Newbie Friendly Online Business

That Makes N500,000-N1M A Month; By

Simply Uploading 11-25 Page

Word Documents 

To Amazon.

The Best Part is; You Don’t Have To Create The Document Yourself +

You Don't Have To Pay Any Writer +

You Don't Have To Pay For Any Advert on Amazon!

This Detailed Amazon KDP Cash Course Is So Good That Some Of My Students Are Now Teaching Loads Of Other Students

From The Desk of : Dotun Olagbaju

What if it was possible to make daily, weekly, monthly and yearly passive income for the rest of your life by simply uploading short documents online by spending 25- 30 minutes per day?

Would you use this life changing opportunity to secure your financial freedom?

If YES, then pay special attention to every word on the page.

After years of secretly selling simple and short word documents on Amazon and making thousands of dollars every month, I think the time has come for me to finally reveal my 3 step secret method that shows how anyone can create an online ATM machine that pays them passive income, months after months.

Sadly, a lot of Nigerians either don’t know about or simply ignore this simple, yet life changing opportunity.

Actually, when it comes to making good money online in Nigeria, most people are STILL following the outdated online money-making methods.

They begin by:

  • Buying too many online courses and not following through on the training.
  • Buying expensive hosting plans and domain names for websites and blogs.
  • Running Facebook, Instagram, Google and WhatsApp TV adverts.
  • Importing products from China, Dubai and Turkey.
  • Spending months or years on Freelancing websites Like Fiverr & Upwork. 
  • Wanting to build too many income streams at once.

Probably because the old, traditional and complicated methods are what most coaches and gurus talk about or because most people feel they just need to follow the crowd blindly before they make money online.

The truth is that most people are either unknowledgeable or frustrated because they don't know that there are other simpler, proven, tested and reliable methods that make life a hundred times easier for them.  

What I'm about to share with you is one of such life changing opportunity that most don't even know about.

This method is so simple, straight-forward and easy to implement that most people, when they come across it, don’t take it seriously.

The best part about this opportunity is the fact that; you get paid for life for what you do once.. {It only takes 20 to 30 minutes a day to implement what you will learn in this training.

Trust me;

Nothing beats being paid every day, week, month and year for something you set up and forget once.

Before I tell you more about this opportunity.

I think it’s very important that you first understand what exactly the Amazon Kindle is…

The Kindle is a device that was initially created by Amazon to enable all its users to browse the Amazon platform, search for, purchase, and download digital media, in all types of formats, especially BOOKS.

Here Are The 3 Stages Involved In This Amazing Passive Income ATM Machine

  • The Research Stage – You sign up on Amazon for FREE and quickly research hot and best selling books that you can model in minutes.

  • The Create Stage – This is where you quickly create your books by yourself.  Unlike other courses out there that only shows you how to pay thousands on Writers and Graphic designers, with this system, you don’t have to spend N1 before you create your books.

  • The Publish Stage – This is where you quickly submit/upload your books on Amazon by filling all the necessary details about your books.


Watch Me LIVE As I Log Into My KDP Account To Check The Millions That Came In Last Mon

This Is N1,252,840/mon

This Is N972,220/mon When I Did Not Even Publish Any Book In June 2021 [I was busy with my other businesses]

This Is N681,765/mon That Another Nigerian Like You Is Making A Month

This Is N500,000/mon That Another Nigerian Like You Is Making A Month

This Is N882,000/mon That Another Nigerian Like You Is Making A Month

The Cool Thing About All This Is That

I Don't Have Any Special Skills

I'm Not A Writer

I Don't Spend N1 KOBO on Any Amazon Advert For Book Promotion

Until A Few Months Ago, I Had ZERO Success With This Book Publishing Business.

I Don't Spend N1 KOBO on Any Writer & Book Designer

Why I Became Really Excited About This Kindle Publishing Business That Can Make You N42,000/Day @ $1=N590

  • Amazon Kindle Publishing Business is 100% Passive Income - Nothing Like Customer Support, Shipping, Order Confirmation, Updates and Management. {When you simply upload your 11-30 pages word document once, Amazon make it available to MILLIONS of customers and book buyers on Amazon. For example, 76% {57.2 million} of the 75 million products that Amazon sold as at March 2021 are books.
  • Only $0 Start-Up Capital For Your Amazon Kindle Publishing Business. {With my 3 step secret method, you only need N0 to start this business and you can do this within 25-30 minutes everyday}.

