Finally revealed: The ONLY way left to make big money in the real estate business. 


 If you know and apply this strategy, you will confidently sell 2 – 10 real estate properties every month….


 Without being related to Dangote or having connections with any rich man.

Dear Reader,

Did you know that… 

A LOT of people who claim to be real estate agents/realtors haven’t sold a single property in the last 6 months?

They think it is by posting house pictures everywhere….

hoping for clients to come and meet them.

BUT Real estate in Nigeria has gone above that level… 

and it is only the knowledgeable ones that will survive.

In just a moment, 

I’ll show you how to hack the real estate business,

and make bastard money for yourself.

But, let me show you something first.

Look at the image below…

The picture above is a representation of what real estate money looks like.

It is a summary of some of the commissions paid to me… 

by clients and real estate companies. 

Due to the sale of a properties that came in through me in the year 2021.

Can you now see that real estate money is actually real?

Now, here is something I want you to know…

Real estate is not a kind of business where you need to make sales all week, 

because it is a high-priced investment for people.

You only need about 1 or 2 clients… 

to make 1 million+ Naira per month.

So, there’s no need to stress yourself….

Once you understand the 2 principles of real estate marketing, 

ALL your problems will be solved immediately.

The TWO principles are:

(1) How to find people with money (who can afford these properties)

(2) How to get them to buy (using Monopoly Marketing)

I promise that you don’t need anything else once you understand these 2 things.

Now, let me expose you to the big secret of real estate in Nigeria.

You see,

The competition in real estate is now top notch… 

and a lot of realtors are having serious issues getting clients.

There are many agents who have not sold one property in the last 1 year…


there are some realtors that are selling multi-million-naira properties almost every week…

We call these people the BIG SHOTS!

This set of people are the ones making 90% of the money in real estate,

While other realtors struggle to get a hold of the remaining 10%..


What is special about these big sharks? 

Why are they making so much money…. 

while others are not?

The answer is simple…

They have ACCESS to the right people.


Without access to high-networth individials

you will most likely achieve nothing in real estate.

So, if you want to make real estate money, 

you need to create that access for yourself.

Put yourself in the right space…. 

and watch BIG clients come to you.

The BIG SHOTS understand the importance of creating access,

and they utilize it very well.

Big shots are people like you and me

There is nothing special about them,

They don’t have sophisticated marketing knowledge,

And they don’t even have half of the charisma that regular realtors have…

The only thing is that; 

they have access to an AIR-TIGHT real estate marketing idea

that allows them connect with… 

wealthy clients with fat pockets.

They are not doing anything so special….

They only learned to go in the right direction while everyone else is going in the wrong direction.

So, what is this special real estate marketing principle? 

that can take you from zero to hundred in a blink of an eye?

This process is called Monopoly Marketing…

It is persuasion,

It is influence,

It is the process of using the right words and channels… 

to make people desperately interested in what you are offering.

It is your ability to attract the 1% of the 1% 

…and get them to do business with you.


In Marketing, 

we call it The Big Idea Theory.

It is a very simple process….

And that is why anyone can apply it 

..and start making a ton of money in no time.

It doesn’t matter if you are doing real estate full-time, 

or you are just running it by the side.

This marketing idea will turn your life around.

Teenagers, housewives, and regular 20-something-year-olds like me… 

are using it to “ethically” make serious money from real estate.

I use this principle to sell high-end properties,

and get my commission in 7-figures!

This Marketing Principle Will Give You the Level of Autonomy, Earning Capacity And Financial Freedom 

Most People Can Only Dream Of…

I can earn my living virtually anywhere, 

as long as I can get my hands on a laptop (or phone) and internet connection.

I can do my thing on a boat, from my kitchen, my living room, my backyard, 

and probably, even on the moon.

I only choose to get 1 – 3 clients per month… 

because of how much paper work is involved in closing one deal.

If I chose to close deals and sign new clients every day, 

I’d probably earn at least 500 million to 1 billion Naira (pure profits) in a year.

But I do not choose to work that hard…


I only work on getting 1 or 2 clients per month…

And yet, it would be upsetting to me,

if I had a month where I earned anything less than N1Million.

Which brings me to a very crucial point:

If you are truly serious about living life on your terms, 

and making more money that you ever imagined possible…

You have to learn exactly….

