Want to create recurring passive income using a method endorsed by Rich Dad, Poor Dad author; Robert Kiyosaki?

"Here Is How I Make $500 - $5,000 a Month In Completely Passive Income Uploading 25-30 Page Word Documents To Popular Online Bookstores"

The Mind-Blowing Thing Is: You Don’t Have To Create The Document Yourself Or Even Have To Know Who Wrote The Document By Name

From: Gbenga Akinwole

Let's get something straight.

$500 is N180,000

$1000 is N360,000

$5000 is N1,800,000

How would you like to get paid $500 - $5000 per month on a continuous basis for simply uploading documents online?

If you are interested, pay close attention to every word on this page.

My name is Gbenga Akinwole, You probably know me as a eCommerce and Facebook ad expert amongst other things.

But for 7+ years, I have been secretly uploading simple word documents to online bookstores and making THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS every month.

Though I kept quiet about it, but I think the time has come.

To finally reveal to you how to create a powerful passive income machine that pays you royalties for life!

A lot of people either don’t know, or simply ignore this amazing opportunity.

You see, when it comes to making money online…

Most of them are following the traditional online business model.

They start by:

  • Building websites.
  • Building ecom business.
  • Running traffic.
  • Building products.
  • Building email lists, etc.

Probably because the complicated methods are what most gurus talk about...

...or because most people feel the more they need to do, the bigger the money they will make.

So most people are either ignorant or neglect other options that even makes things much easy for them.

And what I am about to share with you is one of such opportunities that most don't know or overlook yet so simple.

It so simple and easy to implement that most people, when they come across it, don’t take it seriously.

They prefer to instead follow the more complicated traditional model because they think what I’m saying is “too good to be true.”

Well, it’s up to you.

The cool thing about what I'm about to share with you; you get paid for life for what you do once...

Believe me;

Nothing beats being paid every month for something you set up and forget once.

Okay maybe I'm getting ahead of myself here.

You Are Probably Asking Lots Of Questions Already.

Hunku Fenga, oya tell me how you are doing it that the said online bookstores are paying you every month since 2013.

If you are guessing I bought the online bookstore stocks and I'm getting paid dividend every year.

I didn't do anything of such,

Share/stocks no be here and to buy enough volume to get paid qualitative dividend, I must be willing invest millions.

So what I'm about to share with you is different but waaaay better.

Before I share with you the secrets of how you too can start getting paid from the companies paying me every month since 2013.

Which Company Have I Been Talking About That Is Paying Me Since 2013?

If you guessed it is Amazon...Tell someone beside you to give you a pat on the back

Because you guessed right.

Back in late 2012, I was aimlessly browsing the internet when an article popped up  that piqued by interest.

The title will definitely draw your attention if it was you too,

It was an article about a little known 21 year old who got paid millions by amazon for uploading short word documents on amazon that gets read by amazon customers.

Maybe if they have said a popular name, maybe I won't have taken much interest but no one even knew this girl until the post was published.

Which means it could be anyone, You Or Me!

After reading every word on the page till the last full stop,  I was sure I had discovered something so powerful yet so easy.

I can remember the hair at the back of my neck rising as I was on the edge of my sit about to explode in JOY.

To say I was excited was an understatement.

In my mind, If a 21 year old could do it, what stops me from doing the same even if I don't make up to $1,000,000.

All I want is just 2% and I'm going to do thanksgiving at my church Cathedral.

If you know anything about Anglicans, then you know its expected.

Then follow the thanksgiving with a confirm OWAMBE party. LOL

But then something I didn't think about while basking in the excitement of my discovery hit me like a mother's slap to a disobedient child.

I realized I was going to have a little challenge if I didn't find a solution.

My excitement slowly vanished as I asked myself the ultimate question I didn't think of before.

Do I Need To Be A Writer To Get Paid Too For The Rest Of My Life From Amazon?

Knowing fully well that my writing is nothing to brag about,

And there was no chance of me or neither did I have the time to be writing a book.

Heck, I had D7 in English at W.A.E.C.

My heart sunk and for a moment, I saw the excitement of finding what works effortlessly slowly fade away .

But then an Idea struck me,

What if instead of creating the document myself or writing myself, I get someone else who could do it on my behalf...?

Then it hit me...

There are many websites where I could find writers willing to do the writing on my behalf while I pay them shikini change.

Websites like Odesk (now called Upwork).

Then I checked another popular freelance website called FIVERR.  Lo and behold, I found exactly what I was looking for.

