How To Avoid Vagina Injuries At Childbirth Using The Newly Improved, Personalized & Easy-To-Achieve 4 Combination Technique That Saves You Time, Tears & Cost So You Can Enjoy Motherhood & Keep Your Man Loving/Wanting You More Than Ever.

(Get to know exactly what to/what not to do and put guesswork aside)!

Welcome to this 4-part Course presented by Nurse Nma.

Putting into practice what you learn here will be well worth your time and attention.

As you know, your baby is developing every second of the day. So, every second counts. In fact, I even advice that one should have mastered this Guide before taking in. That way, you'd have sufficient time to apply through. That also gives you the privilege of determining whether to conceive a baby boy or girl. And you will also learn a healthy habit you'd have started keeping 3-months before taking in.

The FOUR factors discussed MUST work together to achieve the result.

For instance, the first would give you just about 15%.

That means that about 85% more is still needed which the remaining 3 would ensure you also get.

I trust you are smart enough to understand that.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that  your vagina is important for your entire family as it serves the following 3 persons and key functions:

1. YOU 

(for urination/

menstrual flow)


(for intercourse)


(for childbirth)

Childbirth threatens the health of your vagina and that can affect both your life and marriage.

If you don't know what to do to prevent this then fear will attack you. It is very natural to be afraid of a definite task ahead when you know you aren't prepared (or prepared enough for such).

But as you prepare, your confidence rises, especially knowing that your preparation is in the right order.

Like my husband would always say, "We always need an ACCURATE discovery to be ADEQUATELY prepared." This training is meant to help you prepare adequately by first giving you accurate perspective on this issue of childbirth.


If the above is what you are asking, then you really know what you want in life. And let me say congratulations to you, especially if you are also pregnant already.

I am Mrs Nma, a mother of two and a trained-registered Nurse/Midwife, but currently working as a nurse educator with one of the Schools of Nursing here in the East.

The subject I’m sharing on is one I can confidently say I’m well-informed about, coming from a professional angle and from practical angle as an experienced mother of two, talking about childbirth experiences.

I graduated as a nurse from one of the prestigious universities in Nigeria about 10 years ago.

After my service year in General Hospital Uyo, I got employed to work at one of the top private Hospitals in Port Harcourt before finally joining the School of Nursing as a Nurse Educator, which was also where my PGDE focused on.

Working in the hospitals both during my NYSC and after at Port Harcourt, it was just normal to see women suffer lots of body damages in their private part as a result of childbirth. It was a situation we couldn't think we could do anything about.

For those years, I saw hundreds of women suffer the same thing. I honestly didn't know I it feels until I finally faced the same in my first childbirth. It was an experience that still hurts to remember.

Well, the good news is that, that experience has finally led to this unique solution. And I'm most glad to have also seen hundreds of women get delivered of their babies without suffering such injuries, most of these were first pregnancies.

So, I am confident to share with you in this lesson what has worked for many of us (myself and those that has used our technique). I will not only share what worked for us, I will also show you how it can work for you.


  • I am a young woman just as you are, of childbearing age.
  • Just as you are or once were, I was once a first time expectant mum, very excited to have gotten pregnant some months after our wedding.
  • Like you normally would feel as your EDD approaches, I was as my first pregnancy climaxed both wishing this cup would pass over and at the same time so scared of the painful OBVIOUS that I had no idea how to escape.
  • I DON'T like pain or injury a bit, just as you
  • Like you probably did, I heard many frightening stories about pregnancy and childbirth; stories of lost, injuries and pains.

Not knowing what else to do, I prayed and kept praying until delivery day, even while in the labour room.

I FINALLY suffered the worse pain ever, with a 3rd degree episiotomy (cut) that left me in anguish for the next six months or so...

I vowed I wasn't going to take in again.

I felt God doesn't answer prayers.

But I was wrong!

God did not fail, rather, I realised I was the one that failed God...when I read that God said "My people perish for the lack of knowledge"

Are you aware that there was a time malaria was a killer disease just like Covid-19 is today?

Many died not because malaria kills but because the solution was not known. The moment the solution was discovered, the perception about malaria changed to something common.

Our greatest problem is our ignorance!

The fact that I'm a medical professional, a nurse midwife for that matter, made me so ashamed that I couldn't tell anyone what I was passing through.

I pretended I was fine many times, but I was in deep pains.

Also, for about two months after I put to bed I could not think of meeting with my husband due to the injury I sustained.

