Attention! Online business owners and Content Creators

You’ve been lied to. TikTok is not as secure as you think!

Some Strategies Show You How To “Legally” Hack Tiktok To Generate Quality Leads And Monetize Your Page Within 4 Months and It’s As Easy As Taking Candy From A Baby!

TikTok Algorithm Will Reward You Better Than Instagram!

Disclaimer: No need to have a large number of followers, and no need for paid ads!

“My business needs help!”

Those words were the motivating factor.

Now, I'm reaping the fruits of my patience and consistency.

A few months ago…

My tiktok page felt useless!

I couldn’t generate quality leads and monetize my page

Confidence was lacking!

I posted content and spent a lot of money on ads and online courses but nothing happened. 

Google became my best friend!

I searched for the best courses out there to help me generate quality leads for my business…

These courses told me to post 3-5 times a day. 

Business wasn’t moving

Frustration came in and I stopped posting for a while.

I was crying myself to sleep…

Due to frustration and hopelessness

I started watching videos on TikTok with no intention to stop.

The only thing that would stop me was my data bundle expiring

But, God answered my cries!

You know there’s a proverb…

“You need to go out and look for opportunities, opportunities will not knock on your door”


The reverse happened to me

An opportunity came knocking on my door!

It sounds like a joke, right?

Yeah, I thought so too!


While I was scrolling through Tiktok, I came across a video by a lady called Christabel.

She talked about how to generate leads, monetize Tiktok, and establish authority on the platform.

At first, I had my doubts because it felt like I had seen this story before.

You know what I mean right?

Yeah exactly!

I sent her a message…

Introduced myself and told her what my pains and difficulties were

I said…

“Hi Christabel, my name’s Bryan Lloani."

She responded… 

We had a good conversation!

She said things that caught my attention. 

At that moment I knew my cries were heard!

I’ll tell you what she said in a second

After the conversation…

She said… “get my course if you want more”

I said to her “there’s more?”

She said… “my course will teach you simple strategies on how to legally hack tiktok to generate leads, grow and monetize it”

Before we move on…


You may wonder who Christabel is

  • Christabel is a Tiktok growth and Lead marketing expert
  • She grew her Tiktok account from 0 to 31.9k followers in less than a year
  • She’s made over N20 Million from Tiktok through affiliate marketing

Now you know who Christabel is right?

Okay, let’s move on!

Out of curiosity…

I asked her

Why Tiktok and not Instagram?

She said…

“Content on Instagram has a short lifespan when compared to TikTok."

What does this mean?

Let me explain 

When I say short lifespan…

I mean how long it takes your content to remain visible to other people

Studies have shown that…

The average lifespan of an Instagram post is 24-48 hours.

TikTok takes about 1/2 months.

You see the difference?

TikTok encourages you to succeed and make money without hiding your personality.

Unlike Instagram,

Where people hide their personalities and everything feels robotic.

People want to feel attached to you and your content.

Speak to your audience like they are your friends 

They have to know and trust you to give you their money.


  • It reduces the time it takes a lead to buy from you
  • It saves you from spending money on ads
  • It’s easy to make money from the platform when compared to Instagram.

Research shows that…

TikTok has over 2 billion downloads and over 1 billion monthly active users

Its reach can’t be ignored

Yet many creators do not maximize its potential.

I was amazed…

I went through her website and saw the course.

There were still doubts because anyone can cook up something and sell it as a course

I went online to check how credible Christabel was. 

The response was incredible.

Christabel is one of the best people on this space

If you want to learn , then she's your right person She knows this thing very well, a great lady I'm glad our paths crossed.


Christabel is the Queen of Tik Tok!

I have never seen anyone make use of Tiktok the way she does. She is so good that my students were able to increase their traffic by x3 in 1week, from just a 1hr session with her. If there is anyone you should learn from about TikTok. Then Christabel is the go to person.


Caleb and Chigozie are the biggest Affiliate Marketers in Nigeria!

Ruth’s journey on Tiktok has been incredible. Her business is growing because she implemented the course.

I became convinced, ran to her website, and bought the course.

You won’t believe the results I’ve gotten this far

I’ll show you my results in a second!

Before we move on…

I have to appreciate Christabel. She was honest and transparent with me.

Many course creators make it difficult to communicate with them.

Once you buy their course, you don’t exist anymore.

Christabel was built differently. She gave room for effective communication.


To be honest with you!

The first two weeks didn’t go well.

I had to remain patient and consistent 

Are you still with me?


