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I Earned N1,560,000 and N300,000 respectively
Helping Companies Put their website on Google

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I trust you, I don't doubt you again, I know What You Can Do

Hi friend my name is Emmanuel Aina, If you go to and search that name, I am the one you are going to find on the first spot…

I create Free Premium Courses in online Marketing and share it for for free…

 if you are here today, CONGRATULATION!!! because I am about to blown your mind….

If You Are Running Advert on Facebook, When Your Money Stops, the Traffic Stops

If you have been running advert on Facebook, you know how painful it is to spend a lot of money on advert and you are not seeing any result.

This is painful, and this is the major reason why lots of business online foldup.

We all know that traffic is the life-line of any business, if you can’t get traffic to your business…

You won’t get lead, make sales… PERIOD!!!

You know, spending money on advert is good, but the moment your advert money finish, the traffic stop coming,

but if you rank your business website on Google, the traffic never stop coming.


I help this company saved N1,900,000 on adverts

They got 12,700 high targeted clicks for FREE from Google

I helped this company save N1,800,000 on adverts

They got 12,500 high targeted clicks for FREE from Google

I helped this company save N200,000 on adverts in 28 Days

They got 1,330 high targeted clicks for FREE from Google

I helped this company save N345,000 in advertising.

They got 2,500 high targeted clicks for FREE from Google

Introducing SEO Master Class

What is the SEO Master class?

It’s a step-by-step do as I do over 6hrs Video that explains in detail how any person with 0 knowledge of the internet can start implementing immediately.

This is not the type you will see on UDEMY or YOUTUB… this is step by step easy to understand do as I do…

The SEO Master Class is a program I created, to help regular people to get lots of traffic, leads, sales to their website for free, and the traffic will keep on coming over and over.

We all know that traffic is the lifeline of any business…

without a long term inflow of visitors, the business will die a natural death…

My goal was to help anyone ready to learn a high-paying skill to reach their desired level of personal income and lifestyle freedom…

Why You Need to Jump on The SEO Master Class


Learn it and start freelancing, start helping other business company to rank website on Google and get 6 to 7  figures pay 


Learn it and get high paying job as an SEO Manager,  The Average Salary of SEO Manager in Nigeria is N396,000 to N610,000 Monthly

The Average Salary in UNITED STATES is $5559. That is N2,779,500 Nigeria Naira Monthly


Learn it and start ranking your own business website, you can start Profitable blogging
Affiliate Marketing
Real Estate

Web Design

Network Marketing

Any business or services… Rank it

This is one of businesses I implemented it for..

N128K GRAND made for person that find my website on google

What People Are Saying About the result...

What is Inside SEO Master Class Video Course

Video Number #1:

Beginner Friendly, We Start from the bottom, The Chrome Extention To Install

This video show you step by step FREE Plugins to to install that will help you to chose profitable Niches, that will help you unlock keywords that will give you thousand of traffics over and over again.

Video Number #2:

No Brainer, Step by Step How to Select a Profitable Niche & Buy Profitable Domain That is 100% Guaranteed to Succeed.

When you get this right, Success is guaranteed, this is where lots of people fail. This Section I show step by step how to pic profitable Niche and to buy profitable Domain Watch me live while I do this.

Video Number #3:

Zero Skill Required: Here I show you Step by Step How you Can Install WordPress to Your Domain.

You don’t need any previous skill on website design or How to code anything. There is a step by step how to install WordPress you will use for your own Website. ABC style even a 6 years old can follow.

Video Number #4:

Configuring WordPress Step by Step, The Right Settings You Need to Set Your Website Up for Success.

This section show you step by step settings you need to setup your website for success, this is where lots of  people made mistakes, they used the wrong settings or ignore this aspect. here you will see how to do it easily.

Video Number #5:

Creating Pages and 2 Special Pages That Will Make Google Fall In Love With Your Website

In this section, you will see a video how to create pages for your website and the 2 pages required that will force Google to trust your website.

Video Number #6:

In This Section You Will Learn How To Install The Right Plugins and Optimize Your Theme

Video in this section will show you the right plugins you need to install on your website for success. Lots of people have installed wrong plugins that is seriously affecting their website and they don’t know about it yet.

