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I will show you the exact secret that the fast-growing porn industry has been hidden away from the universe for over 58 yrs because this has increased the industry revenue to over $100 billion as the number of porn addicts grows.

They don’t want you to be able to get rid of porn addiction, and that’s why they keep giving you a whole lot of series daily to satisfy your demand and in turn make them more money.

And they don’t even care if you’re living a frustrated porn addict or a fulfilling lifestyle.

They are happy to keep you in the ocean of porn addiction because of the ungodly amount of money they make from it.

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But before I show you how the ULTIMATE KEY will help you get from being a porn/masturbation addict to enjoy a fulfilling and porn-free lifestyle.

Here's why you should listen to me

My name is Ibrahim Bolanle,

I have been a serial addict for over 19yrs and after trying over 7 solid strategies to quit porn addiction and failed repeatedly. I finally cracked the code to break the chains of porn addiction & masturbation.

I’m not ashamed of this claim again because I have fought the battle and won big.

I’m now finally and completely free from porn addiction.

Although, I thought it was too late for me.

But I was not ready to give up on my goal to live a fulfilling lifestyle because


The bitterness that comes from the pain & suffering porn has caused me, in the long run, is constantly pushing me to find a way out.

Until I figured out it was never too late and finally broke the chains of this addiction.

But before I show you how I finally conquered it, let me reveal one major mistake that made quitting so hard for me.

This major mistake made me spend so much time, effort, and money before I could finally get rid of the mess.

And I don’t want you to make the same mistake…

Maybe you've also tried to quit in the past.

And after hitting certain milestones, such as 30, 90, or 100 days without watching porn and avoiding masturbation.

Then your brain starts to demand it again.

Your brain still wants the dopamine release you deny from it. (Wait, I will explain very soon)

Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that makes us feel good.

When you watch porn, it can trigger a flood of dopamine, which can create a strong desire to watch more.

Over time, your brain becomes used to the high levels of dopamine, making it harder to feel pleasure from other things.

This can lead to addiction and make it harder to quit watching porn.

It feels awful.

And you start feeling frustrated and stressed and clueless about how to push through it.

The hardest part is avoiding lustful images and controlling your thoughts.

And you finally get back to the beginning and feel like you’ve lost all progress from the run.


Do you remember?

Remember, pornstars are paid thousands of dollars to do what they’re told and fulfill all their fantasies.


This is true

And maybe you've even been told that all you need is to

Dear, it’s beyond that,

And that’s why it hasn’t been working effectively for you.

As an addict, when you feel the urge to watch porn it is your brain begging you for your hit.

It misses the high, the tits, the asses, the novelty, the rush, the unrealistic sexual scenarios, the fantasies, the super hot chicks, the perfect camera shots, the feeling of letting go and indulging in pleasure, the fucking, the cumshots, the doggystyles, the boobs bouncing around, etc.

And that’s why….

Abstinence is NOT Recovery

What most people usually try to do is go as many days clean as they can.

That’s all they do.

That’s their goal.

They achieve a certain number of days for whatever reason, they relapse, so they start over and repeat.


That is not RECOVERING.

You need to STOP focusing on the wrong things.

Don’t worry

The Ultimate Key is the lasting and final solution you need, which has worked for me and over 127 other profound addicts who are now entirely FREE from porn and masturbation.

Just like JUDE, who finally escaped the mess after so many trials and errors.

Here is what he has to tell you.

Listen and sit tight


And all you’re are doing is


Maybe, you’ve also been brainwashed by what people say that it’s normal to watch porn and masturbate.

Don’t tell me you also believed in that evil saying.

I once did, don’t worry…

It’s not your fault

Stay with me, dear

And remember, you’re never too old to beat this now before it becomes an issue and stunts your growth.

And be ready for a future you can look back at and be proud of.

But, can you guess the bitter truth which I realised so late?

Porn addiction does more bad than good.

That's just the bitter truth. So,

Here's the perfect solution you have been searching for

If you’re looking for a NO FLUFF FINAL RECOVERY like the one that helped James with over 9 years of addiction

And after trying several overhyped guides, here's what he's said.

And just like Mike, he was able to make his best decision in life.

I want you to know that PORN ADDICTION IS REVERSIBLE.

You’ve got your last chance here on this page.

So, let me hand over the KEY to you.


Note: You will be getting the ebook and not the physical copy, as it’s currently out of print

Just like its name, the aim of this ebook guide is simple

And since I know how precious our time is

I made sure I didn’t ramble about unimportant things in the guide.

I went straight to the point that even made Bayo commend the guide.

And I also made sure it answers %99.99 of your question based on life experience that made Jide briefly tell his story.

And I also made sure the whole guide was worth your time and investment, which made Aaliyah say this.

And it doesn’t matter what stage you’re at right now.

Irrespective of any of the categories below you find yourself

The ULTIMATE BCPA KEY is right for you.

So, Here’s a sneak peek into what you will be discovering in this guide:

When you get this guide, quickly scroll to page 12 -to see the stage of porn addiction you're in right now.

And when you read further to page 15, you will find out exactly “How to develop your perfect plan for healing.


