How Successful Physical Product Sellers Make Money Selling On The Biggest E-Commerce Sites In Nigeria

Without having to worry about delivering the products to the customer

Now this is for you if You want to sell physical products without stress and most importantly for you who wants to make extra income and not loose your mind or your sanity..

I've Discovered a Genuine and Fail-Proof Solution for selling Physical products online and You DON'T have to worry about creating a video, worry about content, worry about the algorithm, worry about visibility, dance before selling.

That Almost Nobody Knows About...

But its said to set your [life] Free from the Hassel and struggles of online sales and marketing!

My name is Rukayat Alimi, I am a sales and marketing coach

I help people grow their businesses online using digital tools and social media, so they can meet their income goals and live the lives of their dreams

Over the Years, I have sold on the top 3 e-commerce websites in Nigeria

Being a Mother and a Wife in a country like Nigeria with an unstable economy means having multiple streams is a must if you truly want to live a deserving life and being able to afford all you wanted.

With This In Mind

I started exploring options and the best was making money online, at least what I can combine to my physical job and the natural job of being a mother and a wife.

Selling online wasn't easy for me at first because creating contents but video, audio, graphics running ads all didn't come in easy for me.

But one thing struck me into the quest of knowing what later became a game changer for me

I discovered that each time I search a product on Jumia Konga or Jiji, I begin to see their ads everywhere, Facebook, Youtube, Apps in my mobile phone and sometimes in my dream

I was determined to be among those whose products will show during these searches

I quickly open a Jumia and a Konga account after months of waiting to be approved as a vendor, I was finally approved. But because I did this without guidance it was a difficult process for me

No body even saw my product talk more of even getting any order until I had to go in-depth into knowing what works, the kind of products people are searching for and are wanting to buy and how to source this products locally in the Nigerian market.

Well as expected, the do it myself process of finding my way out, did cost me a lot of wasted time and resources but then I found some deep pocket lessons...

These lessons that has been the cause of my groundbreaking result..

These same lessons I have implemented for my able clients....

Many who are now hitting it big in the e-commerce industry.

An example is Anu

After going through the How to sell on Jumia course, Three of my products ran out of stock less than 2 weeks of listing it on Jumia

I am so loving how I am making sales effortlessly implementing all you have taught!! 

Thank you very much ma..

Anuoluwapo Adeyemi

And over 50 more now making money effortlessly just by listing hot selling products on either Jumia, Jiji or Konga

Many who are always thanking God for these hard-learned lessons of my 3 years journey I've shared with them.

You know Numbers don't lie, Let me show you screenshots from my dashboard

I know you are familiar with these sites but let me explain why they are gold mines for people right now

Jumia is the number one e-commerce site in Africa with above 15 million focused buyers daily. Jumia is a Pan-African technology company that is built around a marketplace, logistics service and payment service. The logistics service enables the delivery of packages through a network of local partners while the payment services facilitate the payments of online transactions within Jumia’s ecosystem 

Jumia was launched in Nigeria in 2012 and expanded to five other countries: Egypt, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Kenya and South Africa. In 2014, the company launched offices in Tunisia, Tanzania, Ghana , Cameroon , Algeria and Uganda, and by 2018 it was present in 14 African countries.

  • It is the biggest online shopping mall in Africa

  • Has over 9-16 million monthly focused buyers

  • free to set up and start-up

  • They advertise so well

  • Jumia express

  • you can pay for sponsored ads

  • always doing sales

  • payment on delivery

  • no worries about algorithm and co

Konga is the second largest e-commerce site in Nigeria with over 7 million active buyers

  • The second largest e-commerce store in Nigeria

  • Not free to start

  • have fewer sellers which means low competition

  • good customer support

  • pay on delivery

  • regular sales

  • you can pay for sponsored ads

  • no worries about algorithm and co

Jiji is the number one online marketing place in Nigeria with massive buyers daily.

  • Number one online marketplace in Nigeria

  • It's free to set up

  • Runs ads so much

  • No commission requires

  • You can sell anything and everything except human parts

  • You can sell your services

  • Access to customer's information and communication

  • Access to wholesalers

  • Good customer support{Account manager}

  • You can run ads from their site as well

You know them simply because their ads chase you everywhere, from Facebook, to YouTube to google related mobile apps

How about listing your physical products in fronts of million-focused undistracted buyers, your products will sell out faster Right?

Your guess is as good as mine

But the Sad Truth is most people have their products listed on these sites but their products are not even visible talk more of making sales or even making a profit.

