An Open Letter To All Those Who Wants To Run A Profitable Facebook Ads But Don’t Know How. Or Tired of Facebook Banning and Restricting Your Accounts

After Failing With Facebook Ads For Months, Join Me As I Finally Reveal To You How To Run A Profitable Facebook & Instagram Ads That Pull In Massive Sales While Drastically Reducing Your Adspend, Without Getting Banned or Disabled

I've gone on to make over 40 million in the last 3 months using Facebook ads

If You’re Tired Of Wasting Money On Facebook & Instagram Ads And You Want To Discover How To Set Up A Profitable Facebook Ads That Pull In Massive Sales, Then This Will Be The Most Important Web-page You’d Visit This Year…

"I've been privilege to work with Jonathan. I also got the PFAS and my conversions have increased massively. This is one of the best Facebook Ads program by a Nigerian" - Kings Onyekanma.
Kings Onyekanma
7 Figure Ecom Expert

In a few seconds, I will hand over to you the 100% profitable Facebook & Instagram ads blueprint that will guarantee you success with your Facebook ads campaign every time.

If you read this little letter to the end, you will discover “3 little known secret hack” that can exponentially skyrocket your Facebook ad conversion while reducing your ad spend so you can get a mind blowing return on investment (RO1).

Not only that, I will also show you how to always escape Facebook algorithm from banning or restricting your account.

And to prove to you how powerful this step by step program is, I’m going to tell you a short story.

2 months ago, I took the same step-by-step blueprint you are about to discover shortly, used it for a business partner, he studied it, applied what he learnt and in just under a few days, he pulled in 1 million naira in sales for one of his product 

Here is the proof.

200 sales of a 5k product. Do the math

I also used this same strategy for my clients and got them amazing results. See some screenshots below

Over 130k made from just 3k ad spend!! 

Over $16,000 in a 14 day period..

2.2m in a few days!!

A sometime ago, I used the exact blueprint for a client of mine.

My  “LONG-HELD STRATEGIES ”   I revealed in the program and in just under a few week, he pulled in  6 figures in sales for a health product that many people find very difficult to promote.

Here is the screenshot of his sales record.

N5m in 3 weeks!!

This is how powerful this program is and in a few minutes, I will tell you everything about it.


But before I do that, it is only fair that I tell you who I am and why you should listen to me.

Why should you listen to me?

My name is Jonathan I am a Digital Strategist and Online Business Consultant that helps small businesses, Personal brands and digital enthusiasts get more leads and sales through paid Ads and sales funnels increasing their revenue. 

I am the Chief Strategy Officer at Pathway Digital Media Solutions where I help businesses get more customers with the power of digital marketing with clients in the UK and Nigeria across various industries such as Health & Fitness, Ecommerce, Real Estate, B2B, B2C, NGOs, etc. 

In 2019, I was nominated for the SME Africa 25 under 25 Awards and was presented the certificate of nomination by the British Deputy High Commissioner to Nigeria, Ms. Harriet Thompson.

I am a Google Certified digital marketer and my results speak for themselves. I also teaches and trains on latest digital marketing and sales techniques and strategies.

I wasnt this good at Facebook ads. Infact, The very first time I tried to run Facebook ads, NOTHING WORKED for me.

I spent over  N87,530, on different campaigns but absolutely NONE of them worked.

I was exactly at this point you are right now, angry and frustrated.

Here is where it got really bad. . . 

Facebook kept banning my ads account, there was a time I lost 15 ads account in 1 week. It was that serious. I almost sank into depression. 

This happened when my ads were performing very well sometimes, suddenly Oga Mark decided he doesn’t like my ads and shut down my account. 

They started restricting my Facebook accounts, asking for ID and all sorts. The frustration was too much to bear. 

Infact here is the email I sent to one of my mentor when it became too much…  

I was angry, frustrated. I kept spending money but wasn’t getting the results i wanted. 

Facebook kept banning and restricting my accounts. 

Desperately looking for a way to master how to run a profitable Facebook & Instagram ad so I can sell my products online and make good profit.

I went on a long journey to learn Facebook and Instagram ads. I bought almost all the courses I could find on Facebook ads, spent over N100,000 on trials and error, testing different things. 

