She Called Me A SCAM because I did Not Reply To Her Messages In Less Than 2 Hours…

Keep reading to discover how this embarrassing incident, helped me find out the ONE SECRET, that made running my business a lot more easier and profitable

So what exactly happened?

3 things come to your mind as you read through the headline;

He might actually be a SCAM…

and I won't be refuting this because I believe my story would do justice to that.

Why exactly didn't he reply to her messages, was he avoiding her?

And finally, why exactly should I be reading this right now? I'll give you a reason for this…

…and it's because beyond getting the full story, you would also find out my SECRET to gaining PREMIUM Freedom in your business.

With that said, let's dive in…

It was another afternoon as I promoted my Affiliate Marketing Workshop for Beginners…

And because I had shown proof that those who had been working with me had results…

She had been convinced to also join the workshop

 Unfortunately, at the point where she sent in the money…I was not online

{I had gone to purchase stuff from the market to cook as per a manchelor that I am…}

So as she began to message me to give her access to the workshop…I couldn't reply to her immediately

And after almost 2 hours, she had agreed with herself that I had just scammed her…

And it was that point…all hell broke loose.

After coming back online to see her rant in my DM…I was at first shocked

But later a tad bit annoyed (not at her) because I could understand where she was coming from…

But at the fact that my not being online had to stop my work, as if I were still working as a 9-5er physically…

This situation spurred me to work on finding out how others I respected were able to do their work online and still have a wonderful life offline…

And build an almost 24/7 running business that would not affect relationship with;

  • My family
  • My babe 
  • My daily affairs

And didn't need my attention at all times…

So after the back and forth and a whole lot of test running…

I found the PREMIUM SECRET…to build an online business that doesn't affect my offline life and still gives me the FREEDOM I desire.

And in less than 180 seconds I would be sharing this secret with you…

Dear Friend,

Since you are here,  you are either 

  • A Business Owner
  • An Affiliate Marketer
  •  A Course Creator
  • A Physical Product seller who sells online
  •  or you hope to be one of the aforementioned 

None of these?

you probably stumbled on the wrong page!

 If you are, I’ve got a quick question for you….

What does an online business mean to you?

Does it mean being on your PC 12 hours everyday?


Being able to live life on your own terms. By putting every part of it on auto plug and play?

I know. People have different ideas.

Totally get that!

But for me, running an online business means

  • Being able to work only when I want to
  • Travelling to see my mum & siblings when I want to
  • Going on dates, when I feel like it
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Going on a vacation whenever I want

And doing all these things without your business stopping for even a sec

Besides, who in the world likes stress?

Why should you have to work 14 hours a day. 7 days a week when you could still earn the same or more working lesser time

You see, running a business can be easy…


You want it to be. 

How You Asked?

By simply building a  system that can let your business run without you after setting it up!

Just imagine this…

You magically stumble upon a system that lets you work only 2 hours per day! That’s just about 14 hours/week But… if like me, you don’t work on Sunday, That would mean you are on the grind for only 12 hours/week!

Means you would have 156 hours of time freed up every single week!

What Would You Do With That Kind Of Free Time?

  • Read books?
  • Hang out with friends?
  • Attend seminars?
  • Go on road trips?
  • Work out more?
  • Just run your mind around the possible adventure!

Free time that gives you the chance to do fun things that actually matter to you!

while receiving credit alerts round the clock!

That's what I call a lifestyle of FREEDOM’

Yes, you know it…

You know there’s so much more to be done… More money to be made, More lives to be touched…


"If you don't want to work like a slave...

 You must make systems your slave"

And whatever system that would crack the code has to be one that…

  1. 1
    Brings fresh leads to your pipeline (non-stop)
  2. 2
    Befriends the leads
  3. 3
    Follows up on them
  4. 4
    Answers questions on auto
  5. 5
    Gets the bags in (without fail!)

That's why I am, Introducing

A Brand New Training that reveals: the simple plug and play method that turns your business into an auto cash machine and a business you love

A Course/community dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of Sales Automation, as well as the tools, systems, and strategies required to automate your business. 

For anyone who wants to build a marketing system that will teach their business to run itself, make more money by not being actively involved in their business, or get more leads and convert them into raging fans and loyal customers in 10 days or less.

But Beyond that,

The Sales Automation Academy Is a revolution of smart business owners like you… who have had enough of

  • Working round the clock
  • Having no time for family
  • Having no time for themselves


I am Festus Ogonegbu…

I am a sales funnel expert   

Let’s cut the long talk!

One thing you must know?


What Industry Experts Say

Esther Odemwingie

Founder, Smilepreneur

I could remember when I knew nothing about Email Marketing not until April 2021 when I met Festus Ogonegbu.

Not only did he enlighten me about the advantages of having an email list as an online entrepreneur,

He also took it upon himself to handle all the backend and Techy part of the list for me.

