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But First, I just think I should let you know that… 

This Goldmine Information is RESERVED and it’s NOT for Everybody…

…and it’s definitely not for majority

You just asked Why? 

It’s simple, majority of the people are predestined to be great but somehow somehow they never get to attain ‘greatness’ in life and even afterlife…

They just don’t see themselves existing in greatness because it has been deleted in their belief system. They want prosperity yet they move away from it, they detest poverty and penury but keep doing everything that keep them in it.

They care less about themselves and they’re dead scared to make an extra N1,000 in a month.

When they get just an inch close to a golden opportunity just like this exact one that will help them actually become great, they do these three things.

1. Their body shivers, their soul doubts, their spirit denies and their inner voice screams SCAM.

2. They procrastinate. 

3. They just do something terribly stupid. 

It’s NOT their village people, not even juju. 

Like The Slim Dark Yoruba Boy sweating like a stone cutter with gala and pure water clutched to his left hand in Ojuelegba traffic shoving ‘5 Business Ideas That Can Make You a Billionaire in 30 Days’ in your face for #200. 

They’re just not meant to attain the predestined greatness, because they have it already but they’ll NEVER utilize it. 

It’s called ‘Predestined Greatness’ because you must work before you become ‘Great like Alexander’. 

If you pass on this, you are most likely amongst the majority who never attain greatness. 

But if you’re still reading… 

I’m dead sure you’re among the tiny minority that always succeed, and I’ll like to work with you. 


This is a long letter specially written to you… 

Read Every Word Carefully, Scratch that… 

Follow every letter one by one, because if you follow till the end you have gained crazy insights on how you can make money just by reading this. 

“You Are About To Learn The Exact Simple 5 Step Formula That Allows You Pocket an Extra 10k – 20k Daily Profit With Physical Products Using Just Your Smartphone – Without Ripping Off Your Buyers”

From: Fatai Ayegbajeje

To: My Friend (Who wants to make money from Selling Physical Products  but don’t want to ever get stuck or make buyers ever regret buying)

Dear Friend, 

You’re a good person, in short you’re a good person with a very good heart, that’s why you want to make money legally and ethically without hurting anyone. 

So, you’re definitely not here by mistake. You won’t engage in fraud neither would you ever rip off buyers with ‘Buy for 800 and Sell for 25,000’ like most eCommerce gurus would preach.

Ripping buyers off is the ‘New Golden eCommerce Secret’ that eCom gurus now teach. Buying cheap knockoffs products and selling at freaking crazy expensive prices; ‘eFraud’ is what they now term as eCommerce. 

Gurus with marketing gimmick doing hit-and-run sales with terrible products and multiple failed deliveries with cancelled orders behind the scene. 

Not to talk of how the gurus’ hearts pound like an old tiger generator on bare concrete floor when they see calls from unknown numbers… 

They never get referrals, just old customers cursing and calling to return the trash they sold and get back their money every now and then. 

That’s NOT a good way to make money, legal but unethical.

How the heck do you then do eCommerce without attracting curses from Okija Shrine?

Well, that’s why I’m writing you this letter my friend. I know you but you don’t seem to know me well yet. 

My story is atypical. Not the regular Nollywood series where I was suffering and I came over to Lagos then gbam breakthrough but it’s something similar. 

Considering, I was the highest paid in the school where I was earning 30k per month in 2020 as an ‘Head Teacher’ with my Education Degree.

 After 4 good years in TASUED and 1 year serving in Maikunkele, a distance of over 800 km away from my residence. 

360k yearly after my parents have invested heavily in my Education and anticipating returns. An annual salary that can’t even cover the cost of 1 Bedroom Apartment in Isolo, Lagos. 

The truth is I really love teaching, like how I bring my students from ignorance to light and the joy that follows when they solve a difficult problem after multiple trials. But I didn’t appease or lie to myself that my reward is in Heaven. 

I just had to find something tangible to do with the little money I’m getting as an ‘Head Teacher’ and my precious time which I can never get back or…

I’ll end up living hand to mouth. Tufiakwa, an emergency comes up and I need to sort it out with my 30k salary… 

Heck, I have to get something that’ll pay me an extra N150000. Wait wait wait, it seems the Zero count isn’t just right… I’m seeing 4 Zeros. I just wanted an extra N15,000 on my monthly salary of 30k. 

