They Were Chasing Me With Guns

And since that day, I lost hope in Nigeria and vowed to relocate to a more secure country

Here is how I Eventually Did It In Less Than 14 Days Without Spending A Fortune

And how you can also do it if you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, internet marketer, remote worker, or someone with a guaranteed income source even if you have never travelled out of Nigeria before

Kigali, Rwanda


I was on my way driving to school (University of Ibadan) when I noticed their vehicle chasing my car.

There were 5 men with guns in their vehicle.

They made turns everywhere I made a turn.

And before I knew it, they started peeping over the window and also pointing their guns at me to park.

I was scared and I had no other choice than to park for them.

They all rushed out towards me and told me they already heard different news about me…

That I had money and was popular online.

And they asked me to give them a share of the money I am making.

I told them I had only N8,000 with me and they searched everything in the car then…

Including my phone.

When they found nothing, they told me to go. I thanked them and went my way.

But a question kept ringing in my head:

Why would the Nigerian police (meant to protect the citizens) chase one with guns and scare the hell out of him for no reason?

As I was ruminating about the possible answers…

That was when it dawned on me about all the things that have happened to Nigerians because of their actions.

They have killed many Nigerians just because they saw a crypto wallet on their mobile phone.

Many Nigerians have been killed just because they decided to stand up and say their minds.

And since that day, I lost hope in Nigeria and vowed to try my best to relocate out of the country

And I am glad I was finally able to do it

And I will tell you how you can also do it as well in less than 14 days without spending a fortune… 

So you can also relocate out of the country and save your head from the chaos happening in Nigeria.

Because one will think the situation will get better since that incident in 2019…

But it only got worse.

  • I am talking about the Lekki Massacre where Nigerians like you were killed just because they stood up to say their minds

  • Where families and relatives were left with tears and the dead bodies of their loved ones

  • I am talking about the Owo Massacre where Nigerians like you were killed in cold blood while worshipping their God on a Sunday morning.

  • I am talking about the Abuja-Kaduna Training Kidnapping where many relatives and families are currently stranded and don’t know what the fate of their loved ones will be at the moment

  • And many others like that daily


And there seems to be no hope coming from the Government because the same old people are those ruling over the country every 4 years.

All of which means nowhere is safe in Nigeria

So if you are a Nigerian with a guaranteed source of income and you are also fed up with the happenings in Nigeria and just want to have options for yourself…

And you want a more secure and peaceful place where you can protect yourself…make more money and live your life the way you want…

Without getting arrested because you have a dreadlock on your head

Without having the fear of getting kidnapped or killed every single day you wake up from bed

Without getting interrupted because of poor internet connection while having a meeting with your prospective clients

Without having to lose remote work opportunities again just because you are a Nigerian

Then, you should listen attentively to everything I will be telling you on this page

Because there is a fast-growing country in Africa where many Nigerians are currently relocating to because their lives are safer and they can live their life the way they want there

But before I let you in on every detail

Let me tell you who I am and how I found out about this country…

I am a 23 years old graduate that loves travelling and exploring different countries… 

Which is why I wish to visit 40 African countries before I clock 30 years of age.

I already visited 9 countries in the last 18 months including this country I am talking about.

Not only that, I am an affiliate marketer that makes a good amount of money online every month.

And this has given me the opportunity to travel to many countries (including the one I am about to tell you) with leaders in the internet marketing industry in Nigeria

People like Toyin Omotosho (founder of Expertnaire)

Akin Alabi (Founder of NairaBet), 

Andy Mukolo (Co-founder of NairaRoad),

 Micheal Olatunji (Founder of My Quest Finance And Investment), 

Praise Akinlami (Top Nigerian Affiliate Marketer), etc

And I am sure you’re already wondering what this country is.


I know.

And I will tell you in a moment

But before that

…You should know that you need some money to relocate anywhere in the world

Which is why I said earlier that you should have a guaranteed source of income.

As a matter of fact, if you are planning to go to this country to look for a job, just kill that thought right away and sit back.

This is for people who already have a guaranteed source of income because relocation is not CHEAP!

However, I am not talking about 100s of millions of Naira.

With just $2000 (N1,000,000), you should be able to travel to this country and also get a residence permit without breaking a sweat (if you follow all that I will be showing you in a moment).

