This guy makes at least $2,000 per month from Twitter by writing tweets for just one hour daily.

And now he wants to show you...

How To Make Thousands Of Dollars Every Month From Twitter - And You Don't Even Need A Large Twitter Account Or Even Thousands Of Followers Or Any Startup Capital Either

In 2020 I was paying my Twitter ghostwriter 60k/month to tweet for me.

I know that's not a lot of money of course.

Especially compared to guys like this...

Like this...

Or like this...

But at the time I didn't even know Twitter Ghostwriting was even a thing.

For me I needed to grow my Twitter account.

But I didn't have a lot of time.

Twitter is addictive.

It takes a lot of your time and I'm a super busy person.

Plus, I hadn't been using Twitter for a while.

So I was still struggling to understand how the platform worked perfectly.

But the idea was simple:
He would craft tweets, post them on a Google Doc, I'll approve them and he would post them.

Well, as at the time I decided to start managing the account completely by myself, my account had grown to around 20,000 followers.

It's close to 140,000 now.

That's impressive, I know.

But hold on...

When we created our official Expertnaire account, we didn't have a lot of followers.

Less than 1,000 I think.

Even though we already had thousands of affiliates on our platform.

And that was because the tweeting style was too formal and boring.

At the time we were trying to open up Twitter as a new marketing channel to expand our efforts.

But it wasn't really working.

Well, I woke up one evening in March 2021 to hundreds of notifications.

Everyone was asking "Who is this Expertnaire Twitter admin?"

Our Mr. Ghostwriter had gone beast mode.

When I asked him what changed, he said he decided to flip the script.

As at the time of writing this on the 16th of May 2022, we have 71,000 followers on our Twitter account.

From less than 1,000 followers to 73,000 and counting.

That's an extra 73,000+ followers.

We're around 90,000 followers now and counting

Close to 3 Million Impressions.

And over 1 Million people have visited our Twitter profile within the last 28 days ALONE.

Here's our engagement numbers from April:

Here's our numbers from March:

In February 2022, we were getting 1,000 new followers on average daily.

We had more signups on Expertnaire than we had ever had in the months before.

We were getting up to 50 - 100 DMs and enquiries every single day.

And that's because of two things Mr Ghostwriter, myself and a couple of guys who've been cashing out thousands of dollars every month from Twitter know:

1. There are many wealthy and influential people, brands, individuals, businesses and even celebrities who want to grow their Twitter accounts.

But they either don't have time to do it.

Or they don't know how to use Twitter effectively.

Or they just don’t want to be doing the work of tweeting every day.

Many of these individuals and brands are looking to expand their marketing efforts by using Twitter as a channel.

Some are looking to increase their revenue, sales and profits.

Some are also looking for more followers.

But it's not just about gaining followers or becoming a large account.

Which leads me to number 2 and the main reason why you're here.

They want high engagement tweets.

Most of the people you're going to be working with already understand that building a strong online presence will turn into a solid network for them.

And this is guaranteed to bring in millions for them regularly.

But this isn't something they can do by themselves.

They don't even know how to.

So instead they'd prefer someone else to take care of their account on a daily basis and just give them feedback instead.

For a fee.

Yes, they'd be willing to pay you well too.

A fee as much as $1,000...$2,0000...

Even $5,000 - $10,000 dollars every month.

Yes, that's how much they'll be willing to pay you.

And it won't even be costing you so much time to come up with these tweets.

According to Mr. Ghostwriter, he spent roughly 1 hour every day coming up with at least 20 tweets.

Some days more than 20 tweets in less time.

Now that's roughly 3 minutes for a single tweet.

He says sometimes he doesn't even do any kind of research before tweeting - the ideas just pop up in his head.

I'll show you how he does that as you read on.

But for now let's pull out your calculator.

Say one client is paying you $1,000 per month to write tweets for them.

Here’s what that means in money:
If you're writing 20 tweets per day for $1,000 per month, it will “cost” you just 1 hour daily.

That's a cool 600,000 Naira per month for one hour of work daily.

But some of these clients don't even need up to 20 tweets.

Some of them need just between 3-5 tweets daily.

If you can churn out 20 tweets in 1 hour, you can come up with 5 powerful high engagement tweets in 15 minutes.

5 Tweets per day - for 30 days - a total of 150 tweets will cost you less than 8 hours in a month.

Read that again...

Just 8 hours in a month coming up with tweets that will make you between 600,000 to 1.2 Million Naira per month.

Life changing money, I know.

