Ready to start converting 99% of your prospects into clients?

In PORTFOLIO FIX, I will give you the Template and Practical
Guidance to create a HighConverting Company Portfolio and Profile for your Business.

Everything you need to create your business Portfolio... in less than 2 hours
A DoneForYou Template + Explainer Video + Graphic Design Tutorial

Wondering how other businesses land premium clients and win multi-million contracts, while your proposals are constantly turned down?

The single most important tool they wield like a magic wand is their business PORTFOLIO!

As an Event Staffing Agency Founder that has secured multiple 7figure contracts with globally renowned companies in 15 countries across Europe, America, Asia and Africa, my most effective marketing and sales tool has been our  COMPANY PORTFOLIO. 

With our Company Portfolio, our conversion rate became over 90%!


My High-Converting Done-For-You Portfolio Template

My fill-in-the blanks Portfolio and Profile Template to edit and adapt to your business. This template is already designed from Scratch, page 1 to the end. All you have to do is edit to your own contents.

Value - ₦15,000

Step-by-Step Explainer Video

A step-by-step detailed guidance on how to structure each page of your Portfolio and Profile to make it irresistible and impressive to potential clients.

Value - ₦25,000

A Do-It-Yourself Graphic Design Tutorial

A do-it-yourself graphic design tutorial to train you on how to edit your template so you can create your own Portfolio immediately just watching how it is done in the video.

Value - ₦40,000

Total Value - ₦80,000

Regular Price - ₦40,000

Today's Price - ₦12,500

You're a Business Owner, but...

Your proposals don't convert clients

Each time you try to land a new client, you get ignore or rejected. After that email or letter, no response. Nothing! Then you see that client hiring your service or buying your product from your competitors.

You never land huge jobs

You keep seeing your competitors landing high-end clients and winning multi-million contracts and you’re just wondering, how did they do it? What do they have that I don’t?

You don't get referrals

You have asked everyone you come across to recommend your products and services, till today, nothing! You’re beginning to think your friends don’t really want to help grow your business.

Here’s the thing, the most important tool you need to achieve all these, is your business Portfolio

… and you can use only the PDF copy to get all those results.

This is why:

When a client or customer is looking to invest in a new product or service, their buying decision is based on these 3 questions:

  1. Your Expertise – Can you deliver the service well? Will your product be good enough?
  2. Your Background – Do you have a track record of how long and well you have been in business?
  3. Trust: Can they entrust their money to you when paying ahead?

Guess what? A Portfolio answers all these questions at once!

But the Hard Part is Ensuring that your Portfolio does all that…

Putting together every piece from scratch and knowing exactly what to add inside your Portfolio, so that once a potential client views it, boom! You win them over.

Do it wrong and you turn off all your potential clients at first contact!

What if You Get a Tested and Proven System that Removes all that Hard Part and Gives you Exactly What Works?

You can create a winning Company Portfolio and Profile for any kind of business you own and start using it to land new clients from today …in less than 2 hours


Everything you need to create a high-converting Company Portfolio and Profile for your business less than 2 hours

A Done-For-You Template + Explainer Video + Graphic design Tutorial

Total Value - ₦80,000

Regular Price - ₦40,000

Today's Price - ₦12,500

That's not all...

BONUS LESSON: 3 Ways to Land New Clients Using Portfolios

I also show you 3 Ways I have been using my Company Portfolio to Land New Clients globally, so you can start doing the same with your brand new Portfolio and Profile.

Value = Priceless!

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Maria Ebenezer, an Award-Winning Entrepreneur and Founder of Emerald Green Ushering Services – Nigeria’s premium event staffing agency for West Africa conferences and exhibitions.

I’m excited to help you build the most important marketing tool you need to land your dream clients.

Over the last 5 years, we have landed over 40 high-end organizations in 15 countries across Europe, America, Asia and Africa. The most effective marketing and sales tool that we use to do this is our Company Portfolio and the conversion rate is over 90%.

I’m about to show you the template of the “Winning Portfolio” that I have used to win my global clientele.

With Portfolio Fix, you do not only save money on hiring content writers and graphic designers, you also get the resources that gives you a lifetime skill needed for your business. Take advantage of today's price!

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