Do you wish to create designs like these and also make money from them but you don’t have a laptop?

If yes, then you would want to read this page to the end.

This is for you if you’ve ever wanted to make gorgeous and amazing graphics design for your clients, businesses, etc. but don’t know how to do it or don’t have a laptop.No jokes, this information will help you create a six-figure monthly business for yourself.


I’ve maintained a business that enables me to produce exquisite designs for clients who are willing to pay a premium. You might find it interesting to learn that a smartphone was used for everything.

We are no longer surprised that the graphics design industry is one that both individuals and businesses require; without raising awareness, a company cannot hope to attract customers.


It’s been a popular misconception throughout the years that powerful graphics design requires a laptop or large software programme, but you can easily create graphics design using your smartphone without the need of big devices. I can guarantee you that I have been doing this for a very long time.


One thing I learned as a graphics designer is that having design skills is really beneficial to people and companies.

You stand a chance create designs for your personal business without having to pay other persons.
– You can build a source of income from the skill

For you to actually make money from creating designs, you need the right information, mentorship and guide which I will be unveiling to you.

This will work for you even if you:
– Are a student
– Don’t have a laptop
– Have not make any money online before
– Are an iphone or Android user


Here are some of the designs I created with my smartphone

The purpose of the smartphone graphics design to profit course is more than just imparting graphic design knowledge but also how to monetize this ability.


You should read this page to the end to get a the whole gist


In addition to becoming successful with this business plan, I have trained hundreds of students who are also succeeding.

Here are some remarks from some of my best students.

These are only a few of the numerous testimonies I have, but I won’t bore you with them all here.

Please allow me to introduce myself before I share with you how you too can produce designs and earn a respectable living from them.

My name is Ehis Glorious, founder of EHIGLO DIGITALS, I have mentored several student's in graphics designing Over the years I've gained experience on this field and I can give assurance on what works and what doesn't. Following the step by step guide I will be showing you is a roadmap to becoming a good graphics designer. Kindly join our community to be part of persons I will be unveiling deep secrets of graphics designing to.


Creating graphical designs in an informative format is the essence of graphics designing to put it simple, This is the definition of graphics design, pure and simple.

Perhaps you are hearing about the potential of using a smartphone for graphics design for the first time, or perhaps you have heard about it before.

I encountered many challenges while starting graphics design. Items such as:

– How to use a smartphone for graphics designing
– No guidance or mentorship
– How to make money from this skill
– And lots more I cannot mention now.

But after everything I cracked the code which I will be showing you.

I have set up a community where you meet persons that will give you all answers to your questions, so you won’t experience any struggle learning this skill.


Here are works of some of my students

Introducing the


This is your monthly road map for increasing your income from graphic design. It includes all of the knowledge I have gained over the years from doing graphic design. Anyone who is prepared to begin earning at least ₦100k each month from designing can benefit from this step-by-step video training by means of progressive education.

I didn’t learn everything there is to know about graphic design in a single day. I discovered this through trial and error over time, which is why comprehensive lessons are necessary to fully understand the business.

Upon purchasing this course, you will be able to learn graphics design quickly and begin producing high-quality work without having to go through the process of trial and error on your own.


– The basics/fundamentals of graphics designing.

Where you get to learn the foundation, basics, elements of design

– Practical on designing

In this section, you get to design flier, posters, etc practically

– Basics – Advance lectures on logo creation

learning how to create good logos for businesses can give you good sum of money. in this section you will learn all about logo creation and its benefits.

– Using Photoshop on your smartphone

yeah! its very possible. you will be learning this in this section.

– Printing

In this section, you get to learn how to print what you’ve designed.

– Lots more


AND Once You Are Done With This Course

You will be able to design and make good amount of money doing it.

Also as a bonus you will be getting access to our community and this alone is worth ₦100,000

The regular plain courses you see everywhere are not like THE SMARTPHONE GRAPHICS DESIGN TO PROFIT COURSE. Because of its high value, it would be quite fair to charge you ₦100K for it, even though its actual value is much higher.

Don’t worry, though—you won’t have to pay ₦100,000. Not even close to half (₦50k). I understand that you are eager to find out the amount, then.

It will only cost ₦6000, but keep in mind that this price will only apply for a short period of time


I sincerely hope you succeed in this venture.

I’ve prepared these fantastic bonuses for you because of this.


The bonuses are as follows:
– Access to our community (Worth N50k)

– Graphics resources (worth N50k)
Resources like 1000+ fonts, 1000+ backgrounds, png images, etc

– Mentorship from me (worth N200k)

– Access to Canva pro (worth N100k+ /yr)

– How to print what you’ve designed (worth N50k)


The smartphone graphics design to profit course (N80k)
● Access to our community (N50k)
● Graphics resources (N50K)
● Lifetime mentorship (N200k)
● Access to Canva pro
● Printing designs (N50k)

WORTH N430,000

But Like I said, You are not going to be paying that amount.

You are not even going to be paying half of it because I really don’t want money to be a reason why you don’t get into this business model. So it’s Just going to be N6000 only but note that this is not the final price. I will advise you take action now cos, price might increase later on.


So You May Want To Ask, Why Is It Soo Cheap?


Sincerely, it took me a great deal of time to put this course together. Additionally, as you can see from the bonuses that come with it, I will be devoting even more time to providing resources and values that will support your learning.

The main reason I made this course was because I wanted you to succeed. Since it’s commonly assumed that graphics designing is done with a laptop, I’ve had a lot of inquiries about how I accomplish graphical designs using a smartphone.

Yes, I did have a selfish personal reason for creating the course, but there is also another one.

I want you to go through this course, implement it and make a lot of money with it so it’s easy for me to get testimonials from you.

So those are the reasons why I have decided to make the course so cheap but note that this won’t be for a long time so take action and get it now.


After getting this course will I pay for any other thing?

No you won’t.


Will I be taught how to monetize this skill and make money from it?

Yes, you will.


Can iphone users get this course?

Yes, it’s created for both iphone and Android users.


Can I print these designs?

Yes, you can.

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