How to differentiate yourself from the crowd and connect with the right people. . . Really FAST!

And That’s where I can help.

Now if you’re not 100% sure who I am…

My name is Yusuf Oyafajo.

For years now, 

I’ve been teaching People with absolutely Zero-Experience

And Real Estate Entrepreneurs how to make serious money from real estate 


The process of Monopoly Marketing. 

When you use your regular marketing strategies that are OUTDATED…

The image below describes the kind of result you will get…


You will only be wasting your hard-earned money by doing TRIAL & ERROR

But if you apply the process of Monopoly marketing (a strategy known to few people)

below is the kind of result you will get…..


You can now see that there is a clear difference between… 

those that make money and those that waste their money.

You don’t have to be a marketing guru, 

neither do you need have to have any marketing back ground…

The only thing you need is data connection, social media,

and the simple strategy that I am about to show you.

The best part of all these is that….

You Don’t Need A Very Big Budget To Start This Process And Start Getting Serious Money…

Don’t listen to anyone that tells you that says…

you need to spend an insane amount of money before you get quality clients.

We have tested this principle over and over again… 

and we have never had to spend an outrageous amount of money to get clients.

If you’re ready to master this strategy,

I’m willing to help you get there.


I have compiled practically everything I’ve learned about Real Estate,

into An easy-to-understand VIDEO guide called…..

“The Real Estate Marketing Monopoly” [How To Sell High-End Properties In Nigeria]

It’s designed to be . . .

The simplest and most effective way to learn how to use simple strategies to..

MAKE PEOPLE interested in the properties you are selling.

And make them…

Say YES to your offer

And I’m giving you complete ACCESS to it…..

In just a moment, 

I’ll tell you how you can get access to this program right away.

But first . . .

Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll find inside:

  • The principles of Monopoly Marketing and ethical persuasion.
  • How to get access to people who have millions of dollars in their account.
  • How to completely avoid clients that don’t have money to spend.
  • How to get double commissions on one deal.
  • How to get inside people’s heads, speak their language, and make them spend money with YOU above every other person in the industry 
  • How To Get your first paying Client in 12-days or less
  • Four instantly effective persuasion tactics revealed by the Pioneers of real estate marketing…

There is a lot of money to be made by selling high-end luxury homes to affluent people…

That’s where the biggest money in real estate is….

  • And I’ll show you how to sell ultra-expensive properties even if you don’t know BIG people or have connections.
  • What emotive rhetorical devices are …. and how to use them to turn strangers into clients that trust you with all their money.

You’ll also learn . . .

  • The easiest way to stand out in a saturated industry.

While others struggle to get clients and make themselves known…

PLUS, I’ll also show YOU . . .

  • How to get so deep in your prospect’s head… they Won’t Rest Or Sleep Until they have acquired and paid for that property.

This is the simplest way on earth to cut through that natural resistance we all have to spending money…

In case you have never done real estate before

I will show you..

  • How to break into the real estate business and start from the scratch.
  • How to get properties to sell.
  • How to set up yourself to attract high quality people

Once you learn this, 

you’ll be a walking persuasion machine. 

Because you will know exactly how to:

  • Target rich clients that have money to spend.
  • Continuously generate leads of high-quality clients.
  • Make clients trust you at first sight.


  • how to present a special kind of offer they can’t resist
  • If they have to borrow to pay you, they will… 

Now, this is the Nail in The Coffin…

  • I will reveal to you How Rich People Think… and how you can use that knowledge to make them buy the properties you are selling.
  • I will also show you how to run real estate ads on social media. You will watch me do it LIVEand you will fully understand the process.

That’s just a small sample of what you’ll find in this package.

There’s more, a lot more….


I don’t care if you don’t know sh*t about Marketing …. Or if you’ve Never Made a Kobo in real estate…None of that matters.

The only thing required of you is your commitment to following….

The Simple Steps Outlined in 

“The Real Estate Marketing Monopoly”

Just that….

Nothing more, and the results will marvel you.

I Asked…

They Answered…




As ridiculous as this sounds, 

I can’t take the credit for the financial success these folks have enjoyed because… 

they implemented something I showed them.

But my promise to YOU is…

If you sit your ass down and

Use these simple secrets of monopoly marketing just as I’ve outlined them,

You should never again have to worry about money.