My husband just had to respect himself too.

But then, he once asked me, “As a nurse, shouldn’t you have known to avoid this?”

And I was like “How? you now want to put the blame on me?”

But he had a point there!

To him, being a nurse, I should have known what to do to avoid or minimize such injury at childbirth, let it then be that he could not afford what it takes supposing it was to be that expensive.

So, that really got me.

I also remembered a few cases I have had to handle with some women, about their husbands losing interest in them due to complications they had as a result of pregnancy/childbirth. And these were young marriages.

Nobody prays for such.

FACT IS, Heaps of women are living with bladder weakness otherwise known as anal or bowel incontinence – a condition resulting in uncontrollable sudden discharge of urine, faeces or gas – but only a few dare to talk about it.

Mary tells us how hers started:

“It was in my early twenties, after my first child was born, that I realised I wet my undies when I sneezed. I made a makeshift pad from toilet tissue and tried not to think about it. But it happened again and went on and on…”

Pregnancy/Childbirth tops the list of a few causes of anal or bowel incontinence in women. With the tearing (or cutting open) of the vagina area during childbirth, the woman is at high risk of suffering from incontinence. A number of women die following uncontrollable bleeding from the cut.

Anything to help prevent childbirth injuries will therefore be highly appreciated by every pregnant mother.

Well, In the midst of it all, I move into a search, first about how to manage the pains and injuries of childbirth to heal fast.

But then, my husband was like, "Why not also lookout for how to avoid having this?"

With that suggestion, we started searching if there was any solution on this; and we found none. The only closest one we found was a Course on Udemy, which, of course I bought. It was an interesting one about pregnancy, though quite expensive (costs about $200 at the time).

Like I said, it was close to what I we were looking for, but it didn't capture this vital part on how Childbirth Injuries could be avoided.

That left us with no option but to research towards creating the solution.

This was happening between 2017 and 2018.


The first part of the discovery we made was about TWO basic factors responsible for all of labour pains and injuries. With those, we started researching how to engage each of them towards our best advantage, supposing they're within one's control.

Thankfully, they happen to be things we can easily control.

The idea of this manual is beyond knowing WHAT TO EXPECT AT CHILDBIRTH, you being able to influence the outcome you get by controlling your 4 basic birth deciders.

Physical labour injuries (i.e. vaginal damages either as a result of spontaneous tearing or episiotomy) can be prevented and have been prevented in several occasions. It is these injuries that contribute the most to the pains a woman may experience especially after childbirth.

So, by preventing childbirth injuries, we can very well reduce labour pains to almost nothing.

Please, note that labour pains cannot be completely eliminated, but can be significantly reduced to a point the pains have no damages.

The only way to eliminate the pain completely is to use an Anastasia.

But like you know, that will only be for a time; once the Anastasia clears, you will face the reality of the pains.

Besides, those Anastasia still have their negative side effects.

With our findings, we started experimenting to see how they would work. Concentrating on those TWO factors, we came up with a solution. The result we got was good but not quite satisfactory, even though the women who tried them were really happy from the feedback we got months later.

We needed something we can be surer of, because, with a few questions, we realised that more work still needed to be done on our part.

So we got back to work, brainstorming and all of that.

And boom!

We found TWO more factors to now make the FOUR steps solution that had worked and still works better!

This solution is a sort of combined therapy or set of simple approaches that can rarely fail!

With the FOUR, the result was now very commendable. In fact, just introducing them will convince you that they should work. Otherwise, those who have used the manual - over 250 of them - wouldn't have followed through with the instructions.

By this time, I was already pregnant with my second baby. I was going to have another baby against what I had decided earlier. But unlike me in my first pregnancy, now:

I know what works: as my EDD kept approaching, I wasn't any scared of the painful OBVIOUS as I now have idea how to handle things.

Now, knowing what exactly to do and what is responsible for what, I prayed better with direction and appreciated God for His grace and wisdom.


I finally made it this time!

I had my second baby without such vaginal tear or episiotomy unlike at first.

Getting to know the right thing to do is first step.

Then, knowing that you are doing the right thing and that you are doing it correctly (not guesswork) gives you the greatest confidence in any pursuit!


