After Training 3294+ People Last Year, On How To Make Their First Internet Money,
This Underground Internet Marketer Asks:

“Who Else Wants To Learn The
NEW FASTER WAY To Setup A Profitable Online Business In The Next 89 Minutes, That Will Generate Up To
N197,500, N375,000, N517,000 And More Every Month,…

…Even If All You Have Is A Cheap Smartphone Or Have Never Made A Single Kobo Online Ever?”

And The Best Part is That…

Here Is Mr Francis Who Buzzed Me On WhatsApp That He Made $800 (about N480,000) Last Year With What I Taught Him.

And here is another testimony from another student who cashed out $260 from my method. (that is about N156,000)

If You Would Like To Learn This How To Do This In the Next 87 Minutes,
Then Read This Page To The End

Dear Friend,


I do not know how you got here…


Maybe a friend showed you this page.


Or you got it from either Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube, TikTok, WhatsApp or from whatever channel that brough you here…


It doesn’t really matter


What matters is, why you are here


And that is;


You Need A Business Model That Will Make You Money As Quick Or Fast As Possible!


If that is the case, don’t worry because in the next few minutes,…

…I will reveal a reliable business model that is making myself and many other young Nigerians just like you…


Yes, you read that right.




Just like one of my student, Mr Obialor, who was once a teacher, that made…


…N1million in 7 days.


If you doubt it, you can see his screenshot of his chat below;


…how you can do the same thing starting today.


This business model, I personally believe is the EASIEST and MOST FOOLPROOF WAY to make huge wads of money than any business you have done previously.


It is so simple I could teach you how to do it in less than 2 hours.


It is 100 times more profitable than being a Bank Manager, and



…it is 100% legal!


So if…





This Would Be One Of The Most Important Letter You Will Ever Read!




Because this is a very lucrative business model YOU can do;



Infact, all you’ll ever need to make lots of money with it is;




…Just 2 – 3 Hours Of Your Spare Time Every Week.


Now, you might be a little skeptical about this.


You are scared of starting an online business or investing in one, because you or a friend of yours might have lost lots of money in the past and…


you don’t want to make that mistake to loose the small money that is left in your bank account.


Or worse, every so called experts online are advertising their own perfect no-fail money making business opportunity for you to buy their course,…


…which have left you confused and over loaded with information.


If that is the way you feel right now,…


It’s NOT your fault!


I can clearly understand because…


Allow Me To Introduce Myself And How I Was Led To Re-Start This Business Model

My name is Ufuoma Desmond and I have been in the business of making money online for over a decade


Many of the Internet Big Guru or Experts that you have of, know me very well..


At least, the screenshots below can’t lie;

Last year alone, I made over N40million selling by over 3200 copies of my product, the SEDP Affiliate CashOut Workshop


It became so popular that it became…


one of the Best Selling Product on Expertnaire, the biggest digital product platform in Africa.

Despite being this known and this good however…


…Something Almost Tragic Happened That Led Me To Re-Discover This Unique Business Opportunity!


In 2020, during the COVID year, I lost a lot of money to a business deal, when my goods were seized


I used over 70% of the remaining money in my account to retrieve those goods from the Nigerian authority


When I finally retrieved them, I couldn’t sell them off because, they had all become expired


Disoriented I was, but life must go on.


I also lost a relationship of mine which I didn’t sulk much over.


But little did I know that…


…it was just the beginning.


On a fateful day in February 2021, I received a call on a Friday by around 2am, that…


…My Elder Brother He Was Hospitalized Because…


…He Could Not Breathe Without Oxygen!


He was on the thin line between life and death.


In less than 72 Hours after admission, We Had Already Spent N983,731 In Diagnosis,…


…Only To Find Out Again That…


He Had A Fibroid-Like Growth Under His Left Lung And…


…It Had Compressed The Lung Upward Completely,…


…Making Him To Breath With Just One Lung!


If You Doubt It,..


…This Is Exactly What It Looked Like From The CT Scan We Got!


And To Get That Fibroid Like Growth Removed…


…He Needed A Surgery Worth Close To A Million Naira (N1million) If It was conducted in a Government Hospital


However, if this Surgery was conducted in a Private Hospital, we will have to pay…


…3 Million Naira For The Same Surgery!


