(How To Give Birth Naturally Without Episiotomy or Vaginal Tear)

Revealing Two Most Important Things You Must Do Back Home And Other Two To Do At Your Next And Last Visit To The Hospital And You'll Be So Sure To Push Out Your Baby Easily Without Cuts, Tear Or Episiotomy

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Are you pregnant, about to conceive or of child bearing age?

Then you need to know these important facts to better prepare against unfortunate times during delivery:

In Nigeria, chances are quite high that a woman will have a tear or get an episiotomy whether or not it's her first childbirth, and whether or not she has had it previously.

A lady commented on one of my posts not too long ago and said:

“…THEY have succeeded in giving me episiotomy two consecutive times in my two childbirths. I just pray I retain my pride and confidence as a woman and wife.”

To this lady, the nurses and midwives are to be blamed for her situation. Thus she wrote:

"THEY have succeeded in giving me episiotomy two consecutive times...".

The truth is, if you don't know and do your part well to prepare you may still get injuries though the nurses and the midwives should try their best.

Another lady still wrote this one that aches my heart each time I remember it:

“I’m a victim of childbirth injury, already suffering from pain of episiotomy. I can’t even sit properly and puss is coming out from there.”

In this second case, it is either the area the lady was given the episiotomy wasn’t sutured well or that she didn’t manage it well to heal. Her condition could worsen to a point of anal or bowel incontinence where she may no longer control her bowel flow.

Another lady still wrote:

“…after the tear I got during childbirth I discovered I pollute the air or gas uncontrollably. What do I do, and how can I avoid it next time.”

All of the above show the reality that women face at childbirth, and it’s worse in Nigeria basically for three reasons:



With a few hands on ground and a long queue of pregnant women waiting to be attended to, the available nurses and midwives have to do whatever is convenient to still meet up.

Thus, giving you an episiotomy with a sharp blade would be an easier option for them while you bear the damages.

Sometimes the only staff on ground is the one that lacks experience as to what exactly needs to be done. 

Isn’t that enough reason you should try to know what to expect so you can tell when they are playing games with your life and stop them?

Of course, a major reason for shortage of workers is that the hospital wants to pay few workers to possibly still make more profit. That's for private owned facilities. Then, for government hospitals, it is mostly that the staff are not often at their duty post.


In most maternity centres where space is lacking the nurses and midwives are also left with no better option than that which saves time and space, so they can quickly discharge you to attend to others.

As a result, they don't exercise the patience to see you deliver naturally and safely.

And even after giving the episiotomy, most of the times, there are no materials readily on ground to repair the wound. Worse also is that the right person to do the suturing may not even be available. That further exposes the woman to more danger of infection and other complications.

Episiotomy; cutting mother's vagina to facilitate childbirth.


This is another big issue – either that the equipment is not available or that the available one is not functional. Why on earth will a hospital know they aren’t ready, yet they are admitting patients – to waste two lives (mother and child).

Isn’t that a death trap? 

I was reading an article the other time on the website of the NIGERIAN HEALTH WATCH, and it was about a man that the wife gave birth with injuries and the hospital didn’t have this common drug to control the bleeding. By the time the man returned from where he went to check for the drug, the wife had passed on. The worse part was that the man left the matter to go like that because he felt that even if he should take a legal action, it will still be both waste of time and resources.

But he could have tried!

So, it shouldn’t be a surprise why Nigeria is among the top 4 countries with the highest maternal death estimated at 58,000 yearly, and about 150 daily.

These are women dying only from childbirth cases.

Most people working in the hospitals have seen a number of people die that the thought of the next person dying doesn’t move them at all.


I will never forget in my first pregnancy back in 2016 how my husband warned me never to use any drug they would give me at antenatal until he had seen it and confirmed that it was okay. He is a manager in a pharmacy company, so I believed he knew what he was talking about.


Then one Tuesday I went for antenatal and they gave me one antimalarial medication. I quickly called my husband if I should go ahead and take it since he wasn’t going to return home early. But he insisted I don’t.


Finally, he returned and looked at the drug and was like, “This batch of the drug has already expired since 2014”.

This is now 2016 and the expiration date on the drug reads 2019.

You can imagine!

I didn’t believe until he brought it out from the pack and it was clear that they had cut off the part they wrote the expiration date on the Sachet. The next morning, he went to his office and got the current batch of the drug that hasn’t expired and showed me.