I had gotten a Dell E7440 from my Allawee and savings I gathered while doing tutorials in Maikunkele, Niger State. 

But I couldn’t just get a 3 in 1 printer, scanner and photocopier to kickstart my typing and printing business in my room.

Then I stumbled, oh yes I stumbled on eCommerce and was ruthlessly taught by my Boss. From wanting an extra 15k monthly, I ended January 2020 with 16 successful sales and a profit of N104,000 selling this very mini sewing machine as a complete novice. 

N104,000 pure profit for something I started January 16 2020 with no prior experience using Facebook Ads, Website Design or any internet business whatsoever. 


That’s 350% of my salary for something I did in just 2 weeks. 


I just love this new idea. 


The idea of selling to people across Nigeria. 


They get their very good products after ordering. 


They’re happy and I’m happily smiling my way to the bank as well. 


I just love happiness and the euphoria around it. 


There’s definitely no nobility in rambling with the majority who don’t end up great. 


That’s why, I push harder… 


I risk the riskiest… 


I stumbled a number of times but I regained my balance… 


…and because I keep pushing


I’m a WINNER. 


You’re definitely a winner since you’re still reading this letter.


…but then something happened 


Regardless of the happening which I’ll tell you about later, I have gone on to generate over thirty eight million naira in sales, with 35% as profit from between September 2021 – December 2022 (I’ll leave you to do the calculations my friend).


Yes, back to what happened 

It happened between May 2020 – August 2021, the virus that silently multiples and corrupts 97 in every 100 people who do eCommerce business. Making every 97 in 100 people who start eCommerce quit within their very first 30 days or even less.

I got about 30 pieces of the sewing machine and started forcing it down the buyers’ throat. The result: I spent over 40k on Ads in 2 weeks and sold just 3 pieces. 

The product died and my zeal for eCommerce died with it. I was forced to sell the remaining 27 sewing machines at a ridiculous price. 

Just like the old me, a lot of innocent people in eCommerce make this same crazy and stupid mistake. They sell couples of their very first product and get stuck forever. The kind of stuck that you’ll go to an Ilorin Alfa for deliverance. 

…and people who have never sold a pin in their life start telling you what you’re doing wrong, haba naw. 

But you know what’s even MORE painful to experience?

It is that right now, thousands upon thousands of new people are clicking the Green Publish Button to launch their ads every single day with nothing to show for it but a handful of sales and bucketful of cancellation because they’re just doing it wrong. 

Every single day, they keep waiting and hoping for something, at least one ‘pimm sound’ to show there’s a new order or even just enquiries at least. 

…their morale is already shrinking as they sit and wait.

They have been deserted with other people in their Telegram group.

Their guru is not responding anymore. 

They’re just waiting and hoping something, ANYTHING, starts working soon.

But here’s the critical point they’re missing.


“The Easy Peazy Straightforward Simple 5 Steps Formula”

The Formula is very simple and extremely straightforward to apply. People who ignore the Simple 5 Steps Formula get frustrated, make microscopic sales and call it a quit just as fast as they come in.

…and after applying ‘The Easy Peasy Straightforward Simple 5 Steps Formula’ they all come back happy, appreciative and fulfilled every freaking time.

Just see the transition in less than a week.

These transitions like many others because they follow the Simple 5 Steps Formula.

My friend, I’ll tell you the Simple 5 Steps Formula now, it’s NOT marketing gimmicks, B.S, just straight to the point and easy to understand. 

The Simple 5 Steps Formula are:

1. Research High in Demand Products

Find the Products people want and are willing to pay for it. Nigerians have an addiction and it’s called Spending. 

Nigerians love to spend. 

They cough out money for Aso Ebi even when they’re still owing house rent.

They buy new naira notes just to spray at the party. 

They go on Expensive Date Trip then return back to their Pako Apartment in Ajegunle. 

These people are Sinzu Money, they just love spending regardless of how bad the economy is. 

My friend, this is what you’re doing, you scoop a portion of their spending addiction. 

You’ll know how to see what these people actually want to spend on. 

2. Test the Viability of the Products

If you’ve gotten what they actually want to spend on or let’s put it this way… 

When you ‘think’ you’ve gotten what Nigerians want to spend on, test and see if they are actually willing to give you a faction of their spending addiction. 