The Only Way Out Was To Raise Money As Fast As Possible To Take Care Of The Bills.


I Personally Couldn’t Handle The Embarrassment Of Asking Other Extend Family Members Or Friends To Help Out Financially As They Did Initially.


So in desperation, I tried so many things just to be able to raise some part of the money.


I had sleepless nights, spent my small emergency savings to start up something again, and…


…still lost it again.


Infact, one of the gurus, who I got a course from, told me that I had to find a way to make it work myself when I got stuck


I was at the brink of giving up because there was no hope at all…

And That Was When I Re-Discovered This Unique Business Opportunity which…


…I used to raise $3522.96 which is about N2.4million in 47 Days


You can see the screenshot of the earnings below:

Since then, this exact business model is what I use…


….to make fast cash for my financial obligations and it can help you too


The cash-flow from using this business model is as consistent as the nose breathes in and out.


And once you start this business, you would be shocked at how easy making money can be made because…


And Still Make Good Money Every Single Week!


It is so simple and so obvious that once you discover what it is, you might bite of your fingers in regret for not seeing it before now.


So what is the Awesome Business Model I Re-Discovered That Made Me $3522.96 (about N2.4million) In 47 Days?


You might have heard about it, It is called…


…Affiliate Marketing


I know you feel like closing this page right now because it is something you have heard about…


…yes, the business that most people are promoting on Facebook, TikTok and WhatsApp Status with their vacation trips here and there.


You might even be one of those who called it a scam…

But stay with me, as I reveal…


a missing piece of this business opportunity that most expert fail to tell you.


Let me paint a little scenario for you…


Have to ever bought a plate of food from a particular eatery in your area that tastes so good?


If you did, I’m sure that, you always get a plate of food from them every week, even every day if possible


Now, if a friend of yours, who comes around and asks for a nice eatery around, you will definitely recommend that same eatery having that awesome delicacy.


If you have done this, I mean recommend a product or service that you satisfied with to a family or friend,…

…you have just done affiliate marketing for the people who provided such a wonderful service.


The only difference is that, you didn’t get paid for doing such.


In essence, Affiliate marketing is simply…


…recommending products and services to others, family, friends and strangers, that helps them, while you get paid a commission on each sale.


Still Confused About It?


Let Me Explain To You Further..

Let’s say you see a product,…


…like a Weight Loss Tea!


The owner/creator of the product sells it for N9,000!


And …she pays out N3,000 per pack to anyone who recommends her weight loss tea…


… for every sale made through the person.


What this means is;


…if you decide to become an affiliate of that weight loss tea, and…


…your recommend it to your family and friends, generating 10 sales to the weight loss tea,…


…You’ll Get Paid…


…N3,000 * 10 copies =


N30,000 in pure profits for you!





And the best part is that;


This awesome business model will work for you…


…without leaving the job you do or any profession you practice




Despite How Lucrative This Business Is,…


…Most People Still Don’t Make Money From It!


That is because most of the courses that teach this business opportunity, are not straight to the point.


Most are stuffed with much videos, having little or no practical ways on how to get started.


Some encourage you to learn almost all of the digitals skills on earth before you can set up this simple business model.


And sometimes, the person who you got the course from, disappears into thin air the moment he /  she takes your money.


And right now, all you need is just to start a business that will make you money fast as soon as possible.


For me personally, it took me sometime to be able to get it right even though I already knew little about it.


I bought a lot of courses, home and abroad, just trying to get this right.


When I did, I created my own little twist that helped me setup profitable affiliate business in less than 2 hours


I showed a lot of people in 2022 who have never made a dime online before and…


…they started getting results


Just like Mr Creedo, who used the method to sell another product as an affiliate, to make a N1million.


Also, here is a school teacher, Mr Eze, who makes N200,000 every month using thie method

And the mind blowing part is that,…


…people who got this method, where able to use it to secure high-paying 9-5 jobs…


Just Like This Man Who Got Employed In An IT Firm With What He Learnt From Me.

