Inside This Letter is an Eternal Sales Secret that Can Get People Lining Up to Literally BEG You to Collect Their Money In Exchange For Your Products or Services.

Dear friend,

Do you have an amazing product everyone should get, but no one is buying it?

And you have tried and tried to do all you can yet no one is biting, and you are frustrated, even sad about it, because you no no sales, means no money and no money… well you know the rest right?

If your answer is yes, then I want you to...

Go Shut The Door, Put Your Phone On Silent And Read Every Single Word On This Page Carefully, Because It Is That Important!

My name is Ronald Nzimora and I run marketing campaigns for a living.

And of everything I have learnt in the last 18 years, the most important one is if I want to sell A TON of my products or services, I need to create what I call..

Irresistible MAFIA Offers!

An offer is the sum total of what you are selling to someone, aka. What they are buying from you.

But an irresistible mafia offer is one that literally knocks people over when they encounter it.

Something that when people see, they say in their mind, “I have to have that!”

Hard to Refuse.

A must have.

Here’s an example.

Let’s say you want to travel to Dubai and there are two travel agencies who can take you there. They have both advertised on Instagram and you are looking at what they presenting to you

Travel Agency A says: we will get you a visa to Dubai, with four nights hotel stay, with morning buffet, a visit to the safari and the Burj Al-Arab (tallest building in the world). 

The price is =N=750,000.


Travel Company B says: we will get you a visa to Dubai. When you arrive at the airport, there will be a taxi waiting to pick you up and drive you to your hotel. 

You will get 4 nights stay there, BTW it’s a 4-Star hotel. You will get a free city tour, a free ticket to an Arabian Desert Safari and a free guided City tour in a Limousine. We will also put you on a Dhow Cruise, you get a ticket to visit the World’s tallest building.

You will also take a complimentary fishing trip close to the border with Iran, everyday will be filled with different activities ensuring you will never get bored.

And when your 4 nights are up, you will get a car drive back to the airport on your last day.

The price is =N=800,000

Which one would you take?

Did you say the second?

Here’s another illustration.

The reason people pay 4 times the cost of an economy seat in First Class on airlines like Lufthansa is because it is a better offer.

You see it’s not about pricing. It’s about the presentation!

Everyday I am out there selling something over the internet - sports betting, coffee, weight loss teas, courses, newsletter subscription, hair, perfumes, etc, even chicken!

You name it, I have sold or currently selling it.

So it’s no surprise that I have sold over...

N35 billion Worth of Products and Services and Counting

My marketing smarts have helped a client generate over 1 million PAYING (not one time) subscribers to their list, helped bring a spa over 600 customers on opening day, helped launch a financial subscription newsletter at THISDAY, and so on and so forth.

And You Know How I Did It?

It’s not copywriting, although copy skills helped.

It’s not marketing smarts.

It’s not even a product people want. Yes this is essential, but I have seen people sell even impossible “unwanted” products because they knew this secret and how to use it.

And heck it’s not even luck. In our business, we never rely on luck. We make luck happen because we know this one secret.

That secret is...

I Mastered How To Create Mafia Offers

Let me explain.

You see, when you ask people to buy something from you, you are making them an offer, a proposal, you are saying “give me x amount of money for this stuff”.

Now they have to stop and think whether what you are asking them to buy is something they want, but more importantly, “if it is worth x amount of money.”

If they think it’s not worth it,

They Click Away and Move On

And you end up with no sales.

I guess what you want is sales abi? OR at least leads, subscribers, but mostly sales.

Because sales means money, right?

Of course it does!

Making more sales depends on having more people buy what you have for sale and 97% of entrepreneurs fail to sell their products and there's one reason why.

Their offer sucks!

Until You Learn How to Create a MAFIA Offer You'll Always Get the Same Results You're Getting Now.

Is that good enough or are you ready to change?

Just ONE mafia offer can change the trajectory of your life

Yes, all it takes is one to change your life and what might surprise you is that it's remarkably simple.

Instead of explaining what your product does, you show how it transforms your prospect's life and I'll show you exactly how to do it.

And while everyone else is still playing by the "old rules", you'll find you suddenly have a natural advantage.

Here's What You WON'T Have To Do

You won't need to pay for expensive training

You won't have to hire an expensive copywriter

You won't spend countless hours reading documentation filled with fluff

You don't need to know everything about writing sales copy

If you can follow a paint-by-numbers approach then you can use my step-by-step plan.

I made a lot of mistakes over the past 18 years with many failed products and few successful ones.

I took notes, bought more copywriting courses and studied other experts.

And gradually, I created and now follow a repeatable framework that triggers people to buy and now my offers convert like crazy.

So Here’s The Deal

I want to show you how to create your own mafia offer, but without a gun or threats of violence.

You will learn how to make people buy what you sell, even if they have to walk on fire, walk through the desert or sleep on ice in order to get it.

I want to show you how to make money at will, from any audience on earth, no matter what your product or service is.

And the best part is you don't need to be a master copywriter, or a brilliant marketer. You don’t even need to have any of those skills at all.

All you will learn is how to package and put together an offer that will make people say…

“I Want That!”

Because you know that if you can get them to say that, they will give you as much money as your sweet heart desires.

And you can begin to see the fruits of your labour in real time which is what you want.

