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Jagaban Of Grants Reveals...

How To Access As Little As ₦‎200,000 - ₦‎20,000,000 FREE BUSINESS FUNDING, RESOURCES And lots More... And Also Make Money by Helping other Small Businesses Win Grants Too

…This strategy involves leveraging on other people’s money to grow your business without having to PAY BACK

In The Last 3 years, I have won and also helped my clients get Access to Over ₦‎330 million/$450,000 In Funding & Business Growth Opportunities Used To Start Their Business Operations, Secure Work Space, Working Capital, Purchase Equipment , Marketing Which Has Helped Their Business To Make Make More Money. And I Can Help You TOO!!!

Just like these passionate business owners who implement the framework
I’m about to share with you…

“Yasmin won N3 million this 2022 as she applied what she learnt from my book”

“some of my online Community Members won N4,800,000 from grant aler

“my client won N5,000,000 from grant FREE FUNDING

It's True That Nothing can hold a business back like LACK OF CAPITAL

During my early days as a business owner, 

It got to a point, where I asked myself…

“What’s the point of staying in business?”

If I can’t grow my business…

With all these business challenges running in your head,

Will keep you wondering…

If you’re still going to be in business in coming months ?

Or ever going to live the DREAM LIFE of a successful business owner 

But do you know…?



History has proven RECESSION as the best time for Investors to play their cards

Now Imagine your life and business…

If you get access to ₦‎200,000 – ₦‎20 MILLION to support your business and execute your well cooked idea 

Just Like Annie, my client from Ghana who won $5,000 (₦‎3,700,000) for her fashion busines

My Mission: “Is to lift small businesses from the ground to really high towers by leveraging on grant and funding opportunities”


Not all business will start flourishing to pay up things in their startup year

So none of what is happening is your fault…

And the current status of your business doesn’t mean your idea is invalid

But this doesn’t mean you keep folding hands to “GOD WHEN”.

Because hoping on government, family and friends

Is not enough again…😞😞

Which is why you need to start leveraging on others people money

to scale the growth of your business during this period

Just like I did in 2019, winning ₦‎250,000 grant for my school business

And After that I have won several other grants, business equipment, mentorships, and training for myself and clients valued at over 330 million Naira between the years 2019 and 2022.

OUT OF MANY this 2022, 

Won $1500 credits for my own business (Bizgrant Global Limited) with this same framework

Wait STELLA, Can My Business Also Win GRANT?

Before my first grant, I also have this thought in my head…

And this is why you all are missing out on the opportunities of winning grant 

Grant is available for any type of business, even startup business are winning grants

Meet Dr. Kedei who won grant for her perfumery business,

Etimbuk won for her Farming business,

Annie won for her fashion business…and

Ayomide Oduniyi for her Tie & Die Business 

Annie Cavag
Annie CavagCEO, Cavag Couture
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I was really inspired by you, you know that time I was so down with the way my business was going bad. So when I heard you spoke about your Grant Winning Course, I immediately fell in love with your teaching. I’m glad I was able to signup for it and I used all I learnt, applied, and won TEF business training and 5,000 dollars. Thank you so much for introducing me to grants, had it not been you, I wouldn't have known that something like free money exists. I’m so happy, words can't express it.
Dr. Kedei Ibiang
Dr. Kedei Ibiang@drkay_
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The grant winning course by Bizgrant came in at the perfect time as I had just begun to look into fundraising for my business. The knowledge gained from the course enabled me to put in a standard application for an entrepreneurship challenge, this application was accepted and using the knowledge gained from the course, I developed a standard video pitch which took me to the semifinals and subsequently the finals where I did a live pitch of my business and won a grant of 1 million Naira out of over 2000 applications, 50 semifinalists and 10 finalists. With this grant, we were able to expand our production capacity and began to take on Wholesale and Custom orders from other brands. 9 months later we have grown even more and are about to move into our Physical store in a busy area in Abuja. It has been a journey of growth and expansion. Thanks to the Grant winning course by Bizgrant!
Etimbuk Imuk
Etimbuk Imuk
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"I'm happy to be part of the Bizgrant community because of the work they put in. Just by being there, I saw her post about a live pitch session from Pastor Tobi of Wealth nxtion, about to start in a few minutes. I hurried and joined and viola, I met my luck , was called upon to pitch and I received the grant. Thank you for all you are doing Bizgrant. I recommend this platform for anyone in business or about to start but looking for funding."
Ayomide Oduniyi
Ayomide Oduniyi @irawobyaduke
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I had been applying for grants and programmes since 2020, but never really got anything concrete. After I joined PEGA and read Stella's book on Grants and such opportunities, I resumed applying for various opportunities she shared on the platform, using what I had learnt from the book. I got selected as part of the 20 entrepreneurs to go through the TNE programme, a Fate Foundation Incubation Programme for entrepreneurs in partnership with the Dutch government. I also got selected as part of the 50 women to go through the ELOY Foundation mentorship programme, with the opportunity of grants for 10 of us after the mentorship programme. In addition, I got selected as part of the 7000 for the JAMII Femmes' African Women for Sustainable Impact 4 months Programme, with the possibility of grant for 600 of us after the training. Thank you for all you do.

As you can see for yourself this works for any business type with my framework…

and sometimes you can even win them, without leaving your office or house 


Grant is not limited to money, 

It maybe business partnership, collaborations, mentorships, trainings, brand visibility, ads credit for marketing…

But always packed with opportunities that will elevate your business.

So no matter the position you’re in right now… 

Whether: You are already in business but struggling to find balance 

Or you are a startup looking for capital and assistance because your savings can’t be enough to push this idea…

Or you are almost done with your project but you need budget for marketing and visibility

Or you just need more funds to scale your production force to get new machines and equipment…

Or You want to learn grant writing skills  and make money by helping other businesses to win these grant opportunities… 

Allow me to introduce you to this


You Can Get Access To Grant Opportunities Without Having To Pay Back (Even If You Are A Startup Business Owner)

I’ve tested this framework over the last 3 years and won me and my client
Over 330 million Naira/$450,000 in combined.

Part of what this will teach you is…


“My Client got €50,000 Investment funding”

“Blessing joined my Ship and won 2 grants in one week N300,000 + €800 “


The LAST STOP SOLUTION to lack of capital to run your business





Feedbacks from my online Community

Victoria Ogwanighie
CEO, Kiyoko foods who won
1 Million Naira grant winner March 2022

Tolulope Oduleye

CEO, House407 Fashion
N500,000 Grant Winner

The price of the course goes up sooner than you expect…

Enroll TODAY And Get This Exclusive Bonuses:

This is particularly for those that want to learn grant writing skills and make some cool cash from it. You’ll learn:

  • Essential Grant writing skills
  • Analysis of businesses that need grant writing services ( where to find them, how to attract them, how to get them to pay you, how to give them value)
  • Types of grant products/services to offer them
  • Building your personal brand as an expert grant writer
  • And lots more…   – worth N50,0000

Total Value: ₦300,000

Normally: ₦60,000

PAY ONLY: ₦30,000

Grab Limited Time Offer

More Testimonials From my Clients

I look forward to celebrating your wins,


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