You actually need less than N500,000 to settle down peacefully but you know, you will buy foodstuffs and other things when you get there…

Which is why I pegged it at $2000.

And if you can’t spend that amount of money to travel for your own sanity and escape the chaos happening in Nigeria every day

Then, this is not for you…

Remember that this is for people who already have an established income source and NOT those looking for jobs.

And if that is  you,

I am sorry for wasting your time so far.

However, if you have the money and you are fed up with all the happenings in Nigeria…

And you want to set up yourself and/or your business in a better place without having to deal with the stress.

I mean the

Then this fastest-growing country is the right place for you to be

However, you should know that I didn’t just wake up one day

And decided to visit this country and even set up my business there.

You see, I always have this belief that Nigeria will become great someday.

But after that incident in 2019…

Plus all that has happened and is happening in Nigeria.

I totally gave up

And concluded that I needed a sane country to live in.

And after visiting about 9 countries, the only country that ticked all my boxes is…


Rwanda is a country located in East Africa and is known as the most secure and safest country to be in Africa.

Also, Rwanda is one of the best places to set up a business in Africa.

In fact, the country is the third easiest country to set up your business according to a report done by The Exchange, Africa’s Investment Gateway in 2017.


So if you are a business-oriented individual that is fed up with the insecurities going on in Nigeria every single day…

And you want to set up your business in a sane country without all the headaches that come with running a business in Nigeria.

Then Rwanda is the right place for you.

And unlike in Nigeria where you have to pay unnecessary fees when it comes to registering your business

The cost of registering a business in Rwanda is FREE

After all, I have successfully set up my own business in the country 

Here is a proof showing the final registration of a corporate account I opened for my new business


But these are not the only reasons why I love Rwanda

Here are others:

– You Don’t Need A Visa Before You Can Travel To Rwanda

Unlike if you’re going to Canada, Australia, USA, UK, Germany, etc

You don’t need a VISA to get into Rwanda. 

Which means you don’t need to spend money and time on unnecessary paperwork before you can relocate to this country.

And this also means you can visit this country any time of the year.

So if you decide to relocate to Rwanda by next week, you are free to go.

– A Good Security System That Won’t Get You Arrested Just Because You Just Because You Made Your Desired Haircut Or Because You Have A Crypto Wallet On Your Phone


Take this from someone that has already travelled to Rwanda and witnessed things in real-time.

The policemen here are so welcoming and ready to help as much as  possible 

Unlike our Nigerian policemen that are always finding faults in whatever we do.

They even arrest people for going around with their laptops without receipts.

Here in Rwanda, you don’t have to start panicking because of that and other insecurities 

It is the safest country in Africa.

So no fear of being kidnapped or killed at any point in time by unknown gunmen.

In fact, you can forget your phone in a spot in Rwanda and still get your phone at the same spot many hours later

In short, Rwanda is the safest country to be.

In fact, according to The New Times, Rwanda is the safest country to be in Africa as we speak.


And I also spoke to a lot of people in Rwanda

I mean people from over 30 countries across the world….. I ask them what they love the most about the country and it is the same thing over and over again;

Rwanda is Peaceful, The Serenity is Unmatched e.t.c

– You don’t need a solar system or generator here in Rwanda

And this is simply because there is a 24/7 power supply.

In fact, if you get to Rwanda today and ask the barbers around if they know what a generator is…

Most of them will tell you they don’t know what it is. 

And that tells you one thing:

If you are a freelancer or an internet marketer or you are someone that depends on electricity to make money every single month

Your productivity is going to improve massively!

Rwanda is the best place for you because you are sure you won’t be kicked out of a meeting just because internet providers decided to take a break…

Or because NEPA decided to take the light…

Thereby increasing your chance of losing more remote work opportunities.

See, staying in Rwanda cleared my head about so many things happening in Nigeria that looked normal.

I mean the epileptic power supply that looks normal

The security officers that will arrest you just because you have a crypto wallet on your phone.

The corrupt government officials that will always extort you for every legal activity you want to do.

These are all abnormal things that you won’t see happening here in Rwanda

Not only that, 

You don’t have to worry about poor internet connection here in Rwanda

I had many zoom meetings without any network hindrance or hiccups.

In fact, when you get to Kigali (the Capital city of Rwanda), the hotel you will lodge in will give you super-fast unlimited data coverage.

Most apartments also have their internet set up and it is very affordable.

