Announcing: The High Paid Freelancer Premium Program

“How Anyone Can Become A Well-Paid Freelancer Who Earns Between $1000 – $10,000 Per project Even If You Have Never Been Paid For Your Services Before”

Dear reader,

In the next few lines of this message I am going to show you the exact steps you need to take so you start landing high paying international clients and gigs.

These are Foreign clients who are willing to pay you A Fat Sum for your services.

Infact my students foundly refer to it as ” The easiest way to get foreign clients who are willing pay you top dollars for your services”

And it works even if you are a newbie freelancer with no skill!

or you’ve never heard of freelancing before.


These are simple straight forward methods that require just 1 – 2 hours per day,

And you will no longer have to deal with the pain, stress, and frustration of being an underpaid freelancer…

Who keeps wondering where the next client/gig is going to come from.

Instead, you’ll become a well-paid freelancer who has more high-paying clients than you can handle.

I am certain that you have heard the rumors about just how much freelancers earn in dollars (they are true)

You may have even tried it yourself and you got little or no results but you know that it could be better if you know how to really figure things out. ( This is true too)

So what I want to do here is not waste your time by going straight to the point.

My friend,

I have put together a special program that helps underpaid freelancers and complete newbies earn a lot of money by selling their skills online to the right type of clients who will pay them PREMIUM PRICE for their work.

Just like Elo who made over $10,000 (N7.4mil) in 2022 using these methods taught in the program

Elo’s testimonial as a newbie

Or Israel who got a gig for $1350 ( N1mil+)

Israel testimonial

or like Timilehin who went from 0 to $20,000+ in under one year

During this program, you’ll learn the secrets to becoming a High Paid freelancer who earns a minimum of $1000 per month.

I will share with you the nuts and bolts to building a successful freelancing business from scratch.

And yes I have done it before and I am still doing it

A screenshot of my profile

A screenshot of my earning stats

Above is a screenshot of my earnings on Upwork in just 4 months.
Let Me Tell You A Story

Back in 2018 when I started as a freelancer I was earning #10,000 per month working for Nigerian clients,

During this time I was doing an insane amount of work for peanuts. The service I was offering consisted of managing social media accounts, copywriting, and graphic design.

But it didn’t stop there I was also in charge of creating content for these accounts, I had to write posts, upload products, reply messages etc.

I had 2 clients I was doing this for at #10,000 so all I earned in a month was just #20,000.

Pretty soon I got burnt out due to the amount of work I had to keep up with at such a low income. It also didn’t help that I had just dropped out of school around this time due to lack of funds.

I was living in a mud house angry, frustrated and close to depression.

Back in 2018 front of my mud house apartment

Picture of the mudhouse taken on the day i moved out

I Needed Money And I Needed It Fast

I also wished to keep working from my house or anywhere in the world for this money. it was then I realized that most Nigerian clients won’t pay me what I was worth so I decided to seek clients internationally.

I started with Facebook groups and within a week I got a client to pay me $100 (#36,500)for writing 200 product descriptions.

This was almost double my former monthly earnings when I was working with Nigerian clients and it was all for one project alone.

I was amazed!

The next client I got paid me $300 (#109,000) for the same products description after that I knew there was no way I was going back!

For The Next 7 months I Was Stuck Earning Between $100 – $300 Freelance Writing

Then I Took Andy Mukolo’s Course combined with Winston Meyer’s Client Attraction Secrets.

Soon after I got a breakthrough gig at $600 and then $1000, $ 3000 and $5000.

Now I make 7 figures each week/month and have the chance to relate with TOP DOGS In the Industry.

I have also been able to successfully relocate to Dubai and get a dubai residency and Travel the world

Me on my apartments elevator in Dubai

Me flying business class

But here’s the thing….

These Results Are Not Limited To Me And a Few Of My Students I’VE Helped 100’S Of Freelancers And Total Newbies Get Their First High Paying Gig Online

Take Joshua for example who just got his first gig following my teachings this came this morning as I was writing this letter to you! (He is a graphics designer)

Or Tosin who closed a website design gig at $850

or Ibrahim my student who is crushing it on Upwork

There’s also Frances who has mad over $11,000 in 9 months

Frances Testimonial

There are a lot more of these results from my students but I don’t want to bore you with the volume.

Now It’s Your Turn To Get These Type of Results

I want to show you how to achieve these same results I and my students Tomiwa, Joshua, Ibrahim, Frances, and many others have achieved.

And NO I will not promise you that you’d close a $5000 gig within your first month but I know you can close a $1000 gig and if you can repeat this 5 times then you get a similar result.