Then, by Thursday that same week, he went with me to the hospital to confront them. And trust my husband, he first came in calmly as though he was making enquiry, but he was recording the moment.

When everything was now obvious, they started begging, saying it was the guy that supplied them the drug that played that fast one on them. It’s just that I begged him to forgo, otherwise, the hospital would had faced being shut down.

But what touched me most that day was a woman we met at the entrance of the hospital who was already leaving, and seeing she had the hospital bag, I approached her to see if they gave her that same expired drug.

And right there was the same expired drug in her bag.

I finished telling her why we came and she ignored us and left with the drug. I wonder what she was thinking.

Except God had intervened, the life of that woman or her child or both would have been endangered. Likewise many others who got the expired drug before we came to stop the hospital from giving it out.

So we are not just talking about lacking the necessary drugs or apparatus, but how sound such are if available.

You now see why most of your leaders would travel out to get their health needs.

You may not have such money and privilege to do like them, but there is something you can comfortably do that works perfectly.

It’s indeed a thing of joy if you are pregnant and should be celebrated. But the celebration will not be complete if anything should go wrong at the later part of childbirth.

It is vital for each upcoming mum to be ready and take charge from the early stage of pregnancy.  

If that isn’t done, it could end up in trying to choose between the mother’s life and that of the baby – either the mother dying or the baby dying.

Why should that be the case when both (the mother and the baby) could have lived?  

So, there’s actually a war, but you can win!

Knowing what the battle entails is already half way the victory as that will help you get better prepared.


Everybody agrees that the greatest job any woman has with pregnancy is not about ‘Getting Pregnant’ 

It is about ‘Giving Birth’...

That’s why it gives the most concern when that time starts approaching.

I have found that it’s very natural to be afraid of a definite task ahead when you know you aren’t prepared (or prepared enough) for the task.

You'll hear people say that the worse pain for any woman to go through is childbirth.

That is very true, and the reason is simply that many don't prepare for it. So, there's every reason to have ‘tokophobia’ – the fear associated with childbirth.

But childbirth can be easy!

Isn’t it reasonable to think that if there are people who have had it easy with childbirth, then others can learn their secrets so they can enjoy the same?

So, the question now is, how do one find out their secrets?

That is what we are here to learn.

When you know the exact thing to do, you will prepare better without wasting time and effort in trial and error. And the better you prepare for childbirth the more your confidence grows as your EDD approaches.

Remember, we are talking about important facts you need to know.

And the first I mentioned is that:

...Chances Are Quite High That A Woman Will Have A Tear Or Get An Episiotomy Whether Or Not It's Her First Childbirth, And Whether Or Not She Has Had It Previously

I also told you that over 50,000 pregnant women in Nigeria lose their lives yearly to childbirth complications, making the Country one of the most dangerous places in the world to give birth.

In fact, I will be surprised if you haven’t heard of anybody you know that has been a victim.

So here is a summary of the joint report by W.H.O, UNICEF and World Bank. It revealed that in 2015 alone 58,000 Nigerian women lost their lives to childbirth and pregnancy related causes.

To clear any doubt, here is the breakdown.

"Every single day, Nigeria loses about 145 women of childbearing age, making her the second largest contributor to the maternal mortality rate in the world, according to UNICEF"

Try multiplying 145 by 365 days in a year and you will get 52,925

So, 58,000 dying that year would have been possible as stated. 

And note that 50,000+ are only those why died; we have not even added the greater number of them who sustained injuries that could have been avoided.

Another fact is that most of these injuries at childbirth are mostly unnecessary and preventable.

Of course, it is a fact that some of the complications following the injuries are medically incurable.

So we can’t even say here that prevent is better than cure as there are no known medical cure, only God can intervene. 


I had a first-hand experience of childbirth trauma during my first childbirth that lasted for almost a year after. It is only better imagined! The fact that I am a nurse and still faced this was not funny at all.

So, what we are talking about doesn’t respect certificate.

I had a 3rd degree episiotomy cut, and for months, I was in pains. It was so painful urinating let alone talking of making love with my husband. It was that bad!

It was one of those days my husband saw me in pains that he started asking if this is what every woman had faced or would have to face. What was in my mind was finding relief myself. But my husband was looking beyond my pains to other women having to face the same issue.