Amazing, yeah?

I know.

But we are not even done yet

– There are virtually No Pot Holes On The Streets Of Rwanda

Unlike Nigeria where there are potholes of different sizes.

I was surprised when I saw no potholes in Rwanda when I got there.

Transportation is very fast and very cheap.

So you are sure you won’t get backache or body pain just because you are moving from  one place to another

Not only that, you save time and get things done faster.

Unlike here in Nigeria where you get stuck in traffic for many hours and finally miss out on what you want to do.

– There is no “Do you know who I am” here in Rwanda

Which means everyone is equal under the law here.

You get what you deserve, you can’t cut corners.

No wonder, I was able to relocate to this country and even set up my business

  • Without begging any immigration officer for VISA
  • Without visiting any Embassy
  • Without submitting unnecessary documents

In other words, Rwanda is one of the least corrupt countries in Africa


– And many others you will get to see when you get here

Surprised, yeah?


You are not alone. I was surprised too

So you are not wrong if you are doubting how good Rwanda is.

I doubted everything about Rwanda too.

But because of the curious cat that I am and because I love exploring new countries

I decided to check out the country and see for myself

Like how can a country be that good?

A country ruled by black people like myself!

I have to check it out myself.

So I decided to just go have a look and see for myself

Then I booked my flight.

And I set out for Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos. 

As usual, Lagos Traffic almost made me miss my flight but God did not allow my enemies to win over me

Everything was already a mess to me not knowing that there was more to come

I made it past the check-in counter successfully and I thought I was good to go.

Until it was time to pass the immigration officer…

Who was asking me things that are not on the requirements to travel to Rwanda.

He said I need a letter of visitation before I can visit Rwanda.

He even went ahead to say I need to have a VISA so they can stamp me out.

And this was all because he had a mission to accomplish…

Which is for me to give him money.

Because he knew those are just cooked-up lies but yet he must act Nigerian.

He wanted me to settle him

And after all the drama… 

I landed in Rwanda and I was astonished by what I saw.

Everywhere was so serene that you will think you are not in Africa.

Can An African Country Be as neat As This?

Is it the wonderful infrastructure you want to talk about?

Or the number of businesses operating freely?

Or the law-abiding citizens?

Or how welcoming the police officers are?

Anyways I settled down in Kigali.


Here is a picture of me after I settled down in Rwanda

You can see how everywhere is lit up and the time was around 9 pm

And the next day, I decided to do all my registrations.

I mean sim cards, bank accounts, business, etc

And I was really surprised about how seamless everything went.

I was done with everything in a few hours.

I thought that was the height of it but I was really wowed with what happened next.

I got my visa to stay legally in the country in less than two weeks


And I was able to do all these without spending a fortune.

In fact, the visa costs just $150 (about N75,000) and it was all done online without leaving my room.

Without begging any immigration officer or bribing anyone.

And you will be learning the EXACTLY process I used in a moment.

So you can also create options for yourself and live your life or even set up your business in a sane country where things are not working against you…

Thereby proving all those naysayers that say your business is not worth pursuing wrong…

And finally, get to achieve those bigger dreams and goals.

I am talking about living in a country

  • Where you are assured you don’t have to beg anyone before you get what belongs to you. 
  • A place where you know you have all the resources available to build the kind of wealth that you have always wanted.
  • A country where you can do any kind of legal business you want to do without anyone harassing you.
  • A Country where no one will arrest you just because you have dreadlock hair.
  • Or just because you are a crypto enthusiast with a crypto wallet on your mobile phone.

These are some of the major reasons why I decided to move to Rwanda legally

And if you would like to join me too.

I am ready to help you.

Just like I have helped other people too.

People like Micheal Olatunji who got to Rwanda on the 14th of Sept 2021…

And got his VISA in less than 14 days (22nd of September 2021).


Here is also Andy Mukolo  who also got his visa in less than 14 days


All because I showed them all what I will be showing you too

I have compiled everything I did from getting to Rwanda and even setting up my business and getting a permit to reside legally in less than 14 days

Without visiting an embassy…

With very minimal cost… 

So you can also have options outside Nigeria as fast as possible and make your dreams come true in the fastest-growing country in Africa

Into a comprehensive guide titled…


This is me handing over to you every single step I took from getting my document approved at the Lagos Airport…

Till I got my residence permit in Rwanda in less than 2 weeks.

