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​Discover the Complete A-Z Process For Buying High Quality, US-Used Phones At Dirt Cheap Prices & Importing Them to Nigeria Within ​10 Days or Less

​And if you like, you can even turn this into a business because you now have access to the same information used by smart Phone merchants for importing branded mobile phones and selling them for good profit​

FROM: Azeez Yusuf
Entrepreneur & E-commerce Expert
Ikeja, Lagos

DATE: March 4, 2019

Dear friend,

If you will like to start buying high quality phones at low prices and import them to Nigeria within 10 days or less, this will be the most important message you will ever read.

Here is WHY...

​There is now a "website" which makes it possible for you and I to get high quality brand phones at about 40% discount.

And, before you even ask, I want to tell you it is 100% genuine!

Please take a good look at the phone below:

It is a Samsung Galaxy S8 Phone (Dual Sim, 64gb)

And it sells for a minimum price of N140,000 on Jumia or Konga.

However, there is a genuine website where you can get this same Galaxy S8 for as low as N99,000.



The reason is simple.

This website is an overstocked liquidation website where store owners come to sell away excess products so that they can restock

And, do you know one more thing?

This website is almost an Auction website, where the sale price of every branded phones reduce in price each and every day, until the branded phone is finally sold!

On this same website, an Apple Iphone 8 that goes for N245,000 on Jumia can be sourced for as low as N170,000

I know it sounds unreal but this genuine website is where many Nigerian phone merchants buy the phones they sell on places like Jiji, Jumia, Konga etc

And these are not "made in China" phones or refurbished phones

They are top quality, Grade A US used phones from top brands like Samsung, Apple, HTC etc

And they are almost as brand new.

​​Take a Good Look at Some of the Phones You Can Get on this Site Yourself.

​You Might Be Thinking, How Come This Information Isn't Out There In the Open For Everyone?

​The reason is simple.

Traders don't share their trade secrets.

I was privileged to learn about this information from one of the phone merchants in computer village

And the reason he shared this information with me is because I also shared some valuable information with him about buying products from China.

Ever since I got hold of this information, I have bought about 7 clean phones from the website with no problems at all.

By buying these phones from this site, I was able to save a minimum of N30,000 per phone.

That is like N210,000 in all.

I realized that there are some people out there who appreciate getting access to genuine information like this

And that is why I decided to share the simple A-Z process I use to buy and import US-used phones with people like you who appreciate it.

​My Process of Buying & Importing Phones From this Website Is ​In 5 Simple Steps.

STEP ONE: Register on the Website

(You will need a referral, a US phone number and address to do this - I will show you how to get these for free)

STEP TWO: ​Search for the phones you want.

There are different ways to do this.

You can search based on ratings, different brands (E.g. Samsung, HTC) and prices

STEP THREE: Add the phones you want to buy to cart and checkout

STEP FOUR: Make Payments ​Pay via Paypal

Paypal is the mode of payment on the site and thank God, anyone can open and use a Paypal account in Nigeria.

​If you don't have a Paypal account, I will be showing you how to get one.

Since you will be paying the website in dollars, I will also be showing you my smart and legal method for getting dollars at a rate that is cheaper than what is in the market.

STEP FIVE: ​Have your phone delivered to your doorstep and take possession

After you make the payment, your ​phone will be shipped to your US address and forwarded to your Nigerian address from there. The usual cost of shipping is about N5000 per phone and the phone will be delivered directly to your doorstep. ​

​Here Is the Good News:

I have created a ​complete A - Z guide (in form of a six video series) that walks you through this simple 5-step process for buying and importing ​high quality phones from the US at a low price.

This ​guide takes you by the hand and shows you what to do step by step from registering on the website to finding the phones you want, paying for it and getting the phones delivered to your house in Nigeria.


​The Phone Import Domination Guide

This phone import domination guide is a six video series that walks you through everything you need to know from A-Z about buying US-used mobile phones and getting it delivered to you here in Nigeria.

This guide also highlights every mistake that you must avoid when buying your mobile phones online from this American website

As far as I am concerned, there is no other guide like this anywhere in Nigeria

Here Is a Breakdown of the Six Videos Inside Phone Import Domination:

VIDEO 1: ​The first video training is an introduction to this little-known website.

VIDEO 2: The second video training is how you can do your registration in this website, including all the things that you will need to register successfully. ​

VIDEO 3: The third video training ​walks you through how you can search for the Branded Mobile Phones that you wish to buy using a practical illustration.

VIDEO 4: The fourth video ​shows you how to make payment for the branded phones that you choose to buy, using Paypal and send them to your ​US address. You will also learn how to get a US address to use.

VIDEO 5: The fifth video training covers how you can safely ship the branded phones that you bought down to Nigeria.

VIDEO 6: And finally, the sixth video training is about how you can sell the Branded Phones you bought in Nigeria, including different fantastic options that you can use to sell your Branded Phones at a great profit of over 100%, generating a net profit of as much as N20,000 ​ per sale!

Inside the ​Phone Import Domination​,​ You Will Also Discover the Following:

  • ​You will learn a legal way to buy quality branded phones at very cheap prices and sell for over 100% profit margin.

  • My premium membership referrer code to get you full access to the website

  • Exclusive Free USA phone number to get you access to this secret website.