Because of these awesome testimonies, I wanted to help more people


I did more research and CREATED SOMETHING SPECIAL!


It is…

…a NEW FASTER WAY To Setup A Profitable Affiliate Marketing Business In The Next 89 Minutes Or Less, Even If You Have Never Ever Done Any Online Busines In The Past Or Don’t Know Where To Start From!


Yes, with what I will reveal to you, you will not be doing any of the following



With what I will hand over to you, you will skip all of these obstacles & be
7 STEPS AHEAD of those who are still struggling
with this business model.


If this is what you want, then.


I present to you…

The SEDP Affiliate CashOut Workshop 2.0

The NEW FASTER WAY To Setup A Profitable Affiliate Business In The Next 89 Mins That Will Generate N197,500, N375,000, N517,000 and More, Using Either Your Laptop, Android Phone, Or Iphone!

He Made N200,000 Now On A Regular Easily!

He Is 6 Figure Per Month Earner After Getting My Method


What I have done is to take everything that I have tested and trusted to work, into a 4 Straight Forward STEP BY STEP FULL PRACTICAL WORKSHOP,


…which you can implement
in the next 89 Mins!


You will never have to abandon your present job or your responsibility in your workplace or family.


You can do it lazily and still make money like my colleague below:


However, I have to make this disclaimer right here;


This will NOT work for you if:


If this is you,…


…please close this page right now.




it will work for you if…

I have created in it such a way that, you will be able to get started today


…without paying a dime for websites or pay for online ads if you want to.


And I’m certain it will work for you because, it’s based on reliable strategies that works, and they work long term, not guesswork or shortcuts.


So if you want to get into the Affiliate Marketing game like me and other Nigerians and start making money as soon as possible using this already successful business method.…


…then here is what I will be revealing in this 4 Part Module Workshop

Clarity Stage
Worth N10,000

This is where it all begins.


The success of this succeeding with any business, affiliate marketing inclusive, starts with the mind.


You need to be clear on what you want to achieve before you venture on this business


That is why I will reveal the following in this module

Scouting Stage
Worth: N15,000

This is where the real work starts.


This stage is the foundation of affiliate marketing


This is the stage most people fail, even many of the experts you know.


This is why most people would say affiliate marketing doesn’t work for them

That is why I will reveal the following in this module;

The Ascension Stage
Worth: N20,000

I love this stage the more.


It is the easiest stage ever in the game of affiliate marketing


Once you are able to do the scouting stage properly, you will not have any issues here.


Most affiliates always find an issue with this stage, that is why they are lost


With this module, I’m going to be teaching you the following;

The Setup Stage
Worth: N40,000

This is the sweetest part of this workshop.


The backbone that determines the whole success of implementing this method.


I went deeper, broke down those technical skills and made them for easy to understand.


I made it so easy that even an 16 year old in Secondary school can implement this in less than an hour.


Where other courses bore you with too much explanation and technical jargons,…


…I made sure I broke down this part, using simple terms so that…


…a total beginner can understand

Here are what I revealed in this Module

And To Cap It All Up…


…I Created Another Extra SPECIAL For You!


I call it…

Traffic, Conversion and Commissions
Worth: N30,000

I intended to sell this as a standlone workshop for N30,000 but,…


…I decided to add it as an EXTRA MODULE, so that…


…you don’t get to miss out on this and have to spend more money buying other course on this topic!


What I did in this module, is to…


…gather the best of the best secrets on how to attract people to your business, using either free organic traffic or paid traffic.


With this module, you don’t have to pay any person to drive traffic to your site or beg anyone to buy from you


You will learn how you can get potential buyers, how to keep them and…


how to make them buy from you instead of other affiliate marketers

Here is exactly what will be revealed here;


This Is The Most Straight Forward,
No Fluff Or Time Wasting Training You Will Ever Come Across This Year!


Everything that will be reveal in this workshop is what I have done personally...


and has worked for me and my students who have made their very first sale online.


After going through this training, you will be able to…

You can be like this my student who…


got a phone worth over N150,000 easily

Or this student who…


got a Samsung Phone worth over N550,000

You can overcome frustration of being broke like…


…how Naomi Okon did and now makes N100,000 on a regular.