Don’t just buy products and start sprinkling ‘Prayer Water’ on it and think you’ll sell out in 2 days. 

A lot of people shed hot tears, some are still shedding and some would still shed because of this mistake. 

…and I don’t ever want to see you shed hot tears my friend. 

That’s why I’m writing you this letter. 

3. Sell The Products to The Rich Customers

Please, don’t sell to Broke People. Broke people would make you question your sanity. You’ll soliloquize half of your day and somniloquize all through your sleep if you sell to broke people. 

They can make an inquiry for one product 12 times and order 13 times but they’ll never pick up for once. 

They’re that bad, worse still they’re mannerless and the worst ‘Shingbain’ they don’t have. 

Again, don’t sell to them. Only sell to the Rich Customers and how you’ll get this Rich Customers is why I’m writing to you.

4. Deliver The Products Fast In Mass

Step one, two and three; if you get them right and fail here, you won’t be a winner. 

How dare you?

Customers want to spend their money and you’re denying them. 

Deliver your products and collect your money even before they can say Jack Robinson. 

You don’t know how to??? 

Just stay with me till the end of this letter. 

5. Rinse and Repeat For Every Product  

The exact thing you did in Step 1 – Step 4 is what you’ll do for every product. 

The thing is… 

“Trying To Stay and Remain Profitable in The Multi-Billion Dollar  eCommerce Industry Without Understanding and Following These Simple 5 Step Formula Leads to Wasted Effort and Frustration”


As in… Right Now 

Is the best time to bring your knife and cut your own share of Hot Oven Baked eCommerce cake 

According to Statista: The eCommerce Market Industry is growing massively day in day out and projected to reach $6.39trillion by 2027 globally. 

Again, $6.39 Trillion (that’s not thousands, not millions not even billions but Freaking Trillion…), the industry is massive and the possibility in the eCommerce industry is limitless.


The eCommerce Market in Nigeria is projected to reach $14.06Billion by 2027 (that’s 2% of the global share ). 

$14.06 Billion is about N6,449,763,000,000 (Six TRILLION Four Hundred Forty-Nine Billion Seven Hundred Sixty-Three Million)

Which means, now is the best time for you to learn, earn and position yourself right, so you will be one of those to gain massively from this cashflow trend.

That’s why I’m writing you this very letter my friend.

I want you to scoop even if it’s the tiniest from the Multi Trillion Naira industry and also have your own daily income cashflow business that brings you at worst an extra 10k daily money without doing too much stress or resuming work 8am and closing 6pm.

You’ll do all these using just your smartphone even if you have no presence online or have never tried any business whatsoever.

And you get to tap into Nigerians greatest addiction ‘SPENDING’ while smiling your way to the bank. 

You don’t even need to be tech savvy or have any special skills whatsover…
Just you, with your phone and doing a daily task of 1 – 2 hours daily. Not that you spend 2 straight hours on the phone, say 15 minutes, then later another 10 minutes, you get it now?
…and HECK NO!!!, you don’t even need to touch any product physically if and if ONLY you follow the Zero Inventory Method in The Simple 5 Step Formula.

“How Do I Get My Daily Share of The eCommerce Cake”

Ok… Follow me 

Presently, cooking gas is sold for #850 per kg and Kerosene is about #1,000 the last time I checked. Things are just becoming more expensive these days…

But no one wants to spend their entire savings on cooking gas or Kerosene just to cook.

They’ll rather spend x3 of this gas amount on Glovo or Jumia food. They want to spend more on ordering food and less on cooking so they’ll need what would help them cut costs…

…then this is definitely a great product you’ll sell to them.

Would they buy this? 

Hell YES, they buy it and even refer their friends over and over again

This is the image of the Ads Spend on Facebook.

Approximately N300,000 spend on ads budget to get…

…over N12,297,500 and still counting 

With over 35% (N4,500,000) as PURE PROFIT from sales of just this product alone between August 2022 – January 2023.

Over 400+ successful purchases and that’s just one of many feedback from happy customers.

They’re happy with their purchase and you’re happily delivering and pocketing your profit without stress. 


This is why you should only follow the Simple 5 Steps Formula or else you just get frustrated and visit Cybercafe to type your CV for a 20k per month job or start as a factory worker doing 7am – 7pm everyday with NO off day. 


