Warning: Don’t Start a Digital Product Before Watching This!!!
The Secrets About Creating a Digital Information Product, Other Vendors Desperately Hides

“Step-by-Step How to CREATE a Video Course and Ebook in 30 days or Less & Sell it, Making Shitloads of Passive Income
….Even if you are a beginner, even if you only have a Smartphone, even if you can’t write but have skills to offer!

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Introducing Digital Info Product Cash Machine…

“If your business is not on the Internet then your business will be out of business”
Bill Gates

From the desk of Umar M. Bappa
27 July, 2021.
03:16 pm.

Dear Reader,
The course you are about to take is the bridge that links the information, experience, knowledge or skill you have to financial freedom you desire!

The world today has turn into a global village, if you are selling your skill or service at home, then you are probably selling it to some few head counts of people, but why limit your business from reaching its full potential??

When the world has turn into a global village, with the power of the internet today, you can get connected to thousands and millions of people who are hungry for your product or service.

It’s time to help you turn your business, knowledge or skill into a product, and people will come wallets out, crying and begging for your product.

Let Me Give You a Practical Example Why You Need to Create a Digital Info Product, and What it Can Do For You!

A digital information product is a valuable piece of information that allows its consumer to learn a particular knowledge or skill and move from point A to B.
Imagine yourself as a chef who teaches how to cook in a kitchen that carries only 3 cooks. If you charge each of them 10k month for 2 months.

Let’s do the math 3 x 5000 x 2 = 30,000 Congratulations you earned 30k after two months, and 180k annually, you have created yourself another job disguised as a business.

Now you started thinking of how to scale your business and gain more revenue and unlimited potential. You only have 3 options;

1) Increase the charge per person to 10k or 20k

2) You demolish the kitchen and add the size to accommodate 10 students, then work harder so that your voice reaches out to everyone – or

3) Create a video course, demonstrating step-by-step how to cook while keeping your three-men class.

And if you reach out to people and 30 buy the video course in a month, you would have to make 30×5000 = 150,000 and 1.8Million annual average.

That’s not all, with the help of affiliate marketers; (people who help you market your course for a commission) you can make 10x of that amount. You make money when you sleep!

Wise men will go with option 3. If you have the information or skill to give out to people and make a living from it, then this course is the piece you are missing!


Making Money Selling Other Peoples Product is Sweet, But Having Your Product in the Market is Sweeter!
  • You’ll be able to make money even when you are sleeping when you leverage on affiliates
  • You will be able to create a lazy-man business and fire your 9-5 boss ASAP
  • Your will earn your parents respect and blessing even if you are 15.
  • You can afford yourself that dream car, that dream wife and that dream house.
  • People will respect you and on top of all that, you will be able to live the life you want!

What is This Course About? (What You’ll Learn)

  • Basic concept of creating an information product.
  • How to create a video course and ebook with your mobile device and on your personal computer.
  • How to create a high converting Sales copy for your product
  • How to create an ebook in a day with my writing-without-writing technique
  • Different ways to present your video course.
  • Basics of selling your products yourself and in marketplaces.
  • How to craft an offer affillates can’t resist, leaving them with no other choice but to promote your product.
  • How to create a compelling offer that makes People beg you to sell your product to them!
  • How to design your product graphics and mockup with your device

N15,000 Price Increase Soon

Becomes N20,000 

Umar Bappa

When I started creating digital courses, I wasn’t selling to Nigerians.

I was selling to foreign students across the world. Today I have more than a thousand students on Udemy alone.

So you know what it means competing against the best vendors in the world. Bringing home cool dollars monthly.

I just want to feel that I have tried my best even when things went bad.

The memory of broke me that lost his most beloved sister amidst the Corona lockdown keeps showing up.


The poor girl spends 3 days at home, unable to eat anything for 3 days straight before she is being taken to the Hospital.

…And after 2 days, she is gone!


I cried for days, I blame myself, at that time I have 0 Naira with me; thanks to the lockdown, if only I had started an online business.

If only I have 100k I would have taken her to the best Hospital, on the very first day.


Then if she dies, at least I would say “I have tried my best!”

This DESPERATE young man started his journey creating Video courses on Udemy.


God forbid such incident to repeat itself in my life.


The young man had already learned his skills before Corona.
But do you know what stops me from making money? Inaction and Procrastination.

Today I live the life I want, I keep earning. I keep buying courses gadgets, connections and improving, and I bet you also can!



N15,000 Price Increase Soon

Becomes N20,000 

  • Content creators like bloggers, youtubers who wants to add another stream of passive income to their business

  • Freelancers; graphic designers, programmers, copywriters, coaches who are paid per work done and now wants to make money now even when they sleep

  • Successful affiliates marketers who wants to share their knowledge and make 10x of their income while they sleep

  • Local business owners who wants to taste online profits through creating a digital products on baking, sewing, catering etc.

  • Any person who already has a product but Not getting consistent sales from his product

Here Are Some Crazy Offers Made Exclusively for you,  steal them from me and be quiet about it…

  • The DIP Cash Machine (Digital Info Product Cash Machine) value = 40K Unlimited access to my Best mentorship Group, value = 30K
  • A copy of my Digital Power House Ebook selling on Amazon at $9.9 = 5k
  • Made-for-you mockup design for your first info product, value = 3k
  • 30 days digital product plan, create and launch checklist, value = 5k
  • A case study book; “My 3 Friends and How They Become Millionaires as Students”
  • A certificate of completion with your personalised name on it

All offers valued at 105k, so you are paying 105k 15k.

N15,000 Price Increase Soon

Becomes N20,000 

…Still Here? See What My Students Are Saying…

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N15,000 Price Increase Soon

Becomes N20,000 

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