Do You Want To Overcome Masturbation And Be In Total Control Of  Your Sexual Urge?

If You Answered Yes To That, Then Read This Message To The End And Allow Me Hand Over To You…

The ULTIMATE GUIDE That Will Show You How To Gain Lifetime Freedom From Masturbation Even If You Have Tried And Failed Multiple Times In The Past

In This Ultimate Guide, I’ll Be Showing You The 100 Years Secrets Of Overcoming Any Addiction And Also What I Did On The 31st Night Of December 2020 That Has Led Me To Living  A Masturbation-Free Life

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

I Am ISRAEL PRINCE, An Online Entrepreneur & Business Coach Who Has Successfully Taught Book Publishing To Several Individuals Across Africa.



A Passionate Being Who’s Committed To Seeing God’s Healing Effectively Communicated To Humanity. Including Healing From Addictions Like Pornography And Masturbation.



Lest I forget, I am also that young man who used to be addicted to porn and masturbation for over a decade but gained my freedom since 2020.

The last book I authored was titled “Understanding The Deadly Effects Of Pornography And Masturbation” which was launched May 14th, 2023, and got 100 downloads the same day with amazing customer reviews afterward. And that includes 5 star reviews.


Not Just that, it also got another 100 downloads on the 17th May, 2023. And the downloads kept coming in.

Below is what Adepeju & Akachukwu has to say 👇🏿


Okay.  Enough about my last book. I still have more testimonials to show you but don’t let me bore you with that, we don’t  have that much time.


So let’s proceed…

I have just written a book titled “Ultimate Deliverance From Masturbation (UDFM)”. I wrote this book with you in mind. 

Masturbation is a cancer that anyone alive should get rid of. Yes, if you don’t get rid of it, it will certainly eat up your life without leaving anything behind. 


Before I show you what I have for you here I’d like to briefly take you through my personal journey on masturbation. How it all started… 

On that fateful day when I saw Auntie Vivian taking a bath outside the compound, I really can’t tell what transpired but all I can remember was that that was the first day I had an erection.


Or let me say that was the first day I knew that my manhood can stand really tall and firm. You needed to see me on that day, OMG 😱.


It was on a Sunday morning somewhere in Abia State, Nigeria when Grandma called me “Chimeremeze“, meaning (God made me a king). That’s the name she calls me to date. Now you know I’ve been royalty from birth, smiles.



As a young lad who went to visit Grandma during holidays, she sent me on an errand to deliver something to Auntie Vivian’s husband on that Sunday morning. It was their weekly contributions actually.


But on getting to Auntie Vivian’s house she was the only one at home and the big part was that when I opened the door to their backyard I saw her taking a bath outside. They lived alone in the flat because it was theirs and they were a newly married couple. Remember it was in the village.



On seeing her naked My whole body reacted. I felt something heavy under my shorts and it was really unusual because that was my first time feeling such a way. Auntie Vivian is a light-complexioned woman, heavily endowed from head to toe.


Ahhhh, she fine scatter. I mean she’s extremely gorgeous. And yes, she’s from Abia State Nigeria. Abia ladies are too beautiful, yeah. Smiles!



My eyes saw things my mouth couldn’t explain. And that became the genesis of my problem. Her image in my head plus other pictures and factors in my head were the tools that fueled my urge to masturbate.


This lasted for years until 2020 that I applied the 100 years secrets of overcoming any addiction on 31st night of December 2020. Want to know the facts? Auntie Vivian’s sexy image that I saw that Sunday morning still lives in my head as I write this to you now only that it is now useless to me because I will never be needing it again till Jesus comes.



I’ve forever waved goodbye to masturbation and that’s exactly what I want to show you how you too can do the same.


I tried as much as possible to brief this story because we don’t have all that time here right now. You will catch the complete version of this story inside this book.

As a matter of fact, this isn’t just a book

What I’m handing over to you is a lifetime solution to masturbation. I am handing over to you the key to your freedom from sexual slavery.


You and I have been redeemed as kings and queens to reign on earth and have dominion over everything God has created including our sexual urges.











We’ve been bought with blood as sons and daughters of the highest God. And when I say sons and daughters of God this includes Christians and Muslims because God is the God of all flesh.


Also, masturbation doesn’t care if you are a Christian or Muslim. It doesn’t care about your age, gender or race. It can creep into anybody’s life subtly with no permission and damage things.


Look, I know everyone is shying away from this topic because of how sensitive it is but I don’t care. I’m damning all the consequences.


It’s high time you became free from this destructive habit/addiction. You deserve to be free.


I am sure you can testify that there have been times when you say to yourself “I will never do this again” but unfortunately few minutes or hours later you are at it again. Do you think that’s normal? No, it is not.

Do you also know what you’re losing each time you masturbate? I guess you don’t.


