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What is Amazon-KDP

Let me break it down for you.....

AMAZON KDP (fully, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing) is a self-publishing platform owned by World’s richest man Jeff Bezos. It is part of his E-commerce Company that gives millions of writers access to publish and sell their books without publication cost.

You can google it...

You do not need to be a writer to publish on this platform and most importantly, to publish on the Amazon platform requires just a little to no skills.

Now, this is how it works…

You CREATE (Not Write) and PUBLISH a book and price it at a certain amount, like $7.99.

These books ranges from little to no content books and as low as even 12pages.

Yes, you heard me right!

Now, imagine that you sell 100 copies of that 1 book in a month…

HOW MUCH? This is a whopping $799 for you from 1 book!

Amazon takes 30% of what you made for using their platform

Did I hear you sigh? oh! please, don't be greedy abeg

Do the math in Naira and tell me what you get or should I help you?

You still have good money sitting in your dollar or pound account at the end of the day.

What if you have more books or what if you even priced your book(s) more than $7.99 just as I illustrated above?

I leave you to answer that..

The beauty is that you can do this with your android and smartphone, iphone, or laptop. 

But I don't Know How to Write

This is not anything to worry about. Actually, it is not designed for the super educated. Even a grandma can do this.

This is why this course was specifically designed for you unlike what you must have heard.
Do you own a smartphone, iPhone or laptop?

Can you make use of them?

If your answer to any of the above question is yes, then you are 90% near completion to achieving your Amazon-KDP journey.

You do not need to worry because I have helped over 500 people write, publish their books and make money on Amazon.

What is the secret?
All these students simply implemented just a few of my proven strategies to get their books ranked amongst best sellers on Amazon. 

You can see this in one of the testimonies where my student by name, Mike,  implemented what I revealed in this course and got his book ranked amongst best sellers on Amazon.

What does this mean for Mike?

This means that Mike has successfully placed his book in front of millions of buyers and must bang in those sales. Village people have no hand in that!

All the experience gathered is what I have put up in this Amazing course in a detailed and simple format that even a grandma can grasp it and get started.

Did I forget to tell you that you can publish anything on Amazon?

If you can make Ogbono or Ewedu, you can put it up in a book and sell to a large market. It is as simple as that.

However, I have done 99% of the job for you to make the journey a lot easier

Take a close look at the snapshot above.

That is just a coloring book for kids sold at $4.98 and the seller have sold 481 copies of that book which is a whopping $2, 395.38

Convert that to our Nigerian naira at N600 per doll$ and that is N1, 437,228

Are you still shouting sc!am?

I dedicated video modules on how you can do that with my Canva Pro offer

This is how many like you are making cool dollars by publishing all sorts of books including Low to No content books on Amazon

Who is this Course For?

A stay at home Mom

You will agree with me that it can be difficult always asking hubby for money all the time

6AM - 5PM Worker

You work like a horse yet no savings at the end of the month. Most likely, it all goes towards transportation and food.

A student

Asking Dad and Mom for money can be tiring. Most times, you dont even get it when you need the money. Don't you agree with me?

Civil Servant

This can be a legit side hustle to add to what government pays you

Anybody and Everybody

The economy is biting so hard. This course is for anybody and everybody who desire a financial change

How am I sure this is not one of those online courses with empty content and promises?

I understand your fears over the hype that comes with Amazon-KDP. 
So many course flying here and there and you get to buy the course only to find out it is not what it promised.

Do I blame you?

Well I leave you to have a sneak-peak of the course module and tell me if this is half-baked!

The testimonies are too numerous and I would not want to flood you with them

Here are a few Facebook testimonials when this course was launched.

Amazing testimonials, wouldn't you agree?

The testimonies are too numerous and I would not want to flood you with them

What’s The Course Has to Offer

How Open Your Amazon-KDP Account

  •  Simple, short and easy to load video on how you can open your KDP account in minutes..

How to remove the 30% tax on your KDP account even as a non USA citizene

  •  If you have received money from Amazon before, you will realize how painful it is for a whopping 60% to be removed from your money. This module teaches you how to knock-off this 30% instantly and make your KDP account tax free..