Everything was seamless as revenues were been generated from his handling of my email marketing.

Looking for an Email marketer or sales Funnel expert, don't look further.

No jokes, Festus Ogonegbu is your go-to person.

Kenny Nwokoye

Founder, ZTHA

Festus mapped and designed a sales funnel for me,  that has generated over $10,000 for my students and I

Louis Akwaeze

Co-founder, Ifeadigo Publishing Company

Festus did our whole email list setup for us at Ifeadigo Publishing Company Limited. The whole thing was handled by him and we have zero complain about anything. From the free lead magnet page, to the thank you page, to the email sequence automation and he even taught me how to send emails to our list.

Festus is that good. He under promises and over delivers.

Miracle Ndikom

Online business coach

"looking for someone excellent in his skills, it is Festus, he is excellent when it comes to creating sales funnel, website design and email marketing, he is definitely your go to expert if you want to do any of this. I will recommend him anytime because he has worked with me and did an excellent job"

Ada Billions

Online business coach

Our sales automation master!

From his impressive email marketing skills to fully automating sales processes...

I recommend Festus for his professional and result proven services.

Illesanmi Iyanuoluwa

COntent Grandmaster

From email marketing to funnel building and everything in between.

Festus is your best bet.

If you want to automate at least consistent 7 figures in your business. Then go meet Festus.

How did I know? He's done it over and over again.

I've watched him do it many times and he's capable.

I've also worked with him.. He's given me a strategy that landed me 5 figures 10 minutes after the strategy call.

Man's good. No cap.

Fortune Nnamdi

CEO Ventus/Gigantic sales

In today's world, email marketing cannot be neglected and should be used by all.

Unfortunately, most people don't know how to go about it, this is what Festus has decided to teach you.

I have seen him produce results both for me and our sales company (VENTUS). Festus is the go-to-guy for email marketing.

I wish you good luck

Nathanael Disu

Host Retire young and rich bootcamp

I got to know about Festus in 2021, and ever since then he has been one of my closest friends

One of the things I love most about him is his dedication to his craft and how he makes complex things really easy

I got to understand more about Email Marketing and Sales Automation from him

If there's some you'll really love to work with when it comes to Email Marketing and also helping you to Automate your sales process, I can assure you that Festus is your go-to guy

He has my full vote of confidence and recommendation

Work with him and you'll be glad you did

Maryann Abonyi

Email Copywriter

Aside the usual questions I storm his inbox with on a daily,

...I've had the chance to work with Festus many times. To say the least, he's a wiz when it comes to everything automations.

Think email, funnels, and everything there is to it.

He's that good.


I’m that fisherman who can show you how to catch fish….

Because, I’ve helped people catch fish…

And… I’ve shown even more persons how to catch fish!

Here’s a snippet of what you’d learn in the Academy:










The Sales Automation Academy's Curriculum:

Designing Funnels

  • Funnel Design Theories
  • Funnel Design Process
  • Mastering design hierarchy
  • My exact building process
  • A/B split-testing

Value: $500

Building a Website

  • Buying Domains
  • DNS Settings
  • Web Hosting 101
  • Installing a WordPress Site
  • Installing a WordPress Themes and Plugins
  • Resolving all WordPress errors 

Value: $300

Email Marketing

  • Using ESPs
  • Audience and Lists building
  • Your First Automated Email
  • Embedding Forms
  • How to Test the System
  • Multi Email Automation
  • Thank You Page Redirections

Value: $500

Media Buying

  • Setting up FB Business Manager
  • Setting up a Tracking Pixel
  • Using Custom Conversions
  • Defining Target Audiences
  • Google ads

Value: $500

Offer Creation

  • Steps to creating an offer
  • The act of selling transformation
  • The best funnel for every offer

Value: $200

Conversion Optimization

  • How to Optimize for Optins
  • How to Optimize for Email Open
  • How to Optimize for Email Clicks
  • How to Optimize for Purchases

Value: $500

This Is Just To Help You Run Your Business with so much ease!

I have helped over 58 businesses plus mine set our businesses on autopilot and when it comes to business freedom, I know what works

Plus this will save you a lot of money, time and resources that you can use to focus on driving all the traffic and to help you make all the sales you need in your business on autopilot.

Here's the crazy part...

I really want to make it a no brainer for you, and also ensure I get it into the hands of as many businesses as I can which is why I am willing to give you access to these whole thing for


That's Right!

I'm literally giving you Full ACCESS to all this for a one-time payment of ₦20,000

To save time on generating resource, You will get access to my go-to sites for inspirations, Illustrations, Icons, colors and all other sites you need to succeed

With this, you’ll be getting access to

Q&A and Monthly Strategy Sessions

One thing I have learnt from experience is most strategies works for a certain period and then stops overtime until they are fine turned

This sessions will focus solely on executing and improving upon the current strategy this is to help improve and make sure the community bonds

Lifetime access to autopilot hackers' Community

When we have a like-minded community, we know they will support us no matter what, but also caution us on things we may not have considered.