  • I was able to reduce the time of labour by more than half
  • Reducing the time it takes to give birth meant my baby came out quicker and was not stressed out which has led to many stillbirth or babies dying shortly after delivery or requiring more medical attention as they could develop some extreme medical conditions that would increase the hospital bill.
  • Some of those medical conditions could be physical deformity that could make the child become an object of pity to the society as the child could still be dependent while he/she should have started taking responsibility. Thus, avoiding Childbirth injuries helped me give birth to a baby I'm proud of as my own and that would grow up with the right sense of confidence. By not allowing my baby develop some of those extreme medical conditions, I saved yourself and my husband from running in and out of hospital weeks/months/years after birth. 
  • Again, reducing time of delivery helped me avoid the protracted pain of labour that leaves many mums stressed out and even to pass out in some cases.
  • Reducing Vagina injuries also saw that I was NOT in pains weeks/months (or even years) after putting to bed.
  • The problem of anal/bowel incontinence and the discomfort and shame of wearing adult pampers which is very expensive was also eliminated by preventing my vagina from tearing apart or from episiotomy (cuts).
  • It is also without dispute that one of the reasons my husband got married to me is to enjoy fun with me. This same is true for me - I wanted licence for fun with him. But both of us would not have continued enjoying this beautiful part of your marriage if i was negligent to have avoided the injuries on my side. This has been a major cause of infidelity in most relationships.
  • By preventing Childbirth injuries I also helped protect your marriage the much I can.





Every responsible mother is a nurse by experience. The reason is, in the course of trying to handle different health issues as they come, one will be forced to experiment a lot of suggestions, even unsolicited ones from in-laws, neighbours and friends.

That gives one the privilege to knowing what works and what doesn't. Sometimes the suggestions from others of what worked for them wouldn't work in your case. So, you keep searching until you finally find what works for your case.

Like you'd agree, most conditions would require more than a singular action, a combination of different approaches to get the much needed result.

The combination approach of the 4 basic elements in childbirth is why this Guide has worked for over 250 mums, constituting over 97% success of all users thus far.

Disclaimer: though the results I showed you above and very easy-to-achieve they are, you getting such (my kind of success or those of my students above) with this manual will take some diligent, dedicated and determined effort. Your success could rated better than ours or less depending on your type and how serious you'd adhere to the simple instructions in the Guide. I have still done my best to show in the Guide how any serious minded person (which I see you as one) can really maximize the benefits.

Aside from the main material on 


which is valued at N15,500 




My comprehensive (typed) note from

one of the pregnancy courses I took for

$200 (About N73,000)


I will be showing you where and how to

legally access pregnancy (Audio) books

by world renowned authors.

The prices are in'll be able to access

any Audio of your choice without paying a dime. 

 I value this secret for nothing less than N10,000.


You'll also be getting


On this Private Facebook Group, you'll not only be getting tips on Pregnancy but also on Parenting and Productivity and much more. 

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70 Standing Morals On Building Your

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Another helpful Guide on MARRIAGE

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Short Explanatory Videos That Simplify

The Process Further For You 

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Think of the cost of having to face the challenge with its terrible complications.

Think of the embarrassment of not being able to hold back urine, gas or faeces in the public.

Having to start wearing pampers just because you can’t tell what would happen next. And a bag of adult pampers (maximum of 12pieces) is nothing less than N2500. And you’ll need at the least two of it per week, if you economize well.

Also think of your marriage, how this will affect it, and your baby being deprived of care at that tender age.

So, consider how much you are to gain at the end and you will agree with me that this is worth it.

PRESENTLYwe are admitting only a few number for the next batch that would be putting to bed in the next 4-6 months' time. As such, not everybody will get the opportunity to 

Sometimes I get messages like this one telling me, 

"Nurse Nma, thank you for sharing this. I learnt quite a lot that I didn't know before now; I really don't have money now, otherwise I would have ordered to get the rest." 

While I must appreciate their accolades (and, of course, I always do) I still feel they don't know the importance of their vaginal health -- it is far more important than our hair or dressing or anything we can put up that others see, especially now that we are married.


So, if you are out of cash at the moment, get your husband to see this; he’d like to get it for you! so you don't miss out of this golden opportunity. Pregnancy and parenting are what two of you must bear the burden of together.

Like I said, I will be giving you the full access at a promo price if you order today.

However, it will still not be for everybody as I'm aware that not everyone can meet up with the short notice.  But take fast advantage of it now at this discount price!

And the price will still go up the more. 

What I need is just a certain number I can accommodate for this next batch.


