“Who Else Wants To Legally Steal My Completely DFY Affiliate Marketing Business Kit That Earned Me N1.7million…

…Without Watching Tons Of Video, Paying Any Web Page Designer Or Doing Any Hard Technical Work?”


If Yes Is Your Answer, Then Read To The End Of This Page And See To Get This Kit For Less Than The Prize Of Jean Trousers

Ufuoma Desmond

Affiliate Marketing Expert

Let’s Go Straight To The Point!


You are reading this page because…

...You Need To GET STARTED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE With Affiliate Marketing!


You know that it is the better method right now to start making the money you want, especially with the devaluation of Naira.


You need to start earning that income like the big boys on the Internet do.


You deserve a better lifestyle and this is one way you are going to achieve what you want…


You have picked the best product…


You have chosen your marketing angle


You have even decided your monthly target




There Is A Problem and that is…



…You Don’t Have The Time Or The Skill To Create A Sales Funnel That Will Help You Get A Good Amount Of Serious Minded People As Leads, And Convince Them To Buy From You!



You have spent money on courses that teach you how to create a simple landing page and how to create convincing sales messages (aka copywriting)


You tried everything to create a powerful marketing funnel, but when you advertise it on WhatsApp, Facebook Or even Twitter…


But what you hear is…



Even after spending N50,000 and above on running paid ads, the people who even contact you are mostly broke people.


And with more and more competition these days, standing out from the crowd of affiliates marketing the product of your choice or something similar and…


…getting that result you desire is harder than ever before.


If That Is Your Case Right Now! YOU ARE NOT ALONE


I have been there and experienced that…


My name is Ufuoma Desmond, and I have personally helped over 2000 Nigerians in building their own 6 figures per month affiliate marketing business.


And if you are curious about me being the real deal, here is what some Top Internet Gurus talk about me and anything I share to the market…

But it was not always like this…


Infact, I personally…


…Made Only 2 Sales Of N30,000 After Running Paid Ads Of N175,000 Some Years Back!


Since then I spent a lot of money buying courses on how to build my marketing webpage pages and content that will help me convince people to buy from me until I got it right


But Guess What?


You don’t have to go through that stress anymore…


The good news is that I have CREATED SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR YOU that will…



…Help You To Setup An Powerful Affiliate Marketing Business Funnel In The Next 13 Minutes, Without Having To Buy Courses Or Pay Any Web Designer!


I have taken everything that I have learnt over the years, tested and trusted to work, into an easy to use with “fill-in-the-blank” templates that you can use for any product you choose to be an affiliate for


Yes, with what you will be getting here, you will not be needing to do any of the following:

No Need Of Learning Any Technical Skill Like Website Designing

No Need To Learn How To Write Persuasive Messages (Copywriting) That Will Convince People To Buy Your Products Before You Start Earning

No Need Of Trail And Error With Your Money To See Whether It Will Work Or Not


With what you will be getting on this page, you will skip all of these stress and be 7 STEPS AHEAD of those who are trying to do all of these.


You will be at the level of THE BIG BOYS in the industry who focus on the most important thing, which is making money instead of struggling with WhatsApp and the rest that literally wastes time


And the best part is that.


You don’t need to buy any extra video course, that forces you to watch over 20 videos or spend hours trying to set it up.


If this is exactly what you want and you won’t get started as soon as possible, then…


…I Introduce To You…

The Instant Affiliate Marketing Kit

The Complete Done For You Affiliate Marketing Business Kit You Can Set Up In The Next 15 Minutes Or Less, Even If You Are A Total Novice!

This Is For You If…


  • You Are An Affiliate Marketer

You are already into affiliate marketing, but you are stuck on how to build your own sales funnel or affiliate marketing site.


  • You Are A Digital Product Owner Looking To Create Affiliate Promotional Materials

You have a product and want affiliates to promote it for you, but you are stuck and cannot write the promotional materials that will help affiliates to sell your digital product


  • You Are A Freelancer, Design Sales Funnel

You have clients who need landing pages, email, social media posts, etc, but it feels overwhelming and you need to work with a template that will make it faster

All You Need To Do With This Is Just 5 Simple Steps…


Instantly Download “The Instant Affiliate Marketing Kit” To Your Laptop, Computer or Smartphone


Upload It To Your Domain And Hosting


Choose A Squeeze Page/Presell Page & Enter A Few Details About The Product You Are Affiliating For


Advertise It & Start Getting More Serious Leads and Paying Customers


Follow Up Using The Materials In This DFY Kit and Start Making Money

And That's How To Set It Up EASILY!