After several months of trial and error, wasted money on ads, nonsense courses that promised heaven and earth, almost by mistake,  I discovered “SOME SECRET STRATEGIES” that completely changed everything for me. I can confidently say there are just a few people who make are aware of these strategies.

I want my clients & students’ results to do the talking, because… RESULTS Don’t Lie...

"The PFAS is the BOMB!! We don't worry about sales anymore. My business have grown massively beyond my expectations. We now make millions weekly" - George Simeon, Ivory Coast. 
George Simon

My strategies works. 

I started getting results, getting my ad account reinstated as you can see above, I stopped getting banned, was getting x2-5 of my ad spend.

In the last few months, I have spent over 10 million naira on ads (screenshot below is a monthly ad spend), so I can confidently tell you what works

This is one of my ad spend in a single month.

In a few seconds, I will tell you everything about it.

But then, the amazing thing about this one thing I will tell you shortly is that it works.

In just 29 days of applying one of this strategy I pulled in N1,000,000 (One million naira) in sales for a product.

Here is the proof

I took the same strategy, and used it for different friends of mine and they applied it step by step and generated mad leads and 6 figures in sales.

Here is their screen shots of their sales records.

Another Result.

And now it’s your turn, I want to handover to you my “secret step-by-step Facebook ads blueprint” so you can use it to generate MASSIVE sales for your business.

Over the years, I have carefully documented my experience, trials and errors, what has worked for me over and over, lessons learnt, killer strategies and tactics that will help you create a PROFITABLE Facebook ad campaign so you can pull in massive sales while keeping your cost per conversion and forget about Facebook banning and issues


Ready To Start Getting Consistent Leads And Sales In Your Business?


The Profitable Facebook (& Instagram) Ads System.

Inside this 4 + 1 modules 30+ value-loaded video program, you will discover…


This is basic introduction to Facebook Ads and Setting the Preliminary. You will learn..


Moving Forward, you will learn..


In this module, You will learn...


In this module, You will learn...

This Is The Most Up-To-Date Facebook Course Out There!

I understand Facebook changes algorithms every now and then, so like Facebook, I’m always on the watch.

What that means for you is I’m constantly releasing new content. It could be because of new updates… or new solutions… or new student requests.

Here are some of the latest Updates

March 2021 FREE Updates

I'm constantly updating the program. Here are newly released videos for March 2021

IOS 14 Updates

Facebook recently updated their interface and mandated IOS 14 Updates. Here are newly released videos for July 2021 to reflect these changes

If you are ready to

The total value for this program + ALL the FREE bonuses is N410,000+

Not bad for a program that’ll make you back this money in 60 days (or even less) if you put your heart to it.

Plus you keep making more monthly.
But I won’t charge you close to N410,000 even though it’s worth it.

Here’s why

I want to get in this program today . . .Without money being a hindrance.
…Plus I want to reward you for acting right now.

If you enroll right now, I’ll also give you the following bonuses FREE.



How to do you actually ensure that Facebook don’t even ban your account in the first place? What and what do you need to do in order to escape Facebook algorithm from banning your account. In this blueprint, I will show you some deep secrets, tricks and tactics that has been working for me so you can use them too.

Value N17,000



One of the problem Facebook advertisers Face is not knowing how to have multiple ad accounts so that even if one get banned, you could have a spare one that you can use to continue your business, that is why part of what I will give you when you enroll into this program is a blueprint that reveals how to multiply your ad account even if you have just ONE business manager so you can have a spare account that you can use if anything happen to your ad account.

Value N10,000



Most people get stucked when Facebook block their account, and I understand how frustrating it can be especially when your campaign is performing well and Facebook just ban your account. That is why I will handover to you my proven ad account recovery formula that has helped me to always get back my account back if they disable my account.

Value N10,000

That’s not all I have some more for you.



I understand how frustrating it could be when your account get blocked and Facebook is asking you to upload your ID or CAC document for verification. Here, I took my time and effort to explain to you exactly what to do to solve that issue once and for all. With this blueprint, you don’t have to worry about ID verification again.

