How to Organize FREE Seminars In Nigeria That Brings In At Least N2.4 Million Monthly Without a Single Advert!

  • Learn How To Organize Successful Seminars For Universities & Polytechnics
  • Learn How To Organize Successful Seminars For Churches
  • Learn How To Organize Successful Seminars For NYSC Members

Discover How I have Been Killing It Organizing Seminars For Tertiary Institutions, Churches and Corp Members and How You Can Do It Too!

This is a Real Business That Can Make Money For Any Serious Person

If you have been making investments that NEVER seems to bring any results, am about to turn things around for you TODAY.

I want to reveal, for the very first time, a highly lucrative business venture that I have secretly been using to make real income and build a business and real fortune, while changing the lives of thousands of Nigerians for the better.

It's super easy, actionable, and takes less than 72hrs for you to get started, and it doesn’t require any form of online marketing.

Why You Need This Course...Like Right Now!

Making money online can be a very very confusing business and this is mainly because of all the moving parts you need to put together in order to actually start earning some income online.

First, you need to check and research if an offer you are promoting or bringing to the market would work.

Then, you will need to get the perfect lead magnet that will draw in the RIGHT Audience that will bite your offer.

And set up a funnel that builds a list for you as well as convert your audience.

As if that’s not enough, you then need to as well worry about traffic.

It’s tough, especially if you are just setting out and learning the ropes!

Perhaps, an offline brick and mortar business would be better than an online business, right?

Wrong again!

For an offline brick and mortar business, it’s a dog eat dog world, and brutally tough for prospective entrepreneurs.

First, you would need to get the needed capital to kickstart your dream venture and getting this initial capital is not an easy affair.

Unless you have some money saved up, or can land some loans, your dreams will ever remain a pipe dream.

Secondly, let’s say you do get the needed capital, you will then need to contend with the forces of demand and supply. If your products or services does not have a mass appeal; something that’s needed by almost everyone; you will see your business contending with other more viable ventures.

You may even suffer a loss and fold up if care is not taken, and the business world is more than just taking care.

Now you say, get a job.

Well, you could get one; but would it make you happy? Would it give you the financial freedom you so crave and perhaps deserve, after all those stressful years in the tertiary institution?

I guess not.

Let’s say you are fortunate to get a well-paying job. Are you then ready to face the slavery and drudgery that comes with the job?

Waking up for a 9 – 5 job is not easy!

That’s why this training is really timely, and you should cash in on it right now as all of the challenges above have been taken care of; and you don’t need to bother with any of the above stress whatsoever!

Seminar Income Blueprint has been specially packaged to take the stress off you, and still ensure you make at least N2.4Million monthly.

This Is Perhaps The Easiet Business Anyone Can Ever Think Of Starting.... And Succeeding With!

This business doesn’t involve any of the following…


  • Building a website
  • Setting up funnels
  • Running Facebook ads and social media marketing
  • Getting traffic
  • Doing a 9 – 5 job
  • Cracking your brains to code or figure out things
  • Sourcing capital to start up a new business venture, etc.

Rather, I will show you how I run seminars that makes me millions monthly, and how you can copy EXACTLY what I do and build your future and business around it.

If you don’t want to go that way of building a business with it that pays you for life, I will show you how you can leave everything to us so we just do the work for you, by partnering with us and still earning from seminars.

Cool, right?

Note that you don’t have to give us a dime. We will even pay you for partnering with us!

We will help you do all the work while you just relax and enjoy the profits. I will show you how inside the training.

This is perhaps the most complete Done For You business venture you will ever see in Nigeria that doesn’t involve Forex, Crypto or any of such MLM schemes. That’s if you are too busy to run the seminars yourself.

If you truly desire financial freedom, you will NEVER let an opportunity like this pass you by; even if you are already making millions.

I guarantee you that when you see the LOADED info and secrets inside this course, and how it can completely turn your fortunes around for good, you will wonder why it’s even priced at N30K.

This is a N150k course, I kid you not!

You Can Finally Start Getting Positive Financial Results You Deserve When You Get This Course!


Make Real Money

For the first time, maybe, you will actually get to make money with a course.


Get Branding

You will get to brand your business and get exposure.


Get Real Emails

You will build real BUYERS email list each time.


Build Connections

For each seminar you hold, you will get to build real life connections.


Build A Real Business

You will actually be building a brick and mortar business that pays for life!


Build Reputation

For each successful seminar, your reputation will grow which is important in this business.