Here Are All The Amazing Done-For-You Templates You Get Today!

1. 3 Highly Converting Squeeze Pages - [Valued at N45,000]

I'm Going To Hand Over To You, 3 Proven Squeeze Pages That Has At Least 25% To 45% Conversion

That mean, for every 100 persons who sees it, 25 - 45 persons will willingy give you their correct details such as name, email and number to get what you are giving out

It is created in such a way that only people who are potential buyers will sign up, so that you don't waste time with broke leads

PS: More Will Be Uploaded As Time Goes By

2. 2 Presell Landing Pages (One With Article, One Without Article) - [Valued At N40,000]

Presell pages help you to filter out unserious people and convince the right people to pay you for the product you are affiliating for

So I have handed over to you, 2 presell pages. One is filled with my best performing content, while the other one is just empty and you can use to according to your taste

You dont have to beat yourself up with what you are trying to design or come up with.

Just plug and play. And you are good to go

3. 10 "Fill In The Blank" Email Templates For Follow Up - [Valued At N100,000]

You might have heard that money is in the email list.

Not really

Money is in the relationship you build with that email list.

But you need to make the first impression that will help you build the relationship from the start.

That is why I'm giving you these 10 "Fill-In-The Blank" Email Templates, so that you will not have rack your brain on what to write as email and how to do it.

4. Ad Banners / Graphics Templates To Sell As An Affiliate - [Valued At N20,000]

Ad Graphics are one thing that is needed to capture the eyes of a potential buyer

Poorly designed graphics will repel the right potential buyer.

So you have to create something that pull and keeps the attention of prospect.

That is why I'm giving you these templates, so that you will never have to bother in pay an graphics designer too much money to design a banner

5. Ad Copies / Facebook Ads Swile File (Can Be Used For Facebook Ad easily) - [Valued At N50,000]

With the right ad copy, you will never get the right buyers.

That is why I'm giving out 5 Ad copies that have worked for me, that attracts potential buyers, not just freebie seekers.

With it, you will never be too bothered about your ads not converting

6. 21 Social Media Post Templates (Can Be Used For WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook etc) - [Valued At N45,000]

Do you run out of ideas on what to post, just like other affiliates do?

Then dont worry.

I will be handing over to you 21 Social Media Post that you can use easily

These are also fill in the blank templates you can post, use as quotes, design with a flyer for the product you are affiliating for

You can post them on WhatsApp status, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and anywhere you want

It Is Totally Yours!

7. Developers License For WebPage Builder To Upload The Templates - [Valued At N70,000]

You will have to edit the templates that I will be giving to you, so that you wont have to pay any designer to create your webpages

I will hand over to you my webpage designing software that I used in creating this simple but professional looking page.


And This Is The ULTIMATE GAME CHANGER For Your Affiliate Marketing Business!



Once You Get This Now, You Will Be Able To…



Use The Instant Affiliate Marketing Kit And Still Make A Truck-Loads Of Money Every Month!



Use This To Skip The Trial & Error Because This Is Proven To Work So That…



…You Will Save Yourself Time, Energy and Money!

Imagine If You Are To Pay Individually For All Of These Items…


1. 3 Highly Converting Squeeze Pages:
Worth –  N45,000


2. 2 Presell Landing Pages (One With Article, One Without Article):
Worth –  N40,000


3. 10 “Fill In The Blank” Email Templates For Follow-Up:
Worth – N100,000


4. 4 Ad Banners / Graphics Templates To Sell As An Affiliate:
Worth – N20,000


5. 5 Ad Copies (Can Be Used For Facebook Ad Easily):
Worth – N50,000


6. 21 Social Media Post Templates (Can Be Used For WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook etc):
Worth – N45,000


7. Developers License For WebPage Builder To Upload The Templates:
Worth – N70,000




However, You Will Not Be Paying That Price 



Infact, It Gets Better…



I Will Give You The Following FREE GIFTS If You Get The Instant Affiliate Marketing Kit Today…

How To Quickly Setup A Facebook & Instagram Ads As An Affiliate Marketer
[Valued At N10,000]

Finally, you can run adverts on Facebook with as low as N500 per day

With this, you will be able to advertise, not just your Instant Affliate Marketing Kit but also…

…be able to advertise any other business you choose to without having a laptop and make a lot of money with your business

The Instant Affiliate Marketing Kit Telegram Support Group!
[Valued At N50,000]

No more being left alone when you are stuck and don’t know what to do again

You will get Full Support and also other people like yourself who are using this kit

You will never be alone at all, as you will be getting each others support to until you start using it to the full

And Here’s The 90-Day
Money Back Guarantee!