That is where the journey of creating this Guide started.

Research upon research revealed there was no cure to the challenge. That was how we started researching if there was any way to prevent the problem. 

The only thing we found people were doing at the time in a bid to preventing the problem was to engage in perineal massage.

But unfortunately, many still get injuries at childbirth after doing perineal massage. So, it was obvious that perineal massage wasn’t just the solution – more was lacking. All that perineal massage tries to do is to help widen the pelvic so the baby can have easy passage. 

But just that was never enough. So, we went into research. After about a year and few months, we came up with a solution that has helped over 500 pregnant mothers to enjoy childbirth without such life/marriage-threatening injuries. Look at some of the feedbacks…

I cannot thank you enough! 

I am a first time mum using this approach and I had no stitches, had the shortest second stage possible...I can recommend this over and again.

I think every woman should be using the same. Thank you so much!

Mrs Angileta Blogger Mum

Genius thing!

It ended up being my best investment in the pregnancy. Helped me a lot to prepare mentally and physically. I had an extremely short second stage of labour (5 minutes), no injuries and walked away on my own. Highly recommended!

Mrs Mia - Mum

Definitely the best investment I made during pregnancy. Can’t recommend highly enough. It helps physically but also mentally to prepare for a birth. I had a very positive experience and ended up with only 2 minor tears with absolutely undamaged perineum. The minor tears were just because I didn't also control my baby's weight which was 4.4kg at birth.

Nmanwa - Mum


If you were thinking that it was easy getting the first set of people to try out if this works, then I can tell you that it was far from that, even when it was being offered for almost free. 

When we first launched the solution officially back in 2019 after I had my second baby without episiotomy (yet she weighed bigger than my first baby), most people we reached out to didn’t believe that it is possible for a woman to give birth without sustaining such serious injuries.

But two questions we normally asked were:

#1). "If something is possible for one person, will it be possible for another?"

And the popular answer we’d get is,

“Of course (Yes), if the other person can be taught how and would commit to the same process under the same conditions.”

#2. Then, the next question would be,

“Are there women who have had childbirth naturally without issues?”. 

And they will always say,

“Yes, but just a few”.

And I love this second answer more because my vision is for many (not just a few) to start enjoying the possibilities.

Let’s quickly look at more facts to the issue:

Here Are More Important FACTS On Ground...

FACT #1 : Whether your baby is 3.5 or 1.5, in Nigeria you are not totally free from getting an Episiotomy

FACT #2: Whether it's your first time of fifth experience with childbirth, the possibility of getting vaginal injuries still remains.

FACT #3: Doing recommended pregnancy exercises ALONE will not exempt you from suffering vaginal injuries at childbirth.

FACT #4: Choosing a highly rated hospital doesn't guarantee you will have it easy with childbirth if you don't also master how to engage yourself in the areas we have carefully highlighted in this Course.

FACT #5: Bleeding is the highest cause of maternal death, and tearing or episiotomy is a major cause of bleeding at childbirth

FACT #6: Healthcare providers seem to care less about what happens to you since they can blame it on anything and go unpunished

FACT #7: Though prevention is said to be better than cure, some complications that come with childbirth have no known medical cure. Thus, their prevention is the only right thing to do or one should get ready to face the consequences.


You're About To Discover A

100% Natural Technique to practice from the comfort of your home, and being a combined approach makes it super effective than any other approach ever known.

  • The lesson starts by enlightening you on adequate pregnancy diet to improve the health of your unborn child while keeping the weight in check, and how you can achieve this diet plan with your local meals.
  • You will get to understand your Body Equation in relation with your partner to be better informed as to what is expected of your type
  • Then, you will learn how to select the best healthcare provider and what to do next to secure their maximum support that you need.
  • Next are the recommended tips and tricks and how to go about them and be able to measure progress to possibly tell for sure that you are on the right track.
  • Finally, you will learn how to combine the points above to meet the two most important requirements at the hospital for injury-free vaginal delivery to be possible.