Value N25,000



The money is “NOT” in the list you build but in “WHAT YOU DO” with the list you build. That’s why inside the program, I will handover to you my SUPER-HIGH-CONVERTING plug and play email sequence template so you don’t have to write yours from scratch.

Value N15,000



A POWERFUL ad copy is hard to write especially as Facebook is going crazy these days and if you don’t know anything about persuasive copywriting. I will personally review your ads copy and make sure it is compliant so you don't have any issues with Facebook.

Value N10,500

Just imagine this right now…

I’m standing in front of you.

Holding my PROFITABLE Facebook ADS SYSTEM + all the MASSIVE Bonuses worth over N410,000 in total.

Plus a guarantee.

That if you put to use everything I will show you, you will be able to generate TRUCKLOADS of sales every month for your business.

And you are holding N150,000 in your hands

Now Tell Me. . .

Which would you prefer to have?

The N150,000 in your hands or my Profitable Facebook Ad System?


I know you are a wise entrepreneur who knows a massive “too good to be true” investment when you see one.

Now I want to make this happen for you.

The sweet part is

I won’t take the N150,000 in your hands Right now

…Even if you want me to.

Because you know it’s an amazing investment and you will likely make 300%-400% more in the next 30 days.

So how much would I take to give you this?

Not even N50,000.

Not even N30,000


To enroll into the PROFITABLE Facebook AD SYSTEM, you’ll be paying only N25,000.


Yes! ONLY N25,000.

“What? Jonathan, are you crazy? It’s so cheap”

I know

Firstly, I’m doing this so you will never have to worry about not getting enough sales in your business again.

Ever again.

Secondly, the offer is available for ONLY the first 5 persons to grab this offer right now

But if you think N25,000 is too much to invest in a system that ’ll guarantee you never have to worry about not making enough sales again, then close this page at this point. . .

But if you think this is a massive bargain, then wait till you see what more I have in store for you.

"I was Facing serious account challenges before getting the PFAS, but since getting it, my business has achieved exponential growth" - Augustine. 


If you think that I have already given out massive bonuses, wait till you see what I have in stock for you.

If you enroll into the program today, you’ll IMMEDIATELLY have access to these for FREE (first 20 persons).

You’ll also get



How do you actually get someone who is busy reading entertainment news and watching funny videos on Facebook to actually “STOP”, “READ” your Facebook ad and “CLICK” on it? In this PROVEN blueprint, I exposed to you the easiest and fastest way to get someone attention on your ad and what you should do the moment you get their attention so your ad can stand out and convert massively.

Value N25,000



Having trouble coming up with a hypnotic sales page for your business. I understand exactly how you feel. It could be very frustrating when you really wish to come up with something very awesome but lack the idea and strategy. That is why I will give you . . . for FREE my secret killer sales page generator so you don’t always have to build from scratch.

Value N20,000



Have any questions? Run into any block while setting up your profitable Facebook campaign? It’s absolutely normal you will have question. And usually when people ask honest questions where they get stuck, course creators arrogantly shut the question down, making it work like you are dumb or not putting in enough efforts. I’m completing eliminating that dirty behavior in the market place by throwing in a fully attended support group where you can drop all your heart questions no matter what it is any day, anytime, I will personally reply to them the moment I see it.

Value N40,000



One of the major challenges people face is crafting an ads copy that is compliant and still makes sales. You will learn how to write FB AD COPY Without Annoying Facebook & their Policies using a simple 3 Step Formula

Value N10,000



Have an offline store and want to get tons of customers than you can handle? In this video, I dissect strategies you can use to pull down rain of customers to your offline store/shop using Facebook Ads.

Value N17,000



Don't know what to say when your ads account get disabled? I will give you my appeal scripts that I use anytime Facebook comes for my account. All you need to do is just copy and paste it.

Value N10,000

To make it easier for you to take action right now, I am adding an extra bonus for just the first 5 persons. 

First 5 People to Get the Profitable Facebook Ads System Also get Access to



In this case study, I broke down an ad that did over $20,000 dollarsin 4 weeks. The exact audience, ads copy, landing page, and strategy behind the ads. You can use this to get inspiration too.

