Discover The New Dead Simple Smartphone Way To Print Dollars Uploading Books To Amazon, Even If You Are Not A Writer

New Training Reveals How You Can Average $100 - $6k Monthly Uploading Books To Amazon Without Writing A Word, & Using Just Your Smartphone, And Internet

…This is a no-fail system, very beginner-friendly, and a proven way to make lots of dollars off the biggest marketplace in the world!…

After I took my time to make an Affiliate Marketing course for Affiliate Marketers, mentor them, and the success it recorded for the people that bought into it.


Yes, I’ve Helped 100s Of Smart Individuals Like You From Different Countries Make Their Groundbreaking Success With This, And I Want To Show You How To Bank Your 1st $1,000, $3,000, $5,000, $10,000, And More Too, If You Are Willing…

. . . but I can only show you, and help you too if and only you are HUNGRY FOR SUCCESS, willing to WORK HARD and BE CONSISTENT,follow SIMPLE instructions and take MASSIVE ACTION by simply using your smartphone or PC!!

I hear you say – “But Sylvester, I’m not a writer, and might not even know what to write about”
Good News Is I’m Not A Writer Either 😀
Well, This Is Proven Way To Make $5 – $200+ Per Day On Amazon Without Any Writing Skill

Hello there,

I know how it feels to try methods of making money online, with no success, I have been there.

Would you like to peep over my shoulders to learn how by following the exact steps in the “Amazon KDP Blueprint” system I was able to grow from $0 to $5,000+ per month without spending a DIME on ads, no email or Facebook marketing, no writing skills and how I automated the process, so every day it brings positive cash-flow?

But more importantly, would you like to see how other everyday ordinary people like YOU are able to use this very same system to earn $500-$5,000+ per month without any prior experience or technical knowledge?

I want you to pay close attention, I want to tell you something important.

I know you are in doubt and already punching your calculator to exchange your future dollars in your local currency

My name is Adonike Sylvester Nnaemeka. I am the Co-founder of NASCREATIVES (a Web Design and Digital Company), and I’m also the CEO of SKILLSNIFY (a digital skill learning platform).

I have been in the internet space for a very long time. I’m not a “prof” but I love to share knowledge of what works. With that, I have been able to train 100s of students, and help them gain financial freedom.

I did not get there in a day, HELL NO!

One may say “Sylvester, you just got lucky”

After graduating from Anambra State University, and serving my fatherland (NYSC) in Abuja (where I still currently reside), I started working and receiving N10k as a monthly salary, YES! you heard that right.

Things were tough, but I knew it was time to make a change when I lost that crappy job. That was my breaking point, and I lasered in on so making things, and I moved from a been broke – NO DIGITAL SKILL to having a startup, and an unimaginable amount of dollars per month in royalties on Amazon with NO WRITING SKILL.

I’m going to do with you what I do with all my students – SUPPORT YOU but

the big question is “WHAT IS YOUR BREAKING POINT?

Don’t be deceived, before I made money online from any of the systems I have created, I struggled for YEARS…

I swiped my card on many digital courses, many times

Attended dozens of webinars, hacks, strategy sessions, and ideation classes…

Watched 100s of hours of YouTube videos, and you know what happened?

I saw little to no results…

Let me tell you the truth, sometimes the success you need is within you, you just have to hold on long enough to tap into that point.

I started testing everything myself, and I found a common pattern in the process.

I discovered that the difference between the high dollar earners on Amazon Kinle and the struggling ones is just a thin line, a small knowledge gap, and a lack of support.

Some of these struggling ones just upload their books with proper research for their books, authors, keywords, and even the publishing market

It was a loophole in the system, that nobody observed nor knew it existed…

I have previously published important hot books, on topics well sort out, but this hardly sold because I was really losing on some of the important concepts in the process,

I had to pause, and make my research, and tested this with a LOW CONTENT BOOK (a 20page book), and guess what?

And this was when everything took off…
This is when I hit my first $500 that very same month.

I have lots of testimonies from where these are coming from, but I’m not trying to convince you to grab this life changing opportunity.

What You Don’t Need:

✅ No email marketing…

✅ No hiring of copywriters…

✅ No hiring of graphic designers…

✅ No Amazon, Facebook or Google, or Youtube ads…



Many Publishers On Amazon Kindle Rarely Know Of This Strategy, And I’m About To Reveal It To You…

The Amazon KDP Blueprint is the new training that makes it possible for you to implement the 4 sections of the course even if you have never sold anything, or know anything about Amazon KDP or even the writing method I will be teaching you before.

The good thing about this training is that it is something you can complete within four days to a week and start to implement.

That is because there are only 27 simple step-by-step videos (if you can watch three videos every day, you will finish the course in a week) in the training and many of the videos are not even up to 30 minutes.

Just by following these instructions, and what was taught in them, you will be able to pick a hot selling niche from Amazon, use my writing but no writing strategy to write as many as 7 books in 4 days (without writing a word or thinking about what to write)

These 26 videos take you by hand and walk you through what to do to go from zero to $2k a month or more using a categorization, type of book, book research, types of keywords to use, and more taught in the course.