Whatever you want in life….

Money … Freedom …. A Fresh Start …. The Love Of Your Life … 

The Awe and Respect of People who now Doubt and Ridicule YOU…

Almost anything at all.

You can attain with the powerful, 

simple secrets of the “Real estate monopoly marketing”.

The only thing standing in your way will be… 

the depth of your desires and your work ethic.

Like I said earlier,

I’d like to give you complete access to this amazing guide today…

But first….

There’s Something Else I Want to Send YOU.

When you sign-up for the Real Estate Marketing Program today,

Not only will you get a LIFETIME access TO 

“The Real Estate Monopoly Marketing” . . . 

I’ll also rush you with….

FREE Bonus 1:

The Ultimate Real Estate Swipe File 

I am not going to just leave you to figure things out by yourself.

So, I have compiled all the adverts that we have used… 

to sell multi-million-naira properties into one place.

Once you lay your hand on this material, 

you will have FREE and full access to… 

…different real estate ads that were written by the most intelligent real estate marketers in Nigeria.

With this, 

you will be 5x ahead of any other real estate agent out there.

FREE Bonus 2: 

How To Generate Big Marketing Ideas In Real Estate

I’ll show YOU my exact process for launching automatic money-making campaigns… 

that continue to bring me high-quality clients even while I sleep.

….And how you can replicate the process and use it for yourself.

FREE BONUS 3: How to break into the real estate industry.

If you have never done proper real estate before, 

this is where I explained in details: 

how to get your feet in the game and dominate.

Even if you are already doing real estate, 

and you feel like you didn’t start well, 

this publication will show you exactly what you need to do to put you in check.

This is some high-level marketing material.

Which is…

An unusual marketing concept that gives you practical information on . . .

Simple ways to add a few zeros to your bank account Every day, 

every week, 

every month. . .

So, you can live life on your terms, by your rules.

And it is All yours for FREE, 

…when you sign-up for the Real Estate Marketing Monopoly Program.

The Level of Personal Income You’ve Always Dreamed of For . . . Less Than The Price of “A Box of Pizza”

When you sign up for the Real Estate Marketing Monopoly today,

You’ll also enjoy more than 50% discount.


instead of ₦500,000 per year to be a part of my Real Estate Marketing Mastermind…. 

Where I reveal these Untapped marketing strategies to my students….

It’s yours today for only ₦50,000… (LIFETIME ACCESS)

When you divide ₦50,000 by 365 days,

You’re looking at…

Only ₦136.00 Everyday.

Way Less than what you’ll pay for a box of Domino’s Pizza.


Instead of subscribing to my real estate mastermind for ₦500,000 like everyone else,

You are getting all the content, 

access and lessons for a one-time payment of ₦50,000 only.

You are probably asking in your mind… 

“who is paying 500k for a marketing mastermind?”

The answer: they are people like you, 

who understand that the right information will take you from 6 figures to 8 figures.

See proof below:

But you are not paying anything close to this amount today,

and you will be getting exactly the same value.

If you don’t see how this is a better deal than an overpriced university degree . . .

Then you’re not a good fit for this.

And I’d love to ask you to pass on this opportunity.

However . . .

If you see the value in getting actionable information you can use to make…

As much as ₦500,000 – ₦1,000,000 Or More, Every month doing Way Less work Than Most People do ..

Then maybe this is for you. 

Think about what you could do with a steady supply of up to ₦500,000… 

or more coming into your bank account every month…. 

  • Maybe you’ll move out of your parents’ house and get your own place or simply get a better place than where you are currently . ..
  • Maybe you’ll invest in creating multiple streams of income for yourself so you never have to rely on one source of income again..
  • Maybe you’ll start that business you’ve always wanted to start….
  • Maybe you’ll assist your loved ones and help them achieve their goals

Most people want to, 

it’s just money that’s holding them back….

But once you master these strategies,

All of that will be history.

And this will be the best Investment you will make this year. 

Your return on investment is 99% certain…

The remaining 1% is your willingness to implement what you learn.

But it’s not just the money,

it’s more about the freedom;

Having quality time to do the things you really love.

Like . . .

Travel . . .

Help the needy . . .

Write a New Book . . .