And I'll show you how to come up with these kind of high value high engagement tweets.

Just keep reading.

Now if you get 10 clients?

That’s $10,000 - $20,000 a month.

In easier terms, 6 to 12 Million Naira.

With just your phone or PC and a notepad app.

But you don't even need to get up to 10 clients to make that kind of money.

You can even get one or two brands or businesses to pay you this amount or more.

In March alone, we paid our Twitter Ghostwriter over 2 Million Naira.

And we pay him an average of 1 Million every month.

And you too can be generating these tweets in just 10 hours or less per month.

And be making as much as $10,000 per month.

But this is not where it ends.

This is where it actually starts.

Because with time you’ll get better at Twitter Ghostwriting.

And then you’ll start noticing patterns for coming up with high engagement tweets.

With these patterns you can now build yourself a swipe file of templates.

With this swipe file of templates, you don't need to even come up with new tweets every time.

You simply plug in a template and boom!!!

A high engagement tweet.

And from there you'll be on your way to being a high in demand ghostwriter earning thousands of dollars monthly without having to work too much.

Now, what knowing how to craft these high engagement tweets will do is allow you to do the same work for HALF the time.

Meaning you do the same work..

But in half the time.

Sounds good, yeah?

But it gets even better.

Because then you can do one more thing:

You can raise your prices.

Instead of charging $1,000 per month.

You’ll be able to charge $2,000, $3,000, $5,000 plus per month.

Now you'll be making more money from doing the same work.

But for less than half the time.

But there's even more benefits.

You can then decide to start your own digital agency.

Pick other writers, train them with your swipe file of templates.

And then pay them $1,000 or $2,000 per month or whatever you feel like.

And then you keep the rest.

Imagine having a team of 20 ghostwriters bringing in $2,000 - $5,000 each monthly for you.

While you just sit back, send an invoice to the brands you're working with and they pay.

And you just smile to the bank...

Every. single. day.

Now you're some sort of affiliate ghostwriter.

And guess what your only problem will be?

How many clients can you actually manage.

Won't you love that?

This is where it gets even crazier.

Once you discover you can make between $1,000 to $5,000 to $10,000 per month from writing 100-250 words in 1 hour or less, something happens to you:

Your perception of money will change forever.

It's literally a magic bullet guaranteed to shoot up your financial success.

A ticket to a better life.

But hold on...

Are you aware I've just given away a multimillion Naira business plan for building a digital agency just from writing tweets for people to you?

I've handed over an entire business plan to you.

Without even charging you a penny.

So how about in addition to what I've just shown you, I also show you how to come up with these kind of high in demand tweets that:

1. Drive up engagement for brands, individuals and businesses.

2. Helps them get more followers.

3. Increase their market performance.

4. Drive up their sales and revenue.

5. Increase their social media presence.

6. Improve their public perception and ratings.

7. Help them make more money.

But not only that, I'll be showing you how you can get clients who need your Twitter ghostwriting services.

But that's not even all.

Some people are usually afraid to be a ghostwriter for others because they don't have lots of followers.

Having lots of followers isn't even a criteria.

You don't need a large following to be a Twitter ghostwriter.

Our ghostwriter didn't have more than 1,000 followers.

He also didn't have any ghostwriting experience before he started ghostwriting for us.

I taught him everything he knows and I'll show you too.

As per getting clients you're going to ghostwrite for, you just need to show proof of ability or past results.

I'll also show you how you can achieve this.

But just to help you even further, I'll show you how you too can grow your own Twitter account...

From zero to thousands...

And tens and hundreds of thousands of followers.

These are steps for growing your Twitter account that have worked for me and And here's what some of them are saying:

Remember I told you Mr. Ghostwriter increased our followers from less than 1,000 to 73,000 and counting.

Some people didn't agree with the tweeting style at the beginning.

To them, an official or brand account had to be formal.

Or in other words, boring.

But we knew what worked.

We knew what we were trying to achieve.

We also knew the kind of tweets that would spark conversations.

We knew the kind of tweets that would drive high engagement.

It's social media.

It's a place for engagement and boring won't cut it.

And thankfully we were vindicated.

Because overnight our Twitter handle grew like wildfire.

We started getting lots of followers and tons of engagement.

We even started getting noticed by big players.

Here's some of the feedback we started getting immediately:

The people had spoken.

They loved it.

And the reason these people loved it was simple:

Attention is a currency.

And this is how the framework plays out

High engagement tweets spike the dopamine receptors in our brains...

Which make these tweets grab our attention and get us to react instantly.