Module 1:

Understanding What Matters & The Nature of The Task

In this module, you'll be learning, 

(1) How Being HONEST is Key:

(2) The RDA Rules to Harnessing The Results Promised in this Guide (which you can also use in achieving any kind of result you want, in any area at all) and

(3). You Will Be Getting Better Clarity of the Situation of Childbirth Injuries

Module 2:

Engaging Your First 2 Birth Decider To Your Best Advantage

This module is all about

 (1). Learning the First out of Your 4 Basic Birth Influencers to Enable You Lower the Chances of Childbirth Injuries Significantly,

(2). Understanding the Different Body Equations of You and Your Husband and How these could affect Childbirth, and What to do Differently if Your Type has More Risk of Injuries at Childbirth,

(3). Learning to Make the Healthiest and Wisest Choices for Yourself and Your Baby in Terms of Foods, Fruits, Supplements, etc. 

(4). How to Avoid the Pitfalls that Make the Birthing Process Take Longer with More Pain and How to Avoid such



Module 2B:

The Combination

Effort That Works

in this next module, you'll

(1). Learn The New Easy Way To Perineal Massage And How It Works

(2). Learn The Remaining 2 Out of the 4 Easy Steps to Further Increase Your Chances of Giving Birth Without Cuts or Tears.

(3). How To Utilize The Services Of Your Healthcare Providers to Complement Your Effort Towards Reducing Birth Injuries

(4). How to Enjoy Shorter Labour Even if it is Your First Pregnancy. (Longer labour would entail more the pain, and it’s energy consuming)

(5). How To Put it all Together with Practical Video Example of a Complete (And Very Effective) Strategy that You Can Practice From the Comfort Of Your Home

Module 2C:

Mastering Control for the Positive Outcome You Desire

In this final Module (before the bonuses), you'll learn 

(1). How to Get The Right Place Antenatal Care Without Having to Go Far and Without Spending Anything Extra

(2). What Measures to Take in Case of Any Negligence on Your Part or on the Part of Your Healthcare Providers




Getting to enroll today means you'll qualify for the 7 amazing bonuses from me


You need to deal with every fear as early as possible. Already, I told you that Your confidence rises with your preparation.


If you delay to prepare, it will get to a point it will become almost impossible to still do anything to prevent these injuries.


Admission into this current batch will soon end. If you wait for next back in few months to come, you may miss out and even if you don't, the price for the next batch will be certainly be higher.


I lost my pregnancy. Except for what I had learnt about Rhesus Factor from reading one of the bonus materials written by Nurse Nma, I may not have still been able to carry subsequent pregnancies successfully. Thanks for enlightening me...I now have my first baby and I have gone far with in second pregnancy still using tips from the materials. Every pregnant woman should get the guide...Thanks a lot ma'am!
Deborah Ed (Abuja)
I gave birth easily without any problems. I was almost due to give birth when I came across this short guide, so I felt it was already late but I was wrong. I learnt exactly what to do to have a safe childbirth experience and to prevent health complications before and after. Surprisingly, this does not require using drugs, I don't even know of any drug that can be as effective as the tips you gave in your guide ma. I wish every pregnant mother can get to know these things. I am even using the knowledge to help my friends who are pregnant and they have been asking when I became a doctor. I am so so glad. Thank you ma.
Feyisara Wemimo (Akure)
I was already passed 40 and a week with my pregnancy. My doctor has already said the labour was going to be induced in a few days away if labour doesn't start naturally. I contacted Nurse Nma and she told me a simple thing that I immediately started doing from where I was. I gave birth the next morning. I recommend Nurse Nma tips on childbirth.
Chibuike Esther (Enugu)

Unlock/Download Your Bonuses:

An extra Module on: How to Conceive a Baby of Your Choice - Boy or Girl

My comprehensive (typed) note from one of the pregnancy courses I took for $200 (About N73,000)...I just added it to the list of bonuses you'd be getting

70 Standing Morals On Building Your Relationship 'FOR KEEPS'


Short Explanatory Videos That Simplify The Process Further For You

You'll also be getting ACCESS TO OUR NEW PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP. On this Private Facebook Group, you'll not only be getting tips on Pregnancy but also on Parenting and Productivity and much more. 



What if I’m not Pregnant Yet?

When should I begin preparing for this? 

What if I’ve gone far with the pregnancy and I’m almost due, can this work? 

This is my first pregnancy. Can I possibly avoid tear/episiotomy? 

What if it’s not my first childbirth can I still have tear or be given episiotomy? 

What if the doctor should insist on giving me episiotomy, what happens then? 

How do I enroll?

Am I to still pay any other money after this?


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