From a true Nigerian like you to securing a fully funded scholarship and now living in Canada…

The step-by-step guide on how a Nigerian like you successfully left Nigeria through a legitimate, fast and easy way to settle down in one of the most comfortable and safest countries in the world- CANADA


So, if you’re also an intelligent individual that would love to have a secured future and would love to live in a country with a high degree of certainty

And relocate to CANADA successfully. Even,

  • If you’re young or you think you’re too old to enjoy the benefits
  • If you’re not very fluent in English
  • If you don’t even have a degree yet
  • And in fact, if you have zero work experience

This will still work for you as well. So,

Here’s how you can follow the exact legitimate UCR BLUEPRINT that has been working for  NIGERIANS like you.


 It’s easier to migrate to Canada legally than other countries so far you have a step-by-step guide like the one I am about to reveal to you on this page. 

 It’s no longer news that Canada is one of the easiest, cheapest, and safest countries to migrate to right now especially if you desire a better lifestyle and you want a better option for yourself.

The question now is…

Are you ready?

Watch the Video Below to access the easy step-by-step guide to relocating to CANADA

(Don’t be left out)

Titus Ojo,

Regina, Canada.

Dear Friend,

If you’d like to

  • Study in Canada and eventually become a permanent resident and (maybe) bring EVERY member of your family with you if you wish. And
  • You don’t want to spend 100s of thousands of naira on an AGENT that will still fail you in the end.


  • You want to submit an application that cannot be denied by following

The laid out step-by-step UCR BLUEPRINT on how to put together your application from someone that has helped many people like you to successfully relocate to CANADA.

Most importantly, you would like to process and complete this relocation within the shortest possible time. AND

You wish to enjoy ALL of the wonderful benefits of living in Canada for you and your family.


  • You can start studying and work part-time in Canada right away.
  • And you also want to relocate and raise your kids in a place where they would have a decent chance of succeeding in life like in CANADA, right?

And much more! So,

Would you like to avoid the stress that comes with relocating and as well save your time and money? Yes

Then, I’m ready to help you

Just like I have been helping others as well

Listen to Mr Bright’s Testimonial

And here’s what TOPE has to say to you after accessing the exact UCR BLUEPRINT that you are about to have access to.

If that sounds like what you want…

You should pay close attention to everything on this page because deep inside is the secret that will easily get you to CANADA within the next 9 months without spending a fortune.

Still with me?


Don’t worry, here’s the step-by-step UCR BLUEPRINT that has been working for every smart Nigerian like you and how it will work for you as well.

And this UCR BLUEPRINT is of one major importance

That is,

To set yourself and your family up in a better safe and comfortable country, CANADA.

Not only that but to also show you how you can secure yourself a fully funded scholarship to continue your study regardless of your level right now

  • Even if you’re a secondary school graduate


  • Maybe a university graduate


  • A Master’s degree holder that would love to go for further studies on scholarship and relocate with family to a comfortable & sustainable country like CANADA.
  • Or Maybe an individual that’s motivated and ready to excel in Canada
  • Or you’re a student affected by the strike actions and you don’t want to be delayed.

Then, this is for you.

The right time for you to get out of the incessant frustrations you may be facing.

 Or are you not tired?

Are you not tired of not having a clear direction for your life and career?

And you are still hoping things will get better one day.

But, When exactly?



Next year?

Next decade?

Truth is that it is unknown with the current situation in the country.

Should we talk about the bad leadership or the ever-increasing cost of living that does not come down?

Now, tell me

When will it get better?

See, I know there are a lot of reasons why you are seeking options and I can’t possibly list everything here.

Before I continue, let me introduce myself and why you should listen and take every information I will be revealing to you here seriously.

But, you might be wondering. Who am I to help you get your way to Canada? 


You saw that right. I’m here to lift you and show you the legit, super-fast, easy, and cheapest way that got me to Canada.

