This is a Brand New A-Z Guide on how you can create and edit videos as a professional with only your smartphone


I'm sure you've learnt alot from that video right? Well, here is another video I created with my smartphone for Eko Hotels and Suites

Since 2019, I've had the desire to learn video editing and Graphics design but probably just like you, I used to think I need a Laptop to do all the video editing magic I saw. 

I never knew I could do them with my phone.

Although, I couldn't really learn video editing that year, I switched to doing graphics design with my brother's phone.

I was still not satisfied with just graphics design, and that was part of what led to me cracking the code to editing videos with my smartphone

 Most people still believe they can't edit videos to professional standards with just their phones, I hope you're not among that gang again if you've watched that video because you should have seen me doing it live and direct there.


Let me show you 3 Major Mind-blowing Benefits you'll get when you know how to edit videos (even with your smartphone)


As an online entrepreneur/affiliate marketer/content creator/ someone who sells products online (whether physical products or digital products)

you can confidently create video contents which can draw insane traffic to your products (due to the process video content you put out there)

Infact, here is the testimony I got from an affiliate marketer that posted one of my video content I created explaining the product he was promoting.

He made his first sale because of that simple but Professional 1minute video content

Even research has shown that over 92% of shoppers say that Visuals (video contents) are the most influential factor that determine their purchasing decision.


But how can you create those kind of professional and quality contents that will put you on top of the list in your niche thereby bringing in more sales?

There are 2 basic ways:

‌Pay a professional video editor to help you create and edit your videos for you. As at the time of writing this, some of the people I know charge minimum N30,000 to create a 30 seconds promotional video.

Let me ask you a question, imagine you want to create 3 promotional videos? That'll be about N90,000

Another question is, do you have that to set aside for video editing? I understand that as a solopreneur or newbie online entrepreneur that you are, it may be difficult for you to pay even N50k for a video ad talk more of N90k.

How about if you learn how to do it yourself?

‌You can learn how to do it now with just your smartphone and you'll save yourself a lot of money.


Research shows that video contents are engaged more than other form of contents online (up to 12X).

You can drive insane traffic (both organic & paid) using video contents. See the screenshot I took from Google


Also, irrespective of what you do now, you can still make a lot of money editing videos for those business who needs video editors (e.g, real estate companies, hotels, YouTubers etc)

Even while you're still doing your current business, you can still make 6 -7 figures from video editing.

Here is a screenshot where one of my student was telling me about a guy that charges about N80,000 for just a 15 seconds video and N100,000 for a 30 seconds video.

See ehh, learning video editing skill is one of the best thing that can happen to you. You may think you don't need it now, but when the time comes, you'll wish you learnt it now.

Hold on... Watch this video ad I created for MTN MoMo

See ehh, if it was an official deal with them, I'd have charged nothing less than N500k and they'd have paid easily because they understand the millions that short video will generate for them.

Meanwhile, see some of the reactions I got when I posted it

When it comes to video editing, here are some truths that you may not know or that you may be shying away from are:

  • Every business so long you're online needs professional videos to tell their brand story. Even that your business.
  • As an affiliate marketer, content creator, e-commerce business owner etc you need them if you really want to stand out from the crowd.
  •  Another truth is that, there is need for professional video editors. I'm not saying video editors, rather I'm saying  professional video editors. You'll only make the BIG MONEY from video editing if you're good at it.

Sad enough, to learn from some of these professionals, you may have to pay at least N50,000 or even N100,000 as the case may be

The day I posted one of the first video advert I created with my smartphone on WhatsApp and Facebook, I began to get a lot of messages from people. Messages like, "what app did you use?", "How did you do it with your smartphone?", "I want to learn please" and many more filled my phone.

This led to the reason why I came up with my friend (who is also an expert when it comes to smartphone video editing) and decided to put out this program called The New Smartphone Video Editing Boss Program  so that you don't can easily learn the secrets behind video editing.


  • The SVB Program is a complete new program which will guide you step by step on how to become a BOSS when it comes to video editing.
  •  In the SVB PROGRAM, you'll learn the newest step by step approach on how you can create and edit quality, professional and attention grabbing videos with only your smartphone.

This program is created specifically for:

  •  Affiliate marketers who want promote their products and make sales effortlessly through creative videos
  • Physical product sellers who want to showcase their products professionally using quality video creatives to close more sales
  • Those who sell any kind of product online (physical or digital products)
  • Those who sell real estate and definitely want to showcase their real estate with high converting video adverts.
  • And finally for students, workers or anyone who wants to learn a skill and make massive money with it.

In This Program, You Will Be Getting 3 Very Important Packages. Only Few Online Programs Give These Packages You'll Be Getting:


You're not paying any monthly subscription fee or something. It's a one-time access


Even after getting the self explanatory course, we'll still mentor you in our community for Free. We'll also help you review your videos so that you'll always get the best quality video.


This is one thing we've gotten from all our students. The course is self explanatory to the core, and incase you need help at any point, you have a mentorship group to gain all the support you need


As time goes on, we'll always update the course to ensure that our students gets the best results. You'll not be paying for any update that is being made. You'll get any further additional resources for Free.

  • How to Use the Secrets Tools & Apps we use for Editing our videos.

    In life, there are secrets and I'll boldly tell you that there are some apps that some other video editors do not know about and this can keep you at the top of the video editing game.

    We'll show you those tools and also show you how you can use them easily.

  • How to shoot videos with your smartphone
  • How to Change background of your videos

Is that all? NO!