Having support with no form of judgment is very motivating. They hold us accountable. This is what the community of Autopilot Hackers will help achieve

whatsapp autoresponder hack

You will learn how to set up autoresponder like an application funnel, to help qualify People who comes into your Whatsapp Funnel

tools, trainings, templates and tutorials you need to succeed

To save time on generating resource, You will get access to my go-to sites for inspirations, Illustrations, Icons, colors and all other sites you need to succeed

But We’ve Looked At The Journey Of Many Business Owners And Seen That They Fail For One Big Reason…

There’s usually too much to handle on their own!

And to make life easier…. cos that’s what we’re about

We have decided to do 91% of the work for you!

By adding some…

Life-gets-easier bonuses


You will get FULL ACCESS to Killer copies have been written for you by our in-house copywriters. ranging from opt-in copy templates, landing page copy templates

all you need to do is  fill in the blank and you are on your way to a full blown sales copy


Catchy funnels built for you by yours sincerely. Just import it and you are good to go! By this I mean, Every Single Part Of Your Funnel


We have already-written copy for your ad creative.

Whatever type you want to use…Banner/Flyers Video, Meme.

Put your products in. ALL SET!



Your prospect didn’t fall in love at first sight? Don’t sweat it!

We created Emails and WhatsApp follow-up messages to get them to build a level of trust for you…

And Buy! Steal it, tweak to taste and Off you go!


Did you decide to use your own stuff?

No problem!

You can send them and we will help you look through…

And show you how to make it better!

Time Is Of The Essence....

I'll admit this offer sounds crazy, but I am not crazy enough to give this offer to everyone.

I am doing this for ONLY THE FIRST 100 businesses who will take the offer, and this offer was sent out to our entire database all over social media.

This means that we have over 25 Million+ people who will see this offer and once the slots are gone, they are gone.

If you leave this page hoping to come back and meet it waiting for you, you will be disappointed

Look, I know that this seems like a big, scary step.

Let's be honest, N20,000 isn't a small chunk of money

But let me ask you this question:

Just keeping this money, is it likely that you’re going experience the freedom that setting up an automated sales process can bring?

Probably not.

So, why don’t you and I agree it’s not the money you have on hand... It’s what you do with that money that makes a difference.

It only has value when it’s being used.

Why not put your money to work for you?

Why not invest it in for your business?

In the best case, 10 days from now you’ll have your own business running without you.

Ready To Start Teaching Your Business to Run Itself?

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Take The Sales Automation Academy Offer Today!

  • Bonus #1: FULL COPY TEMPLATE (N50,000 Value)
  • Bonus #2: FUNNEL PAGE TEMPLATE. (N50,000 Value)
  • Bonus #3: COMPLETE ADS COPY TEMPLATE (N50,000 Value)
  • Bonus #5: LIVE FUNNEL REVIEW (N50,000 Value)

Total Value:
[ ₦525,000 ]



If you were to hire someone to do it, each part of these bonuses would cost you no less than 50K…

I had to bring in over 3 copywriters to craft the copy templates alone…


Let’s look beyond price for a moment…

How many hours of sweat & hard work would it have cost you to create each part of this bonus if you had to do them  yourself?

Why so low?

The Mission of the sales automation academy is this…

To make creating sales systems insanely affordable for even startup business owners!

You don’t have forever.

For every 24 hours that passes, we will be taking off bonuses from the list one after the other…

Which of these bonuses waters your tongue the most?

Well, it might be off the list if you wait another 24hours…

This Is Truly A One-Of-A-Kind Offer, So Claim Your Spot Now Before They're All Gone...

Click to play

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is this course exactly and how long can I access the course materials?

You get an access to the course materials. You will finish the course ideally in less than 4 weeks.

How Long before I begin To See Results? 

Results vary from student to student and as with every other result, it is only measured by the component of that metric.

Some see results the day they start implementation. For others, it takes weeks.

What matters most is the level of focus, commitment and consistency anyone puts into their business and the results will definitely follow.

What happens when I don't know how to do something?

If you are confused about any topic simply post a question on the module where your question came to you. Or use the Autopilot Hackers' community.

Is this course "Drip-Fed" or do I get access to everything right away?

You get immediate access to every aspect of the training. You are free to navigate to any module as soon as you enter.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. The sales figures stated on this landing page and discussed in this training are outlier earnings, and are not guaranteed results for everyone. We are not guaranteeing that you’ll duplicate them, or do anything for that matter. Your results will vary depending on your work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT ATTEND THIS TRAINING.


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