Value N35,000



Are you a real estate agent struggling to get leads? This a 2 hour masterclass I did for a real estate agency in Lagos on how to Set up your entire Facebook Ads for real estate agents looking for quality leads

Value N50,000



Have you been hearing of Retargeting everywhere but don't know how to go about it? If you are not running retargeting ads, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. In this bonus section, I explained different retargeting strategies like how to target people that visit your website, visitors of your Facebook page, people who visit your Instagram Profile, send you DM, people who viewed your videos on your Facebook page and Instagram and so much more.

Value N20,000



YES, I want to SHOW you all my secrets… all my methods I use in landing CLIENTS that are willing to pay me handsomely to run Ads for their business. Imagine making 100k, 200k, 500k every month from the comfort of your home, running ads for various businesses. This new program will show you how to get clients that have money to pay you. If you are one of the first 20 people to get this PFAS program, when the new program launches, you will be entitled to a discount. Remember, it’s STRICTLY for the first 20 people to get this PFAS program Today.

Value N30,000

My Students Make Their Entire Investment Back After Just Apply One of My Strategies

Who is PFAS For?

What ever business you are into, the PFAS has the fundamental teaching to generate leads and sales for you.

"I struggled with identifying my target customers before meeting him, Jonathan teaches you how to identify your goals from the beginning and guides you with the right strategy to achieve it.​"
Founder, TheGrindClub, Lagos
"Amazing course on Facebook ads. Gives you the do’s and don’ts of running a successful ad campaign that stands the test of time. Ayodele Jonathan has the content that both newbies and pro’s need to advertise their business using Facebook. I fully recommend."
Business Owner

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If You Add An Extra N100K, N250K, N500K+ To Your Business Using Just One Of My Strategies, Will It Be Worth It?

Limited Time Offer

Get the Profitable Facebook Ads System for Just N25,000 Today!

You see, one of the main reason I’m doing this is to give you a chance to experience how it feels to make easy sales online without worrying about Facebook banning and restrictions.

Includes 4 Modules, 30+ Videos

See another Testimony from Someone

Reason Why You Should Enroll In This Program Today

I just want to help you, I understand how frustrating it has been for you with Facebook and their wahala. I swear, I was there too. Its sickening. having products but not able to sell due to ban upandan. Seeeing same ads running but when you try to replicate it, it gets rejected. 

I want to take all that stress, pain and sorrow away from you. And give you the feeling of having truckload of sales. 

Nothing more. .

I mean, I could easily make your N25,000 in a few hours without stress.

Just one sale for my product will cover that

But I’ll be wicked to keep this kind of information from you.

That’s why I decided to spend days of struggle effort, sleepless nights.

Just to make sure I become the reason you will wake up tomorrow never to worry about how to make sales again.

But still you’ve got three choices to make right now.



You see, we all are product of our choices, you could do nothing about this and just keep going on with your day.

Close this page and pretend you never saw this opportunity.

You won’t die

Honestly you won’t.

But you might miss an opportunity you’d not get anytime soon.

Plus when you change your mind, this program would be increased to N30,000 and all the bonuses removed.

Those FREE bonuses are only valid for a limited set of persons.



I’m not the only Facebook ad expert

There are only a handful of us who are knowledgeable about Facebook ad and have massive result.

But I have a proven step by step system as detailed and straight-forward.

In fact this is not a course.

This is a DONE-WITH-YOU system where I give you what has worked for me over and over and all you have to do is to apply it step by step and boom, the rest will blow your mind.

I’m sure you must have opted in to a course on Facebook ad like this and you probably were left on your own to set everything up.

It can be really frustrating if you’re not a badass at it.

That’s exactly why you have a third option.



Once you enroll into this program, I’ll give you a 30 days guarantee.

Here you’ll try my system and see for yourself that it works.

Plus I will hold your hand and show you step by step process on how it is done.

…Plus I have a support group where I answered your questions.

That’s not all . . .

You will get everything I listed from the beginning of this sales letter and more as I am constantly updating the program with new videos.


Every FREE bonuses.

Plus you’ll finally have the feel of making sales daily . . . constantly.

I know you want this

What could be more rewarding?

A proven system that shows you how to run a profitable Facebook ads.

All from the comfort of your home . . .

In front of your Laptop.

And generate MASSIVE sales daily.

With no boss ordering you around.