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Currently, almost 90% of my clients use this special technique. It helps them to prepare for the pressure they will experience during birth. They are able to breathe the baby out real quick. Most of them combine the new approach with perineum massage, and the results are outstanding, the vast majority have no injuries. It doesn't matter if they are first mums or not. All of them praise the technique afterwards, I sincerely appreciate --  from Amazon



Childbirth is usually heavily affected by a woman's psychology. Therefore, it is vital for each upcoming mum to be ready and calm. What Nurse Nma shared helps tremendously. As a pregnant mom you'll know how to engage your pelvic muscles correctly among others. The pressure during labour is very specific and requires the right combination of muscle engagement and other techniques to be effective and safe. This is where the technique  helps a lot. Women are ready, confident, and in control.



Doing These 4 Simple Things 

Will Eliminate Every

Chance of Childbirth Injuries

The Possibility Of An Injury-Free Delivery Lies More With You, Not With Your Healthcare Provider, Even Though They Try Their Best!


Truth is, childbirth is obviously never going to be easy, 

YOU SIMPLY HAVE TO GET SMARTER to make it appear easy! 


Hope that makes sense...?

Yeah, it should!

If You Read Through This Entire Article Until The End And Understand It, I Am 100% Confident In Telling You That You Will Be Better Informed As To What To Do To Have Safe And Injury-Free Labour And Post-Labour Experiences

NOW, let me hint you on this one thing you must begin first with to enable you significantly eliminate the chances of having childbirth injuries. 

I want you to envisage 

...a normal vaginal delivery of your baby at full term without complications.

Please, make that your focus.

It is a possibility that some have enjoyed, and I do believe that any positive possibility that one of us experiences is a possibility all of us can enjoy.

So you have to believe that normal vaginal delivery is possible and that you have your share of that.

With this belief, it becomes easy for you to start exposing yourself to the how.

I can even say that you believe in that possibility already, otherwise you wouldn't spend your precious time on this.

Now, the 'how' to achieving this possibility is captured in a few things I will be sharing with you just briefly.


I am Mrs Nma, a Registered Nurse/Midwife, a Doula and currently lecturing in one of the Schools of Nursing here in the South-East.

I got married back in 2016 and am a mother of two, a boy (4 years old) and a girl (2 years old). 

I was once a first time expectant mum, very excited to have gotten pregnant some months after our wedding. Like you normally would feel as your EDD approaches,

I was at my first pregnancy both wishing this cup would pass over and at the same time so scared of the painful OBVIOUS that I had no idea how to escape.

I DON'T like pain or injury a bit, just as you. Like you probably did, I heard many frightening stories about pregnancy and childbirth; stories of lost, injuries and pains.

Not knowing what else to do, I prayed and kept praying until delivery day, even while in the labour room.

I FINALLY suffered the worse pain ever, with a 3rd degree episiotomy (cut) that left me in anguish for the next six months or so... 

I vowed I wasn't going to take in again. I felt God doesn't answer prayers.

Giving birth to my boy was a hell experience as I was given several episiotomy cuts that took up to six months before I could feel myself again. Of course, I couldn't make love with my husband for that long. I even would have lost my boy that first time due to stress of protracted labour pushes.

That experience was what led to this important discovery on BIRTH WITHOUT INJURIES, where I will be Revealing Two Most Important Things You Must Do Back Home And Other Two To Do At Your Next And Last Visit To The Hospital And You'll Be So Sure To Push Out Your Baby Easily Without Cuts, Tear Or Episiotomy.


I actually had my second childbirth with no episiotomy cuts even when my girl weighed more than my boy in that first pregnancy that almost left me with depression. 

Unlike me in my first pregnancy, now I know what works.

As my EDD kept approaching, I wasn’t any scared of the painful obvious as I now have idea how to handle things.

I had my second baby without such vagina tear or episiotomy unlike at first.

By Reducing or Eliminating Childbirth Injuries:

I was able to reduce the time of labour by more than half.

Reducing the time it takes to give birth meant my baby came out quicker and was not stressed out which has led to many stillbirth or babies dying shortly after delivery or requiring more medical attention as they could develop some extreme medical conditions that would increase the hospital bill.

By not allowing my baby develop some of those extreme medical conditions, I saved yourself from running in and out of hospital weeks, months, years…after birth.

Some of those medical conditions could be physical deformity that could make the child become an object of pity to the society as the child could still be dependent while he/she should have started taking responsibility.

Thus, avoiding Childbirth injuries helped me give birth to a baby I'm proud of as my own and that would grow up with the right sense of confidence.

