customized Channel
  • DEMO: Step-By-Step Beginner-Friendly Guide to Setting A Fully Optimized Well-Customized Channel



  • How to Generate Powerful Ideas for Simple Videos with High Virality Potential
  • How to Do Simple Keyword Research to Uncover Powerful Search Phrases That Will Rank Your Videos Like Crazy!
  • Employing the Little-Known "Skyscraper Technique" To Model Winning Videos and Dominate Our Niche
  • DEMO: Employing the Little-Known "Skyscraper Technique" To Model Winning Videos and Dominate Our Niche
  • Simple Ways to Research, Swipe, And Model Content for Your Video Ideas
  • Simple Scripting Methods and The Ultimate Video Structure for Ground-Breaking Videos



  • How to Create Simple Videos with High Virality Potential (And 10 Videos Types + Our Top Recommendations)
  • DEMO: How to Quickly Make Simple Effective Videos Without Showing Your Face
  • How to Quickly Make Professional and Effective Videos Using Only Your Smartphone
  • DEMO: How to Quickly Make Professional and Effective Videos Using Only Your Smartphone
  • Understanding the Power of Screencasting - And Some Powerful Software
  • How to Quickly Create Screencasting Slides and Easily Record Your Screen
  • Basic Beginner-Friendly Video Editing Process That You Need to Know and Use
  • DEMO: How to Edit Your Screen-Recording Videos -- And A Sample to Guide You
  • DEMO: How to Edit Your Video with Filmora (As A Sample PAID Editing Software)
  • Why DaVinci Resolve Is Unarguably the Best Free Video Editing Software-- And How to Get It for Free
  • DEMO: How to Edit Your Video with DaVinci Resolve (As A Sample FREE Editing Software)
  • How to Quickly Edit Your Videos Using Only Your Smartphone (And Phone Editing Software)



  • Ultimate Upload Check-List You MUST Follow to Drastically Boost Discoverability and Ranking
  • DEMO: Step-By-Step, Beginner-Friendly Guide to Uploading Your Video Using the Ultimate Upload Checklist 



  • INTRO: How to Quickly and Ethically Generate Views, Subscribers, Leads, Revenue -- And Grow A Vibrant YouTube Community
  • GROWTH SECRETS: How to Quickly and Ethically Generate Views, Subscribers, Leads, Revenue!
  • How to Quickly and Easily Rank YouTube Videos (7 NEW Strategies)



  • How to Ethically Turn Your YouTube Channel into A Cash-Generating, Brand-Building, Business-Growing Machine - FAST!
  • Top 5 Money-Generation Models That You Must Know and Use!
  • DEMO: How I Personally Use the Top 5 Money-Generation Models.
  • How to Make Consistent Income from Your Channel Using Affiliate Marketing

And, we will keep adding MORE valuable stuff and updating this course as we uncover new tips and tactics, and as YouTube evolves and changes her platform, features, and algorithm.


Don’t have expensive camera or gadgets?


Don’t worry!


We will show you exactly how super-YouTubers do all of this with just their smartphones!


Camera-shy or don’t want to “put yourself out there”?


Don’t worry!


We will show you exactly how super-youtubers do all of this without ever  showing their faces!


Again, that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

In Summary, Here’s What You Are Getting:

>> The Full Course: Over 20 detailed video tutorials so you can easily & quickly set up a popular & profitable Channel (Worth N200, 000)

Never done videos before, and don’t know how any of these works?

Don’t worry!

I will not just give you theories & “head knowledge” …

You Will Watch Over My Shoulders In The Practical Sessions

Here, we will “do” what we “learn” practically, so you can do it alongside or whenever you are ready to start your YouTube channel.

So, if you want, not mere theories (that anyone can get online) but step-by-step video guides, then you need our DEMO sessions

>> The DEMO Sessions: Over 10 in-depth practical video sessions so you can know exactly WHAT to do (Worth N100, 000)

Wondering what to say in videos, what to write in your channel, and where to get help?

