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About Chukwudera

Born and raised in Abuja, I have always wanted a better life for myself. Despite schooling in Baze University in Abuja, I felt like I wasn’t exploring my full potential and wanted more success. This was what drove me to first move to France in 2020. 

Back in France, I soon realized that If I remained there I would just be average, not poor not rich just surviving. As an ambitious person who couldn’t settle for less, I made the ultimate decision to come to USA, and honestly that was one of the best decisions of my life.

Since I moved to America, everything changed for me. My finances, my way of life, my sense of reasoning, my mindset and my ability help my friends, siblings and parent.

From experience, as someone who has schooled in Nigeria, France and now America…. I have seen that there is no country that comes close to the U.S in terms of high paying jobs and other limitless opportunities to be successful. 

Most European countries including France have limited opportunities and pay really low, plus you get taxed about 50% of your paycheck. So at the end of the day there is nothing to show for it, only that you  live abroad..lol 

Since 2021, I have dedicated a large percentage of my time to helping as much people as I can by sharing information and guidance on relocating to the U.S and I cannot wait to help you too

What will You be getting from the hassle free U.S.A relocation system?


The ‘Hassle Free U.S Relocation System’ takes you by the hand and shows you the EASIEST and Most Guaranteed way to relocate to USA this year. It covers all the steps from getting school admission, getting tuition waiver, getting free housing to getting scholarship/loans, getting High paying Internship and Jobs, grabbing permanent residence in U.S.A, e.t.c……no matter your background, age, travel history and without any agent charging you extravagant fees they themselves wouldn’t pay.

The ‘Hassle Free’ Usa Relocation System Shows You….

  • A step by step simplified Road map  and personal guidelines to studying in USA so you wouldn’t miss road and find yourself back in Nnamdi Asikiwe International airport!
  • An Easy To Use Scholarship Search Tool that you can use and get a ton of Internal and External scholarships.

  • My unique strategies and secret tips to improve your study visa approval even if its your first time crossing border!

  • Step by Step guide and strategies on how your family can join you in U.S.A

  • Access to me and my team for support and guidance and avoid paying overpriced agents!  

  • The Number 1 school you can easily get admission in the U.S without problem.

  • How to get tuition waiver and pay in-state-tuition (Cheap tuition paid by American citizens) instead of paying  out-of-state tuition.

  • My secret way to efficiently manage and spread your tuition fees monthly and avoid the hassle of paying a hefty lump sum at once like European universities.

  • Discover my secret method to skip the line get a well paying Internship despite being an International student.

  • Fastest way  to get your CPT and OPT work authorisation to enable you work after graduation

  • Fastest way to get your USA social security number. Without SSN you literally cant do anything in America.

  • The best Courses to study that are high in demand with starting high paying salaries after graduation.

  • My secret method to get Free rent while studying in U.S.A. I’ve used this method to save  thousands of dollars in rent!

  • The easiest way to search for schools and programs and my personal recommendations.

  • Tips and tricks  to apply and get a Graduate Research Assistant position while getting $1000 monthly stipend and full scholarship on your tuition.

  • How to easily get on-campus job and support yourself in little expenses.

  • Professional help to process your admission and visa application if you need professional processing.

  • Fastest route to get your Green card and Permanent residency. No one currently knows this!!

The Hassle Free USA Relocation System  will teach you how to gain admission, visa and I am going beyond and above to  personally show you the tricks and secret to succeed in America and make good money. 

Please don’t take this for granted!!   

Agents will charge nothing less than N200,000 for getting just admission for you. After that then you are on your own. 

TOTAL VALUE: N1,200,000 plus….




(For A Limited Time Only!)

Testimonials of Some who Have Relocated using this system

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is In state Tuition?

In simple terms it is the school fees U.S citizens pay and out of state tuition is the school fees International students pay which is always higher

What is the age range for applicants?

There is no age limit for this visa, but applicants must be at least 17 years old.

What is CPT AND OPT? 

CPT is the document that allows you do an Internship while in school and OPT is a document that allows you to work after you graduate.

Can I work with this visa?

 Yes, this visa includes a work permit and leads to permanent residency.

Will I be able to get permanent residency?

Yes, this visa leads to permanent residency, and the blueprint provides step-by-step guidance on securing it.

What Will I Get From This system?

The system is a valuable resource that offers a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the process of moving to USA. You will have access to over 15 high-quality videos that provide a step-by-step walkthrough from beginning to end.

The course also provides insider document samples and templates that you can use for free, giving you a significant advantage over other applicants. These resources are priceless and will greatly enhance your chances of success.

Unlike an ordinary ebook or book, the Course offers high-quality videos that make you feel like I am the right beside you and talking to you directly. I made the videos in such a way to ensure that you receive the best information and guidance possible.

and Rest assured that this course is a unique resource that offers information that cannot be found anywhere else. I have invested significant time and money to make this resource available to you, so you can be confident that you’re receiving top-quality guidance.

Why are you not charging more for this information?

I have a firm belief that sharing knowledge and opportunities with others does not diminish one’s own success. My aim is to make this resource accessible to as many people as possible, so that they can benefit from it just like I did, and like many others whom I have assisted. My life and that of my family have been profoundly transformed by relocating to another country, and I wish to extend this golden opportunity to more people.

Can I reach out to you for assistance after purchasing the blueprint?

Absolutely! The main reason why I invested so much time and resources into creating this blueprint is to help as many people as possible achieve a better life and gain more freedom for themselves and their loved ones.

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