Online Marketers, Coaches, And Public Speakers

If you are an online marketer, already making money online through your trainings, courses and masterclasses, and you want to take your business to the next level and make some cool millions in the process, then this is the opportunity and training you have been waiting and longing for.

This training will allow and enable you to take what you already know and have, and turn it into a GIANT passive income earning machine, and increase your bank account while helping millions of Nigerians in the process using the Seminar Income Blueprint.

You will see how you can tailor your skills, trainings and courses into Seminar Nuggets that will bring you sales and clients in droves, begging you to take their monies and learn from your table just from holding FREE Seminars. No more whiners and complainers from those buying your products online, as these people are the real deal.

Serial Buyers And Newbies

If you have been buying course after course, and with no real results, and right now you are almost getting frustrated; then this training is definitely for you.

This is a course you can buy with peace of mind, and certainty of getting REAL RESULTS. The steps to take are very straightforward, and actionable. Almost all the resources you need to start cashing in IMMEDIATELY are available.

And did I mention that you don’t need to start setting up funnels, doing Facebook ads, writing email sequences, and loads of the shenanigans obtainable with online businesses that aids in making it a success.

For this business, you just need to start holding seminars, and you can get it started leveraging on resources that are already available and close to you as you will see in the video trainings.

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners & Investors

This course is certainly meant for those who have the needed capital but wondering what to invest in.

If you have the capital, and need a business that can stand the test of time, then holding seminars for tertiary institutions, churches and corp members is what you would want to invest it.

Its not just lucrative, but fulfilling as well; and even if you have not spoken to an audience in your life, or you stammer, or you are the shy type, the Seminar Income Blueprint shows you what to do.

Unemployed And Employed

For the unemployed, who seek a means of getting out of the job hunt race and the employed who are not satisfied with their income or financial state, this is the ideal course.

If you have been looking for a way to cut out and escape from the drudgery of a 9 – 5 job, then this is the one course you should get.

Also, for the job seeker who is tired of submitting CVs and promises from so called godfathers, get this course and forget about ever working for any one again.

Whether you are unemployed or employed, you will find immense value in this course.

Learn from My 13 Years of Experience Organizing Seminars Nationwide and Making Millions From It.

You can now cash in on my industry experience of organizing seminars and workshops nationwide for tertiary institutions, churches, and National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) Members, and How i was able to build a real brand and business around it.


- Public Speaker, Coach & Business Owner

I have been organizing seminars and workshops for University undergraduates, Polytechnic students, Colleges of education, Churches and for National Youth Service Corp members for more than a decade now, where I train on digital marketing, freelancing, investment opportunities, ecommerce and career development.

My trainings often attract more than 2, 000 participants in a singular sitting.

When it comes to organizing successful seminars that brings in good income, am damn good with it, and you will be learning the strategies I use to organize FREE seminars and earn at least N2.4 Million from each successful seminar, without doing any adverts.

What You Will Learn From This Course

To take you through the process of making money using the Seminar Income Blueprint, the course has been divided into a 4 -Part Video Series; each part a central and key part of the whole strategy that I use to bank at least N2.4 Million monthly like clockwork.

Part 1 - Prerequisites To Organizing Seminars In Nigeria

In this part of the training, I will show you everything you would need before you even start thinking of organizing seminars.

These tools are so important and key to organizing successful free seminars that without them you are bound to fail.

Frankly, this foundation is the KEY, and you would not even know what to do without these prerequisites.

  • SMART TIP – well, despite the necessity of these tools to kickstarting seminars, in the training, I gave a smart way of boycotting all the tools and getting this business started ASAP, in 72hrs….and thus not just shortening your learning process but ensuring you make money FAST.

Part 2 – Negotiating A Seminar Deal – Research Stage

This part of the course showcases another integral part of the Seminar Income Blueprint process where I show you the ONE IMPORTANT thing that ensures that every single seminar you hold brings in real moolah, and how to know from the outset how profitable a seminar is going to be.

This research stage, when done well, eventually crowns all your future efforts.

  • SMART TIP – You can do your research right from your room, and in less than 30 minutes. I will reveal a tool that you can use to carry out research for FREE.

Part 3 – Negotiating A Seminar Deal – Initial Meeting With Partners / School Excos

Still on negotiating a seminar deal, this time I take you by the hand and show you EXACTLY how to negotiate with your partners, that’s the institutions where you will be holding the seminar.