So you can do the same without breaking any sweat.

And if I am correct about what is probably going through your mind right now.

Here are some of the things you will learn in this guide

As you already know…

Getting passports alone in Nigeria is a war.

So, you are most likely used to settling people and all those stuff.

You won’t be needing all of that here.

Because you will learn exactly how you can get your VISA approved without begging or bribing anyone.

I will show you how to apply for your visa and the right type of visa to apply for.

Because there is a different type of visa for business people who want to do business in Rwanda.

And a separate one for Freelancers or those who have a guaranteed income.

And unless you know which one is which one, you are likely going to pay higher than expected.

But that won’t be your case as long as you follow this guide

And you will do all that without spending a fortune.

I was really wowed at this stage of my registration in Rwanda.

Because just like what we have been made to believe, I was thinking I would be able to get my visa/permit in a minimum of 30 days.

But I began to realize how our Government has been taking us for granted…

When I was called to get my visa less than 2 weeks after registration.

But there is a process I followed that made me do everything seamlessly despite visiting the country for the first time

And this process is what I will be showing you in this guide.

Check it out once you lay your hand on it.

There are numerous flights you can take to Rwanda but most of them are either expensive… 

Or offer poor customer service.

And I don’t want you to fall into such traps.

Which is why I will be revealing to you the cheapest and the best flight you should take when you are coming to Rwanda.

One where you will get a ticket that will take you to and fro for less than 250k.

This is not Nigeria where you have to do unnecessary paperwork before registering your business.

This is not Nigeria where you will wait for days before getting your business registered.

Is it the CAC stress we want to talk about?

Or the website not even loading up and you will be forced to get an agent to do it for you.

Or the stress banks will make you go through because you need a corporate account? Etc

These are the abnormals that Nigeria made us see as normal

And I revealed exactly how I was able to register my business in less than 48 hours for FREE

I did all these without going through unnecessary paperwork and stress…

So, if you are opening a normal bank account or a corporate bank account, you’re sure nobody will stress the hell out of you.

And I will be showing you how I did all that in this guide.

Despite being a stranger in their country!

I will also show you how to open a dollar bank account so you can receive your dollars if you earn in foreign currencies.

Which means more money and freedom for you.

I will also show you how to open a Rwandan Franc bank account (which is Rwandan currency)

And I will show you how to do this in less than 48 hours without going through any stress.

If you are coming to Rwanda for the first time,

You would have to stay in a hotel or an apartment first so you can get all the necessary things done.

And this would be difficult as you probably don’t know anywhere in the country.

Which is why I have compiled a list of affordable hotels/serviced apartments you can lodge into in the meantime

Once you are finally settled…

You would have to get an apartment to stay in.

Which is why I went around the whole of Kigali, Rwanda to get you the cheapest apartments you can get with maximum security guaranteed…

Without disturbance…

And enough privacy for you to focus on yourself, your business, and achieve more success…

Without fear of getting kidnapped or killed every day you wake up from your bed.

Believe me,

Settling down after travelling from one country to another can be so overwhelming.

After all, I have travelled to more than 9 countries in the last 18 months.

So I know what it feels like.

This is why I have also compiled some of the simple tactics/hacks that have helped me in the past in this guide…

So you can use them too and live a stress-free life when you get here.

And I am sure what you are probably thinking about now is that…

What’s the catch, Tami? How much am I paying?

Well, there is nothing heavy to catch and I will tell you why in a moment

But before that,

How much does it cost for you to stay away from trouble and life-threatening problems?

I am talking about problems like 

  • Getting arrested for having a Crypto wallet on your phone
  • Or getting arrested just because you made your desired haircut
  • Getting hit by a stray bullet even though you are doing your thing on your own
  • Living in a country where you get access to poor electricity and internet connection.
  • Living in a country where you can’t  go to church or mosque because of fear of getting killed by bandits
  • A place where you wake up every day with the fear of getting kidnapped or killed by unknown gunmen
  • A country where things seem to be working against you

To me, it’s priceless

And I am sure it is for you too.

Because you can only achieve all your bigger dreams if you are alive and living peacefully.

In fact, you begin to do your daily tasks more efficiently when you are more mentally stable.

This is why I want you to be one of the first set of people that will lay their hands on this relocation guide.

