How to use Flat Pattern Making Techniques to draft fashion patterns that Fit.

Struggling to make Outfits that 
Fits Perfectly?
  • Do you work a 9-5 but you are so worried that you not getting enough sleep because you are unsure about your next salary from your employer? Now the only thing you are thinking about is going back to your first love which is Fashion design, now with the uncertainty you want to add the skill of Patternmaking and go back to it?
  • Do you want to launch your own fashion brand, but you are unsure about the processes and understanding your clients fit?
  • Do You own a Fashion brand and you would like to get better in the skill of Pattern drafting?
  • Are you a Fashion Enthusiast who would like to add the skill of Pattern drafting?

Hi, My Name is Serah Kassim and I am here to help you. 

Fashion for me started pretty early, I had always been around Tailors growing up. From my mum to my grandma there was always one person. 

It was fascinating watching them make a dress from start to finish, the joy was indescribable, I liked that my mum and grandma could make a dress out of just basic fabric, it was mind-blowing.

Then it started,  problem upon problems, issues upon issues when it came to fittings, precision, accuracy, and FIT! 

It just wasn’t always sitting right, and I didn’t know why, till I discovered patternmaking in 2016, I was sold!!!

In 2016, I started learning how to make Patterns.

As soon as I was done taking lessons in class, I would come back to watch YouTube lessons on PatternMaking.

I would make sure to try practicing all I was learning.

I did all of this till I had to go for NYSC (National Youth Service Corps for Non-Nigerian Citizen, where you get posted to a particular region to serve your country for a year.)

It was during my NYSC that everything dawned on me.
I saw how badly I had to learn the skill of Pattern making

Interacting with people from different places, I saw the need to. The complaints were the same everywhere I met fashion designers, everyone had a problem with getting the right fit.

Everyone kept complaining about how poor their fit was.

I started asking questions about patternmaking, if they had heard about it, while some haven't heard, the majority complained about how difficult the process was.

It was at that moment I realized, it wasn't that people didn't want to add the skill of patternmaking, it was the process, it was how it was being taught, it was the way it was being explained.

With all this information, I knew I had to do something about bridging that gap.

I enjoyed making patterns, how could I simplify the processes too.

I started learning not only how to make patterns but ways to simplify learning for others. I started documenting,

I started taking notes, I started learning to make the process simple.

Till I found a signature patternmaking framework that let me draft my patterns with Ease. I started testing this process with Video Classes on my Instagram with followers of about 30,000the comments, feedback, and reviews have been fantastic.

I went ahead and launched the Patternmaking with ease course in 2020 and we have recorded a total of about 60 students.

I went from Basic fit to one that is being referred to as "Tailored to Fit"
This could be you too, but you would need me to guide you.



Watch What My Students Are Saying

Welcome To Pattern Making


  • Welcome to Pattern Making
  • Measurements taking Technique
  • Tools and Terms used in Pattern Making
  • Drafting a Blouse Sloper.
  • Drafting a Blouse Sloper.

Drafting Skirt Pattern


  • Welcome to Skirt Pattern drafting
  • Drafting a Pencil skirt Pattern
  • Drafting a Mermaid Skirt Pattern
  • Drafting a Gore/Pieces skirt Pattern
  • Drafting a Wrap Skirt Pattern

Drafting Trouser Pattern


  • Welcome to Trouser Pattern
  • Drafting a Trouser Pattern
  • Drafting a Jumpsuit Pattern
  • Drafting a Short Pattern using Trouser Pattern Technique

And modules on drafting Blouses, Extra Module on Drafting a Dress Pattern, Corset, bonuses, etc.


"Serah Kassim Pattern making with Ease Course is actually one of the best Patternmaking courses out there. I started taking the course and my Design Confidence level went from 0-100. Every day, I am thankful for the opportunity to have invested in this course."


"With PatternMaking with Ease Course, I have a can-do spirit for every pattern I draft. Serah Kassim Patternmaking with Ease Course Framework works, I see my errors first on Paper and correct them before transferring to the fabric. I have learned to take accurate measurements and using them to translate my design properly. Serah has a gift with teaching, she really goes all in till you get it right.."


What's The Investment?

