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[Brand New] Visa Route to Relocate and Study in Europe
without Paying a Dime in Tuition Fee! 🥳

[Brand New] Visa Route to Relocate and Study in Europe without Paying a Dime in Tuition Fee! 🥳

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About Daniel Nejo

Born and raised in Lagos into a polygamous house, I have always wanted a better life for myself and this was what drove me to move overseas in 2015. Honestly, that was one of the best decisions of my life.

Since I moved, everything changed for me. My finances, my way of life and my ability to help and support my family members (I have alot of them! lol)

From experience, I have seen that the average Nigerian who “makes it” or achieves some level of success always tries to hide it and keep it to themselves. Only a few are willing to help others and show them the way.

So, since 2015, I have dedicated a large percentage of my life and time to helping hundreds of thousands of fellow Nigerians by sharing information and guidance and I cannot wait to help you too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequent questions I get asked, all answered below!

Answer: Yes! I am a Nigerian just like you . I used the study route myself to migrate to Europe back in 2015 but I had to pay over £20,000 for tuition (N11.5 million Naira). That is a lot of money especially for the average Nigerian.

I have now uncovered a way to migrate to Europe using a study route in which tuition is 100% free! That’s right, without paying a single dime for tuition and I am so excited to share this with my people! (by the way, this is NOT schorlarships, and you do not need to have high grades)

I created this step by step blueprint for you – my fellow Nigerian because I am a Nigerian myself. I understand the hardship and stress of living in Nigeria. Poor healthcare, Poor transportation and bad roads, Police brutality, Poor standard of living and the list goes on!

Enough is enough! There is a better life out there for you and I have invested my time, knowledge, experience and money to create this step by step guide for you. It is so easy to follow. I cannot wait to see you on the other side!

Answer: There is no age group for this visa route.

Answer: So, I have created a step-by-step guide on how to relocate to Europe via a study route in which you DON’T have to pay a single penny on tuition fees!

So, you will be able to move to Europe, live, work and school without paying any tuition fees. (normally, tuition fees for Europe universities are usually up to £20,000) but I will show you tuition free universities and exact steps on how to get into them. 

I will also show you how to get a job while you land, so you will not only be able to school without paying but you will also be able to make money and be in position to send money back home.

There are over 13HD videos of me explaining this directly to you and also sharing my computer screen to walk you throuhg the process step by step. I have also included some bonues, like some document templates that will make the process 10 times easier and faster for you.

This is a step-by-step video walkthrough in HD videos! You will feel like I am in the same room with you. (except I won’t be eating your food, lol)

I decided to spend money and time in shooting these videos in high quality just to ensure that you get the best from me and you can follow me step-by-step! You will not find any information packed like this anywhere!

Answer: I knew you would ask!

So, I will be revealing the exact European country inside the blueprint.

I have spent over 3 months putting this together and I cannot wait to share it with you.

I have created over 13 HD videos where I walk you through the exact step by step to get these ZERO tuition fee universities, how to get into them without hassle and also included some documents as bonuses to make you standout.

But if you are curious, it’s part of the top 10 European countries (France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland)

Answer: Yes! The amazing thing about this route is that you will also be able to work and I will also go one step further by giving you exact steps to get jobs and start making money while studying for free.

Answer: Yes! This route leads to Permanent Residency in 2 years.

This is a good question!

This route only works for people who have a university degree.

So, if you have graduated from University or currently in Uni, this will work for you perfectly.

Answer:  Thanks for asking, regardless of your university grade – (3rd class, second class lower or upper, first class, etc) , you are in great hands and this will work for you. 

I strongly believe that a candle does not loose it’s light by lighting others.

So, my goal is to make this affordable for as much people as possible, so people can take advantage of this the same way I have and other people I have helped have.

Moving overseas has changed my life and the life of my family drastically and I want more people to take advantage of this golden opportunity.

The simple answer is YES!

The reason I spent so much time and resources to put this blueprint together in the first place is to help as much people as possible to live a life of freedom and get a better life for themselves and family.

So, I treat every person on the blueprint as a distant relative and answer their questions. You are in good hands.

Yes! I wanted to make this available only for a limited time but I have received a lot of messages asking for the discount to be extended and I have decided to extend it.

So, if you are on this page today, it means you can still take advanatge of the discounted price.

Ready to Take Advantage of This Opportunity?

Due to numerous emails, I am offering even further discount to help more people.

₦490,000 , ₦150,0000


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Don't Miss Out.

[Brand New] Visa Route to Relocate and Study in Europe
without Paying a Dime in Tuition Fee! 🥳

For a limited time, you can get this step by step guide which you will show you a Brand New Visa Route to Relocate and Study in Europe without Paying a Dime in Tuition Fee!

When you think about it, people usually waste a lot of their time trying to get this type of information online.

The problem is that – there is a lot of misleading and incomplete information online from people either who do not know what they are talking about or have any experience in the field.

OR they waste their money on agents and consultants who have never gotten even a Visa for themselves – and that is if they even help you.

Ready to Take Advantage of This Opportunity?

Due to numerous emails, I am offering even further discount to help more people.

₦490,000 , ₦150,0000


Discounted for a Limited Time.


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