From reacting to these tweets, we push the engagement up.

And then over time we start anticipating these kind of tweets.

We then become addicted to handles that put such high engagement tweets out.

We follow them hanging on their every word.

And these handles if they keep it up, can sell us anything.

And we'll buy.

Because they've been able to grab our attention while also holding our interest along the line.

But it all starts from knowing how to put out tweets that grab attention.

Now, a quick secret I want to share with you.

Many people say tweeting is hard.

Maybe that's true or maybe not.

I don't really think it is.

But something I know is that managing or crafting tweets for individuals or a brand is quite easy.

You only need to understand what works and how to use it.

Yet, there are very few brands that get the kind of engagement we get on tweets.

Very few.

We get at least a million impressions monthly.

And that's because brands would rather be boring and formal instead of engaging.

Or maybe they don't want to be boring actually.

They want to be engaging.

They want to drive conversations on the timeline.

They just don't know how to do it.

"Ah Admin, your content game is A1."

"Expertnaire is the reason I come on Twitter".

"Everytime I feel bored, I just come on Twitter to read your tweets"

"I just love how Expertnaire tweets"

"Admin, when are you releasing a course on how to create content?"

"Just few days Expertnaire wasn't on Twitter, I was sad"

"Admin abeg cut soap"

"How do you come up with these tweets and replies?"

"Expertnaire is my favourite account on Twitter. Why haven't they verified you guys?"

"Admin Of The Year"

"I like the person handling this Expertnaire account"

"Na Only God know where @expertnaire admin dey get all this content 🤣🤣 Admin cut soap"

"I think admin of @expertnaire you need to come up with a course for creating content.

How you dey normally get those content?" "Show me a better admin…

I’ll wait"

"Admin wey Sabi. You should create a course of how to be a handle official accounts of Kom-panis and list it on the marketplace You to sabi joor.

Everyone wants to know.

Well, Here it is.

We call it the Twitter Ghostwriting Blueprint.

The Twitter Ghostwriting Blueprint is a complete breakdown of:

- Our tweets.

- The psychology behind our high engagement tweets.

- Our tried and tested tweeting style for driving high engagement.

- HOW and WHY our tweets get high engagement.

- Tweets analysis and why our tweets always bang - which is something no one is telling you on Twitter.

And it is how we keep coming up with crazy high engagement tweets.

Aside this, the Twitter Ghostwriting Blueprint contains:

A Content Generating Folder (with at least 3,000 pieces of content) that cuts across topics like:

- Making money

- Business,

- Sales and marketing

- Copywriting

- Mindset

- Fitness

- Investing

- Human psychology

- Direct Response

- Lifestyle

- Masculinity

- Human Nature

- Red pill

- Parenting and a bunch of other high engagement topics.

That's 3,000 pieces of original high engagement content that you don't need to crack your brain for.

Aside being inspiration for your tweets, it's basically plug and play.

What you just need to do is pick any of these content ideas, rework, post it and voila!!!

Serious engagement.

With what you'll discover in the Twitter Ghostwriting Blueprint, you'll be able to:

1. Take on clients (individuals, businesses and big brands).

2. Drive engagement for these brands, individuals and businesses

3. Help them get more followers

4. Increase their market performance

5. drive up their sales, profit and revenue

6. Increase their social media presence.

7. Improve their public perception and ratings.

8. Help them make more money.

And you do all this simply by crafting amazing high engagement tweets for them...

And get paid as much as $10,000 monthly.

All with the help of the Twitter Ghostwriting Blueprint.

And just to make this tweeting game easier and more fun for you, I've also added my Toyin Omotoso's Special Collection Of Business, Sales, Investing and Marketing Tweets: A Definitive Guide For Growing Your Business, Brand And Online Presence On Social Media.

This is a never before released compilation of my best tweets on business, sales, investing and marketing.

All the best tweets all in one place for you.

In addition to this, once you get the Twitter Ghostwriting Blueprint you'll also get the Getting Clients Worksheet Guide.

A simple guide on how to get high paying clients for your Twitter ghostwriting services.

Also, there's a common misconception on Twitter about people or influencers with large accounts.

People wrongly assume they are all rich.

But no!

There are lots of influencers with thousands and tens of thousands of followers who are so broke they have more followers than money in their bank account.

And I don't want any of this for you.

So, in addition to all of the bonuses you'll be getting when you get the Twitter Ghostwriting Blueprint , you'll still get my Toyin Omotoso's Twitter Money Blueprint.