Have you ever wondered why the urge keeps haunting you even after you’ve made up your mind not to? I guess you don’t too.


Well, the simple reason is because every habit comes with a spirit of influence.

When you’re under that influence, you no longer own yourself. You’re a slave to the demands of that spirit.

And that’s where DELIVERANCE comes in.


Don’t let the word deliverance get you scared.


DELIVERANCE is simply the spiritual mechanism with which a man is separated from a spirit of influence. 


As someone who has battled with this addiction, overcome it, and has been able to retain my victory and freedom since 2020…



Before we take a step further, let me show you what you’ll be getting in this masterpiece:

The 100 years secrets of overcoming any addiction and how I applied it on the 31st night of December 2020 which resulted into me living a masturbation-free life.


If you don’t know and apply this 100 years secrets appropriately, forget about overcoming masturbation.


Here you’ll also get access to the three major pillars of overcoming masturbation. (Page 9).


This is just a tip of the iceberg.




Why you should not fight your body if you truly want to overcome masturbation. The Problem isn’t your body. You’ll find out exactly what to focus on. (Page 20).




How to reprogram your mindset to defeat any addiction. And how to apply the 100 years secrets of overcoming any addiction. (Page 27).



How you can use the power of DECISION MAKING to walk out on the devil and walk into your FREEDOM. (Page 43).




This one here is the GENESIS OF YOUR VICTORY & it will give you the winning power over anything in life. 


How to use the power of DISCIPLINE to retain your FREEDOM from masturbation. Here you’ll learn how to build the kind of self-control that nothing in this world can manipulate. (Page 51).




You’ll learn exactly what to do when the urge to masturbate arises. Many people fall to the temptation of masturbation because they don’t know what to  do when the urge becomes strong. But I’ll hand you the keys of knowing what to do. (Page 55). 




If you have these keys in your hands, you can never be trapped by your sexual urge of the urge to masturbate.

Complete breakdown of 8 sub-pillars of your freedom from masturbation and any addiction. After going  through this section nothing will ever defeat you in life.

You’ll be unstoppable when you read this. (Page 59).




How to seal up everything

I will be teaching you through the power of VOW. Demons respect VOWS. Addictions recognize and tremble at the feet of VOW.


Use this to your advantage and your freedom from masturbation is guaranteed. (Page 84). 




And lots more. There are so many proven, addiction breaking keys in this masterpiece. 


You’ll be transformed and your slavery to this addiction will become a thing of the past when you lay your hands on this masterpiece. 



Click the link below to gain your FREEDOM

You may ask, 

Who has this book helped and how am I sure it will bring me lifetime freedom from masturbation after getting it?

Well, I am assuring you that YOUR FREEDOM IS GUARANTEED.

But I don’t want you to take my word for it… See for yourself what PRECIOUS has to say by applying the techniques & secrets I revealed in this book even before the official release. 


Now I need you to even pay closer attention and see the consistency of precious after putting to work the things I shared with her

PRECIOUS used to struggle with masturbation, but all of that stopped when we met and I told her things to do to gain her freedom.



One of the things was that she started reporting to me every morning. That’s accountability.



She was the first person to order this book from the day I placed it on pre-order.






She believes so much in my teachings and method. It works beyond what words can explain.



By applying the things I shared with her she has gained her freedom from this cancerous habit/addiction called masturbation.

To show you how powerful the methods and techniques I shared with her were, SHE’S WALKING IN FREEDOM TILL DATE

And the best part here is that the things I shared with PRECIOUS is only 28% of the things contained in this book.



Meaning that if she can gain freedom from applying just 28% the things contained in this book, you’ll gain maximum freedom and retain it for life too because you’re getting 100% of everything in this masterpiece.


Click the link below to be free today

Looking at everything in this book with how powerful they’re, you’ll think that’s all I have for you. But no, I have much more to help you maintain and retain that freedom for life.

Here are the powerful and life-transforming bonuses that await you when you get this masterpiece today;



Spiritual Guide For Maintaining Your Daily Victory.


Life is spiritual. Masturbation is a spiritual activity that finds expression through your physical body. This guide guarantees your daily victory.

Worth: 3,150






50 Daily Routines To Control Your Sexual Urge: This Includes a 30-Days, Morning, Afternoon and Evening Routine.


You can control your sexual urge. And the moment you master how to control your Sexual urge and put your mind to positive use, you’ll become unstoppable in life.

This guide will help you achieve that!

Worth N8,710






Recommended Songs To Recondition Your Atmosphere For A Healthy Sexual Life.


If you can build a healthy atmosphere, you’re guaranteed to live a healthy sexual life. Masturbation is atmosphere dependent.

Rather than struggling in a polluted atmosphere, build a healthy one for yourself.

