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Dear Friend,

While others are losing their rents, losing their savings and hard earn money to the forex market...

The Pips & Profits Academy students are making waves like Whirlwind, doing crazy numbers like its NOTHING!!!

I'm not here to lure you to get in and that's a fact. Proofs will floor you, tons of our students winnings 90% of the time are available. 

Here are some, check them out

The Dollar to Naira exchange rate right now is very very Crazy!

Those earning in naira are not favored at all. Let's be candid...

They are suffering!

 And struggling traders are crying as each dollar counts in the market. 

The cost of a dollar loss now gives a different kind of pain. This isn't funny any more.

If you still earn in naira, pay close attention right now, cause learning and mastering forex trading will change your life. And...

If you are a trader already, but you are still struggling to make profits, or remain consistently profitable, there's one thing you don't know. 

And you don't know because you were not told!!!

The Biggest Financial Market, Which is the Forex Trading Market is Rigged Against You!

The truth is,

No matter who you are…

Whether you are just getting started with forex trading or you've been trading the market for years now, the market is still rigged against you.

The Market was not created for you to gamble with or do guess work…

It was created to make money off you…

And understanding this is how you win in the Markets.

Ironic right?

Wait let me Tell you More...

What I'm telling you now is what a lot of people trying to sell you their courses & signal groups would NEVER tell you.

They would lie to you about the market.

And tell you that with a little bit of this and that you can take all the profits in the world  day trading the markets…

But that is A LIE.

And a very dangerous one at that.

But I will tell you the truth because, In the Pips & Profits Academy, we don't just want you to make small money and dump you… Not at all

But we want you to make INSANE MOUTH WATERING results like ours…

And come to think of it…

When you share your trading results and more people join us…

Isn't it a WIN-WIN for both of us?

So why LIE to you like the others?

Do you get my drift?

Trading The Forex Market is like playing a Game of Russian Roulette

If I'm asked to describe trading the Forex Market in a Single Sentence it'd be:

Trading the Forex Market is like playing a Game of Russian Roulette with a Loaded Revolver.


And unless you have a man on the inside

You would LOSE…

And in most cases…

Losing means losing your life or something more precious to you.

But I don't want you to lose and that's why I am telling you about this to you today.

Now remember what I said at the beginning.

Understanding that this Game of Trading the Foreign Market is Dangerous is Key to Making a lot of Money from it…

Let me break it down for you to Understand:

For You To WIN In Trading... Someone has to LOSE

Now if you're reading this…

My guess is that you've lost some money to the Markets

OR if you're just getting started

You don't want to…

Or you've lost some virtual money demo trading and testing the markets.

Now note this:

Anytime you lose trading the Markets…

Someone somewhere in the world is winning.

Your money is getting shared amongst the winners and there's nothing you can do about it…

Because you signed up for it.

Now the same happens when you win…

You are taking someone's money too based on how much you put into playing the game.

Now the reason this happens is…

Let's take for instance you BUY a certain currency pair.

If that pair goes up…

The person who SELLS that pair would lose his money to you

And you'd lose if you BUY and the Market goes down.

That's how you win or lose to the Markets

And to make a lot of money…

You want to make sure you have a man on the Inside who is at least 80% certain about where the Market would move to, up or down.

A man that would tell you the exact moves to make to Take Massive Profits from the Markets MOST of the Time…

And insignificant Losses LESS of the Time

So Where do we come in and How Do We Help You Win?

Now we talked about having an inside man who is certain to a very high percentage where the market would move…

And this certainty comes from years and years of experience trading the Markets.

That's where I come in.

I have a great understanding of HOW the Market Moves with super Advanced Technical and Fundamental Analysis skill… Psychology trading...

The nuances of the market…

And I'd be your man on the Inside telling you how and when to BUY, also how and when to SELL so you almost never lose, easy stuff.

Because the way to win is to WIN more than you LOSE and rack up profits that other people who miss out on.

I'd also be giving you Setups from our Secret Trading System we call:

The Smart Money Concept

This is a rare and advanced System we use to read the Markets using a Combo of some Technical Analysis Tools

And I and my students have had an 80% success rate using this my Unique Method.

I spent over 1 year plus perfecting this strategy and I've taught it to high reputable individuals who have used it to take 100s of dollars in profits from the market in less than 2 weeks of trading from Scratch (NO prior trading experience)

And I would be explicitly teaching you this system (so you don't have to spend the same time I did and even more than that)

I'd also be handing you Powerful Setups we generate using The Smart Money Concept so you can Take Massive Profits from the Markets EVEN as you Learn.

Before I tell you more...

Let's do a little math.

Now take for instance:

You Trade the Market on Monday with the Setups we generate using our Smart money Concept

And you take profits of about $800…

Then the next day you make an insignificant loss of say $50

At the end of the day…

You still have a profit of $750.

And that's how you win in the Markets.

And the reason we're sure of this is because our Setups are Tested and Trusted and have been used by hundreds of Forex Traders like you.