Or, better, be among the hundreds of Nigerians, just like you…


Who Made Their Very Own Money Too
With My Trainings…

Like To Be Like Them By Grabbing A Slot To Attending This Workshop?


I know Yes is your answer.


I’m 100% Certain that…

…This Is The Exact Missing Piece You Are Looking For, To Meeting Up Your Financial Needs!


Once You Get This Now,
You Will Be Able To…


…Use The Knowledge You Get From This Workshop And Be Able To Make A Truck-Loads Of Money Every Month!


You Would Skip The Possible Failures and Frustration Others Are Experiencing Because This Is Proven To Work So That…


…You Will Save Yourself Time, Energy and Money!


I Know. You Are Asking Yourself Right Now…


“…How Can I Get In?”


Now Imagine If You Are To Pay Separately For Each These Items…


That would a total of N125,000


However, you will not be paying that because of how the economy is and I would not want you struggle too much to get started with this, so that…


…you can start generating money as soon as possible.


But Guess What?


I Want To Sweeten This Deal For You


I Will Give You The Following FREE GIFTS If You Get The SEDP Workshop 2.0 Today


The SEDP Affiliate Cashout Workshop 1.0
And All The Bonuses

Real Worth: N465,000

This is the first version of the workshop that changed the lives of over 3000 Nigerians, and it is still doing that.


It is the workshop that helped people such as Creedo, Favour, and the rest you have heard about make money online.


If you combine what you learn from SEDP Workshop 1.0 along with this SEDP Workshop 2.0, you will literally be an unstoppable money making machine.


This real worth of the course is N465,000 in worth alone, but…


…I will give you for free if, you get the SEDP Workshop 2.0 today


The Organic Traffic Workshop:

How To Generate 15 – 45 Potential Buyers For Your Internet Business Every Week, Using FREE Organic Traffic From LinkedIN, Twitter And TikTok!


Are you looking for a way to get a lot of potential buyers for your affiliate business but…


don’t have enough to start running paid advertising?


Then don’t worry.


Earlier this year, I met with the best of the best and arranged a 3 day event where they taught my students,…


how to generate 15 – 45 Potential Buyers every week using free organic traffic from the following social media channels:


  • LinkedIn

  • TikTok

  • Twitter


And the value was massive.


Here are some of the secrets you will learn when you get this

As a student of the SEDP Workshop 2.0, you will be getting it for free,


YES totally free


And if you think that this is just one of those training where it is full of talk with empty stuff,…

here is what a student said after attending the full 3 days training.


The WhatsApp Marketing Workshop

The 5 Step Formula To Make 10 – 30 Sales Every Week Using WhatsApp.

Worth: N15,000

Have you been trying to use WhatsApp to sell but it seems nothing is working out for you?


Then I created this WhatsApp training just for you, I will show you how to do this successfully and it is FREE.


You will never have to buy another training or course on how to sell on WhatsApp.


Infact, a student of mine said the training is what he paid N15,000 for from another guru.


The Facebook & Instagram Ads
Workshop For SmartPhone

The Easiest Way To Setup A
Successful & Profitable Facebook & Instagram Ads Campaign,
Using Just Your SmartPhone!

Worth: N20,000

Finally, you can run adverts on Facebook using just your smartphone.


With this, you will be able to advertise, not just your business alone but also…


…be able to advertise any other business you choose to without having a laptop and make a lot of money with your business


It has been created in such away that you will set everything up using just your smartphone, no laptop required


The Smart Graphics Design Method

How I Design Simple Graphics For My Ads That Attracts 3 – 5 Ready-To-Buy Prospects Every Week, Using Canva!

Worth: N5,000

When it comes to designing ads graphics, I keep it very simple.


I create it in a way that it will attract the very people I need to buy from me.


I don’t do over fancy graphics that looks too bogus.


And I’m going to show you how to do this for FREE


The Smarter Content Creation Method

How To Create Convincing Marketing Content For Your Online Business In Less Than 5 Mins, Even If You Know What To Write!

Worth: N20,000

Do you find it difficult to create marketing contents that will convince people to buy from you?


