Do you know that you can generate ₦100,000 per month with graphic design and video editing?

The amazing fact is, you only need your smartphone
(Android or iPhone)


Graphic Design And Video Editing Combo Program


This program is designed to help you get started right now

Even if

In today’s world, brands need high-quality promotional designs and videos to survive. This is where skilled graphic designers and video editors come in.

If you have these skills, you’re in high demand. You’ll get clients that’ll pay, pray and appreciate.

Hello there,

I’m Olusamokun Abdulmubdi. Founder and CEO, Role Model Digital World.

I’m going to show you how to earn a reasonable amount monthly as a graphic designer and a video editor.

This is 2024. You have a smartphone and access to internet, but you don’t have a digital skill. Do you want to be left behind? NO! 

If your answer is NO, I have a good news for you.

I’m excited to share with you that graphic design and video editing skills are incredibly lucrative, with the potential to earn up to ₦100,000 per month, even as a part-time gig.

These skills are absolutely essential for anyone looking to promote their business in the modern age, and are in high demand within the gig economy. 

As a freelancer, you could excel on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, earning a comfortable income in dollars.

Below is the cost to hire graphic designer on Upwork. This fact is from Upwork itself.

Below is the cost to hire video editor on Upwork. This fact is from Upwork itself.

This new program reveals a simple way to become a highly sought-after creative professional in graphic design and video editing.

If you’re a brand owner, or an affiliate marketer, and you’re looking to create eye-catching designs that grab people’s attention, like logos, flyers, or business cards, or even compelling videos that showcase your products and brand, then this program is perfect for you.

Before I go on, I need to show what my clients are saying about the designs and videos I’ve created for them.

Here’s Funmilayo who was wowed and called me ‘the boss’ for the flyers I designed for her. She also showed interest in learning from me.

Here is another client of mine who appreciated the beautiful design I created for her.

Here’s also another client who appreciated the flyer I designed for her. ‘Beautifully perfect’, she commented.

Here’s Kamila who meant ‘the voice over is very nice.’ 

Here’s another client of mine who said the video I created for her business is cool.

Here’s also another client who was ‘amazed’ with the ‘great’ video I created. 

If you’re interested in achieving your desired monthly income and lifestyle freedom, I recommend combining graphic design and video editing skills. They are the skills you need to succeed.

Whether you’re an intermediate or just starting out, this program features easy-to-use tools that will help you create standout designs and videos in no time. From logos to social media posts, this program has got you covered.

This Graphic Design and Video Editing Combo Program is designed to make you a versatile and skilled graphic designer and video editor, capable of creating powerful visual content that drives engagement, conversion, and growth.

Who is this program for?

If you’re one of these people listed above, picture yourself few months from now with this kind of progress…

You’ve become a versatile, skilled and sought-after graphic designer and video editor, capable of creating powerful visual contents that drive engagements, conversions and growth.

I want to offer you the best way to start and succeed.

I made sure the steps are broken down and made so simple for you to understand.

I’ve packaged everything in what I call…

Graphic Design And Video Editing Combo Program (GAV)

There are two sections in this program:

  • Graphic Design Section and
  • Video Creation and Editing Section

Section 1:

Graphic Design; Introduction and Lessons (Value: ₦50,000)

Graphic design is the art of visual communication that combines images, words, and ideas to convey information to an audience.

There are two modules in this section:

  • Basic and 
  • Advanced

Module 1 (Basic):

Below are the lessons in this module:

  • Introduction to Graphic Design
  • Fundamentals of Graphic Design
  • Introduction to Graphic Design Software and Applications
  • Types of Logos
  • Types of Flyers
  • Colour combination; understanding the colour wheel
  • Basic logo design; how to design logos
  • How to design different types of Flyers
  • How to design Business cards
  • How to design YouTube thumbnails 
  • How to design Certificates
  • How to design Invitation cards
  • How to design Twitter headers
  • How to design different types of Book cover
  • How to design Facebook covers
  • How to design Infographics
  • How to design Banners
  • How to remove the background of any image without losing its quality and how to add any background of your choice

Module 2 (Advanced):

Below are the lessons in this module:

  • Advanced logo design; how to design logos
  • How to use the mask tool
  • How to use the perspective tool
  • How to insert image into a shape or frame
  • How to mockup your designs; logo mockup, flyer mockup, business card mockup, can mockup, t-shirt mockup, etc.
  • How to enhance your designs
  • How to download and install fonts
  • How to download and install icons
  • How to blur icons, emojis and images
  • How to edit pictures
  • How to generate AI Portrait
  • How to never run out of ideas

Below are some of my designs. 

Make a lot of money creating unique and fantastic looking logos for clients.

This is an AI Portrait

Below are some of the flyers and other designs I’ve created.

Section 2:

Video Creation and Editing: Introduction and Lessons (Value: ₦66,000)

Video Creation and Editing is the process of creating, manipulating, cutting, combining and arranging video content.