Remember I said she caught my attention in our conversation


She said…

"To Generate leads, grow and monetize TikTok, it takes simple strategies! 

These strategies make your content visible to the right people at the right time."

It also;

  • Breaks down how to generate quality leads and monetize TikTok.
  • Gives Simple steps on how to grow on TikTok
  • Teaches how to establish authority on the platform.

My Tiktok results so far…

I had 48 followers on TikTok before getting the course.

My account grew to 1,000 followers within 1 week after I bought and implemented the strategies.

In 2 weeks, it went from 1000 to 3000 followers

That is,

Within 4 weeks…

My tiktok account grew from 48 to 3000 followers and over 20k+ views

Now, After 4 months...

  • I have 9,883 followers and counting
  • I have 56.2k likes
  • A video with 782.6k views

You can do better than this. It's up to you!

You can generate quality leads, grow and monetize your TikTok with...


The Tiktok Growth and Lead Marketing (TGL) course teaches you;

  • TikTok growth strategy
  • What to do and where to start from
  • How to grow an organic tiktok account
  • Outline on building a community

  • Bio Optimization
  • Free tools for optimizing your bio
  • How to profile your business

  • Importance of Editing
  • How to add overlays
  • How to add captions
  • Voice over types

  • New hooks and keywords
  • Video caption
  • Video description
  • Types of CTAs that work for TikTok
  • Keyword research and optimization

  • TikTok monetization
  • How to build a personal brand that brings money in
  • An implementation workbook
  • How to frame your content to be seen in other countries

Are you still with me?

Because You’re lucky!


That’s not all, there’s more…

You also get exciting bonuses that make the growth of your business on TikTok easy.


  • Influencer marketing
  • How to get the best influencers
  • A template you can use to reach out to influencers through emails/DMS
  • Specific influencers to contact
  • How to strike a deal that benefits you

  • Forming and creating content
  • Scripting
  • How to create interesting content
  • Types of content to go for

At no extra cost,

You’ll get a video that explains how and when to use these strategies. This is a gift to you.


  • There are more special gifts for you!
  • A content planner
  • A Tiktok community (The Cohort)
  • A personal tiktok funnel

- The content planner will help you plan when to put out your content.

- The cohort is a community where you network with other business owners and content creators to build business relationships.

- The TikTok funnel will help you filter the quality leads you need to grow your business and TikTok account.

What people are saying about TGL

Jemimah said getting the course was the best thing she did for herself. She’s excited about the results she’s getting.

These strategies work for anyone!

It doesn’t matter if...

  • You have 0 followers
  • Or 1000 followers

Clement has generated 3 Leads in 20 minutes with less than 100 followers on TikTok

Your business will move to the next level.

Generating leads and monetizing tiktok will become stress-free and your business gets seen around the country and the world.

Purchasing the bonuses separately will cost ₦495,000 

Influencer Marketing costs ₦200,000

Forming and creating content costs ₦195,000


It is unrealistic for you to pay ₦495,000

The economic situation right now is unfair.

Your business deserves to grow and you deserve to make enough money to enjoy life.

That is why;

You won’t get it for ₦495,000

Or ₦247,500

Not ₦150,000

Still not ₦80,000

Neither ₦50,000


You have a chance to get the TGL course for as low as ₦25,000 now.

At this point, it feels like you’re stealing from me.

It doesn’t matter though!

Because these strategies should be shared.

₦25,000 is a small price to pay to access strategies that will give you 7-figures in return.

Princess is now a Millionaire and she has gifted herself an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Due to high demands, this offer may not last for long

This offer occurs once every year. 

That is, once every 365 days. 

365 days is a long time to wait. 

A lot can happen in this time. 

Act now!

This is an investment that takes away your problems about lead generation and monetization of your TikTok.

Life as a content creator or business owner becomes easy!


If you’re not satisfied with what you’ve got, you have a complete…


The guarantee lasts for 7 days after your purchase.


This is not for everyone. If you’re not willing to show…

  • Patience

  • Dedication

  • Consistency

This is not for you. Leave here and go somewhere else


If you’re willing to show patience, dedication and consistency in generating quality leads, growing and monetizing tiktok…

What are you waiting for?

TikTok is a great place for visibility and reaching new audiences.


The platform gives content creators and business owners opportunities to earn a living and live a life of comfort.

TikTok has created a new generation of digital stars with big audiences.

The strategies in the TGL will give you an easy pathway to becoming one of the stars.

There’s a lot of money on the table for you to take. 

Don’t miss out!


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