Do You Want To Start Making Easy Money By Designing And Managing Websites For People In This Year 2020?



If you are interested in making cool cash by designing any kind of website for people like a pro either as a side hustle or as a main job with minimum earning of N50,000 per week, this article is for you.

Dear friend,

My name is Olanrewaju Kayode Samuel, people often call me Ola Samuel.

I’m a KarROX Certified Software Engineer (KCSE).  I’m making my money from working for Nigeria’s first sports betting company, NairaBET and also as a freelance website designer.

What is KarROX? In case you don’t know, KarROX was an IT Institution in Nigeria that came from India just like NIIT.

Late 2009, I won a scholarship to study software engineering at discounted rate at the said institution, an opportunity which I took and after a year, I was already a certified software engineer.

My skills and knowledge brought me close to great internet gurus like Hon. Akin Alabi, founder of and member of the federal house of representatives, Abuja, Toyin Omotoso, Founder of, Ronald Nzimora, Author of the best selling book, Sell Your Brain, etc.

Since April 2018, I have been getting a lot of requests from people asking me to transfer my knowledge and skills on website design to them but unfortunately, I am the busy type

I have a regular 9 to 5 job with NairaBET, Nigeria’s first sports betting company as a website designer, graphics designer, main betting website ( content editor and member of the company’s marketing team which requires me to be resuming to my duty post on daily basis just like any other staff.

My enormous responsibilities in the office coupled with my side jobs (designing websites and graphics) for people were not giving me the time needed to setup seminars / workshops to respond the requests I have gotten.

But sometimes around March last year, something happened…

I decided to respond to some of the requests by taking a day leave from work to train people on how to design some simple web pages to promote different products online.

Don’t forget that I said, I already had people waiting for me to train them. I priced the seminar N10,000 per seat and the turnout was massive.

The number of people that came wasn’t my main joy but the series of testimonial thereafter were so much overwhelming.

After that time, I got busy again. No time to organize physical seminars, no time for one on one mentorship.

I thought of how to overcome this challenge and luckily for me, I was able to come up with a solution.

Record a tutorial video and package it into CDs? NO!

The solution was a very effective one. I started implementing it around July last year and the number of people I have been able to train within that time till now should be around one hundred and thirty-two (132) or thereabout.

This time, there is no need to assemble people at a venue, time is so much convenient for all participants.

What Exactly Did I Do?

I realized that I could train a lot of people even up to 1000 at the same time without having to stress them to travel from their different locations to a venue. All I just needed to do was to initiate an online meeting where my computer screen could be shared with a live video of me so that everyone could see and hear from me at real time.

Participants would also have to connect to the online meeting using the meeting ID shared with them. They also could share their computer / mobile phone screens with their real time live video - You know something like group video chat with shared computer screens.

Everyone is at liberty to talk during the online meeting, questions could be asked at any time as the online training moves on.

Why I Didn’t Record A Tutorial Video And Package It Into CDs For Anyone To Learn From It.

Putting tutorial videos into CDs is one of the methods a lot of people use to sell their information products but I find it not effective enough. Why?

I have used this method in the past and I realized that people want something more than that. People who learn through tutorial videos are always left to learn and practice in isolation.

After selling my tutorial videos, I still receive emails with varieties of questions. I saw that people also want to be held by their hands while learning those courses. See some of the emails I received

This is the reason why I have decided to make it an ONLINE TRAINING where I could hold people by the hands and at the same time answer their series of questions at every stage. Every participant could also be challenged by what co-trainees who participated in the same training with them are doing.


You Are Going To Learn Step By Step Guides On How To:

Why This Training Is Truly A Financial Breakthrough For You In This Year 2020

Some of the participants would like to use the knowledge gotten from the online training to found startups that creates websites for SMEs and other bigger businesses.

Others may choose to use the knowledge to work in some established firms as website designers.

All of these are fine.

Freelance website designers in Nigeria earn minimum of N50,000 profit on each project delivered and with this training, you will be able to deliver a full website within just two (2) days while those that work for companies as in-house website designers are paid minimum of N100,000 per month at entry level and those with higher expertise with more years of experience are paid more.

And If You Have Plans To Travel Abroad, Canada Pays More Than 12 Million Naira to Website Designers Per Year

1 Canadian Dollar is 277 Nigerian Naira.

45,000 Canadian Dollar would give you 12,465,000‬ Naira per year.

And that is N1,038,750 salary every month.


