Google Ads Traffic Academy 

Enroll Now Into The Program To Start Running Profitable Google Ads Campaign For Your Business

Module One- Google Ads Setup For Leads And Conversion

Module Two- Creating Your First Campaign

Module Three- Testing Different Targeting Options

Module Four- Writing and Creating Your Ads For Google Display Campaign

Module Five- Banner Ads And Display Traffic

Module Six- Introduction To YouTube Advertising

Module Seven- Landing Page Compatible For YouTube Ads

Module Eight- Creating Your Video Ads For YouTube

Module Nine- Launching Your YouTube Ads Plus Targeting Options

Module Ten- How To Run Google Search Ads

Bonus One- My Top List of 100 Website You Can Use Right Now For Placement Ads With Google [Value $99]

Bonus Two- What You Can And Cannot Sell With Google Ads [Value $29]

Bonus Three- How To Sell Real Estate via Google Ads [Value $99]

Bonus Four- How to sell ecom products via google ads [Value $99]

Bonus Five- How to sell affiliate marketing offers via google ads [Value $99]

Bonus Six- 65,000 Robust list of websites to avoid when running to international audience [Value $99]

Bonus Seven- How to sell Network Marketing Opportunities Via Google Ads [Value $99]

Bonus Eight- How To Optimize and Scale Your Google Ads [Value $99]

Bonus Nine- How To Stay Compliant And Keep Your Account Safe [Value $49]

Enroll Into The Program For Just =N=50,000


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