This is a guide I created to help you grow your Twitter account while also monetizing it.

I'm talking about being able to make as much as 2 million Naira monthly with less than 5,000 followers.

I know because I've seen it work over and over again.

You just need to know how.

You just need to know how to play the game.

And you know the coolest thing about ghostwriting on Twitter?

You can do this from anywhere in the world.

For anybody.

For any business.

For any brand.

All you need is a smartphone or PC and a note taking app (like Notepad, Notes or Google Drive) for saving your tweets.

And boooom!!!!

That's all. You'll be on your way to making thousands and tens of thousands of dollars each month.


So, what do you think would be a fair price for the Twitter Ghostwriting Blueprint?

The information available on the Twitter Ghostwriting Blueprint is worth at least ₦250,000 the last time I checked.

Now, if you paid just N10 only on every piece of content in the Content Generating Folder alone that comes with it, the Content Generating Folder will be worth ₦30,000.

For just the folder alone.

What about my Toyin Omotoso's Special Collection Of Business, Sales, Investing and Marketing Tweets?

I'm tempted to say priceless.

Because I'm talking about my over 15 years of doing Internet marketing all condensed into a simple edible version for you to use and blow your business and personal brand.

Hmm, abi shouldn't I remove this one? 🤔

This deal is feeling too good already because you'll also be getting my Twitter Money Blueprint. A product I priced at ₦25,000 when I released it first.

Whose value has gone up to ₦200,000 as most people who've used it to grow and monetize their Twitter accounts call it the best thing sliced bread.

What about the Getting Clients Worksheet Guide?

I like you already because despite how busy you are and all the things you should be doing right, you've read this far.

And so you'll get the Getting Clients Worksheet Guide for just ₦20,000 only.










Another ₦20,000

This is over 500 thousand Naira worth of game all for you.

To use to skyrocket your finances from where you are right now to an extra 2 Million plus monthly.

So what do you think would be a fair price?

Half of 500k?

That's 250,000 Naira.

No, remember I said I liked you earlier for being on this page till now.

So for your patience, what do you think about an extra 50% discount on the 250,000?

That's 125k.

Good deal, yeah?

But something is telling me you want another 50% discount on this 125,000 Naira.

And as much as I feel you're ripping me off already 😌

I think I'll do that for you.

So click on the link below to pay ₦62,500 for the Twitter Ghostwriting Blueprint and all the accompanying bonuses.

But hold on...

Not so fast.

If someone told you they wanted to sow a seed in your life, what would you want?

An opportunity to make more money, right?

And so if I said pay just half of that ₦62,500, which is ₦31,250 for an opportunity to learn how to make between 600,000 Naira per month to as much as 12 million Naira every single month on Twitter, what would you say?

Too good to be true.

But you know what's actually too good to be true?

I'll give you another 20% discount on that ₦31,250.

Click on the link below to pay ₦25,000 and get:

1. The Twitter Ghostwriting Blueprint that would teach you how to tweet high engagement tweets for brands, individuals and businesses.

2. The Content Generating Folder with over 3,000 pieces of high engagement tweets , so you don't even have to rack your brain for ideas.

3. Getting Clients Worksheet Guide for getting premium clients to pay you a lot of money for growing their businesses and personal brands

4. My Toyin Omotoso's Special Collection Of Business, Sales, Investing and Marketing Tweets containing all of my best tweets from over the years compiled in one place.

5. My Money Twitter Blueprint that would teach you how to grow your account and also monetizing it.

All of this for a giveaway price of ₦25,000.

You know, an investment of ₦25,000 for a potential 600,000 Naira is a 24x profit margin.

If you're getting paid 2 million Naira monthly for tweeting, that's 80x profit.

12 million nko?

That's 480x of your initial investment.

Getting paid 12 million Naira monthly to have fun on an app where most people are there to catch cruise.

Now I'm starting to feel some kind of way for giving you all of this for just 25,000.

I hope I don't regret this.

So click on the link below to pay ₦25,000 for the Twitter Ghostwriting Blueprint and all the accompanying bonuses before I change my mind.

Yes, I'll change my mind.

Next time you're here we'd have increased the price for the Twitter Ghostwriting Blueprint and all the accompanying bonuses to ₦40,000.

I'm even thinking I should remove some of these bonuses too.

It feels like you're robbing me right now.

But let me sleep on it.

Click on the link below to get the Twitter Ghostwriting Blueprint and all the accompanying bonuses for just ₦25,000.

When I wake up, you'll hear from me.

Be good,


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