I could easily pay someone shikini money and they will create the document for me, all I do is upload and I will get paid every month for doing almost NOTHING.

After solving the problem of writing the documents myself, there was still lots of questions I needed to get answers too, questions like...

 What do I write on?

 How do I register as a Nigerian?

 How do I know what people wants to read about?

 How to get paid right here in Nigerian?

All these questions lead me into deep research and testing mode.

I was determined to get answers to every questions I had so I started investing in lots of training courses.

Unfortunately for me, few people who actually had training on doing this don't sell it cheap, 

Most training course I could find average price was around $500 upwards,

I didn't have any choice than to look for the money by any means necessary to get different training courses that will answers my numerous questions.

Before I knew it, I had spent well Over N670,000 On different Training courses finding answers to my questions.

Though it wasn't easy but I knew this was a golden ticket life gave me to settle my finance not just once and for all but into my future.

Even Though Some Of The Training Courses Answered My Questions, None of them Addressed It From A Nigerian Perspective.

If you have been into this make money online industry for a while, you will realise Nigerians are easily blacklisted from lots of easy ways to make money online.

Because our reputation of finding shortcuts and doing illegal things online precedes us.

But after months of trails and errors, I successfully Uploaded my first document on a topic that had to do with "Cooking Chicken"

I know nothing about it of course but someone wrote it for me.

You should have seen my face after my upload was complete without any issue;  My face lit up like a baby that just got his Christmas present.

All I did was a click of few buttons and the book was uploaded to Amazon, ready to start bring me passive recurring income every month.

And all my effort and investment finally paid off; the little document made 80 dollars in its first 30 days.

Even though it was nothing compared to over N670,000 I had invested to get the knowledge, I saw the huge opportunity I had uncover...

...Just 10 of such documents uploaded into my online bookstore publishers account, that was an easy $800 give or take paid into my account every month for as long as the book gets read.

Since then, I have never looked back.

I continued to publish books I didn't write and been getting paid more every month since I discovered this little income gem in 2013.

It's was the first true SET And Forget Online Money Making Opportunity I discovered.

You probably wondering why I call it set and forget secret of getting paid for life?

Because once you upload your document, and amazon readers love and continue to read, amazon will continue to paid you for every of their customers that buys it.

The sweetest part is you will even get paid for everyone that reads it for FREE.

A program called "SELECT" where Amazon share over $20,000,000 every month; To publishers who had documents loved by Amazon customers.

They pay by each page read by their customers.

Image below shows how much Amazon paid to every publishers whose documents got read in August, 2019.

Some times, it goes up to $35,000,000.

Yes you saw right, thirty five millions dollars shared to people like me who have documents on their website.

Below is an image of one of my books since 2014 that stills pays me till date...

Here Are Some Of The Royalties I Have Received Since I Started Doing This In 2013

$2319.60 Between April To June 2013 From Documents Uploaded - No Extra Work

Some Recurring Passive Income From Documents I Uploaded In 2014

$1382.77 In February 2014 From Documents Uploaded - No Extra Work

More Recurring Passive Income In 2015 From More Documents Uploaded

Over $4785.68 In December 2015 From Documents Uploaded - Real Soft Work

Even More Recurring Passive Income In 2016 From More Documents Uploaded

I Discovered More Online Bookstores In 2017 To Upload The Same Documents On Amazon, Then My Passive Income Exploded

In 2016, I even discovered even more online bookstores that will pay me monthly royalties for the same documents I have uploaded on Amazon...

I was simply getting paid over and over for all the documents I had on Amazon that had being sending me monthly royalties.

The more the merrier they say!

Here Are Some Of The Payments From Them

More Passive Income In 2018 From Documents I have Uploaded On Different Bookstores Still Paying Me Even Though I Chose Not To Do Anything Anymore

Even Though I Haven't Done Much In 2019, I Am Still Getting Paid Massive Passive Income Every Month From My Past Effort!

These are just few of my earnings as I don't want to bore you with 100s of earning screenshots from 2013.

But I guess you have seen enough and want yours already?

If you are anything like an average Nigeria,

You love great opportunity like this (that will add to your income without working your ass off.)

You are excited about this opportunity I just revealed to you and you can't wait to also start getting your monthly royalties from Amazon and other websites.

What if I reveal to you everything I learned through trial and error for the past 6 years uploading short documents to Amazon and other online bookstores...

Without you investing as much as I invested to get the information from the mouth of the American gurus I learnt from like Chandler Bolt, Ty Cohen just to name a few.

WILL YOU grab this rare opportunity without any excuses what so ever?