Here's some of their Testimonials:

Now imagine HOW profitable your Trades would be being when you get the Exact Same Setups we use to close profits of over $2k+ Weekly on a consistent basis

You'd be able to make so much Money in dollars from the Markets that would enable you…

Take Your Loved Ones On Vacations To Places Like DubaiSeychelles… AND even More Exotic Places like Santorini and the Hotels of Lebanon

A lot of traders in my Academy have been able to use our setups to generate massive sums of money that have enabled them to do these..

And it doesn't even have to be Travelling…

It might be that:

➔ You want to Prove Naysayers and Doubters who have laughed at you and Mocked you Wrong

➔ You want to be able to Create Wealth for yourself and your loved ones

➔ You want to retire your mum or Dad from their excruciating job

➔ You want to build a Million Naira Business that Provides for you and those around you

It could be any of these…

And the Sweetest part is:

There is no magic here, it’s just access to specific information that can change your life


➤ You're student who wants to make extra cash to spend on what you love and want

➤ You're Married or Single and you want to be able to take care of your loved ones

➤ You are new to the Forex Money Making Space and you want to rake in as much cash possible in the shortest time

➤ You are a Forex Trader and you are struggling to Make profitable Trades

➤ You are interested in making money from Trading but don't know how to generate signals for yourself using technical and Fundamental Analysis

The Academy would show you how to begin earning in dollars trading the forex market in less than 60 days

So What EXACTLY do you GET when you Join the Pips & Profits Academy?


You don't only have access to the Academy's training or Community, but you also get mentorship which means you stay under a closed guidance until you become profitable.

24/7 Support

We have dedicated 24/7 support where you can throw in your questions, get feedback and guides from us to make your Trades profitable.

We also share & review your analysis, correcting your mistakes which in turn increases your wins in the group, you learn and earn at the same time.

FREE WEEKLY Signals Analysis & Breakdown

Now this part is crazy because we REALLY DO NOT have to do this…

But we'd be giving you a FREE Breakdown of some of our Signals during the Week.

Showing you a little bit of how we generated them.

Our thought process and the idea behind these Signals so you can replicate them.

Full Forex Trading Course

Access to the A - Z Forex Trading course by Pips & Profits Academy that has turned 100s of struggling traders into badass traders.

When you lay your hands on this, and you sit your ass down and study the course diligently, you'll become a pro that can even teach a newbie to profitability under 90 days.

Zero fugazi. 100% guaranteed!

Simplified Trading Materials

You also GET premium trading materials like PDFs, Videos, Journal templates, Trading Plan templates, and my own trading eBook for Free

All these are worth over $500

But you get them for Free when you get into the academy today.

Access to e-Meetings With Invite Pro Traders

Now this part is crazy because we REALLY DO NOT have to do this…

But we'd be bringing other top and skilled traders with field specifics to come teach you knowledge that will give sauce & profitability to your trading

When you access the academy, you get this and even more, so you do NOT want to miss any of this.

And that's NOT ALL…

Definitely not…

There is still an update section where I would be dropping NEW and LUCRATIVE Signals that you can jump on and earn more dollars for little to NO work…

You'd be getting so much NEW Updates that would make you a shitload of Money when you join us Today.

I pay very heavily for the information I would be sharing with you here…

I’m talking $1000 - $2000+ just to lay my hands on what I’d be dropping in this section

Also there are BONUSES for you.


Prop Firm Giveaways

A form of motivating you to do more and become a better trader.

By rewarding the best performing students with monthly prop firm giveaways at absolutely ZERO cost

Also, assisting the newbies in forex trading without capital.

Access to Community Accountability

Trading can be a hectic journey and we understand that so we'd be pairing you with other Traders who you would be accountable to.

This will make the journey to be very easy for you to learn and pass through the process needed to become better.

You literally have everything to gain…

And absolutely nothing to lose when you join us today

Below are OTHER Proofs and Testimonials of Other Students In the Pips & Profits Academy?

So you want to join us todayyy...!!!

And how much do you feel this is worth?

A 100 Dollars?

A Thousand Dollars?

Hundreds of Thousands?

Well I'd say it's worth more than a Thousand dollars…

But that's not what you'd be paying when you join us Today

You'd be able to join us today for a measly...


Price changes anytime soon...

I would be increase the price anytime soon because we know the value of this academy far exceeds the price you are getting it for…

It's time to start making those profits in Dollars using what we'd show you here:

➤ Let's guide you on your Forex Journey…

➤ Let's Build long lasting Wealth

➤ Let's help you Surpass Your Limits

Click the BUTTON BELOW HERE TO REGISTER and join us today

Meet Your Coach,

[Reagan Disu AKA Reagz]

Reagz is a skilled and consistently profitable forex trader and also the Founder of Pips & Profits Academy. 

Having trained 100s of students to profitability, he is opening the opportunity for you to join his Academy so you can learn how to trade and make money for yourself in the market like a pro.

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