Video Number #7:

In This Section, You Will Learn How To Add Your Website to Google, I used to charge people N20k for this simple task

In this section you will find the easiest way you can add your website to Google, Simple step by step video to follow. I use to charge people 20k to add their website on Google and yahoo, now you will see how simple this is done

Video Number #8:

In this Section You Will Find Video And Resources How You Can Do Keyword Research and Competition Analysis The Right Way

In this section, I revealed secret on how to do keyword Research and Competition analysis the best way.  I break down the video  step by step how to do keyword research. You don’t need expensive software and those hype paid software, the method I revealed here beats some expensive software that cost $700+

Video Number #9:

In This Section You Will Find A Step by Step Video How to Do Content Research and Generate Unique Content You Can Use 100% Your Website

I show you simple method how to generate unique contents Google love. Contents that is 100% Unique. If you cant write like me, Just use this copy and paste method. I revealed software to use for FREE and get unique contents better than 70% of Nigeria writers.

Video Number #10

In This Section You Will Find The Secret to Do Proper Onpage Optimization, That Will Send Your Website Google Page 1

Onpage SEO is the best part of SEO you wan to learn. In this section I revealed detail how to do on page SEO that will take any website to Google page 1, Guarantee, you will find 2 Parts videos and Resources

Video Number #11

Step by Step easy to follow Video to Customize Website to Form Unique One

In this section you will find video that show you how to customize the website to form a Unique one, how to change color, font, text, etc… 

Video Number #11

This Section, You Will Learn How to Get Clients Using Instagram and My Special Email Template to Send to Clients

In this section, I reveal how to get client using Instagram and you can apply the same strategy to get clients on Facebook, YouTube. You also get access to  my custom Email that guarantee to get you a call back. and Watch me Live how I edit one and send to a client


1 Year Mentorship

Yes, you read that right, I believed that not everyone grab things immediately, you will need question here and there, you have 1 year mentorship access where all question you have will be answer and some tips to follow.

How Much Will This Cost Me?

Before I tell what would cost to join this high paid skill,

Before I discovered this skill,

I am type of person that pay lots of money to run adverts on both the Facebook and Google…

And when the money for the ads finish the traffic stop coming.

… he Most annoying thing is I will spend like N50, 000 on adverts, I will get lots of leads but sales won…

This is frustrating…

If you spend money on advertising over and over, you would understand my frustration.

…After lots of research and learning I discovered a new way of getting traffic to websites legitimately without paying for it

…and that is ranking your website on Google

After mastering it, rank multiple keyword to page 1….

I told my friends that I can get free targeted traffic to any website if I want

They LAUGHED when I said I will not pay MONEY to run advert on Google, but when I start getting THOUSAND Of Free Traffic from Google…

N1,900,000 Saved on Advert Cost below



Almost N2,000,000 Saved
on Advert Cost below

Multiple Google Page 1 Spot. equals Thousand of Free Quality Traffic

So How Much Do You Think This Should Cost With The Amazing Benefits This comes with

What I didn’t tell you is…
You can…
  • Start selling advertisement space
  • You can sell the website after you rank it
  • You can earn money from Google AdSense if you want
  • etc….
  • …If you say this SEO Master Course should cost over N100,000

    The total value of all you are getting in this SEO Master Class is well over N500,000 

    I want to make this affordable so you can also take up the offer, I have pegged the price at only $100 (50,000naira)

    However, for sake of my YOUTUBE FOLLOWERS that always asked of the Course

    I have made it available to them for just N20,000. The moment I notice they have gotten the course, the price go to N50, 000, yes because one project can give you far more than N50,000, you can start getting traffic for your products or services, you can start saving money on advertisement, etc etc…

    You Can see N100,000 Part-Payment for SEO

    If I were you I will take action immediate because, you might come in the next 30 Minute and you will notice the 50k button is now active. secure your spot now.

    Time Left!!!

    PAY ₦50,000


    To just give you an assurance knowing the fact that I am still going to mentor you on this you become bro.


    I have attached a 100% money back guarantee.

    If you watch all the trainings and implement them just the way they are for a period of 90 days and you did not see results.

    that’s how sure I am.

    See you inside!

    Start Generating Real Result

    Start Generating Real Result

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