Because what I am revealing to you doesn't only take care of your finance now but your future.

In fact I sometimes call this the Online Pension Engine because the monthly Royalties will never fail you if government fail you.

So are you ready to start uploading documents like me so that you too can start getting monthly payment from amazon and other sites for document or books you didn't create?

If your answer is a BIG YES

Then what I have put together just for you will put the smile on your face and dollars in your bank account when you snap it up.

Introducing... The Passive Income Machine Masterclass.

The 3 Fail-Proof Steps Of Making $500, $1,000, $5,000 or Even More Every Month For Life Uploading Hot-In-Demand Documents On Online Bookstore.

So What Exactly Is Passive Income Machine Masterclass?

Well, I’m glad you asked…

The Passive Income Machine Masterclass is the step-by-step unique 3 Fail-Proof Step approach...

...To creating Hot-In-Demand word documents, uploading them on Different Online Bookstores Platforms, and getting paid over and over, for life!

I’ve used this same system to generate over $10,000+ in one month in 100% passive income.

This is the best course on the planet For Nigerians Created By A Nigerian that teaches you how to leverage the amazing power of Amazon, its Kindle platform and other major online bookstores, to create an automated Passive Income Machine.

This course lays out every single step you need to leverage this opportunity, in very digestible details that you can consume and quickly put into action.

You can do this now and start generating some quick wins online by next week.

It doesn’t matter if you’re struggling to make money, or you’re already making money online.

The process is simple, it’s easy to implement and it requires almost no time investment or hard work.

Here Is What You'll Discover Inside This Life Changing Masterclass I have Put Together For You

In case you are wondering if this is one of those online income opportunities that over complicate your life more than it is already.

Its not even close, In fact I have over simplify this that my 12 year old niece is already doing it and getting paid monthly from her unique type of documents I will reveal to you in the masterclass.

After struggling initially to get going and getting paid my monthly royalties in 2013 when I discovered this mind-blowing opportunity,

It has taken me 6 years to perfect my 3 Fail-Proof Steps To Passive Income so that anyone can use to go from total novice to making thousands of dollars every month uploading documents to online bookstores.

Below are some of the things you discover inside the Passive Income Machine Masterclass.


  • Getting it right from the beginning, If missed, can lead to frustration.
  • Understanding what passive income machine really is and why most people failed.
  • Setting Up Your Online Bookstore Publishing Accounts The Nigerian Way.
  • Dealing With Tax Issue (This has stopped lots of Nigerians).
  • 2 different ways to collect your royalties In Nigeria without hassles (Using Checks Is not one of them) .


  • How to research Hot-In-Demand topics to create your documents on
  • What keywords are and how to get the best keywords that will make your book sell.
  • How to know how much a document is selling per day to calculate the royalties.
  • I will give you TWO websites for research - ALL your answers for the perfect niche are at these two websites.
  • I will give you a secret final formula to put your numbers into. If it pans out, boom, you’re done.
  • If you are writer and have published books, You will discover how to repostion your book for success on international marketplace and get paid royalties.


  • 3 different methods of creating documents Ready for upload.
  • Where to get people to write for you and create your document.
  • How to verify their job and see if they did not copy someone else's document.
  • Easy techniques I discovered to get people to write for me for almost nothing and I pay in Naira.
  • How to create the hot in demand documents yourself if you don't want to outsource


  • How to upload your document correctly; the two formats required and how to convert your document rightly.
  • How to price your document so that its not overpriced or underpriced.
  • How to write a kickass description that will make people buy or read your documents.
  • How to upload your documents on multiple online bookstores without any infringement.


  • Putting it all together.
  • How to double down on what's working and skyrocket your monthly royalties.
  • Simple technique I use to rinse and repeat for massive results.
  • Setting Royalties Goals and Achieving them without working harder or doing anything extra.

Is that all you will be getting inside the Passive Income Machine Masterclass?

Not even close because I want to hand over to you everything that will guarantee your success with this.

I have thrown in some bonuses for you that I personally paid top dollars to lay my hands on, But can be yours at no extra cost.

You Will Also Get This Mouth-Watering Bonuses I Invested Heavily In For FREE


After doing this for more than 6years, I have identifed the money profitable categories,

I will reveal them to you and even show you how to enter this category and make a killing from them.

VALUE - $299


As much as their are people who will prefer to get someone to write for them,

There are also people who want to write themselves sparingly or full time.

Which Is why I added this Bonus from one of the most respected guys in the self publishing industry.