Plus massive FREE time on your hand.

You don’t have to work your head out, I’ve done most of the work for you.

All you need to do is

Follow my laid-out system.

Run your ad

And get results like this. 


300k made from 9k adspend

CPL at 0.09/lead

More result

$2k with $19 adspend!

I’ve actually partaken in several Facebook ads trainings but Jonathan’s own is the most result oriented.
Special Offer 87% Off

Expires Soon - Original Price N120,000. Limited Offer;


This is the only comprehensive program you will need to learn how to run ads that convert, even if you don’t have any experience , always getting banned/restricted or have never run any ads before.

Perfect Course!


Ayodele Jonathan has the content that both newbies and pro’s need to advertise their business using Facebook. I fully recommend.​

Victor Njimogu

See what other enrolled students and business partners are saying. . .

CPL at 0.12/lead

CPL at 0.08/lead

Amazing course on Facebook ads.


Gives you the do’s and don’ts of running a successful ad campaign that stands the test of time and gets result. 

Victor Njimogu

Cost Per purchase at 0.08

Check My Crazy 30 Days Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

See I won’t be happy if you are not satisfied with this program

No one with wants to waste money.

I know you are making this INVESTMENT with your hard earned money

And I respect that.

That is why I’m giving you a 30 days satisfaction or money back guarantee.

Now here is the guarantee.

When you enroll into this program, you’ll learn everything you need to know about setting up a profitable Facebook ad campaign that brings in massive sales.

Now if during this period, you follow my directions, do everything I ask you to do.

Run your ads

And still realize my program isn’t good for you because you aren’t getting the result you desire. . .

You are free to ask for your 100% amount you invested in the program.

I mean every damn penny.

And I’ll refund you immediately without asking much question

As long as I see you tried all I asked and you aren’t getting good results like you expect.

I will totally return your money.

That’s not all, I will also allow you to keep all the course materials + all the free bonuses for wasting your time and making you believe in something that didn’t work for you.

How about That?

You could screenshot this guarantee to know how serious I am about this system.

And to show you that I’m 100% sure this system would work for you if you follow everything I say.

Smart Choice! You are one step away from getting the Profitable Facebook Ads System that will help you run profitable ads and put more cash in your bank account

Let’s Review Everything You Will Get When You Enroll Today.


(For Everyone)


(For First 20 People) + Everything Above


(For First 5 People) + Everything Above

TOTAL VALUE –  N410,000



This solved my problems!


I was having some issues with ads but Jonathan provided an expert view that solved my problems


Amazing & Useful Content


Jonathan gave me a tip that was very helpful to my business. I can’t thank him enough


All-in-one Course


This is so much value in one



Yes, The videos were recently recorded to reflect new changes and updates, besides I will keep updating it every time there is a new update to keep up with Facebook changes. 

You have unlimited access to the videos forever, your access does not expire. 

Yes! You can access and watch the videos on any device (Phone, Laptop, Tablet, etc.) as long as it has internet access.

The Profitable Facebook Ads System is a Step by Step follow through system that even complete beginner can follow. It takes you through the basics first, then to intermediate and then advanced so you have complete knowledge of Facebook Ads. 

Yes, I understand you already know how to run Facebook Ads, but recently, a lot of things have changed concerning how Facebook works. 

This program is well updated, you can go through the content above to see what you are getting. And if you just need help with specific aspects, you can get the program and just skip the preliminary to the parts you need. Getting the program also grants you access to me

Yes, You can run full conversion ads with your phone and I can show you. I specifically dedicated a full lesson in the program to show you how to run high converting ads with your phone even though you don’t have a laptop. 

Now you can run your ads without having a laptop.

Lol.. Yes, you get all the bonuses listed above. I wanted to give you enough incentive for taking action. I dont want you to miss out on this opportunity that can change your business and life. 

I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me via my contact details that you will have access to and I will give you full support.

Also there is a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not still satisfied, I will refund all the money you paid and let you keep the program as long as you show me that you put it to use.

No! You are not paying any money again to get access to the member area.  You will be getting everything listed on this page for just the price listed only. 

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

83% Off Offer Expires Soon – N150,000 N25,000 –    Expires Soon.

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