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Straight forward tutorials Reveals how to become a PROFESSIONAL graphics designer and a smudge artist all with your ANDROID PHONE.

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The Simplest Way To Become A Good Graphic Designer And A Smudge Artist That Earns ATLEAST $1k Monthly.

An average Graphic designer earns more than $30k in a year and a smudge artist earn approximately $80k in a year. that’s cool right?

So you see, this skill is on a high demand. Businesses and personal brands can’t do without graphic designs.

If you are really interested in having that financial freedom and a digital skill that everyone want for their business, then you should NOT SKIP any of the info on this page.

Every information in this page can help you scale up your lifestyle and give you a chance to earn at least $1k monthly, no jokes.

Can you actually do graphic designing or photo cartoons (smudging) with your smartphone as they say?

A big fat YES!

As at the year 2018 I started graphic design strictly with my smartphone, I was really looking for a source of income that I can survive with. So I started the journey with my smartphone with no MENTORSHIP, COURSE or any form of GUIDANCE I was doing it all alone.It was indeed stressful. I waisted a year plus with little to show for it. in the year 2019 it was then I got a guidance and a help system that really helped me and smoothen my journey.

Ever since it has really be nice and beneficial.

Few months later I was able to get myself a laptop, so currently I make use of my laptop and my phone for designing.. but I make use of my phone most times cos my phone is mobile.

So you should believe me when I say using your smartphone is actually very possible.

Months later I decided to scale up my skill, so I started digital painting (smudging) A.K.A. photo cartooning. This really boosted my creativity level and added credibility to my skill.

Which brought more and more money to my bank account.

Enough of stories.

With all this experience I can say one thing for sure, GRAPHICS DESIGN OR SMUDGING WITH A SMARTPHONE IS CONVENIENTLY POSSIBLE.

So there’s no reason for you not to make money from this skill conveniently with your smartphone.

Confidently speaking,

This is the most understandable, unique and affordable course you will ever find on the internet.

You MIGHT have come across different courses on the internet that talks about graphic designing, now this is why this course is unique, understandable, and a course you should get.

Even after getting the course you won’t be left alone. The course is structured In a way to aid your success. so after getting the course you will DEFINITELY have access to the course creator, and a lifetime access to the course(the course will always be updated with new videos to keep you current and updated).

What exactly are you learning from this course?

1. Designing all kinds of fliers/cards

This course covers tutorials on church flyer designs, marketing flyers, social mediaflyers, and so on…this course also covers designing of business cards, etc.

Like this ⏬⏬

2. Enhancing images

How to Increase quality of your images, sharpen blurry images and beautifying your images.

Like this ⏬⏬

3. Designing good logos for a brand

This course gives detailed tutorials on logo making, unlike other courses.

You can make tons of money just from logo making.

4. Using Photoshop on your smartphone

Shocking right?

Yeah it’s possible. You can create text effects, mockups, etc with Photoshop on our Smartphone. So you see creating Mockups is not limited to only laptop.

Like this ⏬⏬

5. How to create a design you want to print

You can actually print whatever you’ve designed in your smartphone, either as a banner, flyer, sticker, cards, etc.

Like this ⏬⏬

6. Smudge painting

Creating stunning pictorial art, sketching, smudging, etc. there are alot of ways you can make money from this skill.

7. How to monetize your skill

After possesing these skills how do you make money from it..this course teaches you how to make Money from your skill.

8. And Many More

So you will be learning all of that and more from ONLY this course Who is this course for?

  • Anyone ready to change his/her financial status with a digital skill like graphic designing/photo cartooning
  • Persons who don’t have enough funds for a laptop, but are interested in designing.
  • Literally anyone can use this course.

These are testimonies from some of my students


Part one —– Strictly graphic designing

1) Graphics Design fundamentals

2) Working on images (enhance, remove backgrounds, blur, etc)

3) How to use different tools for your designs

4) How to get design ideas/ knowing what to design

5) How to get resources for your work

6) Indepth tutorial on logo making

7) Designing of all kinds of fliers/cards

8) Using text effects on fliers (SECRET METHOD)

9) How to set your size for printing

10) How make your designs Cathy

11) Creating mockups and text effects with Photoshop on phone

12) Creating mockups with some sites

13) Downloading FILES WITHOUT WATERMARK from the internet for FREE.

14) A community where ideas and corrections are made.

Part two—–Photo cartooning

1) Fundamentals of smudge painting

2) Enhancing of images before smudging

3) A NEW METHOD OF of smudging without sketching

4) Selecting skin color for your painting

5) How to create and use color palettes

6) How to use sketching method

7) Paintings

8) How to create manipulative effects on cartooned pictures

9) In depth tutorials on hair detailing

10) Background changing of smudged image.

11) How to use AI for photo cartooning (new method)

Part three ——- Monetization

1) How to make tons of money from this skill

2) Positioning


1) Access to graphics tools (worth over N100k)


2) Secret sites to download your resources from(worth N500k)


3) Free graphic resources (worth N50k)

You will be getting resources like 1000+ backgrounds, 1200+ fonts, color palettes, mockups, 1000+ text effects, 1000+ png images, etc all for free.

4) Access to lifetime mentorship from me (worth N80k)

So you won’t be stranded after getting the course, you will get access to the course author for mentorship

5) Free PDF’s on graphics design (worth N10k)

Books to aid your learning will also be given for free.

6) Access to future/new videos (worth N50k)

That’s over N900k ($1k+) worth of bonuses you will be getting for FREE only if you get this course NOW.

With so much said, How much are you getting this course?

This course value is N150k+

But you won’t be paying such amount, the course original price is N30k.Now here is the big catch

Before the countdown hit ZERO,

you will be getting the course for a STEAL price of

N10,000 ($18)


You might come to this page again and see that the price has returned to it original price (N30k).

So taking action as soon as possible will save you alot of funds and stress.

Start your journey now and stand a chance to earn massively from this skill weeks to





EHIS GLORIOUS(course creator)

A digital marketer, and a professional graphics designer.

I have helped hundred of students over the years to sustain a living from graphics Designing and digital painting skill. Having approximately 5 years graphics experience, I know how this thing works and how to teach it understandably. Join me as I teach on this skill and how to monetize it NOW! See you on the other side


No you won’t be paying for any other thing.

Yes, You can.

For a fact, anyone can do it, it just requires you to pay attention and you are good to go.

Definitely, I will mentor you and you get to join my support group too.

Yes, You will definitely have lifetime access to this training.

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