Again, reducing time of delivery helped me avoid the protracted pain of labour that leaves many mums stressed out and even to pass out in some cases.

Reducing Vagina injuries also saw that I was NOT in pains weeks/months (or even years) after putting to bed.

The problem of anal or bowel incontinence and the discomfort and shame of wearing adult pampers which is very expensive was also eliminated by preventing my vagina from tearing apart or from episiotomy (cuts).

It is also without dispute that one of the reasons my husband got married to me is to enjoy fun with me. This same is true for me.

But both of us would not have continued enjoying this beautiful part of your marriage if I was negligent to have avoided the injuries on my side.

This has been a major cause of infidelity in most relationships.

By preventing Childbirth injuries I also helped protect my marriage the much I could.


You see, nothing is really a problem to be concerned about if it does not pose any threat to lives and the things we value.

Avoiding vagina injuries at childbirth will exempt you from some of the complications a woman is most likely to face if she should suffer such injuries at childbirth, whether it’s vagina tear or episiotomy.

Vagina tear or Episiotomy, which is basically a surgical procedure (an incision made in the perineum during the second stage of labour – the pushing stage – is generally associated with problems, some of which include:

ONE: Prolonged pain due to the tear or cut.

TWO: The new-born could be deprived of attention as the mother is often in pains.

THREE: The problem of incontinence – loss of bowel control such that she often gets stained or even often urinates or passes stool involuntarily, even in the public.

FOUR: Problem resulting from suturing, when it is carelessly performed or managed.  A woman who was given episiotomy was said to have been using hot water on it. She had to return to the hospital for another suturing.

FIVE: Long absence from sex which could make the man to start looking elsewhere.

SIX: The financial waste in trying to manage the condition.

SEVEN: The psychological trauma, and more.

Apart from the body damages resulting from these cuts, the huge amount of blood that is lost is a major reason for the high Maternal Mortality (Death) Rate in the Country.

Our target is to achieve a tear/episiotomy-free delivery, and by that help promote the right self-image and body balance of the women after vaginal births in order to also her fit for a more productive life.

… being fit especially after childbirth will also help drown the chances of husbands losing interest.

You don’t know how excited I feel each time I receive the news that someone who got my material on Reducing Childbirth Injuries gave birth with little or no injuries.

Just recently, someone chatted me that the sister she got the material for had it so easy with her FIRST CHILDBIRTH.

Note, her first childbirth.

Yes, I needed to stress that...

At her first childbirth she had it this easy, yet some other women in their 2nd and even 3rd deliveries still get injuries.

Of course, it isn’t just that this lady got the material but that she also followed through with the simple instructions.

Physical labour injuries (i.e. vagina damages, either as a result of spontaneous tearing or episiotomy) can be prevented and have been prevented in several occasions.

It is these injuries that contribute the most to the pains a woman may experience after childbirth.

So, by preventing childbirth injuries you can very well reduce labour pains to almost zero.

Note that labour pains cannot be completely eliminated but can be significantly reduced to a point the pains cause no damages.

As you already know, your vagina health if compromise can affect:

1. Your Marriage -- Sex life

2. Your ability to urinate

3. Your chances of vaginal delivery in the future

Heaps of women are living with bladder weakness otherwise known as anal or bowel incontinence – a condition resulting in uncontrollable sudden discharge of urine, faeces or gas – but only a few dare to talk about it.

Mary tells us how hers started:

“It was in my early twenties, after my first child was born, that I realized I wet my undies when I sneezed. I made a makeshift pad from toilet tissue and tried not to think about it. But it happened again and went on and on…"

By birth injuries, we are specifically referring to episiotomy and vaginal tear, and every risk associated with those.

The image you see here gives you a little idea of what we are talking about. 

IMAGINE that it was your vagina being cut open like you see in that example above…

You may shout, “God forbid”, like I once did and still had it. 

Was it not God that still said,

“My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge"?

You see now that it must be God helping you by bringing you knowledge like this one.

In most hospitals around here in the country, the doctors and nurses don’t care if you sustain any injury at childbirth so long as it makes the job easy going for them.

I mean, most of these people don't even care if someone dies, let alone just sustaining injuries.

But that should not be so.


1). SHORTAGE OF WORKERS: It may get too late before you find someone to attend to you as there are few medical hands on ground with many to be attended to.