Then don’t worry. I have this FREE training for you


I have just discovered a super method that will help you to create marketing content easily.


With this, you don’t have to know what to write or be an expert.


And you will never have to pay anybody to write content for you.


Irresistible Offers That Sell

How To Create Cash Generating Offers That Will Make People Buy From You, Instead From Your Competitors

Worth: N10,000

Are you scared that nobody will buy from you because there are other persons selling the same product?


Then don’t worry…


…In this training, I will show you how to create cash generating offers, that will not only make people buy from, but also…


…make people not listen to your competitors when they make their own offers.


The Affiliate In Dollars Blueprint

How To Make $200, $500 And Even $1,000 Per Month, Doing Affiliate Marketing Without Using Clickbank, WarriorPlus, JVZoo, PayPal Or Even Changing Your IP Address!

Worth N5,000

Are you looking to make money in dollars so that you can earn more against the Naira?


Then I’m adding this bonus to you.


It is a simple secret, most gurus are not telling their students, while they are cashing out on it.


Just apply this little secret and you will be able to make a lot of money, dollars to be precise, selling as an affiliate…


The SEDP Workshop 2.0 Community

Worth N120,000

I never leave my students alone, neither do I allow them to feel lost.


That is why, I created a SPECIAL Community where you will get Full Support and also other Students like yourself…


You will never be alone at all, as you will be getting support from both me and other successful students until you start making good money with.


“Okay, Ufuoma, 
I Want to Get This Now.
How Much Is It?




If that’s the case, remember that you are getting all these below:


The Real Total Value Is:


Normally I could easily have charge N500,000 for this and it’d still be a bargain.


After all, this information has the capacity to make you over N197,750 per month and more seamlessly,…


…just as it has helped I and other Nigerians like yourself.

However, I realize not everyone interested in this can be able to pay N300,000


That’s why I decided to put a price tag that is close to the minimum wage of Nigeria


So ,you are ready to join us today…


…you will not pay N300,000 or N200,000


Neither will you pay N100,000


My initial plan was to make it N35,000 but…

I have decided to give it to you at an…


Introductory Price Of…


That Is Less Than Minimum Wage
…For A Lifetime Access To This.


But Why Is The Price So Low?

As you have seen, it is not suppose to be below N500,000.

But as part of this pre-launch, in order to gather a lot of testimonials for huge Upcoming project……

I’m GIVING IT AWAY for the Introductory Price of just N20,000 so that…

…you can provide me with the testimonials i need



I have full confidence that investing in this workshop is going to help you generate a lot of money into your bank account so much that…


…you’ll will be create testimonies just like these below;

And you might want to hear how to grow and scale your other businesses, which I can be of great help to you.


But I’m Have To Warn You Though…


The Price Will Be Increased At Anytime Without Notice…


So You Have To Act Now Or, You Pay More Later


The Longer You Delay,
The Higher The Chance You’ll Pay More Later


So To Take Advantage Right Now…


Click The Red Button Below &
You Will Be Taking The Payment Page…

Prices Increases Anytime Soon


And There Is Still More…


If You Decide To Grab This Right Now…


I Mean Like This Very Second As You Are Reading This…


You Will Get These Following Bonuses Added To This Offer…

Worth: N50,000

Would you like to learn the latest updates from other affiliates who are cashing out, winning challenges or want to learn the latest business secrets and strategies?


Then don’t worry

I will be hosting monthly live classes where you get to hear directly from these top experts.


You will learn directly from them, their money making strategies on how they are able to win challenges and get prizes


Also, I will invite others experts, who are not into affiliate marketing but other forms of online business, to share secrets that can help you make money


You will also get to ask them questions, so that you can be armed with super clarified information that will increase your chance to succeed in this space

Worth: N30,000

Would you like to hire someone who will help you with some tasks such as running Facebook Ads, Copywriting, answering your clients to run your business so that you can have time for others things?


Or have you tried hiring someone who is suppose to help you with some of these things but they have failed you?


Then I will recommend my list of trusted experts who I have worked with and they have given me good results.


These people are good, very good at what they do.