Most especially when you consider the fact that Rwanda’s currency is low compared to Naira…

This means things are far less expensive here compared to that in Nigeria.

From the feeding to the accommodation….. You can get very decent accommodation or properly serviced apartments for just $500-$800 a month.

And that’s why I told you earlier that

With just $2000 (N1 Million Naira), you should be able to get yourself here and even set up your business in less than two weeks

And what if you don’t want to relocate now because you have commitments in Nigeria?

Well, I would advise you to still lay your hand on this guide because it contains real-life experiences and not just compilations of articles from the internet…

And whenever you are ready to leave Nigeria and its problems, you already have the right information to use.

No need to start running up and down begging people to help you “Japa” from Nigeria again.

So with that, how much do you think this guide is worth to you?

I am sure you are probably thinking “invaluable” because every day in Nigeria is a chance to get killed or kidnapped…

And no amount of money can compensate for that…

Which means if I peg this at 50,000 Naira, it’s going to be a total steal for you.

Most especially considering the fact that this is like me going to Rwanda to help you tackle all the problems you are likely going to have…

And then compiling everything in a guide for you so you can live peacefully there without any stress whatsoever.

But the truth is that you won’t even be paying half of that amount to lay your hand on the guide today.

You will be paying a ridiculous and affordable fee.

Because no one knows tomorrow…

You may also travel to a new country tomorrow and you might want to guide me on how to get there without any stress.

This is why you will only be paying a ridiculous fee of….

…N20,000 Naira

But there is a problem though… 

You know Nigerians and their mentality…they might want to scatter the whole thing and complicate the process for us now.

Which is why I will only be releasing this guide to just 50 people.

Once I get 50 people, I will, first of all, take it off the market…

And then raise the price to a higher but fairer price later to restrict the number of people that get access to this information.

And because this page is going to over 20,000 people in my community altogether…

You might want to act as fast as possible.

So if you want to be among the first 50, then click the link below to lay your hand on the guide now.

Once you click the link, you will be directed to a secured payment page…

Where you will be asked to input your details and proceed to make payment.

Once you make your payment, you will be able to download everything you need as soon as possible.

Here is the button to click

And like I said earlier, this is like me going to the battlefield to conquer the war for you…

So you can easily come to Rwanda and live your life the way you want without having any trouble.

So, just click the button below to get it right away.

So what is it going to be now?

  • Will you continue living with all the problems in Nigeria knowing fully that they can happen to anyone at any time?
  • Will you continue to live in a country where your life is not safe?

  • A country where killing and kidnapping have become the order of the day

  • A country where you can get killed just because you decided to ask for what truly belongs to you etc

If that’s what you want, then that’s understandable.

You can close this page now and assume you didn’t read anything like it today.

But if you know you deserve better than what you are currently being offered and want to relocate to a more secure country. 

  • A country where you can live your life the way you want without the fear of getting killed or kidnapped.

  • A country where you truly get what you deserve without begging or bribing anyone.

  • A country where you can live your life the way you want without fear of losing your life.

  • A country where the security officers are truly protecting you rather than killing you.

If this is what you want, then you have to take the most important step right now

Which is for you to click the link below so you can get access to all the necessary information you need to relocate from Nigeria in 14 days or less.

if you ask me, that’s the best option for you…

And if you also think so, then click the link below before the 50 slots get filled up.

See you in Rwanda soon.

Still here? Here are answers to some possible questions you might have

As long as you have a guaranteed source of income and you are fed with everything happening in Nigeria


Then, this guide is for you


However, it’s not for you if you are a student looking for international universities to study


Or you are unemployed and you are looking for job opportunities

Like I said earlier, you need less than N500,000 to settle down in Rwanda


But because of feeding and other expenses, it’s advisable you have $2000 (A million naira) before you relocate to Rwanda

Well, you don’t need an arm and a leg


All you need is your money, a valid international passport (Valid for 6 months), and proof that you have a guaranteed source of income


Which includes valid employment if you are a remote worker or a freelancer


Or proof of earnings if you are an internet marketer just like me


Or a business certificate if you plan to move your business there


And you are good to go.

As long as you have the money and you can prove that your income source is legal.


You are 100% qualified to lay your hands on the guide and relocate out of Nigeria…


And save your head from all the chaos happening in Nigeria.


Ready to leave Nigeria and her problems for good?


Here is the button to click:

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