There are two modules in this section:

  • Basic and 
  • Advanced

Module 1 (Basic):

Below are the lessons in this module:

  • Introduction to Video Creation and Editing
  • Fundamentals of Video Creation and Editing
  • Introduction to Video Creation and Editing Software and Applications
  • How to edit videos with your smartphone
  • How to create advert video
  • How to add background sound or music to your video
  • How to add text to your video 
  • How to animate texts
  • How to create intro logo animation
  • How to create outro
  • How to record your own video
  • How to subtitle your video

Module 2 (Advanced):

Below are the lessons in this module:

  • How to create HD intro logo animation
  • How to create professional-quality videos for social media, brands, products, YouTube, or websites.
  • How to create typography video
  • How to create cartoon animation
  • How to create text masking intro
  • How to create cinematic intro video
  • How to create Audiogram
  • How to create slides and make presentations while showing your face in the video. You can decide not to show your face
  • How to use the keyframe tool
  • How to use the mask tool
  • How to make transitions 
  • How to compress a video without losing its quality
  • How to add voiceover to your video
  • How to silence any sound in your video 
  • How to reveal text as you walk
  • How to blur the background of a video
  • How to add echo to your recorded audio
  • How to act different characters with your voice
  • How to insert a video into a smartphone frame or other frames
  • How to clone yourself in a video (turn yourself into two or more and speak with yourself in a video)
  • How to remove watermark from a video without paying a dime
  • How to remove the background of a video and how to add any background of your choice
  • How to automatically generate voiceovers in British accent, American accent, Arabian accent, Tanzanian accent and many more
  • How to create Video Sales Letter (VSL)
  • How to turn a video to black and white
  • How to make a picture talk using AI
  • How to convert flyer to video
  • How to use AI to create videos
  • How to never run out of ideas

Below are some of the videos I’ve created.

Play Video

That’s not all

It’s a common challenge for newbies to face difficulty in making money with their skills. Some individuals will teach you the skills but won’t provide guidance on how to generate income from them. This is why I’ve decided to include a third section dedicated to skills monetisation in this program.

Section 3:

Skills Monetisation; Introduction and Lessons (Value: ₦10,000)

Skills Monetization is the process of generating income or financial value from ones skills or abilities. (You can use this training for other skills).

 There’s only one module in this section

Module 1:

Below are the lessons in the module:

  • How to create your portfolio
  • How to get clients
  • How to offer your services
  • How to teach people 

If you have read up to this point carefully, you would know that the value of this Combo Program is over ₦120,000.

But I want to make this easily affordable. You won’t be paying up to that, not even half of it.

But before I reveal the exact price, you need to see what my students are saying about this program.

Here is Adegoke Aisha who said the program went well and she also prayed for me. That means she really enjoyed the program. And the next day, she asked for correction which means she has started implementing. No time to waste time.

Also here is Saheed Fareedah, one of my my students who also prayed for me for the opportunity provided.

And Mathew who confirmed it that my class has really helped him with more knowledge. Apparently, he has an existing knowledge but my class has really blessed him with more knowledge. He also prayed for me.

Here is another student. Obviously, that was her first time learning ‘awesome’ graphic design. “Feels cool”, she added.

This student here thanked me for giving him the opportunity to learn from me.

Here’s another student who said the course is a good one and she’s sure that she’ll make money with these skills after learning.

Here’s Moses, one of my students who said the course is a great one and he has learnt a lot.

I’ve been fortunate enough to receive numerous feedback from my students who have expressed gratitude for the opportunity to learn from me.

And this opportunity is going for a one-time payment of 


REMINDER: This program combines two essential skills for any modern creative professional: graphic design and video editing. 

And you’re learning for just ₦15,000 at no additional cost, even as updates are made.

You’ll surely make your money back over and over again after taking your time to learn these skills and implement them.

Be aware that your location is not a barrier. Where you live has nothing to do with this program. Whether you live in Africa or outside Africa, you can get it.

The materials in this program come in both video and written formats.

I am confident that this course is the most comprehensible, distinctive, and cost-effective option available on the internet.

Upon completion, you will receive a certificate, which is one of the keys to a successful career.

You have three options right now

First Option: You can choose to ignore this, no problem.

But you should know that time is constantly moving forward, and it’s crucial to make the most of the present moment.

Don’t be the person that will sit down in regret in a few months from now. 

So while you are choosing to ignore this, ensure that you have a better plan in place, or else be prepared to face the regret that accompanies missed opportunities.

Second Option: You can choose to procrastinate and come back later when the access fee to this program has increased to 20,000.

A new set of graphic designers and video editors would have risen but you won’t be part of them, because while they were taking action, you were procrastinating and giving excuses.

Third Option: Grab this opportunity and master the art of graphic design and video editing.

If you are grabbing this third option, I have special bonuses for you right now.

You can only get these bonuses if you are grabbing this opportunity right now, because there is a limit to the number of people I want to give this to.

These bonuses will make things easier for you. They are powerful and helpful bonuses that’ll make your learning easier and increase your earning rate.

Section 4:

Fantastic Bonuses (Value: ₦40,000)

These bonuses offer powerful and helpful advantages, making your learning easier and significantly boosting your earning rate.


I call this the MONEY  MACHINE BONUS, you wouldn’t want to miss it. With combination of several skills, including but not limited to graphic design and video editing, you can earn six figures monthly. In this combo program, I’ll show you how.


As a Graphic Designer and a Video Editor, you need resources. And sometimes, trying to get resources from the internet is complicated so I have compiled 3000+ resources that would help you in your journey.


Some of the best e-books that would help you on graphic design, video editing and selling your skills and will help you see results as quickly as possible.


A community where corrections would be made to your contents. One of the things that help people accelerate their growth is having a community of like-minded individuals. With this, you’ll never be stuck as you’ll always have the information you need. Challenges would also be created to boost your abilities and winners will surely get rewarded.


Build simple, free, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything.


Learn how to create e-books, e-book cover, and even how to setup and receive payments internationally for your books or any product. This is a course on its own and there are some bonuses attached to it but you’ll get everything as a bonus here.


These are Pro Tools that’ll make running your business easier: Inshot Pro, Benime Pro and other Pro Tools.

Below is the review of review you’re getting for just ₦15,000




-AND FANTASTIC BONUSES (which includes mentorship, premium resources, pro apps, etc).

More testimonies below

This is myself giving corrections in the mentorship group

This guy commended my mentorship

Take action now with 15,000. You might come back tomorrow and see that the price has been increased to ₦20,000.

We meet at the other end,

Olusamokun Abdulmubdi.

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