 Access to premium websites to get contents

  • These sites are golden and worth $90 per month but you are getting it for FREE Value...N50,000

How to open a correct dollar and pounds account without hassle

  • There are other methods you do not know aside the Payoneer with a beter exchange rate. This video guide will show you how to do that

Access to Quillbot Premium paraphrasing tool for Smartphones, and Laptops

  • Quillbot gives your book that powerful copyright free touch by re-writing anybook of your choice

Mentorship community and support

  • This course comes with automatic acces to our mentorship community for life. We do not just sell a course, we guide you even though the course are well simplified

How to design colour books and no content books

  • This course will guide you on how to design color and no content books

How to create books within 24hrs using AI without having issues with Amazon

  • You do not need to think on how long it will take for you to create books. This course will guide you on how to use Artificial Intelligence tool for free and create more than two books within 24hrs

Access to softwares and extensions for the perfect keywords and book category research

  • You will never make a dime on Amazon if you miss this. This course module has a video on how you can categorize tand rank your books with best sellers on Amazon without stress

How to format your book and table of contents to Amazon standard

  • This is one the biggest issues encountered on Amazon, but not to worry, this module has it all covered

Automatic  payment system with email Access to your account

  • This course comes with automatic payment gateway system at the click of a button.

    No Sca!m
    Simply click the 
    GET COURSE NOW BUTTON to have access to the course emailed to your inbox immediately after successful payment

How to fill in your tax details even as a Nigerian that doesn't pay tax without being disturbed by Amazon

  • Simple video tutorial on how you can correctly fill your tax details without paying any

Access to Canva Pro for both Smartphones, and Laptops

  • This is a golden offer that gives you access to Canva Premium to design your coloring books, kindle cover and paperback like a pro

How to Use grammarly like a pro

  • Our grammar check tool makes gives you that grammar error free touch your book desires

How to run a profitable Amazon Ads with as low as $5 and scale up your book sales by 80% 

  • This course will guide you on how to run your Amazon KDP Ads on the Amazon Platform with the right key words and book visibilty to buyers. This is optional as we have been banking and making sales organically! 

What Value Would You Place this Course

The value of this packed coure is worth N261,500 but you are not paying such amount but just N11,000

Unbelievable, right?


This offer is only for a limited time and the price hits back to 

Why Not Save an Extra 9k today

Get the Course Now!

Do you want to see what our community mentorship group testimonials is like? 

The beauty of any course is not just about selling the course but after sales service. This is why we have a 24/7 dedicated mentorship group to guide you until you make your very first doll$s.

Check out the testimonials from our support group


I know you are wondering if this is actually true but I want you to pay attention to the group screenshot and how happy most of the students felt on making their first sales on Amazon

You can imagine the joy of having your first publication go live on Amazon!!!


Steph made her first sale of $2.65 with just six books after implementing for just a few days of getting the course

You would say it is small, right?

Well, keep scrolling to see more testimonies

This dude made $10.12 from a single book.....

What about @Miklaw4u who made over $550 in just 30days of implementing all that I taught him. In his words, "He has a salary scheme now...

The list is endless and you do not need to sit over the fence because the next testimony might be yours...

About The Course Creator

Ezeibe Chidi Nwaru known as Digicreator  in the internet space is the author of the book, The truth about affiliate marketing: A beginners Guide and what you need to know if you must sell that product. He is also a teacher who is passionate about growth, and loves to give out value before money. The simple Amazon KDP course for all devices was created by him to solve the financial needs of his students. Having been on the KDP business for a while and also teaching students, he discovered that at the end of the day, most of the students had no money to pay the N20,000 course fee which prompted him to create the Simple Amazon KDP course for all devices. He knows this course is worth more than N20,000 and strongly believes the 20k course fee most vendors are selling their course is worth it!

You must have bought Amazon courses before now filled with promises and shots of thousands of dollars made by people and at the end you got no value.


You do not need to worry as this course comes with a dedicated group mentorship that will hold you by the hand with a 30days money back guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee

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