I show you how to get approval from any institution within days, and sometimes in 24hrs.

You will get to know the EXACT words to say, and the psychological hotspots to use.

As a matter of fact, I will show you what to wear, how to introduce yourself the right way, how to introduce your firm or partners, how to negotiate the deal himself, and how to make them beg you to hold the seminar ASAP, etc.

This is perhaps the most important part of the training, as this is where you NAIL all your seminars.

  • SMART TIP – inside the training, I reveal the only things you need to mention, and every other thing will just go in your favor, and you will get the management approval for any seminar even within 24 hrs.

Part 4 – Holding A Successful Seminar – What It Takes

In conclusion, I will showcase to you what you need do to make the seminar day go as planned.

From my experiences with holding seminars, a lot of things could go wrong, and in this part of the training, I highlight and point out what those things are, and how to take care of them before the training, and on the seminar day.

This part of the training is a MUST learn, and will save you a couple of milli0ons in future, as well as make you a couple of millions as well.


This is the right time for you to cash in on a business that many people are totally ignorant of, and that is bound to bank some real good income to your bank account.

Don’t allow an opportunity like this to pass you by.

Cash in right now while this product is still in the market, and at such a ridiculously low price!

I was lucky to attend two seminars organized by MegaRich Consults, I was rounding up my NYSC way back in Awka, where I served. Applying the strategies, I learnt from the training, I approached my boss at my place of primary assignment. The rest is history. I not only secured an appointment, but am the Head of Departments right now at the Technological Firm…. all I can say is that you will find immerse value in this package, whether you are already working or jobless at the moment….or just seeking financial freedom.

Osahon Agbonghae

As a law student in my final year, I was totally clueless on what is obtainable in the job interview, and corporate arena. The A – Z of job interview and corporate ethics training I had was an eye opener as it ushered me into what it takes to excel in various areas of my career. It not only helped me with securing an opportunity fast, but negotiation skills and packaging are some of my takeaway as well. Just get this training right now because when it comes to organizing successful seminars, this company simply rocks!

Blessing Efeoghene

In 2018, while I was the Students Union Government President in University of Jos..... My government in conjunction with MegaRich Consult successfully organized a business seminar were over 1500 students benefited, with regards to Online Business and Career Development trainings, and till date students do make reference to the seminar which makes me relevant in the society..... The seminar was such a huge success that I referred them to Plateau State Polytechnic where it was then held and also a huge success. Thanks to MegaRich Consult......

Comr. Samson Luka HARUNA

The Gurus & So-Called Best Courses With Their Sweet Talks Wont Put Money In Your Bank Account;

The 'Unique Actionable Info' Gotten From This Video Training Course Can.

The moment you go through the video training and the included bonuses, attaining financial freedom suddenly becomes a whole lot easier, and doable, and your investment  naturally and automatically shifts in an entirely new direction. The energy now become 100% focused on PICTURING YOU finally making money from a legitimate investment.

You will find yourself in a position where finance won’t be an issue as this “one time invest” begins to pay for itself over and over again finally making you a multi-millionaire. The ‘Coded Knowledge’ immediately places you in a position where making money won’t be an issue anymore.


How much money would you be willing
to pay right now if you could actually
PURCHASE the means of making your financial dreams come true.

I ask you this question because if you’ll stop and think about it for a moment, you’ll realize this is precisely what I’m offering you today.

How to “purchase” the means of making your financial dreams come true for just

N30,000 ONLY

For every day that passes by, your efforts and time spent in trying to make money whether online or offline is costing you a lot.

The only question is how much?

In Addition To The SEMINAR INCOME BLUEPRINT Video Training Course, I have Included Bonuses That Will Make This Training Easier and Actionable From The Very First Day.

These bonuses will make this business not only easier, but ensure you take off within 72hrs of going through the entire course. These are the same tools, resources and documents that I use in all my seminars and trainings…..worth hundreds of thousands of Naira.

5 Detailed PowerPoint Slides Of My Core Trainings

As a bonus, I will give you 5 of my trainings in PowerPoint slides that have made me millions of naira. With this, you can start giving trainings on these topics as I have practically done all the work for you.


In addition, I also give you access to detailed video trainings on the 5 topics contain on the 5 detailed trainings slides so you become a Pro in no time.


This is perhaps the best BONUS that can accompany the Seminar Income Blueprint as it makes it easy for you to kickstart ASAP.