This Online Course includes:

Module One (Valued at 50,000 Naira)

Module Two (Valued at 50,000 Naira)

Module Three (Valued at 50,000)

Module Four (Valued at 50,000)

Module Five (Valued at 50,000)

Bonuses (Valued at 100,000)

Total Value : 350,000

Your Investment?

JUST N50,000


2020 came with a lot of challenges, and this a way for us to show that as a brand we deeply care about you in 2021, and also because we want you to use this especially unique moment to your advantage. With the uncertainty happening in the world right now, empowering yourself with the right skill for your Fashion brand is all you need.


Meet Serah Kassim

Founder, SerahKassim

Serah Kassim is the Founder of Serah Kassim, a made in Nigeria Afrocentric retail brand that uses Afrocentric clothing to promote beauty in African textiles for Black women.  A Tony Elumelu foundation entrepreneur and 2020Hub read for Lagos state.

Growing up in a home filled with fashion designers has always been one of the highlights of my childhood.

It was fascinating watching the people around me make a dress from start to finish, the joy was indescribable except that as beautiful as the craft was there were just too many problems tied to fittings, precision, and accuracy. It just didn't look right to me.

I started watching fashion channels on Television, went for Lagos Fashion and design weekend (LFDW) and it started making sense as to what the problem was. I was a number and precision person, so you can imagine my excitement when  I heard there was something called "Patternmaking"

Immediately I enrolled in Bismol Fashion academy to take a course on Patternmaking.

I started taking the course, I knew this was it, everything seemed right except when I started interacting with people I discovered that the reason why designers didn't add the skill was that they started but along the line, it seemed difficult and then they abandoned it. 

At that moment I realized, it wasn't that people didn't want to add the skill of patternmaking, it was the process, it was how it was being taught, it was the way it was being explained.

With all this information, I knew I had to do something about bridging and leveling that gap.

I enjoyed making patterns, how could I simplify the process so people can too?

I got to work, I started learning not only how to make patterns but ways to explain them better...I started documenting, I started taking notes.

Till I found a signature framework, that helped me in taking accurate measurements, helped me understand PatternMaking concepts better, helped me create Patternmaking with Ease Course.

Frequently asked questions

Who is this course for?

The Patternmaking with Ease course is for Fashion designers who want to add the skill of Patternmaking to their skill. The Patternmaking with ease course is for Fashion lovers who work a 9-5 and are unsure about the current global situation and are ready to go back to their first love.
Fashion enthusiasts who want to add the skill of Patternmaking.

How much does the course cost?

It cost 50,000 Naira. We are giving about a 50% discount due to the Pandemic and the current financial uncertainty. We care and we want to see you add a new skill.

Would I be able to save the Video?

Sadly no, as all classes are taken online. You would need Internet access, a phone or a Laptop.

How long do I have access to the Course? 

You have access to the Course for 5 months, during which you would also have access to a Closed community of Pattern makers like yourself and then an extra 1 month to revise all we have learned. That's a total of 6 Months.

After taking the lessons, are you available to take questions and answers?

Absolutely! You would be added to a group with like-minded individuals like yourself. For as long as you are ready to put in the work I put in my all to help also, but as you know with a beginning, there is also an end, I would be available to take questions and answers on the group for 60 days,

When does the course start?

February, 2021

Who this course is not for?

This course isn't for anyone who isn't ready to put in the work. This course isn't for anyone looking to just sit without doing anything.  This course isn't for people who would stay silent without input. The moral of the story is, this course isn't for you if you are not ready to put in the work to learning. As long as you are willing I promise to put my all also.

Is there an Installment paying plan?

Right Now, we are currently giving 50% off so we won't be accepting the Installment payment plan at the moment.

Serah, are you sure you can help me, are you sure this course would help me learn Patternmaking with Ease?

Yes, I know that I can. Asides from the skill and will to teach, I also am a very patient person when it comes to impact, I know how it can be when learning something new or trying to improve your skill that's why I promise to put in the work as long as you let me help you.
For people who know me, one of my fav Quote I probably must have made up in my head is:
"I want to be for new entrants in the design industry what I'd have wanted someone to be for me too"

Ready To Draft Pattern that Fits?

"I believe in the power of self-investment, as it is one of the greatest investments you can ever make in a world filled with so many uncertainties."
Serah Kassim


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