My name is Titus Ojo, an economist, researcher, and educational consultant based in Canada with his family.

Imagine you close your eyes now and only to open your eyes widely to find yourself in

  • The serene environment that keeps you calm & relaxed to improve your productivity to get started with the day.
  • A condition of 24/7 electricity supply where you no longer have to worry about basic amenities
  • A well-secured environment where you can travel around without fear

A place where opportunities for growth and global exposure are endless

A dream country with good things of life you can ever imagine.

That was exactly how I felt when I was about to leave for Canada.

I have always wanted to study abroad and gain exposure but most especially to advance my career.

But then, I was unsuccessful with scholarship applications for many years until 2017.

Although the experience was frustrating at that time, it is also worth saying that I learned a lot during those years and that is why I don’t want you to make the mistakes I made.

One big mistake I made then in my journey to study in abroad was not having a mentor or a guide like me right now that will help me through every step of the journey.

How I wish I had the opportunity and access like the one you’re about to gain right now to allow me to show you the step-by-step process without stress. Maybe I would have gotten to Canada earlier without having to face countless rejections.

So, I figured everything out myself the hard way and it took me 7 years of struggles and a huge amount of money that could have even set up a good business for me.

But don’t worry you won’t make the same mistake provided you’re ready to pay attention to the information I have for you.


Alright, Great!

So, if you’re reading this right now, you may have the same experience or going through a similar experience. 

I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I made, so I have prepared this UCR BLUEPRINT to guide you.

But then…

What does the UCR BLUEPRINT stand for?



One thing was important in this journey, I didn’t give up on my dreams of studying abroad.

Between 2008 and 2017, I did my youth service, worked in a growing consulting firm in Lagos, did my Master’s in Economics at the University of Ibadan, worked in a Bank, and worked with a federal government agency, while I was still applying for scholarships each year.

 NOTE: Just like I said earlier, you don’t need to have a master’s degree before you can also relocate.

Another important thing to let you know is that I got admitted to the University of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada in 2016 and I got a fully-funded scholarship the same year, unfortunately, my study permit application was refused twice, but without giving up, the situation changed, and I got to Canada in 2017.

Imagine how frustrating it was. A fully funded scholarship opportunity almost slipped away by the study permit application denial.

This can be frustrating, and I already figured it out so you won’t experience a similar issue that cost me an extra 1 year.

But, don’t worry.

I will be showing you the details of what I did to change the situation in my favour without hiring an immigration lawyer or an agent, and how you can use the same strategy if you find yourself in a similar situation.

From becoming a student with a fully funded scholarship to a permanent resident in Canada, I processed everything myself, without an agent, immigration consultant or lawyer.

But, the more fun and super exciting experience is that I have my family here with me.

Have you ever heard this statement before?

“Away from home, still at home.”

This is the exact description. A situation whereby you and your family members now live safely and united just like you were in NIGERIA.

Don’t worry and keep calm. I’m not so good at explaining my ultra-mind-blowing amazing feeling of experience and that’s why I’m here to help you have a feel of it.

The joy of not only relocating but relocating to an amazing country as one of the most developed economies in the world.


And I’m here to help you out.

The question is – Are you ready to help yourself by following the UCR BLUEPRINT?

If your answer is YES,

To help you make the journey a faster and smoother process by providing you with the right information that helped me and has been helping several other Nigerians like you throughout the process.

To protect you from unscrupulous agents that are out there, by showing you exactly how I did it myself and how you can do it all by yourself in the fastest possible means ever.

  • Even if you do not have the luxury of time
  • Or your family/friends do not believe in you.
  • Or you feel you’re too different for it to work for you

Relax and stay with me as I reveal the step-by-step guide.

Or do you prefer to remain in the same situation?

Who NO like better thing?

But then,

Why should you go abroad? 

And I know you must have been wondering deep down why you should travel out to study and gain exposure.