So you will never be scared that they will play with your business or don’t deliver results for you


You are getting this for free

The Complete Done For You Affiliate Marketing Business Kit You Can Set Up In The Next 57 Minutes Or Less, Even If You Are A Total Novice And As Busy As A Bee
Worth: N150,000

This is the best of the best bonus ever, because you will never get it anywhere else


Imagine having a full done for you affiliate marketing business that has been proven to work…


No need to crack your brains or overthink what to do or how to do it.


No need to pay any designer, or expert to help you set anything up.


With this bonus, even if after watching all the videos and you don’t have time to implement it, all you have to do with this Instant Affiliate Kit is in 5 steps

  • Download “The Instant Affiliate Marketing Kit”

  • Upload It

  • Enter A Few Details About The Product You Are Affiliating For

  • Advertise It &

  • Make Money

That is it.


Here Are All The Amazing Done-For-You Templates You Get Inside This Kit

This only is worth N150,000


But if you get this SEDP Workshop 2.0 right now, this Instant Affiliate Marketing Kit is yours for free.


Click The Red Button Below To Grab The Bonuses While It Is Available

And to prove that I have 200% confidence in this offer that it will make you money,…


…I’m also handing over to you


30 Days Money Back

So once you access this online workshop, devour it and implement it.

Put everything you learn into practice in the next 30 days and make your decision about it.

And if after 30 days, you don’t see any form of changes in your account after implementing all the instructions in this workshop carefully, (or don’t see an amazing life-changing value) – I’ll pay your money back.

No more long talk here.


Again, Here Is What You Are Getting


The Real Total Value Is:


Todays Price:

At This Junction, You Have
3 Choices To Make...

  1. Read to this point and do nothing. Go back to your normal course of life where you struggling between sapa and brokeness, while thinking this is a scam

  2. Take action to change your financial status but decide to buy other expensive video courses, and put it in hard work to set it up yourself for days with tons of trial and error.


3. Get This SEDP 2.0 Workshop Where I WIll Not Only Show You Step By Step To Set Everything Up Yourself But Also Give You A Done For You Business To Get Started With In The Next 89 Mins Or Less, For…

…Just N20,000 Only


I will be waiting for you inside


Ufuoma Desmond

P.S.: Don’t Be Scared.

It Will Work For You, No Matter The Job You Do

Plus You Have Money Back Guarantee In Case This Does Not Work For You.

That means I’ll give you 100% of your money back. What do you have to lose? Nothing!

Get It Right Now!


Yes, You Can.
You can start with your smartphone to do this business. And later, when you make money, you can upgrade to get a laptop because that is where the real money is

Yes Again, You Can.

People who have never made money online before are doing it successfully without any hassle because of how the training is created.

And if you have any issues whatsoever, you have a community where you will always get the needed help. You will never be left alone by yourself


While other courses loads you with ton of videos, full of slides and theories…

…this program teaches you how you can setup your affiliate business in about 87 minutes in total

It is fully practical, you will get your hand busy, and you will NEVER be left alone when you are stuck

From my testimonies, you could see that I don’t leave my students behind.

And what is more, you will be in a community where you will be carried along without feeling lost.

Absolutely Yes

Remember, I said earlier that, you need nothing more than 30 minutes per day to participate in this workshop, or…

…you can simply get into the challenge, wait until every video training is shared and you watch everything in one day and implement it

And you are done…

Absolutely Yes

It Is So Easy To Make Money In Dollars

I have a student who told me he earned over $800 using the earlier version of this method

And I have just added a super way to make dollars using this method

So It Is Easy To Earn In Dollars And I Will Show You How…

Not At All

You are an affiliate. So all you have to do is…

pick the product you wish promote it and get paid for every person that buys through you No need to create or produce anything

Yes, You Can, You Will Be Taught How To Sell Easily

You sell yourself everyday, to your boss, to your parents, to your friends and even the one who you wish to spend the rest of your life with.

If you can do that, then we just have to learn how to channel that skill into this business.

And that is exactly what I will be teaching you, so that it will be easy for you to do so.

No, I do not have such at the moment. But…

…I will be recommending top affiliate platforms where you will find digital products you can start selling and make money for yourself

Some are paid, but some are totally free.

All you have to do is choose one and run with it

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