You have to be willing to put in the work because I will teach you strategies like:

How To Go From $0 -$6,000 On Upwork

I am one of the best Nigerian freelancers on Upwork and so far I’ve helped over 30 people get their first gig on Upwork and many more land their interviews with my free stuff.

Inside this module you will learn:

How To Get Your First Job On Upwork Really Fast: You will learn the fastest and easiest method for a newbie on Upwork to get their first interview and close the job even if they don’t have much experience.

How To Apply For Jobs Like A Pro: There are 2 things that determine whether you get a job on Upwork your Proposal & your Profile. I will be teaching you both of these.

How To Handle Interviews and Interview Scripts Materials: you will learn how to calmly handle interviews without panicking and sabotaging yourself. You will also learn how to negotiate a better price with clients and close better deals. As a bonus you will be getting Upwork Interview scripts.

Setting Up Your Profile And Evading Scam Likely Jobs/Clients On Upwork

And More.

You’ll be walked through step by step the process of “giving clients exactly what they want on Upwork”.

So you can close better jobs and get retainers.

Using what you learn in this module alone you could easily start making $1000 every month.

But it doesn’t stop there you’ll also learn


The best way to get a high paying jobs on Linkedin is by sending applications or cold messaging. Either way it requires you to have some skill In reaching out on this platform.
In this Module you’ll learn:

And lots more

Inside you will also get

The Facebook Client Acquisition System

In this module you’ll learn all about how to attract high paying clients on facebook groups with nothing but your posts and making comments on posts.

Imagine going to bed and waking up to clients asking you about your services and how much you charge.

You will also get a secret bonus in this section

But it doesn’t end here

You’ll also learn


In this module, I will be teaching you…

I don’t want you to get into this program and not implement it because you don’t have a skill yet

So what I’ve done is I have put together 6 High-Income Skills That make it easier for you to achieve your goals

These skills are in High Demand and they get paid thousands of dollars

All you’ve to do is pick one, dedicate some time to learning them to a competent level before you start pitching clients

The first skill you’ll get is

High-Income Skill Number#1

The Kickass Copywriting Course: How to write copy as a beginner that will get you more sales, clients, and money than you can ever imagine

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll get inside The Kickass Copywriting Course :

  • How to write clear and concise copy (The Basics)
  • My step by step process of deep market research before I write any piece of copy
  • The BIG IDEA copywriting process ( How to come up with a big idea for your copy)
  • 4 Major formulas for creating great headlines (Plus 10,000 samples)
  • The 6 most profitable niches you can dive into as a newbie copywriter and start making a lot of money
  • A detailed breakdown of writing email copy, Facebook ads, Video sales letters & Sales letters
  • A modern collection of winning direct response copywriting samples
  • A step-by-step guide to creating your sales funnel
  • How to craft a sales letter so compelling your clients worship you
  • and more

When you combine this with the high-paying clients’ acquisition secrets I teach in the other sections, you will become unstoppable!!!

you will now be able to…

Unleash The Money Generating Power Trapped In Those Fingers Of Yours…… And Never Again Will You Have To Worry About Your Financial Future

But that’s not all

The 2nd High-Income skill you’ll learn from me is

High-Income Skill Number #2

The Content writing And Content Marketing Crash Course Learn how to Create & Write Simple content that goes Viral For Businesses

Writing is one skill that will always be in high demand till the end of time

In this course, I will teach you how to write compelling Search Engine Optimized Content For brands and businesses

Inside you’ll learn…

  • How to write engaging content that impresses business owners
  • Basics of SEO and how to incorporate into your writing
  • How to use write SEO-optimized content
  • How to structure a content calendar for businesses
  • The Beginners Guide to writing blog posts
  • The Beginners Guide to writing social media posts
  • The Beginners Guide to writing emails
  • Common writing styles and how you can leverage them
  • Bonus resources to set you on the right path and get certifications

And more

High-Income Skill Number #3

Full Stack Digital Marketing Course

One of the fastest ways to stay relevant in today’s world is to have an Idea of what digital marketing is and how it works

However, this course doesn’t just give you an idea of what digital marketing is

It gives you Full Knowlege of every aspect in regards to digital marketing

Keep your seatbelts tight because you’ll be learning things like:

  • Brand identity and how to build it
  • Email Marketing For Beginners and pros
  • Social media marketing
  • Twitter marketing
  • Facebook marketing
  • Youtube marketing
  • Video marketing
  • And more

All beginner-friendly and super In-depth you can’t go wrong with this course.