Although this may not work for everybody,

But for you to have read to this point shows you pay close attention and I’m rest assured it will work for you.

Even if you have been told that:

  • You can’t relocate to Canada without IELTS
  • You are too young or too old to stay in Canada
  • You need job experience before you can travel to Canada
  • Or your grades aren’t enough to qualify
  • Or the greedy Agents already told you that you can’t do it alone just like they told Seun, my student, that got here in Canada with the same information in the UCR BLUEPRINT all by himself.
  • Or you have been brainwashed that you need 100s of millions of naira before you can travel out.
  • Or you can’t travel with your family
  • Or you can’t get a scholarship

After spending over 4 years in Canada with my family, the major problem many other Nigerians face that I have come to realize is that

“Lack of information and proper guidance will make you see easy things as difficult”


A lack of adequate & updated information will make you think relocating to Canada is a big unsolvable task.

But No,

After my relocation to Canada, I have not only helped my family but also several young Nigerians like you seeking greener pastures.

And here’s what Ameenah has to tell you…

So how do you go to study in Canada? IN THE SIMPLEST OUTLINE

  1. Have your international passport 
  2. Research accredited learning institutions in Canada
  3. Find out if they have your program of choice, affordable fees, or scholarships.
  4. Find out if you meet the program requirements
  5. Submit your application and necessary documents
  6. Apply for a student visa and study permit upon gaining admission
  7. Travel to Canada upon student visa approval

You may be puzzled about how to go about all these processes, but don’t worry, I already put together a guide that will take you step by step on all these processes. Trust me, it is easier than you’d ever imagine.

How I did it and how you can follow the same legit UCR BLUEPRINT that helped me

I would like to tell you that one of the best routes, if not the best, to move to Canada is to study because it will help you to easily integrate into the Canadian system.

In my opinion, as agreed by the vast majority of other Nigerians like me based in Canada.

The easiest way or route to relocate from Nigeria to Canada is to go as a student to Canada and then later become a Permanent Resident. This is also called “The Study Route”

So allow me to show you the exact study route that is considered the cheapest, easiest, best, and fastest way to relocate to Canada.


Why the study route?

  1. There’s a method in this UCR BLUEPRINT that does not require IELTS for Nigerians and there are no age restrictions. Whether you are 18 or 40 years old, with this you can still relocate to Canada.
  1. To assist in your study, there are scholarships and funding packages for certain Master’s and Ph.D. programs.
  1. Your family can also join you in Canada. Your spouse will get a Spouse Open Work Permit (SOWP) so s/he can work full-time while you study and work part-time.
  1. This is a sure route to Permanent Residence. It is easier to apply for Permanent Residence from Canada than from Nigeria.
  1. The beautiful thing about this study route is that you can successfully do it yourself. You don’t need an agent, agency, or anyone to help you do it.

Why you should choose to study in Canada

In fact, do you know that Canada needs more people like you?

 Yes, they want you and they are ready to protect your rights and give to you the opportunity to excel.

Don’t take my word for it, here’s what OVERSEAS CONSULT has to tell you about it

Why study in Canada?

According to a UN survey, Canada is ranked as the best place in the world to live in terms of quality of life and academic quality. See for yourself below

There are a few significant pointers that students who want to pursue education in Canada need to consider:

Apart from the fact that I will show you how to secure a fully funded scholarship. Let’s take a quick look into other juicy features waiting for you

Education System and Best Universities

Canada boasts an education system that is known around the globe for its high quality and research orientation that results in great innovations. It is comparatively easier to get admission to a Canadian University than in any other major study destination. The curriculum in most universities is divided into credit hours, and an undergraduate course lasts for three to four years.

So, you stand a chance to study at one of the top universities in the world.

Earn while you learn

It becomes necessary for many international students to work during their college years to meet their living expenses. The Canadian immigration rule allows international students to work a maximum of 20 hours a week when the term is going on and full-time (40 hours) during the vacations. The average international student can earn up to $18 per hour.

