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Do You Know That You Can Make Money On Amazon By Publishing Free Photos???

From : Olagbaju Damola [A Book Publisher And Online Entrepreneur].

Well, let me tell you all about it...

Photo Books are the easiest to make on Amazon. You don't even need to know how to take good pictures on your phone or have any art ability to make photo books that will sell. This might be something you are not aware of! And that's okay, that's why I am pleased to explain it all...

Many people think how cool it would be to make money on Amazon KDP, but have no idea how to write a book using the complicated and risky methods that are out there. That leaves hundreds of thousands of Nigerians to be frustrated but that will change today.

The Arts & Photography/Photography section on Amazon KDP market is something else entirely! There is little or no competition at all. And yet photo books sell like hotcakes. Many of the best selling books are indeed photo books.

Many People Share Photos On Social Media Just For Fun, But I And My Students Share Photos On Amazon For Cool Dollars

Many people take photos to catch fun and capture memories. Most of these pictures are ultimately uploaded on the social media for comments and likes.

However, the internet has evolved such that while some people are catching fun, others are earning big time. Who says you can’t do both?

Today, the internet is evolving to feature pictures than ever. The adage “a picture speaks better than a thousand words” is fast becoming a reality. Thousands of books, journals, websites and brands depend on pictures to enhance their readability and to drive home the message.

I smile whenever I see very young ladies and guys uploading more than 60pictures in a month on social media just to get attention, but do you know that you can make thousands of dollars from your photos or photos from different niches.

So, what exactly is a photo book and how is it described on Amazon...

What’s photo book?

A photo book  is a book in which photographs make a significant contribution to the overall content.

Amazon Photobook?

This is a book of photographs/Images  that has an overarching theme or follows a storyline – a convenient and reasonably cheap way of disseminating the work of a photographer to a mass audience through various photographs & storyline under the Art & photography niche in the Kindle store

Do you love to make money with your photos, but wish you had an audience to share them with? Getting your photo books published can be a difficult and expensive process — but not with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) on Amazon.

With KDP, you can publish your own photo books on Amazon for free, where it’ll be available to the millions of Amazon shoppers who use Kindle readers. With Amazon’s free print-on-demand service, you can also offer your customers a physical paperback copy of your photo book.

What is Kindle Direct Publishing?

Kindle Direct Publishing, or KDP, is Amazon’s self-publishing platform that allows authors to sell their books to Amazon’s massive audience—without the hassle of going through a traditional publishing company.

With KDP, authors can create photo books, all without any upfront costs or inventory orders. On top of that, KDP gives authors full rights to their books, something that a traditional publishing house typically won’t do.

KDP is a great way to get your photo books published and listed for sale — for free! You won’t pay fees to Amazon until you make a sale.

Here Are The 3 Stages Involved In This Amazing Amazon Photo Book Pay Method




See What My Students Are Saying

Janet Makes Almost N70,000 Monthly

John Makes Almost N125,000 Monthly

Ebuka Makes Almost N45,000 Monthly

Taiwo Makes Almost N245,000 Monthly

What You Don't Need To Start

  • You do not need to worry about copying other people's content
  • You do not need to worry about using any paid tools/software to re-write other people's content
  • You do not need to be a writer because you are not writing anything
  • You do not need to be a photographer
  • You do not need a laptop to start
  • You do not need any capital to start

So are you ready to start making $100-$1000 monthly with your short documents on Amazon?

If your answer is YES

Then what I have created for you will put those daily, weekly and monthly dollars in your bank account when you grab it.

Introducing : Amazon Photo Book Pay

In This Step By Step Detailed Video Training, You Will Discover :

  • Understanding what a photo book mean (children picture book, Photojournalism, photo-essay, documentary, collection photo book)
  • How to create a valid US bank account
  • How to create an Amazon kdp account
  • How to Choose a niche
  • How to get your own photo book content
  • How to get free photo book content
  • How to Edit your photo book content
  • How to create & format your file
  • How to design your cover page
  • Understanding the latest Amazon policies
  • How to stay safe with the latest policies
  • How to research for keywords
  • How to upload your kindle file
  • How to design your print on demand cover & how to upload the file
  • and lots more..

Here is How to Get The Amazon Photo Book Pay Training Guide Right Away

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is This Course Different From Other Courses?

It is different because I teach only what works based on my results and that of my successful students. What I teach is currently the EASIEST way to get started on Amazon. Other courses don't even know about this secret method. 

Can I Add Pictures To My KDP Book?

Well, today you're in luck! You can now have your product pages published through
KDP and they'll be just like the ones with tons of images that make potential buyers
more engaged.

Can I Do It With My Phone?

YES! You don't need a laptop to do this. ONLY your phone can be used/ Either an Android or IOS Device. As a matter of fact, the training was recorded and demonstrated with a phone.

Will You Mentor Me?

Updates and tips will be shared on a VIP Telegram Channel and I also prioritize support via email.

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