  • 100% Free and secured USA warehouse to receive your goods before getting it in Nigeria at your doorstep

  • How to legally buy dollars below CBN official exchange rate thereby saving 6% on each dollar transaction.

​But That Is NOT All…

​When You Get the Phone Import Domination Guide Today, You Will Also Get the Following Bonuses:

BONUS 1: ​IMC Blueprint

​This blueprint shows you the exact plan, strategy, and methods I have used to run a successful E-commerce business from the comfort of my home. 

You will learn things like how I grew my E-commerce business from ZERO capital to 7 figures monthly income, how to source for quality products, make payment and ship to Nigeria within 48hrs - 10 working days, how to pull in at least 10 orders on each of your product per day.

Value - N20,000

BONUS 2: ​Facebook Ads Mastery

​This is my step by step training course that shows you how to create and scale profitable Facebook campaigns for your product.

By the time you are through with this training, you will be able to target your ideal customer and create compelling adverts that turn to money.

Value - N20,000

BONUS 3: ​Whatsapp-Q Software

​This software is the ultimate Whatsapp marketing tool valued at N25,000.

This software will help you reach your target market easily because it has the ability to send 1000 messages in less than 1 minutes with 100% delivery guarantee

It also supports multi messages format meaning you can send Photo/Video with text caption.

Value - N25,000

BONUS 4: ​14-Paged Guide On How to Open a Paypal Account In Nigeria

This guide walks you through how you can get a 'Premium Paypal Account' in Nigeria, that you can use to make payments for foreign goods, as well as, receive payment from all around the world for free!

​Value - N10,000


Right now, you can get the "​Phone Import Domination" plus the special bonuses for...

​N15,000 Only

Why Should You Pay N15,000 For this Information?

Let's do a rough calculation based on the Samsung Galaxy S8 alone which is in hot demand.

Normally, the cost of this phone in the Nigerian market is N140,000.

But you can get it for about N99,000 each.

Then, let's add the shipping and packaging cost of N6000 to that.

That means you will get the phone for about N105,000.

That automatically helps you to save N35,000.

​But then, let's say you decide to get 10 of these phones and sell for N125,000 price

​People are going to rush the phone and that will result into a profit of N20,000 per phone for you.

10 phones x N20,000 profit is N200,000

Even if that is all you do, do you still think paying a measly sum of N15,000 is too much?

As you can see, paying N15,000 for this information is far little compared to what you stand to gain.

​​​ Don't Wait Another Second. Grab Yours NOW. 

Please, realize that the price of N15,000 is a test price for this product. This means ​the price will be reviewed from time to time and by the time you come back to buy, the price might have gone up.

You could come back to this page by next week and the price could have gone up to N25,000 which is still worth it.

So, don’t delay.

Click the ORDER button below to get the “​Phone Import Domination Guide" and the accompanying bonuses for N15,000 only

​​NOTE: (Price could go up to N25,000 anytime)

​At This Point, You Have 3 Choices:

​(1) You can try to figure out the process of ​importing US-used phones on your own and waste a lot of time and money in the process.

(2) You can go ahead and continue to buy phones for the normal market value when you could be saving that extra cash to do something better with your life.

(3) Or you can just purchase this ​phone import domination guide now for just N15,000 and use the simple step by step process in it to save ​a lot of money importing phones.

Again, Here is What You Are Getting For N15,000 Only:

(1) The “​Phone Import Domination” Guide

(2) BONUS 1: ​IMC Ecommerce Blueprint

(3) BONUS 2: ​Facebook Ads Mastery

(4) BONUS 3: ​Whatsapp-Q Software

(5) BONUS 4: Paypal Guide

You can make payments using your ATM card or by direct deposit to the bank.

Click the buy button to get the ​Phone Import Domination Guide now.

​Once your payment is successful, you will be given instant access to the digital version of the product with the bonuses included so that you can download everything.

​Some Commonly Asked Questions:

What is the "​Phone Import Domination" Guide about?

The ​phone import domination guide is a set of videos that walk you through the simple step by step process for​ importing ​high quality US-used phones at low prices.

Is This Safe?

Yes. This is completely safe and guaranteed. You have nothing to lose when buying these US used phones from the source that you will learn about and it is also legal to import them to Nigeria

How Will the Phones Get to My House In Nigeria?

Once you have paid for the phones, they will be shipped to a US address. This US address will ship the phones to your house/office address in Nigeria using a secure shipping service.

Are there other hidden costs apart from the cost of buying the phone and shipping them?

​There is no extra cost.

Once you have paid for the phone and the shipping. The phone will be sent to your address here in Nigeria and you can take delivery within 10 days.

What Else Do I Need to Buy Phones On This Website?

​All you need is access to the internet, a referral, a US phone number, US address and a Paypal account.

​I will be supplying you with the referral, the US phone number and the US address inside the Phone Import Domination guide.

I will also show you how to get a Paypal account to use for payment if you don't have one.

​Do You Have a Refund Policy?

Yes. We have a 60-day refund policy at Expertnaire. But we recommend that you go through the product you paid for. before asking for a refund.

​Once approved, your refund will be processed and paid to you

(​Price goes up to N25,000 anytime)


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