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A lot of young youths are making it big in the online space!

…Now one of the youngest & coming entrepreneurs reveals his secrets to making legit money online & how you can take part in this immediately!

Amazon KDP is guaranteed to earn you $250 or More per week, in the shortest amount of time.

And You can Do This Even If You:

Meet Donald...

Hello! My name is Donald Umeh, Bs. in Engineering, Publisher, Founder, and Digital Marketing Certified by Google. 


Growing up in a middle-income family, I was fortunate like most people I knew growing up, to go to school and get an education.


But things quickly changed for the worst when I was 19 and lost my Dad.

I had to pause the only passion I loved, my education, in order to take care of my siblings.

After many years of 

I knew I had only one thing going for me…




That determination has been the major reason why I got really good at what I do.


It led me to pick up books and started learning & teaching myself new skills.


Soon enough, I had become interested in learning computer skills and how to start making money online.

Many Years later, I landed myself a scholarship to study in the USA.

All by myself!  No Help. No Middleman. No Agent Fees! All from the skills, I had developed from the many years of teaching myself online strategies.




I have graduated and I’m Google certified in Digital Marketing. I have worked for corporate businesses and also started a few businesses, myself.


When I first stumbled upon Amazon KDP, there wasn’t a lot of good information out there. I took the few courses I could find and read whatever I could find on the internet


After so many trials and errors and struggling to figure what works on KDP, I finally got it!


I started making THOUSANDS of Dollars almost a year later & consistently  too!

And here's a screenshot of how much I made in the month of April 2022 selling simple books I designed on Amazon

This is equivalent to $1,800 (#1.2 Million)  in one Month!!!

Over the years, I started teaching my wealth making secrets to close friends and families. 


And soon enough, people started coming to me to pay to learn how to be successful by selling simple books on Amazon.


Here are some results from 2 completely new students after their first month:

Amba made $62 which is over N45000 in Naira

Here, Seun made $87 which is over N56,000 in Naira

…Now what if I told you that you could be making the same success they are making


and even double that amount with what I’m going to be showing you in this simple course using just your smartphone


I have summarized ALL the wealth making secret on Amazon I  learnt over many years just for you


If you’re truly tired of sitting¬† by the sidelines while watching others make real money online, now is your opportunity


In this course I will take you by the hand and show the step-by-step method that a lot of people who even publish on Amazon do not now about


I have Summarized & Simplified everything you need to know about Amazon KDP so in just 2 days, you can feel confident to start publishing profitable books


You will start earning real Dollars in the shortest amount of time

Here is a look at the course content below:

Here we’ll be looking at how to set up various accounts types and other relevant apps and tools you need to install to get the most out of your book publishing business.

Amazon only pays in dollars, hence we’re going to need to create our dollar account the right way and link it to our local bank account so that we can get paid for our hard work.

If you truly want to be successful long-term at any business, you must first have the right mindset. All battles must first be won in the mind! Financial freedom begins with the mind.

Secondly, you can’t succeed in a business you don’t understand.¬†

So in this module, I’ll be explaining to you the 4 stages of book self-publishing

You will understand what stage you need to focus on to guarantee massive book sales conversions.

Book Research is one of those early stages of book creation that can make or break everything else if not done correctly. In order to write a compelling book that is guaranteed to sell you need to know whether the book you’re about to write will make profit before even writing it.

All new business involves thorough research of the target market in order to better understand your target audience and demographics.

Get these stage 2 stages of your book creation right and you are well on your way to consistent sales

In this module, I will be showing you how you can generate a book in 1 hour using powerful AI software. 

You will learn how to proof-read and format your book so that it looks like a professionally written book by a seasoned author

Writing your book is only half the journey. For a book to be successful you need to have a strong marketing plan behind your book!

In this module I’ll be showing you some of the elements that go into a book to guarantee smooth & easy organic sales.

Learn how to use emotional power words to play into the minds of your target market to make massive book sales

Learn how to select the correct book categories while publishing your book on Amazon to guarantee your customers will find & be dying to buy your product

You’ve probably heard about Facebook Ads but did you know Amazon provides ads for its publishers?!


Ads costs can quickly get expensive if not properly done & can easily result in loss of ROI instead of a net profit


In this module, I’ll be showing you how you can save money when running Amazon ads while gaining massive books visibility and ultimately massive sales from your Ads

Here are more testimonials from beginners who were once like you, but took action and are now making hundreds of dollars on Amazon publishing simple books such as:.

This is a summarized course. Meaning, unlike other courses out there that takes over a week to complete

This course is straight to the point. Saving you time & all the unnecessary details  so that you can start earning right now

For a ONE-TIME payment of only N30,000, All of these great deals could be yours and more

But this deal will not last for very long. Because in a Month’s time the price will be going back up to N40’000. So hurry now!

I could be charging twice as much for this course as other courses out there are doing but I, want to help as many people as I can

By the end of this course you should be able to...

Know how to design and publish highly profitable books you can sell on a global market

Learn graphic design skills using powerful editing platforms that could also land you jobs on Fiver 

Start up your own book publishing brand or get a new graphic design job if you like


More Testimonials


Yes. This course was designed for anyone with no experience with selling online and no marketing skills

You will get instant access into the course. You can take the course content at your own pace.

Yes. There is a Live webinar once every two weeks. One you join the  course group, the next webinar date will be announce there

No Laptop? No Problems! This course was specifically designed for smartphones (Android and iPhones)

No extra costs. Only a one time payment and the course is yours for life.

All of your questions will be answered by either me or one of my team members. Please be sure to also join the course group. you will get a lot of assistance from other members there

You can reach out to me or one of my team members at our Facebook page or Telegram support group

We have a Self-Publisher group that you can join. Post your questions in there and the community will help you with answers there.

No. While some people run paid adverts to scale their sales, Amazon has over 500+ Million users so your book can sell organically.

Click on the Big button" to save big NOW!! 

N30,000 Now! (original price: N40,000)

Back to Original price after clock runs down

Hurry Discount Ends Soon!!!


I want you to be completely happy with your purchase. So if after 30 days for some reason my course does not live up to your expectations and you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us for a full refund and you get to keep the course.


If you’re not ready and committed to taking action and doing the work, none of the strategies that have been discussed in this course will work. I am committed to giving you what has worked for some of my students & I as I’ve shown in the testimonials, but what results you’re going to get is completely outside my con

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