Don’t you know there are different stages to porn addiction?

Then, let me hand over the KEY to you.

Because I want to help you get out of the mess without further delay

And maybe you’re also tired of the over-secretive lifestyle you keep as a porn addict.

And you remember those days when the bedroom is illuminated only by the glow from your computer/smartphone screen.

No light can escape the room with the door locked and all windows closed.

And with your headphones, so no one else in the house can hear the exaggerated gasps and moans.

This same secret you’ve been keeping for so long.

Only to blame yourself at the end for the 5-minute dopamine rush that you experience and the false relief you feel.

And that’s why in SECTION 1, I revealed how to determine the one core value that got you into porn without your full awareness.

When you know and understand how you got into it

Then, with this guide, you will be able to strategies the perfect plan to exit.

And then,

And now you’re prepared for the battle.

What comes next is your winning strategy.

And I am sure you’re ready to win.



But we can’t be perfect. I can’t be perfect.

Or are you perfect?

So, I understand some cases might cause you to relapse and want to fall back into the pit.

Don’t worry

You’re not alone

I was once in your shoes, and I completely understand how it feels.

And do you even know about the 5 magical benefits waiting for you if you can win this battle?

Although you will be FREE from porn addiction at the end of this guide. But,

Do you know there are 5 other magical benefits you had never imagined waiting for you at the end of a victorious battle with this evil addiction?

(NOTE: No 2 will change your life for the BEST And help you grow mentally, financially, and emotionally ×15 faster)

But that's not all.

Even though a guaranteed NEW AMAZING & FULFILLING LIFESTYLE is waiting for you as soon as you lay your hands on this guide and start implementing the strategies

But I won’t forget to mention the

7 RARE & SPECIAL LIFE HACKS on pages 50-53 which will be a lifesaver and unique guide throughout this journey.

And if I guess right, you are already thinking of how much you have to pay to lay your hands on this guide,

The NO BS (BULLSHIT) guide will show.

Everything in this eBook is straightforward, and it is a step-by-step “do this, and this ‘ kind of eBook. Just follow the instructions.

But rest assured, you won’t be paying much money today.

Because if we are to look at it squarely

How much does your freedom cost?

To live the porn-free life that you desire.

And, as I said earlier, you won’t be paying anything huge at all.

What you will be paying is not enough to pay for your monthly membership on porn sites compared to the reward you will get.

But before telling you the price,


Here are 3 extra incredible bonuses I want to give you all for FREE.

I am giving them for free, not because they aren’t valuable.

Big NO

I am giving you free because I want you to succeed fast and eliminate this mess.

I want to see you live a fulfilling life.

I want to see you survive the ocean of sin in porn addiction.

I want you to escape from the over 30,000 people watching porn right now, according to HEALTHLINE PUBLICATIONS.



They are pretty valuable because I can sell each bonus for over #5,000 without batting an eyelid

But, you will be getting them for FREE


How will you feel if you can get rid of anything 18+ on your device?

Or don’t you know that’s what you need to complement the lesson in the guide?

Common, dear friend,

And that’s why I recorded a 15 mins practical video that will show you HOW TO COMPLETELY BLOCK 18+ RATED CONTENT/ADS OR PORN WEBSITES ON YOUR DEVICE.


One more thing.


Do you think that’s all?



If you’re 100% ready to avoid porn forever, this is for you.

And you know you deserve a better fulfilling porn-free lifestyle.

This premium app is worth #10,000 monthly and was made especially for you.



No going back

This is an option for you when you’re fully ready and

Don’t forget that this is just extra assistance if maybe the devil in you is trying to prove stubborn.

Remember, we must kick him out.


Will you be paying the #10,000 monthly fee for this?

Hey, stop that

Remember, I am putting all these out because I have been there, and I understand how it feels.

I want you to get rid of this shit.

I want you to be able to experience the miracle.

Yeah, it will be like a miracle when you finally win this battle at the end of following this BCPA guide.

Even if you thought you could never do it again


You’re getting it for FREE.

Most importantly,

I’m giving you lifetime Access.

This alone could cost you #120,000 yearly

But you won’t be paying a dime for it.

Now, to the intelligent action-takers.

I don’t know if you will be one.

But here’s the deal.



Ayomide was suffering from his porn addiction and masturbation for 7 yrs going to the eight years before I met her.

In this segment, I wrote an ebook on his story of when he was finally able to conquer his addiction with the help of the BCPA GUIDE you’re about to access as well.

I explained the result of an interview with him on how he got addicted to pornography, which illustrates the importance of getting to know how your addiction started

Inside this guide, you will learn his fantastic story and see the same strategies and how he was able to do it

From watching porn at least 3 times daily to just once a week and then once a month and now completely free all within 90 days.

I wrote it so that you can draw inspiration for yours as well.

I know what’s on your mind right now.

Ibrahim, How much am I investing in getting this BCPA guide?

Well, I will tell you in a moment.

I want you to think about this.

If all this will give you back your confidence, help you reclaim your financial status, job, and relationships, and make you healthier, how much would it be worth?