Amazon Kindle Publishing is Consistently Making MY NEWBIES/BEGINEER STUDENTS Money Like This Month After Month

This Is N156,000/mon From My 22 Years Old, 400 Level Student [A Beginner]

This Is N123,000/mon From Another 20 Years Old Student [A Beginner]

This Is N343,950/mon That Another Nigerian Like You Is Making [A Beginner]

This Is N295,500/mon That Another Nigerian Like You Is Making [A Beginner]

Another Nigerian Like You Is Also Doing N463,105/mon [A Beginner]

Another Nigerian Like You Is Also Doing N116,000/week [A Beginner]

So are you ready to start making N500,000-N1M/mon with your short documents on Amazon?

If your answer is

Then what I have created for you will put those daily, weekly and monthly dollars in your bank account when you grab it.

Introducing: Amazon KDP Cash


You Will Discover :

How to register on Amazon KDP. [Value - N25,000]

How to get your US Bank Account for your payment. [Value – N25,000]

How to design your Kindle & Paperback Books in 5 Minutes. [Value – N15,000]

How to get all the approved tools that I & my students are using on Amazon. [Value – N25,000]

How to research best selling books to write. [Value – N35,000]

How to write your books without wasting N70,000 on Writers like other courses are teaching. [Value – N45,000]

How to upload your Kindle & Paperback Books. [Value – N15,000]

How to rank organically with my killer keyword strategy. [Value – 15,000] AND LOTS MORE

TOTAL VALUE - N200,000

Act Now And Get FREE Access To The Following BONUSES 

  • Facebook Mastermind Access - You will get access to our VIP Facebook mastermind group where you will be able to get extra support and updates. [Value -  N40,000].
  • High priority EMAIL support [Value - N40,000]
  • Kindle Surge [PDF System [Value - N10,000]
  • Perma Free Book on Amazon. [PDF GUIDE] [Value - N10,000]
  • Switch Perma Free Book to Paid Book On Amazon. [PDF GUIDE] – [Value - N10,000]
  • 500 Curated Software's And Tools. [Value - N10,000]
  • Self Publishing Checklist – [Value - N10,000]
  • 50 Kindle Book Cover [Value - N20,000]
  • How To Create Children’s Picture EBOOK – [Value - N5,000]
  • 50 Amazon Kindle Keyword Research Tools - {Value - N10,000}

Here is How to Get The Amazon KDP Cash Training Guide Right Away

You can get instant access to the digital version of the "Amazon KDP Cash" within the next 5 minutes.

The price of the guide (and all included bonuses) is a measly N29,999

If you think N29,999 is too much for this information, compare that to what my friends are charging.

I know only 5 people that are also making millions on Kindle Publishing in Nigeria and they all charge N50,000 and above for their trainings.

SECURED ATM Card Payment 

Works Anytime, Even At 12 Midnight. Secure Order Form - 100% Protected Safe & CBN Approved. You Get Access INSTANTLY. No Waiting Whatsoever!

Upon successful payment, you'll be redirected to the page where you fill in your details.

PS : I currently know only 5 people that are also making millions on Kindle Publishing in Nigeria and they all charge N50,000 and above for their trainings. So the discount price of N29,999 is only available for now. I can assure you that the price will go back to N50,000 this week.

PPS: Kindle Publishing is the simplest way to make dollars every day, week and month in Nigeria right now. It's then times better than all the remaining online businesses out there. 

Sincerely Yours,  


Dotun Olagbaju [Dotman]

Frequently Asked Questions

The video above explains everything you need to know but here are some frequently asked questions.

If this training is so good, why is it ridiculously cheap compared to other programs out there?

I currently know only 5 people that are also making millions on Kindle Publishing in Nigeria and they all charge N50,000 and above for their trainings.

My old students literally paid N50,000 for this same program.

The current discount of N29,999 is not the final price. It's only available for those that grab it now. Once the sale is over, it is going back to the original price. You will be nuts to not take advantage of this crazy deal right now.

What is the video training all about?

PIC is a powerful video training that shows the 3 simple step I and my student use to upload short books that makes up a minimum of $1k a month on autopilot.

It is the only detailed Kindle Book Publishing program that gives you the best chance of succeeding on Amazon as a short book publisher.

How will I get the training videos after making payment?

The training program is delivered in form of high quality videos that you can watch online or download to your mobile phone and computer.

The special and secret access page where you can get the videos will be sent to your email address after making payment and you can then watch or download.


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