The 4th High-Income skill you’ll learn is:

High-Income Skill Number #4

Social Media Marketing School: How anyone can use the power of social media marketing to get clients and build businesses

Inside you’ll learn

  • Introduction to social media marketing for beginners
  • How to get your first social media marketing client
  • How to get kickass results for your clients
  • How to get your first social media marketing client when you have no results yet
  • And more

When you go through this and implement

Let’s just say finding clients for your social media marketing and getting results will not be a problem

High-Income Skill Number #5

Ui/Ux Design Design for beginners

If you are into a graphics design or web design then this will interest you

I always recommend this course for Graphics designers in the HPF premium program who want to upskill


Maybe you are a complete newbie looking to learn design

This will be of help to you

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn inside

  • How to design products from scratch
  • User interface Vs User experience
  • Quick keys for fast workflow
  • Figma organization
  • Color picking methods
  • Structural vs Interactive colors
  • Pricing and getting work as Ui/Ix designer

And so much more inside


The last but not the least high income skill you get access to is the

High-Income Skill Number #5

Inside the technical writing course you’ll learn all about technical writing and how you can use it to rake in thousands of dollars monthly.

Just Mba

Inside you’ll learn

  • How to understand technical writing from scratch
  • Why technical writing differs from other types of writing
  • How to Implement technical writing
  • Technical writing strategies
  • How to find technical writing clients
  • How to build a technical writing resume and lots more.


However, that is not all. Yes hold on, I am not done yet!

When you get the High Paid Freelancer Premium Program you get access to certain exclusive BONUSES

You can call it “The No Room For Failure Bonuses”

No Failure Bonus #1

Lifetime access to the members-only support group

Inside you’ll get periodic meetings with me so I can keep tabs on your progress and help you overcome any freelancing challenges.

This group will also be getting regular updates from me and other top freelancers in Nigeria that will set you apart and fasten your journey to the top.

No Failure Bonus #2

How To Get Your First Client In 2 weeks Or Less (Short Video)

I put together a short video on what exactly I would do if I needed to get my first client in a maximum of 2 weeks.

This works for both beginners and those who have some experinece

No Failure Bonus #3

Access Periodic Meetings and Masterminds To help Find Your Feet Faster

From time to time I host private meetings exclusive to members of the High Paid Freelancer Premium Program

You’ll get access to this and all recordings even if you missed them or you weren’t a member yet

No Failure Bonus #4

Closers Secrets & How To Close More Deals By Asking The Right Questions

Full Pdf on how you can learn to handle sales calls, Interviews, and close clients like an expert in any industry.

These are secrets I wish I knew when I was starting out.

No Failure Bonus #5

The Zero – $2000 Challenge

This challenge was created to motivate my students to reach $2000 per month

Since its creation, lots of the HPF premium program members have achieved and passed these benchmarks thanks to everything contained in it

When you get the HPF premium program today..

You get full access to everything including the Benefits

For free

It’s yours to keep forever

No Failure Bonus #6

3 payment Methods To Receive Your Money

Once you start implementing what you’ve learned from the program

You are going to start earning fast (probably) and you’ll need a good payment method to receive your money from all over the world.

This method lets you receive your money at a High Exchange Rate so not much is lost in conversions

I have created A Pdf And Video That Will Walk you step by step Through It.

You get your money fast on the same day (same hour sometimes)

Directly to your Nigerian Bank Account

No Failure Bonus #7

Access to the HPF Academy and The Freelance For Smartphone

That’s it

As you can see I’ve added…

Everything You Need To Get Your Next Job At No less Than $1000 (#745,000 naira) even if you do not have much experience.

It works without…

  • Without you needing much experience
  • Without you needing a degree
  • Without you needing to wait for years at a Nigerian job
  • Without you being the most “gifted” in your industry
  • Without you relying on “LUCK”


The only thing you needed of you is your desire to follow through with everything I will teach you

Just that….

Nothing more and the results will marvel you.

Alright It’s Decision Time

“Make or break” time. The time when the decision you take next will either “make” you happy and rich in a few month’s time, or break you full of regrets when you see others living your dream life

Which do you want?

Are you in or out?

If you want to continue doing what you are doing, I understand.

If however, you see the promise and profit in this and you want to jump on this program, I have made the entry fee really cheap for you. 

All you need is just N36,500 and you are in.

Yes for just N100 per day, for a year…

I believe I am basically throwing it away because I have done this same training for N300k per head before.

And many of those who attended that session are doing well right now.

So yes it is an insane bargain you should run, not walk to take advantage of NOW.

After all, this is a fun and rewarding career path that can pay you…

Upwards of $2000 each month,

And upwards of about $2500, $5000 even $10,000 per project as you grow your capital.