Watch your Favorite Netflix shows . . 

Play The New PS5 with your Friends . . .

Or just something in-between . . .


Simply because you know something most people will never realize exists!

What I offer you are shortcuts to moving through the stages

— From where you are currently, 

all the way to pro level. . . 

Where The Money Gets Even Better..

Everything I’ve offered you today is available to you within minutes of signing up for the Real Estate Marketing Monopoly.

Just click on the “BIG RED BUTTON” below to get started right now!


Yusuf Oyafajo.

PS: One more thing.

When you sign-up for the Real Estate Marketing Program today,

I will also send you…..

The Client Acquisition Manual 

This is your blueprint for getting… 

those high-ranking clients that most realtors can NEVER have access to.

You will discover how to reach the highest paid investors, 

who are always looking for investment opportunities in the space of real estate.

It’s the holy grail of real estate marketing.

It’s where the big boys play.

Now here’s the thing, 

This program sells for ₦25,000, 

and today is the only time you can get it FREE 

(When you sign up NOW)

This bonus would have been taken down the next time to come here.

The Complete Guide To Getting The Real Estate Money.. 

This little guide will show you the “counter-intuitive” secret to attracting high-value clients from outside Nigeria who will….

Gladly pay you any amount of money to help them secure landed properties here in Nigeria.

Special bonus 3:
Advanced Real Estate Social Media Targeting

This is where you discover how to accurately target…. 

the crème de la crème in Nigeria. 

You’ve probably been trying your best to get your ads in the right space.

This is where you discover the magic.


The Bonuses are presented in short, 

easy-to-read PDF Documents that you can finish in . . . . 

a few short hours.

And start implementing right away . . . 

So here’s a recap of everything you’re getting when you sign up today….

There are 10 VIDEOS all together in the main program with downloadable transcripts (in PPTX format).

  2. FREE Bonus 1: The Ultimate Real Estate Swipe File 
  3. FREE Bonus 2:  How To Generate Big Marketing Ideas In Real Estate
  4. FREE Bonus 3: How to Break into the real estate indistry
  5. SPECIAL BONUS 1: The Client Acquisition Manual
  6. SPECIAL BONUS 2: Complete Guide To Getting The Real Estate Money
  7. SPECIAL BONUS 3: Advanced real estate targeting

Your investment is N50,000 Only!

Click the BIG RED button below to get started NOW!

Now, in case you were wondering:

This offer is only valid temporarily.

So, don’t be surprised when you come back here and find that…

The Price has Increased to N150,000

Once that happens . . .

You’ll kick yourself for not signing up now. 

Scroll down and CLICK the red button below to sign up now.

And if after 90-days of implementing everything I show you,

You don’t agree that it was worth 100 times your investment

Just shoot me an email.

And I’ll offer you a prompt and courteous refund of your money.

No hard feelings.

Plus, you can keep everything I am sending you today.

You’ve got nothing to lose. 

And a lifetime of financial bliss to gain.

The only life worth living is a life lived on your terms.

What People Are Saying About Yusuf

Bunmi Awoyemi

(Realtor, Naija Realty Pro)

I have been running Facebook ads since 2018 without one single conversion until I bought into Mr Yusuf’s Facebook training recently.

I followed every bit of his instructions and I got my first real estate sale from Facebook and I got close to 3 Million Naira in commissions.

Thanks to God and to Mr. Yusuf for sharing his deep & uncommon insight.

Michael Akinsumbo

(Owner, Ruby Concepts & Real Estate)

This program by Yusuf is one of the cheapest trainings you can get.
Very well, just last year, I started to adopt his methods, and to God be the glory… with just a little amount invested in the adverts, I have closed some deals. 
As low as a 60m Duplex.

Every serious realtor needs to grab this.

Adesuwa Okojie

(Marketing Manager, Caverluxe Real Estate)

Since Yusuf started working with us, we have recorded an exponential growth in our numbers, and it is worthy of mention that our marketing content has taken a new turn.

Victor Acholonu

(MD, Seaside Construction & Real Estate)

Yusuf understands the in-and-out of marketing, and he never hesitates to pass down valuable knowledge to our real estate agents and also show them how to play in the real estate business. The money we spend to acquire new knowledge from him is one of the best investments we make here.

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