Nature’s Classroom

Canada offers you a lot to do outside your classroom. The campuses are furnished with advanced technologies and amenities that motivate you to think about extracurricular. The universities give huge emphasis on sports, performed arts, and social work. However, you can also think outside of your campus boundaries and explore the benefits of the vast geographical diversity of Canada with huge mountains, lakes, and exotic beaches.

The major cities of Canada support every ethnicity in the world 

Canada has two official languages: English and French. However, you can get by with just English in most parts of Canada so you don’t have to worry about being fluent in English or learning French.

Canada is safe.

According to the Global Peace Index, it is the 6th safest out of 163 nations, a title it held over the past two years. In addition to good job opportunities, and great access to healthcare.

After your study and you can become a Permanent Resident

As a resident of Canada, public schools are free for your children from the age of 5 to about 18, and with over 15,000 elementary schools in Canada, there’s a lot to choose from.

All provinces and territories in Canada provide free emergency services even if you don’t have a health card. Their emergency system is quite efficient too.

Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees your freedom to practice or hold whatever view you want; personal, religious, or political. So, you can keep practicing your religion or any belief.

The Canadian passport is one of the most respected and accepted in the world. With the passport which you will also be getting when you become a citizen, Canadian citizens can visit 104 countries without a visa, and have access to get about 36 e-visas or 22 visas on arrival.

You can also become a citizen within 5 years of living in Canada as a permanent resident.

They recently announced that they’ll be inviting over a 1.2million immigrants over the next 3 years. If you’re interested in moving, this is the best time to, considering that things may change.

See what JUDE is saying after getting the whole information you’re about to access on this page and taking action immediately.

And now, the ball is in your court

If you have the chance to choose either to

  • To follow the stressful general way every average people out there are trying to get to Canada


  • Access the exact step-by-step UCR BLUEPRINT method that other smart Nigerians like you take.

Provided both methods are LEGIT, SECURED & EASY

Which will you go for?

I am sure you’re also smart enough that you will go for option 2 without blinking an eyelid.

Yes, who NO like better thing?

And that’s exactly how it feels to relocate to Canada with the ULTIMATE CANADA RELOCATION BLUEPRINT you’re about to access that will walk you through option 2


Here’s the bitter truth

Anything like traveling processing is generally stressful, even the embassy will want to stress the hell out of you and that’s why there’s always a better legal and easier way to go about it.

And this is what I will be showing you in this UCR BLUEPRINT

But the difference here’s that

You don’t have to

  • Use an agent
  • Write IELTS
  • Write endless application letters

The Ultimate Canada Relocation ( UCR )BLUEPRINT will show you the way to Canada + guidance that will help you.

I’m sure you also don’t want your case to be like that of SEUN who was duped over #250,000 by an unscrupulous agent before he came across this same UCR BLUEPRINT am about to reveal to you.

 And here’s what he has to tell you below.

So within the next few lines, I will be holding you by hand and ensuring you legitimately and easily find your way down here without having to struggle just as I did and I have helped several people like you do the same.

I processed everything myself, with no agent, no immigration consultant, or lawyer.

And you can as well do the same.

But it was a long process that cost me a lot of time and money.

But I don’t want you to go through the same stress

I have already undergone the stress, so you don’t have to.

Am sorry, that’s how I was trained to always do my possible best whenever I have the opportunity to help and lift others


It’s left to you to assist yourself by accessing the exact UCR BLUEPRINT that will get you to Canada.