VALUE - $299

A few people who have been opportune to learn this from me a few years ago are already smiling to the bank from their little effort. 

And they had a few words to say about how much what I thought them has impacted their income and their lives.

The mind-blowing thing is they did not get close to the information you will be getting inside Passive Income Machine Masterclass.

Because this is me pouring all my knowledge and experience of more than 6 years into a well put together course so that you can start using the system to get paid passive income from now.

But It definitely will come at a tiny cost too if you are serious about this compared to how much you will be making from getting access to this masterclass.

How Much Will It Cost You To Get Access To Passive Income Machine Masterclass?

If you are anything like a smart Nigerian who easily detect easy money making opportunity, which I believe you are, 

You are probably thinking it must cost you a fortunes to lay your hands on Passive Income Machine Masterclass.

Considering how much I have personally invested (Over N670,000) from my pocket.

Or The amount I have spent trying different things that didn't work before discovering what works which I will be sharing with you.

I will be justified if I asked you to Pay N100,000.

After all, This is not some income opportunity that is complicated or requires you to master anything,

Its probably one of the easiest ways to start making money online.

Not just make money once and but a method that keeps paying you every month for the rest of your life.

Isn't that worth everything to you right now?

For me, It was worth investing everything into which is why I am presently still getting monthly royalties from documents I uploaded years ago.

That Experience is what I want for you too.

Nigeria is tough enough, the economy is not smiling.

Hence I am not going to ask you to cough out as much as N100,000 that I personally think its worth.

In fact I won't be asking you to pay Half which is N50,000 even though I am cork sure what you will be getting is worth every penny of that.

But if you are really tired of working every time just to make (extra) money and the idea of finally having an income source that will keep paying for life once you set it up is too goo to pass on.

Then you won't mind the token I am asking you to invest to start getting paid monthly passive income now and forever.

Which is why I am letting you and the 29 fast action takers get a limited time access to Passive Income Machine Masterclass at a huge discount of... 

N25,000 Only

Surprised you will only be investing that amount compared to the hundreds of thousand in value you will be getting??

Has Hunku Fenga :) lost his mind? 

No actually, my head is screwed on real tight. 

The reason for asking you to invest ONLY N25,000 for Passive Income Machine Masterclass even though its a training that will not only put money in your pocket right now but every month in the future;

I really want to do this to help.

Oh lest I Forget...

100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back With My Sincere Apology!

Won't it be nice if I take away every reasons within my capacity that you might be nursing in your mind to leave this page without getting access to Passive Income Machine Masterclass today?

After you get access to Passive Income Machine Masterclass, you put it to use and you do not get paid every month from the effort you put into it,   simply let me know and you will get a full refund, then I will personally apologize to you for wasting your time.  

In fact I will get Amazon and other online bookstores to send an apology letter to you,

Obviously I can comfortably make such bold promise because I know there is no chance of you failing to get paid if you follow everything I share with you in the masterclass.

With all the fears out of the way; and the risks on my shoulders...

Here is How To Get Instant Access To Passive Income Machine Masterclass

Do not procrastinate because I will only allow 30 people to access these offer at the launch price of N25,000 before I jack up the price to what I think it's worth..

Today's Price: N25,000

Pay via ATM Card or Bank Deposit

PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital product. You will receive access to the product immediately after you order - even if it's 2am!

By now, I honestly expect you are jumping with joy because you can finally get access to the smartest and the easiest way to start getting paid in Dollars Every month for the rest of your life.

And the good thing is you don't even have to do much to get the ball rolling.

More so, you are so sure that you are not only going to get paid once, but every month as people keep reading your documents.

 If you at this point, you are yet to click the get access button up till now...

You Have A Decision To Make; Either Take The Bold Step Or Chicken Out

One of the two things below will happen but picture this as you make your decision.   

You procrastinate and do nothing and a few months from now, 

You are biting your lips in regret wishing you have spared yourself all the excuses and procrastination,

You don’t want that I’m sure   

And the other option is...

You get excited about this rare opportunity laid in your lap, you snap up a spot among the 30 spots today  (even though it doesn’t seem convenient for you) and before the year ends,

You are smiling to the bank every month to collect your passive income inform of royalties from the documents you have upload even though you didn't write them.  

This I’m sure you want.

The choice is yours.  

But it will be wise if you chose the latter.  

I leave you with this quote I love so much;  

“If you put off everything till you’re sure of it, you’ll never get anything done.”

Norman Vincent  Peale

To you building a recurring passive income  machine that will pay your for life

Sincerely Yours, 
Gbenga Akinwole


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