2). LACK OF SPACE: This makes them try to rush you so they can discharge you and admin the next person.

3). LACK OF EQUIPMENTS: When the required equipment or even drug is not readily on ground, or the available ones have issues, such is a serious threat to lives.



One interesting thing I found out in the cause of creating this Guide was that women who sustained vaginal injuries usually experience longer labour, while those who do not suffer such injuries had shorter labour of not up to an hour on the average. 

Longer Labour Is Associated With More

Risk Of Injuries For Both Mother And Baby

In fact, I started searching the internet to know whether this is true with other women elsewhere, and I was amazed to get the same result.

I will show you a few screenshots on that just shortly.

But do you know why it had to be so?

The simple reason is that, as labour delays, a lot of energy is wasted both for the mother and the baby, while the midwives or doctors would start trying to either force the baby out or cut the woman so that the baby can easily come out. 

And many times, such births results in either baby or mother dying or sustaining severe injuries.

But when it is a short labour, there would be no need for the midwives or doctors to start applying those extreme measures that could result to injuries except you haven't trained your body to respond favourably.

Now, take a look at a few screenshots here and notice the part marked in RED:

...the above is not to scare you but so you can see proof.

I tell pregnant moms to do everything to keep fear away because fear can have very negative impact on their unborn babies.

So much more to share on discoveries we made, but let's get to the solution part...

Just before I go any further, please, understand that there are basically four things to do and getting any of them right goes to increase your chances of NOT having vaginal tear or an episiotomy.

But getting all of them right which is pretty easy should significantly reduce every chance of having birth injuries – vaginal tear or an episiotomy.


Now, the size of a baby in the womb (the head circumference especially) relative to the mother’s birth canal can help tell if vaginal delivery will be smooth or stressful.

The simple logic here is that, if the baby’s size is small relative to the mother’s vaginal opening at the point of delivery, there should be smooth flow. But in a situation where the baby’s size is larger compared to the mother’s birth canal, the vagina, there could be struggle.

By relative I mean to say that a baby that could make it easily through Mrs A’s vaginal opening at delivery could find it difficult if it were Mrs B’s vaginal space at the point of delivery.

So, that Mrs A’s baby’s weighed 3.2kg and she was not given episiotomy doesn’t automatically mean that Mrs B wouldn’t be given episiotomy if her baby should weigh the same 3.2kg.

What the above means is that each baby’s size is to be considered side by side with the mother’s vaginal wideness at the point of giving birth to help the woman give birth vaginally without such damaging injuries.

"But Nurse, my baby wasn't that big yet I got cut in my vagina, why?", someone recently asked.

Now, in my own case for instance, my first baby was about 3.5kg and I got episiotomy cuts whereas my second baby weighed around 3.8kg and I didn't get such cuts.

So, it's not just about baby size even though that is a key factor.

What many seem not to have realized is that in a situation where different factors combined would produce a certain result, one doesn't just choose to attend to a single part and still hope to get the needed result.

This is why many of the previous recommendations you probably know about have not really worked for most. 

It is like the Ten Commandments of Moses; failure in one is failure in all.

But thank God this is just 4, and very easy to apply too.

At least, you should get 3 right to be very sure of avoiding these injuries with their complications.

I know many women who for instance say that perineal massage doesn't work.

While we can't exactly tell if they did it the proper way and manner, a major reason it might had failed them is that other factors they should have given attention to were neglected. 

Combination mechanism has always proven to be more effective, and that is what makes our strategy a powerful one.

You know, because it has been found that just one formulation for malarial isn't effective any longer concentration is now on antimalarial combinations.

Earlier, when it was just two factors that I put into consideration instead of the four that we now have, the result was not as predictable as it is now.

The feedback we got really helped us to get this working much better.

It is good when people are sincere to tell you that something isn't working so you know where to improve.

At first, when the result was not as expected (even though it was still fair enough), we felt it was because those pregnant mothers were not doing their part well. 

But by the time we started paying closer attention and researched further, we saw there were two major areas we had not really taken time to address. One of it is the ancient Hebrew secret that I will yet show you.

I believe you must have heard statement like, "Giving birth like the Hebrew women".  

I am going to show you what key factor they leveraged on to prepare their baby as well as their body for easy delivery of their babies back then. Some people think it's just their faith in God.