I struggled with this problem in my first few months of trying to navigate these sites myself, until I later found what works and where I was getting it all wrong

until I started getting meaning orders as you can see below

That's why I want to show how I have done this successfully for the past 3years and how you too can replicate these processes to succeed as physical products sellers

Now, i want you to imagine these things, What will it mean to you...

  • When you sell your product without being too involved in the process, think about how good you'll feel about yourself when you successfully sell WITHOUT stress
  • When you get your products sold and delivered without your involvement, think about all the extra money you'll make without breaking a sweat
  • See yourself receiving credit alerts quietly everyday without being actively involved in the business process. this can even be an extra income source

E sweet you abi...

Now, If you want to Sell out your products with ease, make money online without stress, or even if you just want to sell any and every fast-moving product without breaking a sweat


And this is why I prepared a guide specifically to help you, and it’s called 

Sell more with Jiji, Jumia and Konga

the only course you need if want join the millionaires' gang and start cashing out on these platforms

Personally, I've used these hard-learned lessons which you'll be getting in this course to achieve these

here is Why you should sell on the top 3 e-commerce websites in Nigeria

  • They all have Massive visibility on google 
  • They run advertisements daily everywhere
  • They sell with their brand name and not yours so you can be making your money quietly
  • You can sell anything and everything, unlike social media
  • Some people will never buy from social media because they don't trust you yet, but they trust these platforms more

I've been able to leverage these to sell more of my products, and you too should

Sell more with Jiji, Jumia and Konga

the only course you need if want join the millionaires' gang and start cashing out on these platforms

Inside of Sell more with Jiji, Jumia and Konga

I will be sharing with you all the secrets to help you make massive profit on these platforms. 

Here's a sneak peak at what you'll discover inside this course:

  • You'll learn how to effectively Create and re-launch your Jiji, Jumia, and Konga accounts
  • how to research fast-selling product
  • Tips about posting, post deletion, post edit, posting guidelines, etc
  • how to use SEO to make sure your product rank high when searched
  • Tips for setting up a convincing profile on Jiji
  • Tips on ensuring smooth store operation
  • How to avoid getting banned, suspended, or surcharged
  • packaging goods guidelines
  • What to know about the drop-off location
  • dos and don't to build your personal brand off Jiji
  • other ways to make money and expand your business
  • possible challenges that may arise on these platforms
  • All about proper pricing so you can be profitable
  • Tips for closing deals. handling physical meetings and solving locational based business barriers
  • and many more

What Are Others Saying About 'This Course?'

Just Like The Testimonies Have Shown....

This course has proven to be a solution to low and no sales of physical products

But Let Me Sweeten The Pot For You Even More With These Instant Bonuses For Acting Now...!

Bonus 1: How to buy airtime, data electricity bill at a cheaper rate on Jumia.

Value: [N20,000]

Bonus 2: How to use Jumia/Konga logistics to deliver your none Jumia items.

Value: [N20,000]

Bonus 3: How to become an affiliate on Jumia and Konga.

Value: [N15,000]

Bonus 4: Contact of tested and trusted suppliers/Big importers in Lagos Island in various niches

Value: [N50,000]

Your Premium Access

Here is just a sneak peak of what you'll get in this Bundle...

  • How to sell on jiji alone is valued  N30,000

  • How to sell on Jumia Valued N50,000

  • How to sell on Konga Valued N20,000

  • How to buy airtime, data electricity bill at a cheaper rate on Jumia. valued at N20,000

  • How to use Jumia/Konga logistics to deliver your none Jumia items. Valued at N20,000

  • How to become an affiliate on Jumia and Konga. Valued at N15,000

  • Contact of tested and trusted suppliers/Big importers in Lagos Island in various niches N50,000

Total Value- 205,000

Today's Price- N25,000

Take A Full 30days To Put Us To The Test With Our Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee

If "Sell more with jiji Jumia and Konga" doesn't show me exactly how to Sell out my products with ease... if it doesn't take me by the hand, step-by-step make money online without stress... and I am able to show that I used all the strategies that I was taught, then I understand that I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!!


You probably might want to ask.......

How can I make payments?

Click on any of the buttons to make payment

Is it only for people who sell physical products?

No, it is also for people who want to earn money online. So if you don't sell physical products, the course will teach you how to source products and contacts of sellers too.

How was the course delivered?

It's a video course, so you get to watch me do most of the task while you watch, learn and implement

I'm still not sure if it would work for me

It's a self paced course, that has proven to work for anyone who is ready to learn. If you have the desire to learn and implement, Trust me it will work for you


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