This guide here will show you exactly how to because I did this in order to gain my freedom.


PRECIOUS did this too. And I’m sure you can see that she has cheated Masturbation and is living free today.

Worth: N4,990






Access to my “Consecrated Room Community”. This will help you to be accountable.

Accountability is life.


Accountability is one of the things that helped Precious to be free.


In this community, you’ll have the privilege of talking to me directly. I am available to help you until you can stand on your feet.

Worth 57,990.







Traps That Can Make You Fall Back To Masturbation And How You Can Avoid Them.


Many people fall in and out of this addiction because even after the initial escape, there’s a trap waiting somewhere and if you can’t spot and maneuver this traps, you’ll become a victim.


You’ll fall back to your vomit.

But this guide has outlined those traps and I’ve provided solutions to overcome them.

With this, you’ll live free and fly high like a bird all the days of your life.

Worth: 6,900


“Understanding The Deadly Effects Of Pornography And Masturbation”.

This book here is explosive. Powerful. Transforming.



The reason many people watch porn and masturbation is because they don’t know the dangers involved.


But I’ll show you those dangers in this book.


And I bet you’ll never desire to masturbate again. The urge will die when you see the dangers involved.

Worth: N4,500



The masterpiece itself (UDFM)  is N10,000


Making it a total of N96,240

But I will not allow you to pay that amount. Hell No.


You’re not even paying half of that amount though it would have been a very fair deal.


I want you to spend less but get the best and be free from masturbation for life.

Not only am I presenting a lifetime solution to you, but I also want to make this easy for you.


And for that reason, I’ll let you get this masterpiece for a token so you can live a life free of masturbation.


22,000 would have been a great offer because this masterpiece is transforming.


But I care about you so much; what I’m more interested in is your freedom and victory.


And because of this, I’ll let you get this masterpiece at a ridiculous price of 15,000



The PRICE INCREASES to 15,000 after the countdown ⏰

Access The 100 Years Secrets of Overcoming Addiction


Click the link below to access this masterpiece and gain your victory


I know you’re struggling with Masturbation, I totally understand. It’s not your fault). I blame it on the media. Every day you turn on your phone, pornographic content is thrown your way.



I have someone who once told me that the browser that came with his phone automatically takes him to a porn site regardless of what he wanted to do. And this leads him to masturbate multiple times a day. Sad.

And I know this may be your case too. It’s not your fault.



Or let’s say your case is something different; I understand, it’s not your fault at all no matter what it is.


You’re innocent and so the addiction got a hold on you.


Can you see that? The world we live in is a filthy world. You just have to protect your sanity and destiny at all costs and that’s why I am. That’s what I want to help you do with this masterpiece “ULTIMATE DELIVERANCE FROM MASTURBATION”.

Your Victory Over This Addiction Is Here!


Masturbation will become a thing of the past when you get a copy of this masterpiece today.


You Deserve To Be Free.


Tomorrow might be too late. Make that decision that will change your life forever.


Click the link below to get this masterpiece before the price increases to 15,000 👇.

There's A High Demand for This Book!

Here’s what AKACHUKWU has to say after reading this book in one sitting

Don’t let masturbation eat you up.


Access the 100 Years Secrets of Overcoming Addiction




Overcome masturbation today by clicking the link below 

The price increases to N15,000 after the countdown ⏰

And here’s the best part of the deal.


This book comes with a 30-Days money-back guarantee.


This shows you how sure I’m that you’ll be free after getting this masterpiece.





100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

This means that you can return this book and request your money back IF after buying it, you read it including the hot bonuses alongside it, and doing all that I’ll also be sharing in the community accountability group but still didn’t get results.



And the best part is that I’ll apologize to you and you’ll still keep the book all to yourself.


But you must provide me with evidence that you’ve done all I asked you to but didn’t see the result.

Now we're going to be having the final call

And I need you to do this before the countdown is over because the price increases after the countdown.

To be forever free from Masturbation, click the link below 👇

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If you don’t quit you’ll lose your authority in the bedroom. But when you quit, the healing process and adjustment are usually rapid. Meaning you’ll have sex with a lady like a normal man should, exerting your manpower the proper way.

Yes. When you masturbate, you are creating a sexual pattern that only masturbation can satisfy.  But your healing is guaranteed the moment you choose to quit the habit.

It becomes an addiction the moment you can’t do without it. It becomes an addiction when you can’t control it or the urge to indulge in it.

I’m sure you already know the answer and the truth. But in case you’re not sure, the answer is YES.

Basically, it’s not masturbation as an act that draws you far from God but the effect it creates.

Masturbation comes with guilt, shame, and a sense of unworthiness which drives you far from God. But the good news is that God is ever willing to forgive you, help and heal you. Connect with Him today.

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