You'll also be getting 4 Amazing BONUS that most people won't give you for FREE



How to design flyers with your smartphone (worth N10,000)

This is a separate training you'll be getting as a Bonus. We added this so that you don't have to spend money in for design again. Meanwhile, all the beautiful flyers you see online, you learn the secrets behind designing them.


How to design Book Covers with your smartphone (worth N10,000)

While trying to give only the first Bonus (How to design a flyer with your smartphone), a thought  came to my mind, what if the person who buys this course want to design a book cover?   We'll, that's why we added this bonus so that you can save that money


Free Access to all the Apps I use both for Video Editing and Graphics Design


Free Access to the Support/Review community

Click the button below to get instant access with a one-time fee of only N15,000 instead of the normal N20,000 Take advantage of this 15,000 discount price now!!!

What are people saying about our 'video ads & the course'?

One of the popular Facebook influencers, Mr Emeka Nobis (The Don) commended one of my video ad that I created

In the Smartphone video editing training, you'll learn how to create videos like this

See, however you look at it, you should know that this training is underpriced but if you miss it now that it's still at that discount price, you'll either end up paying for it at N20,000 or you'll continue to pay graphics designers and video editors money to do the work for you.

Which one will you go with?👇

• Sign up for this training now and learn the skill and even learn how to make money from it


• Overlook it and pay N5,000 every time for your designs or pay a video editor minimum N20k for a video advert?

By the time you host 2 different online classes, you should have spent N10k on flyer only. But the time you want to create an ebook lead magnet, you'll spent about N7,000 for book cover design.

That's about N17,000 And that's not the end because you'll keep on holding other classes, creating more lead magnets. Well, I believe you know how to weigh options right? Which option are you going for?

meet The Tutors

Morris Akpebe // Co-Creator

Started developing interest in graphics design and video editing since 2019 but I didn't see the break light of it. Not until last year I was still struggling with it.

It amazes me how in less than a year of taking video editing seriously, I've been able to come this far.

Well, if I could learn and become a professional video creator and editor in less than a year of picking it really serious, it means you can do same. And that is what I'll be showing amongst many other things in this program.

Ebenezer Adio // Co-Creator 

Ebenezer Adio has been in the online space for couple of years now as a video ads creator helping brands to attract the right audience using Videos that are unique to the brand need.

With the knowledge he have gathered on how to create unique video Adverts with just his Smartphone, he believes many other can benefit from it as he will teaching you also in the course of this program 

He believes his teaching will cause a revolution in the advertisement industry and to make this happen, we'll love you to hop in.

When I first shared that Ebenezer was going to be one of the tutors for this program, see the comments I got from my WhatsApp status viewers.

Not just that, our 2nd tutor in this program has held other Smartphone Video Editing Training before and this is what some of his students are saying

here is the course overview:

In this clip, we'll cover the course content and breakdown so that you can see which topics we cover and what examples and bonuses are included.


  • Introduction to Video Editing
  • Understanding the basic principles of video editing
  • Understanding how fonts affect your videos and how to select the right ones
  • How to use the handwriting and animation tools
  • How to animate texts
  • How to use the pan & zoom tool
  • How to use the clip graphics section
  • How to blend and blur when editing
  • How to choose the right audio when editing
  • How to download free stock images, videos, audios free from copyright
  • How to write a video script that converts
  • How to automatically add subtitles to your videos without typing


  • How to create a podcast background
  • How to create video intros and Outros (Automatic and manual method)
  • How to create a product advert
  • How to create an advert  for a real estate company/ hotel
  • How to create professional B-Roll Videos
  • How to turn a flyer into a high converting video
  • How to clone yourself in a video
  • How to change the background using Green screen effect


  • The best app to screen record your phone
  • How to compress videos without losing the quality


  • How to position yourself as an expert/Authority in the video editing niche
  • How to get better and monetize your skill (Aka, How to make money with your video editing skill)

BONUS 1: (worth N10,000)

  •  How to design flyers with your smartphone (Worth N10,000)

BONUS 2: (worth N10,000)

  • How to design book covers with your smartphone (Worth N10,000)

BONUS 3: (worth N20,000)

  • FREE Access to the PREMIUM Apps I use (worth N20,000)

massive BONUS 4: (worth N150,000)

Free Mentorship/Support Community Until you become a PRO video editor (WORTH N150,000)

And here comes the Biggest Bonus of

 All Time


How to start a Youtube channel and monetize it with just your smartphone (worth N30,000)

Remember, I told you you'll also be learning how you can monetize the skill too right, here is exactly what I mean 👇

Here is a lady who just took this Smartphone Video Editing Boss Program and in less than 3days, she already landed a Video-Editing Gig (paid work) with her smartphone

When she paid for the program👇

This was the next message I received from her on the 18th of September (that's just 2days later) 👇

How would it feel like receiving this kind of messages from Real Estate companies and big brands to create professional videos for them?

That is equivalent to more money entering your bank account with just your smartphone. 

Imagine a training where you'll learn all of these. Maybe this the answer to that your prayer point, who knows? 

Imagine missing this one in a time opportunity and going back to God to ask the same thing when the solution is stirring right in front of you.

This is the most corrosive smartphone video editing training  you'll ever find, and it's almost free. So now that you have the opportunity to get yourself this course, grab it and you will be glad you did.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If after going through this training program, and you applied and followed all that I will instruct you to do in the next 60-90 days but can’t still create and edit videos like a PRO,

Just let me know and I will offer you my sincere apologies for wasting your time and then give you a FULL REFUND.

In other words, I’m returning your money to you if I did everything right and I don’t deliver what I promised you.

Finally, once you click the blue button below to get access and kick off immediately. I can't wait to see you.



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