Think about it

If you knew of a way to attract clients who pay you at least $1000 per project…

You probably won’t waste your time chasing broke clients who act like they are doing you a favor, would you?3

Again here’s…

Everything You Get When You Sign Up For The High PAID Freelancer Premium Today:

1. How To Go From $0 -$6,000 On Upwork (video format showing you live how to go from newbie to a top rated freelancer in the shortest time possible)
2. The Linkedin Outbound Master Class ( all in video format with scripts giving you an overwhelming advantage)
3. The Facebook Client Acquisition System ( attract high paying clients on facebook in ways you never knew were possible)
4. Mindset ( The one secret that sets high paid freelancer’s apart from the flock)
5. The Kickass Copywriting Course (Become a well paid copywriter)
6. The Content writing And Content Marketing Crash Course Learn how to Create & Write Simple content that goes Viral For Businesses
7. Full Stack Digital Marketing Course
8. Social Media Marketing School: How anyone can use the power of social media marketing to get clients and build businesses
9. Ui/Ux Design Design for beginners
10. The Technical Writing Course
11. No Failure Bonus #1 Lifetime Access To Support group.
12. No Failure Bonus #2 How To Get Your First Client In 2 weeks Or Less (Short Video)
13. No Failure Bonus #3 Access Periodic Meetings and Masterminds To help Find Your Feet Faster
14. No Failure Bonus #4 Closers Secrets & How To Close More Deals By Asking The Right Questions
15. No Faliure Bonus #5 The Zero – $2000 Challenge
16. No Failure Bonus #6 3 payment Methods To Receive Your Money
17. No Failure Bonus #7 Access to the HPF Academy and The Freelance For Smartphone

All for a one-time fee of N36,500 only

And you don’t have to pay anything else

You can easily make back your 10x, 20x your with just 1 job

Afterall multiple people have done it before

Like precious who earn $1000/month….. That’s N745,000 (that’s over 20x your investment every single month)

Precious’s testimonial

Or Henry who got a $1600 per month job.

That’s N1,192,000 FROM JUST ONE JOB

That’s over 32x your investment every single month

Henry’s testimonial

$519 (N386,000) in one week

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do this with my phone?

Yes you can it all depends on what skill you are offering, If it’s writing then you don’t need a laptop to begin

When Is This Program Starting Or Has It started Already?

It’s an online program that will always be available to you so long as this page is up.

Anytime you join you’ll get access to all the materials, skills, and bonuses mentioned above.

What If I Have A Job Or I am A Busy Student Can I Do This On The Side?

Yes you absolutely can

I already mentioned this but if you can dedicate at least 2 hours each day to this

You’ll be proud of the results.

What If don’t Have A Digital Skill?

That’s not a problem

Currently, there are 6 High-Income skills you can learn in the program

We are working On Adding more so if you get in now you get all the updates for free when they go Live

Am I Going To Pay For Anything Else?


Absolutely not

Upon payment, you won’t be asked to pay for anything else

Neither will you need to as this requires no startup cost

How long Until I get My First Client An Start Making Money?

I could easily tell you in 2 weeks or less (and I have proof to back that up)

But here’s the thing

Not everyone gets their first client that fast some take up to 1 month or more

The only thing I can guarantee you is that.

If you focus on implementing (ruthlessly and patiently) what I show you,

You will get paying clients (… upwards of $1,000 per project … and lots more … as demand for your work grows) Probably much sooner than you expect

How Long Will I Have Access to This program (And Everything Else you’ve Promised) … Once I Sign Up Today?

You’ll have lifetime access to everything

So you can relax and go through it at your own pace

Not bad right?

How Long Will It Take Me To Go Through The Program and start Implementing?

Usually, it depends on your hunger for success and how fast you can learn

It takes most of my students 15 days

But like I said earlier, you set your own pace.

So it’s entirely up to you

Do I Need To Go Through Every Section Of The Program Before I Get My First Client…. Or I Start Making Money?

No, you don’t

You can choose just the Upwork section of the course watch and implement and get your first

Or you can choose the Linkedin section

All that matters is you take what you learn from each section and act on it

Most of my students get their first client without having finished the entire course

Are You Going To Be The One Teaching All the High-Income Skills?

Asides from the kickass copywriting course & content writing/marketing crash course

I won’t be the one teaching the other high-income skills

However, they are all beginner-friendly and easily understandable

Will the Price Of This Program Increase Anytime Soon?

Well yes it will

But that will be on my own terms and when I decide to increase it.

Hopefully, I’ve been able to answer all your questions with this.

Whatever you decide it is entirely up to you.

If you wish to join us…

Simply click on the button below

See you Inside

Here’s what other people are saying about the High Paid Freelancer Program

From $2/hour to getting high-paying clients as a copywriter

$1300 for a single sales letter

$15/hour X 40hours a week equals $600 weekly and $2400/month

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