Would You Like to Become A Master At Crafting Irresistible Offers In 30 Days Or Less?

If your answer is yes, I want to introduce to you a 45-page report titled…

MAFIA OFFERS: How To Make People Fight, Scratch, and Beg to Buy Whatever You Have For Sale, At Any Price

It shares everything and how I've generated millions online from using this EXACT plan.

It's something you can download and use to create your first killer offer in just a few hours.

I've worked hard to keep it efficient and easy-to-follow so you can implement it as fast as possible.

Within days you could be getting higher conversions!

When you open this 45-paged report and start reading it, here’s what you will learn inside:

Chapter One will break down for you what a mafia offer is and yes it is much different from a regular run-of-the-mill offer, and what makes it impossible to refuse.

You will also learn about “the theory of constraints” and how it can help you sell far more products and services that you ever thought possible.

Chapter Two will lay bare at your feet the characteristics of a mafia offer and show you how to recognize one even from a mile away.

Even more important, you will stop using nonsense lines like “we provide great customer service ‘our quality is outstanding”, “”we deliver results”, “we have a great reputation”, “our customers trust us” and others in your marketing that customers no longer believe these days.

Inside Chapter Three, you will discover how to create a mafia offer, a marketing presentation or proposal you make to single customers of groups of them, that they will find almost impossible to refuse or say “No” to.

Chapter Four will break down for you how to build YOUR OWN mafia offer, customized to what you sell, so you can sell more of it.

In Chapter Five, you get to see 10 examples of mafia offers, from inside our local market, and around the world that generated billions of dollars combined, in sales and profits.

You can copy and tweak them for your own business and product.

Chapter Six finally, gives you a complete breakdown of creating a mafia offer using a real life example. We go through the steps one by one explaining it succinctly and simply.

I am sharing my proven formula because I like helping people, especially other digital marketers.

For the last few years, I've enjoyed using the Mafia Offers creation Method and want to help others use it too.

I know if you'll at least apply what you learn you'll be miles ahead of where you are today.

So if you're pinched for money and struggling with getting more sales, then right now is the very best time to take action!

The best part?

You can get your own copy of MAFIA OFFERS - How To Make People Fight, Scratch, and Beg to Buy Whatever You Have For Sale, At Any Price.

Right now, in less than five minutes.

And you know what?

You won’t have to break the bank to do it because by ordering today, you can get your own copy of MAFIA OFFERS for a small price of N8,500 only.

All you need to do is click the button below to get it.

Yes, for less than the price of a good pair of jeans you can get MAFIA OFFERS right away.

But That's Not All.

Because this is a KILLER offer that is so good you'll feel stupid saying no!

I'm including 3 bonuses valued at =N=120,000.

Bonus #1: The Untold Story of Bob Stupak (N20,000 value)

Bob Stupak was an American businessman, who created what is today arguably regarded as the best mafia offer the world has ever seen.

He used one offer to build a two hotels from scratch in Las Vegas - Vegas World, a 102 room hotel which cost $7 million and opened in 1979, and which by 1985 was making over $100 Million a year and which was FULLY BOOKED 2 YEARS IN ADVANCE!

It was torn down later and a new hotel The Stratosphere, built for $550 million, and which sported a 1,149 feet tower built in its place. IT is today the most iconic landmark in the city seen everywhere.

Inside this report, you will learn his amazing story, and get to see the very same adverts which contain the exact offer he used so you can draw inspiration from them for yours too.

Bonus #2: The Distribution Network: How To Create A Distribution Strategy For Your Mafia Offer (N50,000 value)

Creating a mafia offer is the first step, but unfortunately, if you do not know how to create a way to have your mafia offer reach as many people as possible it will only work as good as a car with water inside the oil tank.

And most marketers are horrible at distribution.

Inside this bonus report which really should be a fully paid for separate course on it’s own, I will show you how to set up a distribution network for your mafia offer.

It doesn’t matter what you sell - Digital Product, physical product or a service - you will learn how to use cutting edge strategies to get hundreds, thousands, even millions more people seeing your offer and buying into it.

This is the holy grail for making a mafia offer truly mafia. And you get it for free only if you buy today.

Bonus #3: A Recording of The Mafia Offer Implementation LIVE Training

I put together a LIVE online training for the first 100 people who got this MAFIA OFFER report.

In the live training, I explained more about how you can improve your offers, dismantle it and rearrange it so it’s truly mafia.

You will learn first hand and directly how I create mafia offers and see the various shortcuts for doing the same.

This training was recorded and you will also have access to it.

You Might be thinking...

I'm not sure if I can do this?

Can I really create a mafia offer?

I'm not a good enough writer.

If you're not feeling confident or are worried you can't do this then here’s what I want you to know.

YES, you can create a mafia offer.

You don’t have to be a copywriter. It has nothing to do with writing at all. You simply need to know how to present what you have in a way that people can connect with it emotionally.

It is a must-have strategy if you want to bring more sales into your business and your life.

So, ACT now.

Only N8500 Till Price Increases Which Could Be Anytime

Be Bold. Make It Happen.

Ronald Nzimora

P.S. Still here?

Still not sure if you should get this?

Okay, tell me which one is better...

This? Or... This?

Your guess is as good as mine.


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