While their faith helped, there was this major action they took to complement that, otherwise that faith would help.

You remember that Faith without work is dead being alone!

The moment we addressed those two other factors, the result we started getting was now massive!

Take a look at some of these other feedbacks:


Now, I get people sharing their excitement for how the tips and tricks I have shared in my Guide has really opened their eyes to things they never would have known. 

In fact, just sharing those unique points with you should tell you that they have to work even before getting to try them out.

Understand that baby’s size or weight is only one aspect – the other three (3) points combined should deliver the result.

By the way, normal baby size (weight) at delivery is between 2.5kg and 3.5kg.

Through scan you can always tell your baby’s current weight.

Knowing your baby’s weight will help you know when to adjust.

Some ladies go for scan few weeks to their EDD and when the scan result reveals that their baby is weighing very low (maybe 1.9kg or 2kg), they quickly start eating uncontrollably, and in a matter of a week or so the baby has tripled in weight, and they can't reverse the deed. Now they don't know what else to do and they end up suffering injury at childbirth. 

Please, avoid that is one of the pitfalls that make birth process difficult for most women.

What is even the need for a big size baby?


So you can post on Facebook or other social media platforms and receive wonderful comments while you still suffer the pains? 

Just a few weeks ago, a doctor friend was telling me of a lady who gave birth to a baby girl that weighed over 5kg. Of course, it had to be by C-section.

The baby was looking obessed. It is actually known as fetal macrosomia.

Another lady also had hers with 4.9kg, and the boy was looking like one big daddy with potbelly.

Some of those funny pictures you see the internet are actually real.

But have you ever heard that someone won an award for a big baby?

There could actually be such, but does it worth the pains?

So why suffer unnecessarily?

By the way, big baby doesn’t mean healthy baby!

Oh, I see; you want your name to enter the Guinness Book of Records!

But please, if you want your baby to look very big, the wise thing to do is to get the baby out first, then you can start feeding him or her to any size you want.

But if you are desperate to have a baby that weighs beyond average at birth, then just know that you are not ready for an episiotomy/tear-free delivery.

That’s just the truth, I'm not afraid to say that.

Someone chatted me to ask whether people are ordering my Course with the way I made everything open. It was one of these men that got it for the wife.

Actually, he's in the medical line, and it is normal to call one little issue by a big medical name that frightens patients so that they can be humbled. 

I simply asked him why he had to get it for the wife. And the funny thing was that he got it because of how plain I went with the truth. 

So did every other person that got my Course, over 500 of them. 

Maybe it would have been more if I coated my Course with those big terminologies that would make you feel intimidated. 

Having to do with this issue of pregnancy and childbirth, the facts are there to verify for yourself. 



So, are there things one can do to control the baby’s size while the baby is yet in the womb?

Certainly, there are!

If there is nothing one can do, then it’s of little or no use talking about your baby’s size.

To possibly do that, we look a pick the factors one after the other.


Baby’s size could be influenced by several factors of which some may be controlled while some may not.

For instance, a woman that is diabetic may find it difficult to get her baby’s weight within the brackets of the average baby’s size above.

The reason is that, when diabetic, the excess glucose that is present in the body is consumed by the baby.

That makes the baby larger than the normal. So, check if you are diabetic.

Note that sometimes diabetes could be pregnancy induced. That means to say that the woman may not have prior record of diabetes until she takes in. And once after putting to bed, the diabetes goes. This is a condition known as Gestational Diabetes Mellitus – GDM.

Knowing your diabetes status helps you know what to expect and the necessary actions to follow. From a doctor’s perspective, women with diabetic issues may be advised to go for CS, which is even safer compared to episiotomy, if the doctor knows his job very well.

Diabetes level in pregnant mothers can be managed using insulin.

 If you are diabetic, try to see your doctor immediately.

So women who are diabetic usually should expect big babies.

Let's suppose you are not diabetic, but then, you are the type that want your baby to look so big at birth, you should rethink or you get ready for some body damages.


This is an area many ask a lot of questions. And by the time you start suggesting foods, you will hear someone telling,

"I don't like how I feel each time I eat that" or "I don't eat that".

And I quite understand because people have their local diets that they don't want to miss for any reason whatsoever.

So, I got smarter and developed a new approach to say that it's not really about the food one eats but the nutritional contents which one is to derive from the food.