The video below is a preview of an online training session I took on email marketing some time ago.

It is truly a virtual class but the experience is not in any way different from a physical class.

It is full of practicals from the beginning to the end.

Trust me, you will enjoy it.

Please click play to watch.

How Long Will This Training Last

I see a lot of adverts online telling people to learn website design in one week. Some even go as fast as one day but I do not consider them good enough..

People who have gone through such quick training end up not knowing anything or probably learn some things but still finds it difficult to work independently.

What I want to do in this online training is pour my full knowledge in this field and also share my experiences.

As much as I also want to make it fast so that you can start practicing on your own,

I believe that the following schedule would be perfect to learn all you need to know and start earning those cool cash for yourself.


Duration: 5 Weeks (Every Tuesday and Thursday Of The Week)

Time: 7pm to 9pm Daily.

Date: 16th February - 19th March, 2021.

Channel:  Meeting Details Would Be Sent To You After A Successful Booking

Any Mentorship Program After The Training?

I remember when I started, I was left to face the struggles all alone.

This made me understand how much difficult it is to be only accompanied with self's thoughts when faced with challenges while trying to connect the dots.

Many times, the failures are more than the successes.

I do not want you to go through that.

You will be provided access to the live video recording of each day's session to watch and download over and over again.

Furthermore, participating in my online training automatically qualifies you to be a member of my After-Training mentorship program for FREE.

Yes, I mean it.

I will be open to giving answers to every question related to the training you’ve gotten from me even after the training period through a social platform I will share with you during the training.

How Much Will It Cost You To Be Part Of This Online Training?

If you are anything like a smart Nigerian who is open to knowledge and easily detect easy money making opportunity, which I believe you are,

You are probably thinking this is an opportunity to be  financially free in the year 2020.

Considering the sleepless nights, energy, finances, etc I have invested to acquire all of these knowledge I will be sharing with you, I think it will be justifiable if I ask you to pay N50,000.

But I won't request that.

Not even N40,000.

If you are serious and willing to be part of this program, then you won't mind paying a token of N50,000 only.

But if you are making your payment now, I am giving you N10,000 off, so you pay just  N35,000 only. Please note that this price is subject to change anytime soon. You might come tomorrow and meet it for N50,000. 

Only 100 Slots Are Available

In order to give adequate attention to every participant during the online session, I will be limiting the number of available slots to 100 only.


There are only few days left to the commencement of the training. Thousands of internet users are reading this page right now just like you. It will be better for you to book your own slot now before others out-smart you.

Hey! there is no reason to panic.

If after following the step by step guides through out the online training and you still feel like you do not get the expected result as value for the money you paid,

I will refund your full payment immediately and apologize to you for wasting your time.

All you just need to do is to send me an email with your bank account details.

So you have nothing to loose.


The pdf format of certificate of completion would be issued and sent to your email box on the last day of the training. This would be useful for you when applying for jobs and when applying for advanced courses to step-up your IT career. 


So I was in the online class anchored by Ola Samuel last night where he taught about autoresponders. From how to set up, list creation, campaign/broadcast creation to linking it to your opt in page...
All I can do is blow siren.. wow! Wow! Wow!!!

The dedication with which he handled the class was evident in his calmness and patience. He took his time to answer EVERY question. No matter how trivial/silly.


Expertnaire member

The training was just too good yesterday, thanks Mr Ola for making me see some missing gaps. Thanks Mr Toyin for organizing this kind for us. Thank you!!!!


Expertnaire member


The last week of the online training (Week 4) would be for a brief test with individual project, implementing the step by step guides that have been provided during the training sessions.

The participant with the best performance in the test / project will get  A Brand New Xaomi Redmi Note 7 Smartphone FOR FREE.


  • Free Evanto Themes Worth Over $800 (N300k) - All participants
  • Free Membership To My Mentorship Program - All participants
  • I will be outsourcing some of the many website projects I get to three (3) applicants with the best performance.

It doesn't matter where your location is (within Nigeria), I will make sure that the items are shipped to you FOR FREE

Yours sincerely,

Ola Samuel

PS: There are only 30 slots available. It is wise for you to make your decision now as thousands of people are reading this content right now just like you.

PPS: You've got nothing to loose in this whole deal. A registration fee of just N20,000 would give you a world class skill to give you total financial breakthrough in 2020 and also make you a potential winner of a smartphone worth N70,000 and other items worth over N300,000.

What are you still waiting for?


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