It is simple.


Download the entire “Instant Affiliate Marketing Kit” today and use it for yourself.


If you don’t see an immediate increase in new leads, clients or customers after using it, just let me know. I’ll gladly refund your money without question.

So How Much Is The Instant Affiliate Marketing Business Kit?

Remember What You Will Be Getting…


1. 3 Highly Converting Squeeze Pages:
Worth –  N45,000


2. 2 Presell Landing Pages (One With Article, One Without Article):
Worth –  N40,000


3. 10 “Fill In The Blank” Email Templates For Follow-Up:
Worth – N100,000


4. 4 Ad Banners / Graphics Templates To Sell As An Affiliate:
Worth – N20,000


5. 5 Ad Copies (Can Be Used For Facebook Ad Easily):
Worth – N50,000


6. 21 Social Media Post Templates (Can Be Used For WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook etc):
Worth – N45,000


7. Developers License For WebPage Builder To Upload The Templates:
Worth – N70,000


How To Run Facebook & Instagram Ads With Your SmartPhone:
Worth – N10,000


The Instant Affiliate Marketing Kit Telegram Support Group!:
Worth – N50,000




Normally, this would easily sell more than N400,000 if I separately sold everything separately…


But Guess What?


You’ll, Be Paying JUST…





That Is Less Than The Price Of A Smartphone
…For A Lifetime Access To This

But Why Is The Price So Low?


The price for “The Instant Affiliate Marketing Kit” is over N400,000.00.

But as part of a pre-launch marketing campaign to gather a lot of testimonials for huge project that is coming…

…I’m GIVING IT AWAY for the special price of just N10,000 so that I can use your testimonials working with me.


But Here Is A Strong Warning…


I Will Increase The Price Of This Offer Anytime I Wish


So Once You Fail To ACT FAST NOW, You Will Have To Pay More When You Come Back Again.


The More You Delay In Grabbing This Offer…


…The More You Will Pay Later


So To Take Advantage Right Now…

Click The Red Button Below &You Will Be Taking The Payment Page…

Just Think Of It This Way…



If Getting This Offer…


…Helped You Skipped The Trail And Error That Will Waste Your Hard Earned Money In Setting Up Your Business Yourself… Would It Be Worth It?


…Helped You Avoid Being Semi-Scammed By So-Called Gurus – Would It Be Worth It?


…Helped You In Setting Up Your Affiliate Business In The Next 15 Mins And Save You More Time For Other Things In Life… Would It Be Worth It?


If Yes Is The Answer To All These Questions, Then…


…you have two choices.
You can…



1. Spend the money on other video courses, coaching and mentorship, then put it in hard work to set it up yourself for days with tons of trial and error.



2. Invest In This Instant Affiliate Marketing Kit Right Now And Be On Your Way To Setting Up Your Profitable Affiliate Business In The Next Few Minutes!



The Ball Is In Your Court!

P.S.: Let me be upfront with you. No need for sweet talk

If you want a shorter cut to start your affiliate marketing, this is the
BEST WAY EVER to get started in a few minutes.

Grab it now while you can!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What you’ll get in this special offer of the Instant Affiliate Marketing Kit that includes Done For You Squeeze Pages, Presell Pages, Email Templates, Ads Graphics, Ad Copies / Swipe Files You Can Use, Social Media Posts, Developer License to the WebPage Designing Software to use these packages, a Support group and video guide on how to use these packages for yourself!

This is for those who wants to start their affiliate marketing business and wants to increase their income, even if you have no prior experience.

No. I will be giving you a step by step video on how to set it all up for yourself without having to pay anyone. And yes, it is very simple to do. But you you still wish to get someone to do it for you, there is no problem. We can get someone to do it for you.

Yes, you get a 30 day money back guarantee in case you used it and it did

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