That makes more sense, right?!

…it also leaves us with some responsibilities – I going to show you exactly what to do without having to change your local or favorite meals.

You already should be aware that your baby, while in the womb and while still being breastfed, depends solely on whatever you feed on.

That is why it is always advised you don’t take any drug, except you are sure a pregnant woman can take it. And you can always trust your doctor to ascertain that.

Having to do with the food you eat, you need to know this first.


There is lots of misconception of what a balanced or adequate diet is.

I wish to clarify you on that...

Balanced or adequate diet is not when you eat, for instance, Protein today and tomorrow you eat carbohydrate.


No, you have to capture as many classes of food as you can in one meal to make a balanced or an adequate diet. And where it's not feasible, the time spacing for the intake shouldn’t be too wide.

Maybe this definition would help:

“…a balanced diet contains adequate proportions of carbohydrate, fats, and proteins, along with the recommended daily allowances of all essential minerals, vitamins, and health-promoting substances.”

For Example:

Rice (carbohydrate) + Egg (protein) + Vegetable (vitamins) + Meat (mineral) + Oil and Water.

Consider a plate of food that contains all of these; that becomes an adequate diet if each is in their right proportion.

Just to give you a quick idea, take a look at this image here:

So, you need the different food nutrients to be captured in every meal. 

It may not always be possible to have all in one meal per time, but see that you do the much you can.

Haven't you also realized that the routine drugs you are given are to be taken all at once? So, the function folic acid has to perform shouldn’t be suspended while others are working, just because you forgot to take it.

The same thing applies to fruit intake; bring different fruits that contain different vitamins to achieve a balance.

The reason for explaining this to you is not only so that you don’t deprive your body or baby certain nutrient that would have aided in development for any day, but also so that you cultivate it as a habit to always eat right.

In the full Guide I will be showing you exactly what to do.

Remember that we are talking about your baby weight. And it is important you know what types of food to avoid as well as the types to go for. For instance, carbohydrate should be well reduced in your meals. 

I have explained this extensively in my Course. Make sure you study that part once you get the Course. I will tell you how to get the Course by the end of this discussion.

But make sure you first understand this part I’m sharing here. 


It is very normal that offspring would take after the character of the parents. As a result, we can expect that the parents' gene will have an impact on the baby's weight.

From a medical observation, if the man is of a certain stature different from the woman (as I explained in PBE table in my Course) and their baby should take after the father’s stature, then the woman is likely going to face a hard time with vaginal delivery.

But if the woman's stature is to match up with that of the man who is responsible for the pregnancy as shown in that PBE  table, then there may not be a problem as such, if the other points are to also be taken care of.

By PBE I mean Parents’ Bodies Equation. It's a table that shows the likelihood of a woman's painful experience with childbirth. If you have my Course you can find it in the second Module.

Where you fall in the PBE table matters.

It is with finding out where you fall into that you can know how to start working on yourself.

Ladies in the first category (in the PBE table) are usually at more risk of having tears or episiotomy during childbirth, especially if the man responsible for the pregnancy is also in that first category.

If you happen to fall into category 2, 3 or 4 of that table, it doesn't mean you should  relax; you also need to get other aspects right, otherwise, you’ll most likely still fall a victim of childbirth injuries.

Having to do with baby size, there are other measures to take since parental factor may only be control if the woman had considered childbirth before choosing who she marries.

That is where we'll continue the discussion in the main Course. Then I will also show you 3 other techniques that have helped over 500 of my students avoid childbirth injuries from the comfort of their homes.

Maybe your concern now is that you may not still be able to control your baby’s size/weight.


I have also shared some diet tips that can be of great help too.


  • Will Enlighten you so that in case your doctor or midwife is getting it wrong you can raise alarm.
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  • Will Help save your baby's life. With longer labour also there are more chances of a baby dying during or shortly after birth. The simple reason is that the baby would have been stressed out with the several failed pushes.
  • Will Save you from excessive loss of blood. Excessive loss of blood can be life threatening.
  • Will Help you know how to avoid vaginal tear. With shorter labour though there will be no need for episiotomy, vaginal tear can still occur. You will learn a simple trick to avoiding that.


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Not at all Ma!!!

It is NOT just a book.

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This is my first pregnancy. Can I possibly avoid tear/episiotomy? 

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