Don’t worry!

We included downloadable scripts (like video scripts), cheat sheets, blueprints, check lists, and a robust resources section!

You Are Covered!

>> The Downloadables:  Over 10 PDF cheat sheets, scripts, & checklists so you can get things done FAST! (Worth N100, 000)

Do you easily get overwhelmed and confused when given too much information?

Don’t worry!

When you are ready to start implementing, The Implementation Roadmap is a step-by-step guide that tells you where to start, and what to do next, and next, and next…

(Shhh…it’s so valuable, I will sell this separately)

>> The Implementation Roadmap: Step-by-step guide so you know where to start and what to do next! (Worth N100, 000)

Maybe you are like me: I don’t know how to design things, do graphics, or create animations!

Don’t Worry!

We have included a 125-item, complete branding pack professionally designed animated like buttons & subscribe buttons, end screens, YouTube cover, lower thirds, thumbnail backgrounds, etc.

>> The Branding Pack: Over 125 Professionally-designed graphics so you simply “Copy and Paste”! (Worth N300, 000)

Scared I will just give you the course and disappear, leaving you all alone, like other coaches?

Naaa…Not me!

When you get this course today, you have a FREE 30-day one-on-one technical and coaching support from me (myself)!

(I am super-busy but I will make out the time just for you)

DISCLAIMER: This FREE 30-day coaching support is only for the first 30 people to get this course!

(I am only human, and if I take in more people, it will reduce the quality of attention I give to you. So, you better hurry and secure your spot.)

>> The Coaching Support: FREE 30-day one-to-one support for the first 30 students (Worth N500, 000)

We are social beings.

You are not alone.

You won’t walk alone.

You will connect, make new friends, and get new “destiny-helpers” and business partners.

Sounds good?

You will be added to a Highly-regulated, Dedicated Private Facebook Community of new and past students for connection and support

(Can anyone ever put a price on that!)

>> The Private Community: Dedicated Facebook group for connection, solutions, and support! (PRICELESS)

...And much more!

Here’s What You Are Getting:

>> The Full Course: Over 20 detailed video tutorials so you can easily & quickly set up a popular & profitable Channel (Worth N200, 000)

>> The DEMO Sessions: Over 10 in-depth practical video sessions so you can know exactly WHAT to do! (Worth N100, 000)

>> The Downloadables: 10 PDF cheat sheets, scripts, & checklists so you can get things done FAST! (Worth N100, 000)

>> The Implementation Roadmap: Step-by-step guide so you know where to start and what to do next! (Worth N100, 000)

>> The Branding Pack: Professionally-designed graphics so you simply “Copy and Paste”! (Worth N300, 000)

>> The Coaching Support: FREE 30-day one-on-one support for the first 30 students (Worth N500, 000)

>> The Private Community: Dedicated Facebook group for connection, solutions, and support! (PRICELESS)

TOTAL VALUE: > N1,300,000

Now, If All This Powerful YouTube Profits Training Did Was Just To…

>> Help you easily and quickly set up a YouTube channel that predictably generates extra income, while you share your message and skills with the World…

Would it be worth it?

>> Help you overcome shyness, excessive self-consciousness, procrastination, self-doubt, low self-esteem, and depression…

Would it be worth it?

>> Help you develop monetizable practical and digital skills (and knowledge), and the confidence to magically turn this new skills and passion into profit…

Would it be worth it?

Now, I Want To Do Something EXTRA Special For The First 50 People Who Get This Course…

I Am Adding These 9 Fast-Action, Time-Limited Bonuses…

>> How to Run Facebook Lead Ads: A Complete Tutorial

>> Grow Your YouTube Channel with Google Analytics (For Beginners)

>> How to Connect YouTube Channel with Google AdSense Account!

>> BASIC YouTube Analytics Tutorial FOR BEGINNERS

>> How to Create an Online Course (Step by Step)!

