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Attention: All Internet Marketers and Small Business Owners

Here Is How You Can Ethically Steal All the Best Sales & Marketing Materials I Have Acquired Over 10 Years

Use Them Shamelessly...

Then Sit Back and Watch Your Sales Explode...and More Cash Pour Into Your Bank Account

FROM: Toyin Omotoso
Lekki, Lagos

Dear friend,

Let me get straight to business.

We both know that sales and marketing are the life blood of any business

Any business that struggles to bring in sales on a continuous basis will die soon enough

Unfortunately, this is what a lot of people experience and they have no idea what to do about it

I was fortunate to start studying sales and marketing about 10 years ago and it has paid me well.

Not just any type of sales and marketing though.

I am talking about the type of sales and marketing strategies that actually get you Cold, hard cash in the bank.

So, what I have for you here today is a package containing top notch sales and marketing strategies and templates that I have used and acquired over the last 10 years.

This package is in 2 categories:

Category 1 are the educational materials you can learn from (Reports, videos etc)

Category 2 are swipe files and templates that you can use to easily deploy your marketing in minutes.

Regardless of what you are selling, these swipe files will make it very easy for you to come up with high converting emails, Facebook ads, sales pages etc

This is no small package that I am about to put into your hands.

The Total Size of These Materials Is 11.4GB

And You Are Getting Them In 17 Organized Folders As you Can See Below:

Let Me Give You a Breakdown of What You Are Getting In Each Folder

(1) Copywriting Books

This is a big folder containing over 70 books and newsletters that teach the sacred skill of turning words into money.

You will get materials from copywriting geniuses like Gary Halbert, Joe Sugarman, Scott Haines, Brian Kaith etc

The materials in this folder alone can easily be valued at N550,000

(2) Advert Swipe Files

This folder contains various adverts in different formats that have all been proven to work.

And they cover different markets from Ecommerce to weight loss to dating etc

In this folder, you will find adverts from:

- The 16 billion dollar swipe file

- Over 400 Proven Banner Ad Samples

- The Blade Thomas Swipe File

- The Bob Bly Swipe File

- The Eugene Schwartz File

- The Gary Halbert Swipe File

- Joe Sugarman File

- Over 380 Native Ads

Value: N250,000

(3) Advertorials

Advertorials are money makers for people who use them. But finding proven advertorials that you can swipe is where the work is.

This folder contains 37 proven advertorial samples that you can swipe and deploy to create a winning campaign in no time

Value: N30,000

(4) Business Books

This folder contains a list of business books that were created by me or books that I have the rights to sell or give away.

Value: N70,000

(5) Email Subject Lines

Over the past 10 years, I have written more than 5000 emails.

This folder contains killer subject lines I use in my emails and that of other genius email marketers as well

With this folder, you will never have to struggle with writing email subject lines ever again

Value: N15,000

(6) Email Marketing Swipes

Like I said earlier, I have written over 5000 emails in the past 10 years in various niches like sports betting, marketing, business, weight loss, mens health etc

This folder contains the main email contents from my past campaigns and that of others.

These emails will give you incredible ideas that will make it very easy for you to bang out emails for your marketing campaigns

I can't put a figure to how much these emails have brought in but for this purpose, I will value this at N750,000

Value: N750,000

(7) Facebook Advert Swipe

It is no longer news that Facebook adverts work and can make you millions

I have been running Facebook adverts successfully since 2011 and still run them till date.

I have also been compiling a list of well constructed Facebook adverts that I come across online.

With these Facebook adverts by your side, you will always be able to create powerful Facebook adverts in minutes without having to think hard.

Value: N15,000

(8) Full Page Web Designs

These are basically screenshots of amazing webpages that I come across.

Why do you need it?

It is because these webpage layouts will give you ideas that you can use or pass to a designer anytime you want to put up a website

Value: N15,000

(9) 35,000 HD Images

How would you like to have access to 35,000 HD images you can use as you like without any copyright fear?

Well, you got it.

This folder contains over 35,000 different images that you can use for various things.

You can use them for Facebook adverts, you can use them in your banners, on your website etc

If you had to pay for them, you will be paying at least N500,000

Value: N500,000

(10) Killer Headline Swipe

As you probably know, getting the attention of your prospects is the most important thing in  your marketing and superb headlines make this possible.

This folder contains 24 superb files that contains various headlines and each headline is powerful

I believe all the headlines in these 24 files should be about 10,000 in all

Out of these 10,000, I wrote about 700.

The rest came from other marketers

Value is N150,000

(11) Magazine Covers

Why magazine covers?

It is said that the headlines and blurbs on the covers of magazines like Mens health, Cosmopolitan are the best in the world.

Not only can you use these headlines for your marketing but you can also get ideas for a product just by looking at the topics on these magazine covers.

Better still, I have been able to extract each powerful headline from the magazine covers into notepads so that it will be easy for you to copy and paste them

Value: N20,000

(12) Marketing Materials

This folder contains both videos and super marketing books from the top experts in the world.

You will get access to the brilliant minds of people like Dan Kennedy, Eben Pagan, Frank Kern, Jimmy D Brown

These materials cover various subjects from email marketing to list building.

Value: N500,000

(13) Content Openers

One of the issues people face when writing a piece of content for a book or advert is usually at the beginning. I used to have this problem too until I gathered various openings from different writers and I simply use them in my marketing.

There are about 60 content openers all together in this folder

With these opening content, you too will always be able to create great content or adverts anytime you want it.

Value: 30,000

(14) Other Marketing Tools

his folder simply contains content about other marketing tools that will help you.

E.g. Autoresponder sequences

Call to action hacks

Phrases that keep attention etc

Value: N30,000

(15) Sample Webpages

Here is another folder that is very helpful in terms of creating online sales copies and designing a webpage that makes it convert.

This folder contains more than 100 webpages of successful campaigns since 2014

Value: N25,000

(16) Web Images

This folder contains 2 types of images

(1) It contains web graphics (submit buttons, arrows etc) that you can use on your website

(2) It also contains high converting squeeze and landing page layouts that you can model and use for your landing pages and squeeze pages.

Value: N55,000

(17) My Stuff

My Stuff is simply a folder that contains my books, presentations, videos and personal swipe files that I have created over the years as regarding business and marketing.

My latest programs are not included.

Value: N150,000

Total Value: N3,155,000

But you won't be paying anything close

In fact...this is going to be like a giveaway because all you need to grab this 11.4GB Sales & Marketing package is...

N12,000 Only 

(Only Available Till Feb 18th, 2020)


This package is ONLY available at this price till February 18, 2020

Then it goes up to N18,000

So, if you want to start improving your sales and growing your business, click the order button now and get access to this package.

Here Is What Happens Next:

Once your payment is successful, you will be redirected to a registration page where you can complete your purchase and get access to the materials.

We have broken down the materials into small sizes so that it will be easy for you to download.

But don't say you will get this later.

Make sure you get it now and start using these materials to improve your sales and marketing results.

I wish you more success


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