Here’s a glimpse of what you will be getting in the ULTIMATE CANADA RELOCATION BLUEPRINT

  • How you will search for Canadian Universities that will offer you admission – valued at #5,000
  • List of Universities with funding – valued at #5,000
  • List of third-party scholarships – valued at #5,000
  • Guide on how to prepare for university application – valued at #2,500
  • Statement of Purpose samples/templates – valued at #7,000
  • Scholarships-winning essay samples/templates -valued at #7,000
  • Tips on how a second-class and third-class graduate can secure admission in Canada – valued at #3,500
  • Reference letter guide – #2,500
  • A step-by-step guide to applying for a study permit – #10,000
  • Guide on how to turn a study permit refusal into acceptance – valued at #5,000
  • Letter of appeal for study permit refusal sample – valued at #10,000
  • How to get accommodation – valued at #2,500
  • How to get a cheap flight to Canada and how to manage your finances – valued at #2,500
  • How to get a research supervisor for PhD and research students – valued at #9,000
  • Information on how to stay in Canada after study – values at #5,000
  • How to become a permanent residence – #6,000
  • Guide to apply for Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) – #2,500

Total value – #90,000 

But No

 You won’t be paying even half of that.

You can access the blueprint that will provide you with all the information that will easily get you to Canada as well.

#25,000 for a limited time.

Still here?

Lola has important information to pass across to you about the UCR BLUEPRINT.  Check below.

You’re next!

Are you ready?

To Access this great information on relocating to CANADA just like Mr. Bright said.

Am awaiting your success story and to meet you here in Canada.

But that’s not all.

Even though this same UCR BLUEPRINT has helped many other Nigerians like you to successfully travel down here to Canada without any extra support for me.


Yet, I have decided to accompany you on this journey, so it will be an easy walkover as it has always been for others.


And the first 100 people to get this UCR BLUEPRINT will be getting my 1:1 support to walk you through every process afterward then I will probably close down this page.


Because you know how people can be.


They will want to flood the opportunity and close the gateway for others. To protect this well-updated UCR BLUEPRINT and ensure it works for you as well. Then, be among the first 100 people by securing your slot now.

You will get your hands on this groundbreaking information that will help you settle in Canada.

And don’t fret, even if you can’t afford to leave the country right now.

This information will always come in handy anytime you are ready because it’s real-life information and not something coined from the internet based on hearsay.

Here’s your chance to join over 600,000 International students in Canada

Do You notice the steady rise in the number of INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS IN CANADA below?

Don’t be left out because it’s left to you.

The best time is now.

What does that mean?


Still with me?


It implies that even after getting this perfect step-by-step UCR BLUEPRINT, I will give you access to my direct contact to always reach out to me anytime and any day.

And + the live session I will be having with you to ensure you can also easily relocate to Canada.

Isn’t that amazing?

Every year, Canada admits students from across the world. Here’s the question.

If truly you also desire a better lifestyle,  should you be exempted?

And according to DGC immigration news, check below to see exactly what works.


Yes, there are ways to go about it well discussed in the UCR BLUEPRINT

With the information you will get in this UCR BLUEPRINT, you do not need a job offer to immigrate to Canada.

As a student, yes, it is possible.

There is no specific age limit requirement for any Canadian immigration program. 

Yes, you can. Details of how to go about it are discussed in the UCR BLUEPRINT

Yes, you may be able to bring your spouse or common-law partner, and dependent children, with you to Canada. You must submit their applications online when you apply for your study permit. Details on how to go about it are in the UCR BLUEPRINT.

Not only a scholarship but a fully funded scholarship is what you will love.  And it is well discussed in a practical step-by-step guide in the UCR BLUEPRINT.

Now is the best time to start preparing to migrate to Canada.

Is there a guarantee that this UCR BLUEPRINT is worth it?

Yes, here’s my Handshake Promise to you.

If after accessing this UCR BLUEPRINT and going through the process

within the next 30 days

 If you feel it doesn’t deliver all the claims and it’s not worth your time and money then I will gladly return your money immediately but you will lose the support that comes with the product.

See you in CANADA SOON

Your Friend,


About the Creator

Titus Ojo is an economist, researcher and an educational consultant.

He is based in Canada with his family.

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