>> How to Create An eBook In Canva - In 10 Minutes (100% FREE)!

>> How to Create And Edit Your Audio Podcast in Audacity (Complete Tutorial)!

>> MailChimp Tutorial - Email Marketing Step by Step for Beginners

>> How to Grow Your Channel By Connecting Your Website To Your YouTube Channel!

Yes, I am giving You These Jaw-Dropping, over N500,000-worth of Resources and Bonuses…

You Are Getting All Of These BONUSES Absolutely FREE!

Now, I know you are saying:

“Wow! I Can’t Wait To Be Among the First 30 People and even the First 50 People to get started, But How Much Is This Training?

"Probably, you have a little “if” & a little “but”!

The TRUTH is: It is dangerous to offer something of extremely high-value to a person without some form of commitment or investment!

It may “kill” the person & “kill” the value of the gift!

You may think you are helping the person –but you may be doing more harm than good.

So, I won’t be asking you to “pay” for these goodies worth over N1, 000, 000.

I am only asking you to “invest” in yourself.

I will give you all of these absolutely free when you show some form of little financial commitment.

It is like a “seed” you will be sowing…a tiny token you are investing…and toast to your future!

So, settled, I am not going to charge you N1, 000,000 or even N500,000.

I am not even going to ask you to invest N250, 000

No. Not even N100, 000

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If you check the official website, this course goes for N50, 000, but

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>> The Downloadables: 10 PDF cheat sheets, scripts, & checklists so you can get things done FAST! (Worth N100, 000)

>> The Implementation Roadmap: Step-by-step guide so you know where to start and what to do next! (Worth N100, 000)

>> The Branding Pack: Professionally-designed graphics so you simply “Copy and Paste”! (Worth N30, 000)

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Frequently Asked Questions

 “What if I start YouTube without this course?”

Starting YouTube without a proven-to-work, battle-tested course made by a successful YouTuber with many viral videos and subscribers is the equivalent to going to war without any weapons, a team, a map, any form of training and completely clueless - you're GUARANTEED to fail.


“Why isn't this course free?”

Our growth strategies work because not a lot of people know about them. We'd like to keep this group as small as possible to give each student the required attention and to keep our strategies exclusive to make sure they continue to get our students results. By willing to invest in yourself and your future you're showing your dedication, seriousness towards becoming a successful YouTuber.


"I don't want to reveal my real name or show my face online."

On YouTube, you can share as much OR as little as you want about your personal life.

I personally know several YouTubers who have very successful channels. Yet, they have never revealed their real names on their channels and never showed their face.


"Is it too late to start on YouTube?"

Even when I got started few years ago, people who just love excuses and to procrastinate said it was too late. But, no, it is NOT. Right now, reliable statistics say that we’re not even close to the maximum potential of YouTube. If you’re smart, you want to get in now.


"I’m really busy with work right now. How do I find time to start a YouTube channel? "

If you’re making simple videos, you really don’t need to have too much time to start this. It’s just so fast and easy especially after you’ve started to get a hang of things.


"Are you promising I am going to get rich and famous because of this course?"

No. Absolutely not. For you to do well on YouTube, chances are you will need to put in work. A lot of work - especially at the beginning. But as you do it, the more and more easy it gets.


"Can I make money now from YouTube or is it a long-term play?"

Like everything, results will vary. Some people will be able to do very well in a short period of time. However, most people will need months perhaps even years. If you’re not ready to put in some work and be coachable, then this journey may not be for you.


Thanks for taking the time to read this and I will see you on the inside!


To more income, impact, and Influence,


Dr. Malik

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Disclaimer: The sales figures shown are my personal sales figures. Please understand I’m not guaranteeing you’ll have same results. I have worked hard on this for some years. Your results will vary & depend on many factors including your background, experience, & work ethic. All businesses entail offering massive value & consistent action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET THIS COURSE.


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