Earn More In 2022 Using LinkedIn Ads

Increase your income by selling to a barely untapped market?

even if  you have never run  ads …

Do you want to earn more money in 2022?

Is adding one premium high-income skill (that can skyrocket your growth), one of your goals??

or …

Do you want to dominate a new market with your products, services or message??

It does not matter if you are …

I know something about you … 

You Want To Increase Your Income

Because of this, you might have tried to sell the products or services you currently have, find a job or seek a promotion,  or learn a new skill you can be paid for.

But here is the problem … 

If you try selling a product or service, 

the people you are selling to already have more than 50 vendors whispering the same words into their ears. 

They have been flooded with ads for one product, by different brands.

Here is an example you experience every day.

Remember when you search for something on Google, let’s say ‘how much is a bulb’ …

… only to come on Facebook and be flooded with ads? … as if they are spying on you 👀👀

It’s even scarier on YouTube. 

You might be watching a video on ‘how to fry plantain’, only for ads selling ‘how to fry crispy plantain’ to interrupt you.

Not once, not even twice … 

The worst part is… the ads are from different vendors!

Do you know what this means???

There Are Many Vendors Struggling For Your Buyers’ Attention!!!

Even as a 9-5er ….

How sure are you, you will get the job or promotion? 

Remember, there are more qualified candidates for that job…

Your boss can decide to hire a more qualified person for that position you have been labouring for all these years… 

Is that what you want?

How about if you take your career growth into your hands and decide how you will grow?

Imagine being the go-to person in your industry ….

Do you know you can use LinkedIn to position yourself as an authority in your industry?

Let me tell you how.

Imagine running an ad that talks about your views regarding the trends in your industry.

….. then your target audience are the top players in your industry.

What do you think will happen when they read it?

They will definitely come looking for you … they’ll even offer jobs.

Why? …. Because you showed them you are qualified even without travelling to meet.

Even if you don’t want the new job, you can …

  • convert your knowledge to digital products
  • run ads to your target audience

Do you know what will happen?

You will begin to receive DBA – Daily Bank Alerts!

Before you know it, your passive income will be more than your salary.

You can finally live the life you want … 

Well, guess what ….

Achieving this is really easy …

And that’s exactly what I am going to show you, using LinkedIn Ads …

Even as a business owner or a solopreneur …

Imagine the possibilities for your business … 

You can show your products and services to a new and hungry market and …

Skyrocket Your Sales Like You Never Imagined.

Talk about printing money while you sleep… pluussss, living a soft life.

If you are thinking about learning this skill as a newbie in the industry…

Then you are on the right path, because this is a 7-digit income-earning skill

And I am here to show you the easypractical step-by-step process to …

Launch A Successful LinkedIn Ads Campaign

You might be wondering … “But why LinkedIn?”

Well, let me share some shocking statistics with you …

Did you know that …

LinkedIn has over 756 million users

Among the 756 million users, Africa has 61 million users. This is a potential market for any seller.

About 4-5 members on LinkedIn are business decision-makers. They have the money and resources.

There are over 57 million registered businesses on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Audience Targeting is the best there is on paid media advertising.

Linked has higher lead generation than Facebook and Twitter (According to HubSpot)

Yet No One Is Talking About It!!!

This means …

When you run LinkedIn Ads …

you won’t have to struggle for attention with your competition.

But you have to …

I know what you might be thinking …

  • “Why don’t I just Google it?”
  • “Definitely, all I need to know are on YouTube, I can wing it.”
  • “What’s different between this program and others out there?”

Now, here is something I’ll tell you … because I have been through it all…

Yes, you will find information online … but are you ready to deal with the information overload?

You will find information on YouTube, but are you prepared to lose money testing to see which one works for you?

Yes, you will find courses about ads, but will they simplify it like ABC, the way I have?

Let me tell you, as you are going through all these experiences, your competitor is targeting your target audience and cashing out from them ….

They are becoming the go-to person … The Thought Leader everyone knows …

Whereas you are still trying to figure it out …

Is that part of your plans for 2022?

You might still insist to take the hard road … that’s okay …

… but I MUST tell you something important. 

When it comes to Digital Marketing, you have to be updated every single day …

Besides the updates, you need to learn strategies to make your ads convert …

You need to learn how to enter new markets in order to earn more money.

Let me share my story with you …

I had learnt how to run ads on the major social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter; you name it)…. And I was killing it.

This Is From One Of My Client’s Google Ads Accounts.


I spent $5.05K (N2,502,500) on ads and sold 965 units of the product at $36 (N18,000) per product. 

That means, I earned $34,740 (N17,370,000) from all the products.  

If you subtract the ad spend $5,005(N2,502,500), I earned a profit of $29,735(N14,867,500).


If you don’t believe it, press your calculator. Mind you, I used $1=N500, which is a far cry from what we have today.

But when it came to LinkedIn, it seemed the people running ads there knew something and were not ready to share.

But I was determined to learn …

I researched and had to go through several trials and errors … 

I lost money and gained pennies …. Just to figure out the platform.

Have I mentioned the information overload I experienced😧😧???

The confusion was too much!!!

But when I finally figured it out … I knew I had hit a gold mine💰💰💰

I know there are people like me, who have lost money …

They are stressed trying to figure it out, only to hit walls …

They have suffered from information overload … both the truth and lies … 

… and finally, they GAVE UP.

If you are in this group, and you are ready to earn from this goldmine …

… you better call your account officer because it’s about to rain moneyyyy ..

BUT!!! you have to ENROLL FOR

What is The LinkedIn B2B BluePrint?

To guide you on

“How to launch a successful and profitable LinkedIn Ads Campaign”

Here Is What You'll Learn ...

Module 1 – Creating a LinkedIn Account

Module 2 – The Campaign Manager

Module 3 – The Campaign Objective

Module 4 – Targeting

Module 5 – The Ad Format

Module 6 – Scaling Ads

But why #30,000????

Now here is the deal ….

The LinkedIn B2B Blueprint is for serious-minded, ambitious & ready-to-implement individuals

If you fall under this category, you’d understand that …

investing #30,000 to learn a skill that will pay you in 7-figures and above

is one of the smartest decisions you will make this year.

I am Your Trainer

Olujobi Oladayo

I am a Pay-Per-Click/Paid Media Specialist, with over 3 profitable years of experience.

I have created and managed several ad campaigns that generated 7-figures and above across different online platforms.

I have worked with brands across Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and the United Kingdom;  Knngtee Digitals, Distinct Waters, Foretrust Investment, TheOlutoye.

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