The system I developed is still fresh and nobody knows about it in full detail, well, except ordinary millionnaires like you who are my students.
For the past few years, I’ve been teaching those that want to make a change how to make money online, and this is by the far the easiest (assuming you follow all instructions), and requires less time for results.…
This is solely because I have tested and found a predictable way to make sales and earn more.
I have saved you the stress of going through the trial and error stage, and just directly showing you what works. You’ll watch me on video go through all the processes, and you just follow through, it’s that easy.
WAIT!!! How Does This Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Work?
Apart From The 26 Videos In This Training, You Will Also Get Direct Support and Mentorship from me. I have been telling all these because I assume that you know what Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is BUT, IF DON’T…

Permit me to briefly explain to you how it works and how you too can make money from it…

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is the publishing section of, a platform owned by Jeff Bezos, where you can publish books either long reads (books with hundreds of pages), short reads (books with lesser pages) or even Low and no content books like notebook, log book, sketch book, colouring books, puzzle books, activity books etc. for FREE and get royalty (money from people buying it on Amazon), from all over the world by the over 300M active customers of Amazon…
Estimated growth of this publishing Industry by 2026
…and also get paid directly into your bank account.  

If you don’t already know all these, but sounds new to you, DON’T WORRY!

I am here to guide you through!!

Now, this is how it works… Let’s say you CREATE (Not Write) and PUBLISH a book and price it $9.99 and let’s assume 100 people buy that book in a month

That’s $999 for you. What if you have more books or what if you even priced your book(s) more than $9.99 (as the example above)

Then you make more money Now, imagine you use our WRITING WITHOUT WRITING FORMULA to create and publish a book per day.

Even if you are very busy or lazy, you can create and publish minimum of 15 books in 30 days

Bad as ee bad…

Now, if each of this 15 books give you just $100 each in 30 days

That is pure $1,500 in 30 days. Like my students are raking in.

As My KDP Student, You Can Average $100+ In A Week, Just Like David


What if you make $200 from each of the 15 books in 30 days, IS THAT NOT A MASSIVE $3,000 (15 X $200)

You can convert it to your local currency.

In Nigeria, it is over N1.7m in just 30 days

Who Is This Program For?

This system is for anyone who wants to start making genuine passive income online to improve their financial situation.

This includes anyone who wants:

✅ An easy to follow onscreen video on how to make money off Amazon KDP

✅ Wants to scale to $5,000+ in royalties per month

✅ If you are a newbie and don’t know where to start

✅ If you want to work and earn money from home

✅ Discover powerful techniques that can be implemented in any online business

✅ Easily research a potential niche in the market for publishing

✅ Discover underground methods and strategies that ONLY MY CIRCLE is using Acquire new valuable skills to secure more revenue

…in short, if you want the untapped strategy to make passive income from Amazon KDP with less work, this is for you.

Here Is a Summary of What You Are Getting So You Can Get Started ASAP!:

✅ An easy to follow onscreen video on how to make money off Amazon KDP

✅ Wants to scale to $5,000+ in royalties per month

✅ If you are a newbie and don’t know where to start

✅ If you want to work and earn money from home

✅ Discover powerful techniques that can be implemented in any online business

✅ Easily research a potential niche in the market for publishing

✅ Discover underground methods and strategies that ONLY MY CIRCLE is using Acquire new valuable skills to secure more revenue

…in short, if you want the untapped strategy to make passive income from Amazon KDP with less work, this is for you.

You are getting the Amazon KDP Blueprint

The complete step-by-step training that takes you by hand and walk you through what to do to go from zero to $2k a month or more using a combination of Publishing strategies (without writing a wd of your own). (Value – N500,000)

You are getting support and mentorship

This is where ordinary people like you post about their success on monthly basis, and we also share the latest tips and strategies to sell more. (Value – N200,000)

You are getting a done for you hot book

All you need to do is edit it, upload it, and make money (value – priceless)

You are getting my Social Media Marketing Course (for free)

which helps you boost social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, drive traffic to websites, etc. (Value – N10,000)

You are getting Canvo Pro Access

This would help you combine the design strategy I will teach you, with millions of ready-to-use templates )Value - N50,000

TOTAL VALUE: N1,050,000

As you can see, the total value of what you are getting here is N1,050,000.

If that sounds expensive, I need to remind you that people pay as much as N5m or more to get a Master’s Degree or certifications that will only add maybe N50k or N100k a month to their income.

So, Here Is the Deal:

The retail price for the Amazon KDP Blueprint plus Additional Bonuses is N20,000 only.

Since this is a one-time investment, let’s divide that by 365 which is the number of days in a year.

That gives us N82 a day.

If you can’t afford to invest N82 a day on a program that is most likely to improve your income, then I wonder what you are spending your money on.

But I have some good news for you…

Right now, I am giving you a discount of N10,000 only.

This means you can get the Amazon KDP Blueprint plus Additional Bonuses for just N20,000 today.


This price is available for only a limited number of people and limited time.

This program is for people who really want to win and are ready to put in the required efforts to do so.

If that is not you, then don’t get the program.

It is as simple as that.

Then if you think N20k is a lot of money to invest in a valuable program like this, let me remind you that you are getting bonuses worth more than the money.

With what you are going to discover, you will realize that even if you are a slow learner, you will be able to generate 4 – 5 books a week

Assuming you make $100 (N58,000) on your first month, you already have $65.52 (N38,000) pure profits.

By now, I know you are still searching in your mind if you should get this Amazon Kindle Blueprint.

I wish I could tell you 10 more reasons why the N20,000 for this program is a great investment for you but I am going to leave you to decide that for yourself.

I have already shown you how this is changing the lives of various people.

At the end of the day, it is your life and it is your money. You can do whatever you want with both.

The clock is ticking.

Click the button below and get started right away.

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