I don’t even want that for my enemy not to talk of you my friend because…

There’s far too much money to go around for everyone in the eCommerce industry who can do the simple 2 hours daily work. 


You remember my Mini Sewing Machine and the Stove. I’ll show you more of how you can get winning products like this. 


…and I don’t even gatekeep winning products and leave you in the dark to keep wasting your money on guessing, trials and errors. 

I’ll rather hand you the tools and guide to keep your constant 10k – 20k Daily Profit or even way more just like this. 

“IMAGINE I Hold You By Hand and Give You The Complete Blueprint To Make an Extra 10 – 20k PROFIT Per Day Using Just Your Smartphone?”

Nah, you don’t even have to imagine …

This is why I’ll be holding you by the hands and handing over to you 10 Hot Selling Products so you can start scooping from Nigerians addiction and smiling your way to the bank legally and ethically.

You should follow this to the core unless you have passion for suffering and love the aura of pain and frustration. 


The Step by Step Training That Allows You Keep an Extra Profit of 10k – 20k Daily or even More Selling Physical Products Within the Next 7 Days or Less Using Just Your Smartphone (Even If You Have ZERO Experience)

I’ve held these secrets close to myself for over 13 solid months and I have been able to help my clients generate way way over N40,000,000 in gross sales and over N20,000,000 as profit from these sales combined.

…and I’ve also use these exact Simple 5 Steps Formula to deliver to customer in nooks and cranes of Nigeria without leaving my place of residence or ever appearing on camera at all 


When you follow the Simple 5 Step Formula you are learning in Profitable eCommerce for Smartphone, you become skilled at:


The first thing is…

I would onboard you personally and take you by the hand personally to ensure you succeed and stay All Time Profitable Doing eCommerce. A Sneak Peak of what you’ll get access to learn immediately… 

MODULE 0: Introduction and Onboarding

Getting what to sell is often an headache and if you don’t get this right; you already off route. 

So, this very module would guide you Step by Step on the Simple yet Discrete Method that the 3% who succeed doing eCommerce use to get Fast Selling Products.

MODULE 1: Product and Market Research

Since, I have shown you how to get what to sell. I would also personally put you through where you get this product and start selling almost immediately in this module. 

MODULE 2: Product Sourcing and Procurement

God knows that if I don’t put you through this right, then I am a bad person. That’s why I would guide and put you through thoroughly step by step. 

Module 3 – Listing and Setting Up Your Products for Maximum Profitability

Advertisers on Facebook just keep getting banned and they are complaining like crazy day by day. 

WHY? They  buy traffic haphazard because they don’t follow a detailed guide on how to do it the easy way but you would be held by the hand and learn…

Module 4 – Selling Your Products

Of what benefit would it then be if you can’t manage your business right, that’s why this module is dedicated for you so you can manage your business right.

Module 5 : Business Management


Aside you getting a lifetime access and course upgrade,

…and the information in the Modules more than enough for you to get started

I still added these bonuses in the Profitable eCommerce for Smartphone just for you today. 

The first bonus you’ll be getting is

1. 10 Million Naira Profit Funnels (10 Hot Selling Products With Their Funnel Template): Don’t rack your head, just plug in to any of the 10 hot selling products which I had done the hard work for you already. Start selling and getting your profit.   

2. Lost Order Recovery: You are leaving a lot on the table if you neglect this. Some customers forget themselves or get carried away when they want to make order but there is a way I drag them back and recover their order.

That’s exactly what I’ll be showing you and also giving you 3 Simple and Powerful Email Template you can use to bring them back for FREE.

3. Delivery Agents Lists and Logistic Partners: No need for trials and error, no need of being afraid of anyone disappearing  with your funds or products. Just do your work with ease and confidence.

4. Auto Saving and Sending Personalized BCs with WTHBK: One time sales and that’s all? Heck NO, you would learn how to follow up your customers after sales so you can keep selling and selling to them.

5. Following Up Customers With AutoReply: You are asleep and they are asking for enquiries or they just finished ordering and are in your DM now. 

Don’t worry, you don’t have to type every time and reply all individual customers. That’s why this particular bonus would be handed over to you.