How much is your peace of mind worth to you? And how much would you cheerfully pay to get it?

Just like Tomiwa was finally able to understand what he’s been struggling with for months with the practical step in this guide.

Here’s what he said…

And just like you’re about to access this same opportunity TINA had that made her comment this….


And the same is possible for you if you’re serious enough to do the work.

But don’t forget results aren’t typical.

And that’s why I said that you must be determined and relentless.

So how much should you invest in this BCPA guide??





You are not even paying a quarter of that (N30,000), which would be an excellent bargain, especially considering that…

You can finally get rid of this entirely in your life.

And you remember,

Pornography can be printed or visual material containing a detailed description or display of sexual organs or activity intended to stimulate erotic rather than emotional feelings.

So, not only might photos and videos be pornographic, but also printed words on a page.

Romance novels often include pornography, as the scenes described are written by the authors, and consumed by readers, to “stimulate erotic feelings.”

Authors describe with words what resembles a scene from a porn film. It’s porn.

And it is not just imagining the act of intercourse that constitutes lust, but also what generally always precedes it.

To mentally undress someone to whom one is not married is to lust after them.

Can you imagine the countless times you’ve done this?

Of course, these days, as we regularly encounter scantily-clothed women in person and through the media, minimal effort is often needed to undress them, as they are practically undressed already mentally.

And the desire to continue looking is strong and built into your brain.

The most intelligent strategy for men who want to avoid lust is what I discussed on page 55

This strategy is worth more than N30,000, but since I want to help, I won’t ask you for half of that.

I will instead let you have the BCPA guide + all bonuses for a small investment of

N10,000 only ($16.67)

Just for the next 150 smart action takers before the price returns back to N25,000 (whooping 60% discount)

Here's what HERITAGE said after I gave her the exact ULTIMATE KEY 🔑 which I will be going to you today as
And Priscilla couldn't hold herself but rush to my DM on a Monday morning that…..
And also made DEBORAH comment the word CRAZY about this guide. See for yourself below.

And I know what’s on your mind right now.

Ibrahim, why is this guide so cheap?

Well, the fact is that.

I’m keeping the price for a steal-away price of N10,000 only ($16.67) because of a primary reason.

The primary reason is that I’m on a mission to help at least 100,000 struggling porn addicts before the end of 2023.

At least if everybody is FREE from porn mental damage, we will live a far better life in Nigeria and be mentally and emotionally intense.

And that’s the main reason for the affordable price.

Or maybe you still have a few questions running through your mind.

Then, let’s play around with the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.


Be 100% rest assured that your details are secured and no other person will have access to it. Not even my shadow will know about it.

Yes, so your information is private and will never be compromised

But, if you still feel like you’re not satisfied with that.

Then, you can use a random name during the checkout but ensure you input your correct email address because that’s where you will be immediately granted access to the BCPA GUIDE + all bonuses.

  • Should your case be different, since you deserve all good things in life and you’re a human like everyone else who tried it?

    Then, it will work for you.

    The magic is in implementation.

    So, the question now is…

Are you ready to follow the step-by-step working guide?

Scroll to the button of this page and click the “order now” button

  • You’re not paying me a dime for this guide ever again.
  • If you’ve found yourself watching porn one time or the other occasionally then the worst you should prevent is getting addicted
  • Or do you also like to pass through the stress and frustration of an addict?
  • Yeah, this is for you.
  • This is an opportunity for you to retrace and eliminate this issue.

Or are you not tired?


In fact, it is a special hand-shake promise from me to you


I worked hard to put together the precious information in this guide coupled with my experience as a coach and victim.

So, here’s my handshake promise.

If after going through this guide and the bonuses attached and you feel like the information provided is not enough for you to get rid of porn like it has been working for others.

Then, feel FREE to seek a refund.

I will not even ask you a single question than to just refund your money almost immediately.

That’s not even all.

I’m so confident and determined about the goal to help others quit porn addiction.

So, I will allow you to even keep the guide and every bonus after your refund.

All you need to do is click the link below

So, what are you waiting for?

Now, so what’s it going to be?

Are you going to exit this page without ever remembering whatever you saw on this page?

And if that’s what you want, kindly close this page and forget you ever read anything here.

Forget it all, and it’s totally fine.

But don’t forget one thing.

Quitting pornography, especially masturbation, is more like an opportunity other than luck.

And here’s one of the chances for you to change your position presently to whatever you want it to be in 3 months or less.

Because if you can lay your hands on this guide, you are on your way to finally quitting porn addiction & masturbation.

And one more important thing before you sign up.

I am not interested in folks that don’t know what they want for themselves.

But if you’re still interested.

And you understand everything I’ve said so far,

And you’re ready to quit porn addiction.

And you understand what you will be getting.

And you also understand you are getting everything for a token of #10,000 TODAY

Here’s what you should do NEXT…

Click on the big button below.

Immediately you click on that button above, you will see the payment page looking at you.


Pay and after successful payment.

Wait for like 5 seconds, depending on your network.

You will be redirected to a page showing how to download your BCPA guide and the bonuses…

That’s it.

You are in automatically

I’ll see you inside.


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