Sample Computation Documents & Certificates

This is another super bonus am giving that contains all sample computation documents that you will be needing when holding seminars. This is to ensure you get your computations right from the get go.


Also, I added sample Certificates that you could copy, to be given to students after the training. This bonus also comes with a sample registration form, with a video explanation already in the main training on how it should be filled to get a stress-free seminar.

Proposal, Approval Letters & Negotiation Documents

This bonus pack is the real deal as it contains or my Proposal, MOU and Approval letters. With this pack, you will see how to tailor and package these documents, as it differs from other proposal templates you might have seen.


Note that these are SAME documents that have been using for more than a decade now, and still use. Just make adjustments to them and you are good to go with securing seminars.

Sample Video of One of Our Live Seminar

I will give you a sample video of one of our seminars so you see how it is done from beginning to the very end. You get to see for yourself how the various stages and programs of our seminars go, and the various trigger words that ensures you win the heart of the participants.


This video is worth more than N30, 000 as it’s a full training on its own on the various aspects of what we teach in our seminars.

Video on 16 Mistakes I Made Organizing Seminars.

I guess we all learn from our mistakes, so am not shy to put it out here. Organizing seminars is not a kid venture, and a real business; and during the course of more than a decade, have made my fair share of mistakes.


In this bonus video, have showcased all my mistakes; 16 mistakes; that you MUST avoid to make your seminars a success.


Don’t get worried. The moment you go through this video, you won’t make same mistakes. I made these mistakes, so you don’t have to when you start holding your seminars.

If You Are Really Serious About Making Real Money Before The Year Runs Out, And Even Beyond, Then You Don’t Let Opportunities Like This Pass You.

I Will Be Increasing The Cost Of This Course To N50, 000 Real Soon, And Then Take It Off The Market After That.

Do Yourself The Favor And Get This Course RIGHT NOW!

Maybe You Have Tried Some Businesses
That Didnt Work Out As Advertised Like:

  • Forex Trading
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Freelancing And Some Other Online BusinessesAffiliate MarketingAffiliate Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Adsense, CPA, CPL, Etc

Though the above are very good business models, it does take SOME SKILLS to get them right.

Seminar Income Blueprint differs in that you don’t need any special skills to get started, and you get results FAST, as fast as 72hrs!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

For this product with its immense value, we are NOT offering any refunds on purchases made. This is because once you have access to this digital product, there is no way for us to tell or monitor what you do with it. Flimsy excuses as this is not what you need or expected won’t be honored with a refund.

ONLY purchase if you know the IMMENSE value you are getting today.

Everything listed on this page is what you will have access to.

However, we are giving you a 30 – day guarantee. If you purchase this product, and within 30 days you cannot access your product, or we can’t rectify any issues you have with accessing your products, or you take actionable steps to making this work and all with our support and you still can’t make it happen, provide us with evidence and we will kindly offer you a refund.

This is meant to DISCOURAGE any unserious individual who is only interested in buying then refunding after getting access.


Will Covid-19 not affect this business model as it involves holding seminars where many people are gathered in one place?

Not at all. The world has come to learn to live with Covid-19 as it has come to stay. Tertiary institutions and churches and corpers all still gather in one place, in crowds, with necessarily safety measures being put in place.

Do I need extra money to get this business started?

Well, the answer is a YES and a NO. yes, if you want to kickstart on your own without depending on my more than 10yrs of experience which is what I would advise. In this case, you make and keep all the money.

NO, if you want to depend on my expertise and just relax and enjoy the profits.

So, you have choices to make, and this is well explained in the training.

Do you offer support, if am stranded and needs help with some aspects of this course?

You can rest assured with our support system. We will ensure that all your questions and queries are attended to promptly and satisfactorily. We pride ourselves in optimum customer care and support, and perhaps the best in the industry.

We have a Telegram Support, and Facebook Group where all your concerns and worries will be attended to.

I have more questions. Where and how can I reach you?

For more inquiries and questions, you can reach out to anytime. My email address and contact details are available inside the training program.

Sir, am worried that many people will get this course. Won’t this eventually get saturated?

Far from it! As a matter of fact, we have not even been able to cover 10% of the tertiary institutions in Nigeria since we have been holding trainings for the past 13 years, and that not counting churches and corp members. The market is vast and viable; especially right NOW…and will always be ripe.

This sounds like a great course. I am seriously interested, but I don’t have the cash now?

In that case, you can save for it and when you have the finds, the program will still be here. The only thing is that the price could have increased by then.


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