6. All Facebook Event Scripts: Need to track your purchase, know how much you are spending and getting back, know how many people getting on your page…

Don’t over think it… Everything is just a click right beside you

7. 3 Channels Support System: NEVER should you get stuck when you follow the 5 Steps Formula BUT just to ensure you NEVER get stuck I would be making my WhatsApp DM available to you so you can send me a message and I guide you through. 

You get to join the other 3% that always succeed doing eCommerce on the Telegram Support Channel.

Oh… You get constant support via email as well. 


Total Value – N323,500

Enroll TODAY And Get These Exclusive Bonuses:

Total Value – N523,000+

Since you are still reading this my friend.

You won’t pay N523,000
You won’t even pay N150,000
Neither would you pay N100,000

You won’t even pay N75,000
“Wow! Really???”
Yes! In fact, you won’t even pay the regular N50,000 for it.
If you’re reading this now, you only pay N25,000.

Today’s Price – N25,000

Why did I leave PES (Profitable eCommerce for Smartphone) this cheap.

Aside the very first obvious reason that I created this system for you and I want you to succeed with it…

I also have a very personal reason, 

I want you to access it while it’s still just 25,000 and give me tons of your very own testimonials when you start implementing PES

With your testimonials, I would raise the fee to perhaps 70k which is still a fair price. That’s just me charging a week profit from the 52 weeks you have in a year.

See What Non Tech Savvy Everyday People Like You Are Doing 

Not to Blow My Horns, But these are just some of the many result I have gotten for myself personally


I Almost forgot…

You implement what I teach and you don’t get results; how’s that even possible? Well, I’ll take all the risk for you. Just follow the lessons in Profitable eCommerce for Smartphone Step by Step and if you implement everything and don’t see results within these 30 days, with proof that you have actually implemented all you learnt. I’ll give you your money back. If I can’t help you make more money, then I don’t deserve yours.


Total Value – N323,500

Enroll TODAY And Get These Exclusive Bonuses:

Total Value – N523,000+

Regular Price – N35,000

Today’s Price = N25,000


AnAndroid Phone with at least 3gb RAM and it works perfectly on iPhone as well 

Though it is very easy and straight forward that a Primary 6 pupil can start but I would still guide you.

You only need your phone basically, if you have a laptop you can use it as well

If your work or studies pay you an extra 600k monthly aside your salary then DON’T but if it doesn’t and you can spare 2 hours of work, then you’re in.

Would you put your best foot forth and put in your all for what would bring you an extra 10 – 20k daily? Well, with at least 20k – 50k you can kickstart plus you can use the Zero Inventory Method which you’ll learn shortly.

Once you make payment, you’ll be redirected to where you submit your details and get immediate access to PES.

You can  make payment via your card or direct bank transfer. Just click the link below to pay.

Shows you didn’t watch the video. Unless you just want to constantly send me thank you money or money for Suya (I love Suya a lot) as soon as you start making sales, there are NO hidden charges.

Let’s say a day, a week, a month, just when you are ready to implement and execute what you learnt. 

But PES isn’t what you put 20k then wait for it to start multiplying like BTC. If you think it’s Do Nothing and Get Everything then, you might not get a dime.

Definitely, I just kept the price at N25,000 so you can get access within the next 48hours. When next you check, it’ll definitely be N35,000 perhaps I might just charge your average 1 week profit of N70,000 which is still a fair deal.

What if you are already putting yourself among the majority who don’t succeed with this question? Common, put in your very best and it’ll work for you unless money isn’t for you or you are a quitter.

My name is Fatai; Fatai Ayegbajeje. an Online Business Enthusiast and Tutor. I teach willing and open-minded individuals how to make an average of #10,000 – #20,000 profit daily profit selling physical products. 

I don’t have a physical shop or an elaborate team, so you don’t have to rent a shop or get a team before you start earning. 

After building an eCommerce system that generates weekly profit of #100,000 – #200,000 for about 13 months and counting, quite a number of people reached out to me to teach them what I know and do to earn this; some of them are serious action takers and other who just want the easy way out without doing anything. 

…and that’s why I have documented all the exact steps, the process and even ensure you have access to products that I have sold personally so you can have a very soft landing and start easily.

Why did I give all that out? So, you can have immediate access and start selling without stress. Don’t worry, it isn’t larceny on your part, it is just be making sure you get started immediately.

The Question now is…

Will you get started?

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